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12-19-2003 Same old thing different day. The Bush legacy continues.

Quote of the week from George Bush when asked about the justfiability of the invasion and the difference between having the WMDs or attempting to get them:  PRESIDENT BUSH:   So what's the difference?

Russia and China getting tighter. Two stories. SEE: moscowtimes

Punished for telling the truth, as usual. SEE: sunspot

Man kills 50,000,000 or more people and rules the world. SEE: mil-dead

Man kills 48 or more women and gets life in prison. SEE: Green River   seattle  WCADP

There are 29 cities and towns named Green River in the US

Brain-washed teenage boy kills one gets death penalty. SEE:  Lee Boyd Malvo   guardian This heading was a prediction. He received life in prison. JAR

Man attempts to kill the President and gets to walk the streets. SEE: CNN

George Bush posing nude. Satire SEE: illuminatrix

Excerpt from article by CNN SEE:  CNN "...president does not have the power to..."

Excerpt from article by CBS News Correspondent Randall Pinkston, December 17, 2003 SEE: CBS News  

For the first time, the chairman of the independent commission investigating the Sept. 11 attacks is saying publicly that 9/11 could have and should have been prevented

 Excerpt from article by Dana Milbank, Washington Post Staff Writer, December 18, 2003 SEE: washingtonpost

The Bush administration has been using cyberspace to make some of its own cosmetic touch-ups to history. Excerpt from article by Mark Morford, SF Gate Columnist Wednesday, December 17, 2003 SEE: SF Gate

After all, Saddam's not the only dreadful world leader who's abused his allies, ravaged his economy, launched two blood-drenched wars in as many years, authorized the bombing of tens of thousands, allowed hundreds of U.S. soldiers to die, cut the benefits of war veterans, poisoned the environment, invoked the name of God to justify it all and smirked away every notion of his obvious ineptitude. Can we send Special Forces to the Oval Office now?

Excerpt from Diane Sawyer"s (of ABC News) interview with President Bush. What's the difference !!!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!

DIANE SAWYER:   But stated as a hard fact, that there were weapons of mass destruction as opposed to the possibility that he could move to acquire those weapons still �

PRESIDENT BUSH:   So what's the difference? He operated one what ?????  "A" passed?

PRESIDENT BUSH:   The intelligence I operated one was good sound intelligence, the same intelligence that my predecessor operated on. The � there is no doubt that Saddam Hussein was a threat. The � otherwise the United Nations might � wouldn't a passed, you know.

Verbatim from ABC's site. SEE: ABC News

12-18-2003 Now we sit, watch, and wait. For what? For the words that will be attributed to Saddam. In his hands he holds the power over the destiny of the world. As the CIA begins the process of interrogating the former Iraqii president all we can do is wait and hope. No one can deny the fact that Hussein's and Bush's destinies are intertwined. If Hussien gies the US what it wants, and I am talking about the WMDs, then Bush will be exonerated for his invasion, will win anew  the support of the American people and most surely will become President again. Tony Blair may also be feeling the heat if things do not turn out in his favour. If Saddam states that there has never been any WMDs then Bush has proven without a doubt that he has erred, his popularity will drop even lower and he may be impeached. The future of the world is in Saddam's hands. Whether he knows it or not.  

12-17-2003 I was searching the net and found this quote by me, it was pretty good but I had forgotten about it. It summed up my views of the 20th century. You can see it at  news.bbc.co.uk   or at   drumbeat of death The 20th Century: History, the register of man's folly, saw humankind achieve technological wonders and moral turpitudes on an equally grand scale in the 20th century. The angel-like and noble, work in progress, that is humankind, has not yet exterminated itself and has achieved great good in its struggle to attain spiritual betterment, despite of, or perhaps because of, its inherent biological weaknesses. Even though we continue to corrupt our planet and are still prepared to kill one another in the name of freedom there is hope for the propagation of our species. There is hope, I for one, am optimistic. John Anthony Robles II, Moscow, Russia

12-15-2003 Saddam has been captured the country has been taken over and destroyed, there are no WMDs, and no Al-Qaeda, there was no 9-11 connection, so maybe the wise and righteous thing to do would be to pull all our forces out of Iraq? That would make you a giant Mr. President. Picture a complete overnight pull-out! Now that would be the stuff of history, a gracious victor. No, I am dreaming. Stay and plunder, after all you have got to control and divide up all that oil. You and your damn fake turkeys. Georoge Bush on Saddam: "I don't trust Saddam Hussein," Bush said. "I don't believe he'll tell the truth. I can't believe he's going to change his ways. I don't think we ought to trust his word." Dear George right back at you. Perhaps this is not Saddam but another photo-op???? Huh?? When they shaved off his beard, a sign of a man's strength in Islam, they insulted and humiliated Saddam providing Muslims with a reason to sympathize with him. Good move.

12-16-2003 12-19-2003 Peace! It is a word that is not used anymore, it is an idea that has been lost. There appears to be no one of influence, anywhere in the world who strives to make peace a reality. In our day and age gone are the Ghandis and the Martin Luther Kings. Gone are the great men who fought and died to make the world a better place for mankind and for the future of humanity. What we have today are men such as the George Bushes whose only interest is enriching themselves while they have the chance. We have seen what GB has done for the US and we will see more. He will bring about the downfall of the US within twenty years. When the events of September 11. 2001 were still fresh and there was still a lot of speculation going on out there as to who was responsible and what the real reasons were behind the events, I came to one conclusion and decided that the only way to determine who was really behind the events was to patiently wait and watch and try to determine who it was that profitted the most from the events. As the two year anniversary of the tragic events had come and gone it became clearer and clearer that a small group of individuals surrounding George Bush and Vice President Chaney have been the ones to profit the most. I am not the only one who feels this way and I am not the only one who has been trying to put all of the pieces of the puzzle together. It was clear to me that when the current president took power that there would be a war within the year and I was right, it was also clear that he would stop at nothing to try to possess world domination and this has also proved to be the case. When he was elected to the White House even though he had not won the popular vote I knew that there had to be much bigger plans at stake than the mere Presidency, you do not buy a United States election just to put your favourite man in the White House. There had to be more, there had to be forces at work that were even more powerful than the office of the President. When you put the details together and try to read between the lines, of the news stories, the press releases and all the information that is flying around out there, then a pattern emerges. The orders were coming from high places and from entrenched individuals. A small example: if you consider the attempt to impeach Bill Clinton and that the person who was responsible for attempting to bring about his downfall came from the Pentagon. I am talking about Monica Lewinsky and the fact that she was working at the Pentagon at the time of her tryst with President Clinton, it seemed odd to me. A pattern starts to emerge. Why would someone at the Pentagon want the President destroyed? Of course to keep the military industrial complex alive and well. President Clinton�s policies were too peaceful and diplomatic for the warmongers liking. Who has been behind it all? The answer has been elusive but has become clearer, at least for me. If you read biographical information on Chaney and study his statements, ties, and beliefs you should be able to draw the same conclusions as I have. There is a small circle inside the pentagon and in the elite circles in Washington that is pulling the strings. After doing in depth research into the events surrounding September 11, I came up with more questions than answers. One of the big questions for me has been this. Did a plane really hit the Pentagon ? If so where were the debris? The plane parts? Why was such a small area damaged? Why did the news services first report that a truck filled with explosives exploded near the Pentagon? Why did they change the story? I tried to answer all of these questions and came up with the following solution. Again asking myself what could be the possible benefit of such an attack? Who was killed in the attack and what were they working on? What did the people who were killed know? Were they part of the conspiracy and had they become loose ends? This information is, of course, impossible to obtain and if the people who were having a meeting in the room where the main impact of the explosion occurred all knew something they surely took it with them. Let us move on for the time being, but before we do ask yourself this where is the other plane? The pentagon explosion I believe is a central event in what happened and not a periphery event as most believe. In fact the world trade center may have been a cover up for what happened at the Pentagon. There are too many indicators that someone high up knew what was going to happen in advance. Consider the CIA base in WTC that was empty at the time. Consider the movements of Bush and Cheney at the time and the revelations that have been coming out at an alarming rate on a daily basis. Consider just some of the facts and a very ugly picture begins to unfold and that is one of a group so obsessed and hungry for power that it makes Hussein look like an amateur. During the past few months I have poured over so many documents and theories but nowhere have I seen everything consolidated and put together as I am going to attempt to do here. This will be a daunting task and may not affect anything but it is something that should be done. If you are reading this please visit again as this is a work in progress. Lets start with something from the beginning. It has been established as fact that the brother of the man who had attempted to assassinate President Reagan had met with George Bush senior a short time before the assassination attempt took place and that all of the press at the time was gagged from covering the story. Who would have benefited from the death of President Reagan more than then Vice President George Bush? Could Bush have gotten away with it? Yes, with his connections in the CIA and all the other places of power it would have been possible. Who benefited from the first Iraqi war? The Bushes and all of their cronies of course. What were the real dealings between Saddam and the Bush clan? What is the real relationship between the Bush family and Bin Laden, the Bush family and the Nazis, etc ad-naseum? ****Well it is late and I have other things in my life that require my attention so I will leave you with a little something to think about and that is the fact that Osama worked for the CIA, under Bush no-less. This is an excerpt from an article by  

J. Orlin Grabbe �..Okimoto had longed worked under Frank Carlucci (who served as Secretary of Defense and Deputy Director of the CIA before becoming Chairman of The Carlyle Group). Okimoto owned food concessions in casinos around the world�Las Vega, Reno, Macao, and the Middle East. (Free drinks and anthrax while you play blackjack anyone?) Meeting Riconosciuto and Gunderson at the hotel were two representatives of the mujahadeen, waiting to discuss their armament needs. One of the two was named "Ralph Olberg." The other one was called Tim Osman (or Ossman). "Ralph Olberg" was an American businessman who was leading the procurement of American weapons and technology on behalf of the Afghan rebels. He worked through the Afghan desk at the U.S. State Department, as well as through Senator Hubert Humphrey's office. Olberg looked after the Afghanis through a curious front called MSH�Management Sciences for Health. The other man, dressed in Docker's clothing, was not a native Afghan any more than Olberg was. He was a 27-year-old Saudi. Tim Osman (Ossman) has recently become better known as Osama Bin Laden. "Tim Osman" was the name assigned to him by the CIA for his tour of the U.S. and U.S. military bases, in search of political support and armaments. Gunderson and Riconosciuto were not on an altruistic mission. They had some conditions for their help. And they had some bad news to deliver. The mujahadeen needed to be willing to test new weapons in the field and to return a research report, complete with photos. The bad news was that some factions of the CIA didn't feel that Oldberg and Osman's group were the real representatives of the Afghans. Upon hearing this both Tim and Ralph were indignant. They wanted to mount a full-court press. Round up other members of their group and do a congressional and White House lobbying effort in Washington, D.C. "Pleased to meet you. Hope you guess my name." -- The Rolling Stones, Sympathy for the Devil Did the lobbying effort take place? I don't know. There is some evidence that Tim Osman and Ralph Oldberg visited the White House. There is certainty that Tim Osman toured some U.S. military bases, even receiving special demonstrations of the latest equipment. Why hasn't this been reported in the major media? One week after giving an affidavit to Inslaw regarding the PROMIS software in 1991, Riconosciuto was arrested on trumped-up drug charges. The Assistant U.S. Attorney prosecuting the case attempted to cover up Riconosciuto's intelligence background by claiming to the jury he was "delusional." A TV station came and pointed a camera out at the desert at Cabazon and said, "Riconosciuto says he modified the PROMIS software here." Of course Riconosciuto didn't modify the software out between the cacti and yucca. Sand isn't good for computers. He did the modifications in offices in nearby Indio, California. The AUSA told reporters Riconosciuto had been diagnosed with a mental condition, the implication being "he's making all this stuff up". Yes, there had been a mental evaluation of Riconosciuto. I have a copy of the report. The diagnosis? Here it is: NO MENTAL DISORDER. The Department of Justice consistently and maliciously lied to the jury, just as had been threatened by Justice Department official Peter Viednicks if Riconosciuto cooperated with the congressional investigation of PROMIS�. More to come������������������  

12-19-2003 Now, I know that I said that I would continue this little story and so here goes the next little installment, you think about this for a while, the implications are enormous. Hinkley is going to be walking the streets in the very near future. No chance that this has to do with Bush being the big-boss? On the Hinkley Bush relationship:   Excerpt: SEE : John Judge         March 31 1981 - Reagan's near assassination: GHWB takes over Bush and Hinkley families knew each other socially & financially John Hinkley Sr. - President of the board for World Vision (WV) WV & missionary + intelligence link for capitalistic infiltration ran refugee camps worldwide including anti-Castro cubans Mark David Chapman worked at the Thai camps in Arkansas replacing the 38 with a 22 gun at the scene Reagan's tangled path to GWU Hospital - leaving the scene before Brady and arriving GWU after Brady doctors remove flattened disc thin as a dime/razor-edged black box disappears / SAC bombers had no code books onboard GHWB involved in the planning of March 31 1981 coup GHWB signed the 7/15/85 Finding while Reagan in surgery Contragate: another chapter in history of drug networking     Excerpt, SEE:   John Judge   Their CIA funding and their background had been exposed over a long time. The chairman of the board for some period was John W. Hinkley Sr.. The son worked at Fort Chafey at the Thai refugee camps. There were pictures of him after the Reagan shooting running in his World Vision T-shirt around the edge of the camp. He was tied-in but he was not going along with the program at the same level as Scott was. Scott was already doing the wheeling and dealing and was tight with Neil Bush. Bush's daughter was making  the dating arrangements for Scott Hinkley and helping to set him  up for dates. They knew each other socially quite well. The press said that they were to have dinner -- Scott Hinkley and Neil Bush were to have dinner on March 31 1981. But they cancelled the dinner after the news of the shooting. The press said that that was ironic. It gives a new meaning to the word `irony'. Because if Robert Oswald, Lee Harvey's older brother and Lynda Bird Johnson were going to have dinner the night of the JFK assassination, somebody would figure out it meant something.

12-15-2003 Saddam Hussein Captured.            He was caught in a hole in a shack. Nearby were 3/4 of a million dollars. Someone will be paid the reward. SEE Every news service. From our source: DEBKA file A number of questions are raised by the incredibly bedraggled, tired and crushed condition of this once savage, dapper and pampered ruler who was discovered in a hole in the ground on Saturday, December 13:1. The length and state of his hair indicated he had not seen a barber or even had a shampoo for several weeks.2. The wild state of his beard indicated he had not shaved for the same period 3. The hole dug in the floor of a cellar in a farm compound near Tikrit was primitive indeed � 6ft across and 8ft across with minimal sanitary arrangements - a far cry from his opulent palaces. 4. Saddam looked beaten and hungry. 5. Detained trying to escape were two unidentified men. Left with him were two AK-47 assault guns and a pistol, none of which were used. 6. The hole had only one opening. It was not only camouflaged with mud and bricks � it was blocked. He could not have climbed out without someone on the outside removing the covering. 7. And most important, $750,000 in 100-dollar notes were found with him (a pittance for his captors who expected a $25m reward)� but no communications equipment of any kind, whether cell phone or even a carrier pigeon for contacting the outside world.

12-13-2003 Today was constitution day in Moscow. I had the day off. More tomorrow. President Putin stated the following: December 12, 2003 According to the Constitution, human rights and freedoms determine the meaning, contents and use of laws, and determine the activity of bodies of power, President Vladimir Putin stressed at a ceremonial meeting devoted to the 10th anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Strict adherence to the Constitution is the basis for the successful development of the state and civil agreement in society. The life of the country is now impossible to imagine without free elections, without an entire spectrum of parties, political movements and associations, and without the advantages of the market and openness to the world. The attributes of democracy have been confirmed both as the norm of juridical life and as a human norm of life, the President noted. It is this Constitution that has given Russia the opportunity to enter the circle of developed peaceful democracies.

12-12-2003 My server's ISP was down for twelve hours due to on-going segmenting of our LAN, nothing sinister but a headache none-the-less.  13:00 12-12-03 back on-line.

12-10-2003 There has been another explosion here in Moscow, another pair of women suicide bombers, who had asked for directions to the State Duma moments before one of them blew herself up in front of the National Hotel, located across the street, are responsible for the latest blast. At present the dead number six with fourteen more in serious condition. Two people were blown to bits with the possible trigger being one of them, probably a woman who was decapitated. The blast coincides with the anniversary date of the beginning of the first Chechen war in 1994. The National is located about 72 yards from the Kremlin, across a wide avenue and three blocks from Moscow City Hall. Police were on the scene within minutes but the ambulances took about twenty minutes to get there. A Chinese citizen and possibly the new trainer of the Russian soccer team Spartak are among the victims, amongst them mostly Muscovites and young people. A briefcase and another device were blown up at the scene by the police. Chechens have made it a habit to use their women to do their dirty work. SEE:  Izvestia.ru

12-05-2003 Russian elections on Sunday, in Russia you can even vote against a candidate! Soros is back with more commentary on his huge effort to oust Bush, for the sake of mankind! In yesterday's news. SEE: Soros

12-05-2003  Chechens blow up commuter train. Another black mark on the Muslim faith by crazed fanatics without a clue. President Putin condemns act in proper manner befitting a world leader, so completely unlike Bush the liar and the photo-opping sneak. "The act of terrorism committed today, is undoubtedly an attempt to destabilize the situation in the country on the eve of parliamentary elections." "International terrorism, which has become a wake up call for many countries around the world, continues to be a serious threat for our country as well." translation by me. SEE: Kremlin  CIA trying to predict 2020. SEE: Crystal Ball .   George Bush's lies and deceptions continue, but it's okay because as  Karl Reich and company state, they lie and stage things to show what kind of a man GWB really is. A liar and a fake-(turkey). SEE: Reuters  The Bird Was Perfect But Not For Dinner 


12-04-2003 Well can you guess who the subject of today's commentary is today? George Bush? Yes, you are one-hundred percent on the money. Seems that someone is finally going try to cook his goose and put an end to the wholesale raping and pillaging of the US, that GB and the gang have been guilty of. They have already raked in tons of the working man's green, and continue unabated like sharks in a feeding frenzy. I realize my shoot from the hip commentary and my seeminly off the cuff remarks are making  some people squirmy, you know who you are, but I am saying what I believe has to be said and you know what that is. Double speak for the double speakers. Batting a thousand? You bet, crash and burn big time. So gag me with a spoon dudes. Seems Georgey may have his day in court, and the buck may finally have to find a place to stop. No more back pedalling for the fat rat with the 91 IQ. If you are not catching my drift, hang tough and keep the pedal to the metal cousin because I have an axe to grind, my cup of tea, if you may. This little doozy has me feeling the warmies and fuzzies, and coming from my late great stomping grounds, I seriously doubt they are spitting in the wind. Lip service is not the MO in the Keystone. You copy? That raighht we beee back ouuut !! Warm and fuzzy? Not quite, try cold and clammy, that's right. So for those of you praying for an end to tyranny and yearning to be free SEE:  Ms. Mariani  a little lady whose going to bring the house of cards down. In plain talk Bush gets sued, and speaking of getting sued we have (Miss Beak) a woman I personally have never been a fan of getting her Frederick's in a bundle because someone took a shot of her humble digs and did not get the thumbs up before-hand. SEE:  Streisand . What else? That's it denizens, time to roll on out baby. Snow melted again. Goodnight. 

12-03-2003 Yesterday I wrote the commentary below only to have to re-post today as it seems the White House has lied to the world again. What I am talking about is the story regarding the spotting of Air Force One by a British Airways pilot and as I said yesterday I do not buy it. The story was no doubt concocted in case someone started questioning whether Bush had actually been there (in Iraq) or not. Now as the truth comes out and we all find out that the White House has lied to us again, no surprise there, I am left with the impression that there is much more wrong here that a mere staged trip. Now I am not saying there is no possibility that George was in Iraq and that he met some of the locals, who are undoubtedly on the payroll, as is everyone else who comes within a mile of him, what I am getting at is that it stinks of another propaganda stunt and more lies. Maybe I am jaded and slightly mistrustful of a White House that Burns CIA Agents, invades countries on admittedly forged documentation, and has at it head a man who was so terrified of even visiting an allied country that he spent millions of taxpayer's dollars on an insane plethora of security measures, ensuring his own safety, and was even afraid to address Parliament out of fear of getting heckled, but I for one do not buy it. SEE:  www.reuters.com  if it is still there. Seems Reuters' took the story off the front page rather quickly. In case the story gets round filed the way most of the anti-Bush stuff in the major press has been doing lately here is an excerpt:  "But after British Airways denied such a conversation took place, White House spokesman Scott McClellan said on Wednesday the airline's pilot never contacted Air Force One. ("The conversation was between the British Airways plane and the London control tower," McClellan said. British Airways said it could not confirm the White House's new version of the Air Force One story. "We've had no reports from any of our pilots with regard to Air Force One," airline spokeswoman Honor Verrier said.") Well that is enough for George the liar with an IQ of 91.  Hillary Clinton should be in the news, now here is a woman with the guts and the b***s that George lacks. She is putting her life on the line, getting her job done and facing the dangers that await at every turn on her trip like the brave soul she is. No photo-opping for this lady she has a mission. It is a shame the press is not carrying more stories about her. My hat goes off to her. SEE: Hillary Rodham Clinton  and since we are going all out on the politics here is the latest speech by Vladimir Putin. Putin Speech  Well I guess that is all for today, it is snowing right now here in Moscow, which is almost news in and of itself as we have been having unusually warm weather for this time of year. Up until today there has been very little snowfall and the snow that we have had so far this year has melted away each time in a matter of hours. Kind of par for the course with the past summer, the coldest in several decades. The roads dried up over the last few days bringing out all the really bad drivers again, making travel more dangerous for everyone. It is almost a rule that bad drivers stay off the roads when it snows here and crawl back out when the weather clears up, Russians call them pod-sneshniki. The number of accidents on the roads here is incredibly high.

12-02-2003 Seems odd how everyone is so ready to buy into the stories surrounding the dark lord's, and I have intentionally left the letters at half-mast, secret trip to Iraq. I for one am skeptical. Here is a man who took such great pains to ensure his own safety just a couple of weeks ago, when visiting the US's staunchest ally, that he has trampled on Anglo-US relations and offended her Majesty herself. This same man, who all but orchestrated an armed takeover of London because there were a few protesters, wants us all to believe that when he said he was at his ranch in Texas he was actually flying into the middle of Iraq, a country in a state of all out war, in order to deliver a turkey? This is the same man who won't take the time out of his schedule to pay respects to the families of those who have died in his dirty war. The more I think about it, the more preposterous the idea seems. If the trip was for real then how can he justify the expenditure of the millions of taxpayers dollars on what amounts to publicity stunt, because that is what it was, it could have served a purpose had the man occupying the office of president taken the time to meet with the locals and show the Iraqi people that he really cares, such a move could have saved the lives of hundreds of US troops who are yet to die. The story by CNN about an unidentifiable British Airlines pilot who spotted Air Force One flying over the Atlantic is probably just a cover, another manipulation of the press by the spin doctors and just the type of news tid-bit that I was waiting for after the news broke of the trip. If Air Force One is so advanced technologically that it can fly undetected into a war zone then how is it that the pilots and crew allowed the aircraft to be identified visually by a commercial pilot? I do not buy any of it. I would not be surprised if Bush had actually organized a picnic at his ranch and then filmed it as if he were in Iraq. If that turns out to be the case then what would have had to of been done to the soldiers who participated so that they kept their mouths shut? I don't think we will go there at this point. I don't buy it. Neither should you.  

All of the commentary and site information that was in this area  has been Archived.

10-30-03 ? ? .: More Money.zip Would you like to increase your salary? Are you unhappy with your pay? Click More Money.zip

For 9-11

09-11-03 "May we not forget all of the people who have paid the ultimate price  any human being may ever pay, the mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters, the unknown soldiers and innocent victims, the brave and the meek, the strong and the weak, dead to settle some score, dying on foreign shores and at strangers' hand on the battlefields of history, pawns in machinations set forth by powers equally strange. Dying alone, as we all ultimately are in death, but not forgotten." By JARII

I chose quotes about war to earmark the occasion because 9-11 was an act of war, against humanity, against all of us.

"I become Death, the Destroyer of Worlds." - J. Robert Oppenheimer, a scientist involve with the development of the atomic bomb (July 16, 1945 quoting the Hindu Scriptures after the first atomic bomb detonation)

"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." -Albert Einstein

Quotes from the era of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics

"Our aim is not to destroy all armed force in Germany, because any intelligent man will understand that this is as impossible in the case of Germany as in the case of Russia. It would be unreasonable on the part of the victor to do so. To destroy Hitler's army is possible and necessary." -Josef Stalin

"The League of Nations is still strong enough by its collective actions to avert or arrest aggression... There is no room for bargaining or compromise." - Foreign Commissar Litvinoff (September 21, 1938)

"This war is not an ordinary war. It is the war of the entire Russian people. Not only to eliminate the danger hanging over our heads, but to aid all people groaning under the yoke of Fascism." - Josef Stalin (June 22, 1941)

"Oh merciful lord crown our effort with victory and give us faith in the inevitable power of light over darkness, of justice over evil and brutal force Of the cross of Christ over the Fascist swastika so be it, amen." - Sergei, Archbishop of Moscow (November 27, 1941)

"For the burned cities and villages; for the deaths of our children and our mothers; for the torture and humiliation of our people; I swear revenge upon the enemy I swear that I would rather die in battle with the enemy then surrender myself my people and my country to the Fascist invaders. Blood for blood! Death for death!" - Russian War Oath

"We secured peace for our country for one and a half years, as well as an opportunity of preparing our forces for defense if fascist Germany risked attacking our country in defiance of the pact. This was a definite gain to our country and a loss for fascist Germany." - Josef Stalin  (July 3, 1941, speaking about the non-aggression pact between the USSR and Germany made in 1939)

"The situation of your troops is desperate. They are suffering from hunger, sickness and cold. The cruel winter has scarcely begun. Hard frosts, cold winds and blizzards still lie ahead. Your soldiers are  not provided with winter clothing and are living in appalling sanitary conditions. Your situation is hopeless, and any further resistance senseless." - General Rokossovski (on a note to the 6th Army trapped in Stalingrad)

"All that the Great Lenin created we have lost forever!" - Josef Stalin (1941, after the Nazi armies' early victories in USSR)  

09-10-2003 Added page dedicated to nuclear weapons and atomic energy related material. Populated with three documents including August 2003 storage guidelines doc. Interesting stuff. Atomic    

09-09-2003 The propaganda effort for the next war is getting under-way, next target Iran. They tried to start this effort on the very same day that yellowcake broke, then it faded into the background. Now that we have all forgotten, they're at it again.I hope the forged documents are of better quality this time. Iranian WMDs, next week from G. Bush. CNN Sep. 8, 2003 d

08-24-03 George Bush's weak, one day PGP Key. Is this for real?

08-10-03 N

08-04-03 Added 9-11 Report, Iraqui Oil Docs

08-24-03 George Bush's weak, one day PGP Key. Is this for real?  

08-24-03 The USA: the land of the free, the home of the imprisoned.  Politrix.  

08-04-03 Added 9-11 Report, Iraqui Oil Docs

7-21-2003 Forged Nigerian-Iraq Uranium Documents and (a black-op?)

7-26-2003 The  American Language Center, improving the image of Americans. NOT!!!!!  Varden ended up being killed in his flat.

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▼Soviet Era monuments are making a comeback all over Russia as is memorabilia of the USSR. The monuments are seen as being part of the rich history of Russia and are no longer being treated as evil signs of an ideology the people were trying to bury in the past. Statues of Lenin and Marx have been making a comeback of late. SEE: izvestia  10-16-2003 ▼Gusinsky has had all restrictions lifted on his movements and plans to leave Greece soon. Russian press reports that the last hearing took only five minutes and that the Greek judge did not even glance at, let alone consider the Russian Attorney General's requests for extradition, a clear change in policy towards Russia from the general co-operation that existed until recently. SEE: izvestia

▼European Union wants to regulate Russian energy market. SEE: moscowtimes.ru

▼Statement by Director Tenet and ISG Report, damage control.....

▼Novak's place, satellite imagery. Cozy neighbors.

▼White House !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BURNS AGENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SEE: Anonymous Burn

▼Condeleezza Rice identified as the speaker at a background briefing with a "senior administration official". It would seem that the Bush administration is widening it's policy of eschewing responsibility to not only include Bush but now his staff. Reference in question was quickly deleted by the White House staff, but not before it was posted to several sites on the internet. SEE: Anonymous Rice

Hussein trying to surrender or more psy-ops? No just a dirt rag mag trying to make news, not report it. SEE: Iraq (09222003 23:34 Local Time) Now see their home page.....Jeez

▼Saudis going nuclear!!!! Armageddon not far off. Now we can really start to worry. I wonder...I bet good ole George is gonna give 'em the big one. Now he's thinking!! Let 'em nuke each other and save us the grief. I was wondering how he was gonna justify taking Iran out.  Now he doesn't have to, let the Saudi's do it. Good job! Hopefully we can trust those nice Saudi Muslims not to use 'em on US... SEE: Guardian

▼Your vote means diddly squat SEE: Moscow Times

▼California Election Insanity. The Golden State has once again proven how low people can go. If the circus that has become the California re-call election is a statement about democracy then we should all take a more serious look. SEE: California Election Candidates

▼Bin Laden's statement and the re-issued fatwah, according to Al-Jazeera. SEE: MuZZ

▼If a Boeing did not collide with the Pentagon then Bin Laden's statement made yesterday, and everything else we have been told by George Bush and everyone else, is not true . Was the world trade center about to collapse anyway, due to the bomb that went off in the late '90s, or perhaps a virus was unleashed into the ventilation system of the World Trade Center that was so devastating that the only way to contain it was destroying the buildings. Perhaps the planes were infected too and also had to be destroyed. Remember the anthrax scare. Perhaps someone on one of the infected planes mailed something? Perhaps? Bin Laden worked for the CIA perhaps he still does? Perhaps I'll be found in the woods too? Perhaps. Bin Laden or Tom Ossman as he was known supposedly makes statement. I refuse to link to it on a day like today but you can find it on Al-Jazzera.

▼Arnold's father was a Nazi, but according to the LA Times that does not make him a bad guy. I wonder if the fact that he donates millions of dollars to the people who investigated that claim has anything to do with clearing his father's name. SEE: LATArnold

▼Help uncover Japanese journalist's identity. SEE: JP JOURN

▼Reporters Without Borders 2003 report on the state of the Internet, a must read if you are interested in the net. SEE: 2003 Internet Report

▼Bush's last  speech. SEE: Speeches

▼Chechen TV closed. SEE: Grozny Television Station Shuts Down

▼Statement by George J. Tenet on 2002 Iraq WMD, SEE: CIA ON Iraq WMD ▼The effects of the US Patriot Act on the population: SEE: FEPPROJECT

▼Arnold hit by egg. SEE: JAR2 and LOS ANGELES TIMES.

▼US Government language levels defined. SEE: ILR HOMEPAGE

▼Brain drain rate at an appropriate level for US Government. SEE: Certain Former Eastern Bloc States

▼Let's all sue the Muslim world! Great idea! Why didn't I think of that? $1,000,000,000.oo + in damages! SEE: $1,000,000,000.oo +

▼How many more Americans are going to die liberating the people of Iraq? Calendar of fatalities. SEE: MILITARY DEAD

▼Einstein supposedly discovered the secret to travel between parallel universes and through time. According to his wishes all related papers were burned with him when he was cremated. He believed mankind was not ready. SEE: PRAVDA (In Russian)

▼David Kelly black-op, some truth is starting to come out. Will publish any information you might have on this, either for or against the black-op theory. Please send anonymously. SEE: CNN  POLITRIX 

▼Chechen propaganda tool back on-line. More terrorism to come or is it a disinformation op? Tell them what you think or just Nuke 'em !!!!   CHECHENS 


▼Chechen who helped blow up his own sister arrested. SEE: MOSCOW TIMES ▼An Iranian diplomat's wife died in a car accident about three hours ago (18:20 08-20-2003) in Southern Moscow, her husband, the driver, and their children are in serious condition at this time. Apparently the Green Lada in which they were traveling at high speed hit a light standard head-on. Details are sketchy at the time. What with the robbery of the Iraqi embassy here not long ago, the deaths of Iranian diplomats may be part of something blacker, internal housekeeping ???. Full stories in Russian press.

▼Apparently even pilots are becoming upset with the strict measures that the US has enacted. An Air-France pilot, apparently in jest told security screeners that he had a bomb in his shoe, he could be given seven years for lying to the authorities. SEE: CNN

▼The US Government has finally realized something everyone in Russia has known for years. That Shamil Basayev is a terrorist. To dispel the myth that some may have in the US that this animal is a soldier fighting for the independence of his country do a web search or SEE: CRYPTOME

▼Global warming may be affecting the climate in some parts of the world but in Moscow this summer people may start talking about global cooling what with the coldest June since 1941 and a summer that has come and gone in three weeks. No shorts and t-shirts for Muscovites. People are already putting on sweaters and closing all the windows.

▼ Arnold Schwarzenegger a Nazi !!!! Please say it isn't so ! Well I guess the world has no real heroes ! SEE:  SLATE

▼ Well, if you have been trying to access the site and have been having problems you are not alone, most of .ru land is suffering from the effects of the msblast worm. Our ISP was down for 18 hours as a result of this one. Download this tool then follow the link to Microsoft's site and patch your comp. If you are experiencing RPC errors, chances are you are infected. SEE: BLAST FIX