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The Genocide Continues in Iraq 54/

JAR2 Asked to Remove Free E-Books,

Only for the Elite?

Download While You Can

Then I got this, complete with links to sites, promoted by the same author of the first letter, that provide free books on-line:


Hi, John, thanks for removing the material.  Even if you only intended it for your students, Google found it and made it available to the entire world.

As for obtaining print books in English, I know that Amazon ships internationally, including to Russia. does, and possibly you might get even better shipping rates from one of the European based Amazon sites, like

Another idea would be to find someone in the US who could purchase the materials then ship them to you in bulk; I imagine that would be cheaper than Amazon's shipping rate since Amazon covers more costs than simply the postal cost.

I deal with the folks at Amazon, so I'll bounce the idea off them of
having a special shipping rate for educational materials.

Fortunately this shipping problem is headed out the door; in 10-20 years books will simply be digital (e.g. digital paper, digital ink), so there won't be any shipping.  As that day approaches, more and more will be available in "ordinary" e-book form; keep an eye on Amazon for that, as well as Google, Yahoo, and Microsoft.

Another step on that path is .  The number of titles at these places will be growing by leaps and bounds.  One of my efforts is to find ways to make many titles available there.  Also try , the Baen Free Library, which is mostly
science fiction.


Dr. Andrew Burt  ==  Comp.Sci. Dept, University of Denver ==
                  Co-Director, Institute for Digital Security

                Chair, ePiracy Committee ~~
          SFWA (Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America, Inc.)

It seemed hypocritical that someone fighting piracy would promote the very thing he is fighting against. So I uploaded some of the books not classifiable as science fiction, back onto the server. I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next. Since the works I have uploaded can not be categorized as science fiction it should not be a problem. The science fiction stuff has been removed. See:  IQ Tests, Logic, etc (Students)


Today I got this:


I see that you have a large number of SF stories on your site, .

I'm Andrew Burt, from the Science Fiction & Fantasy Writers of America, and chair of the Electronic Piracy Committee. While I appreciate that you have only put these works up because you enjoy them and want to share them, unfortunately it's a copyright violation to post them without the authors' permission. Besides being illegal, it in fact hurts the very authors that you like, and their families, and the SF field as a whole. (See for details on how e-piracy hurts authors.)

Thus I have to ask that you remove the texts of the actual works immediately. I might suggest instead providing links to e.g. Amazon as authoritative and legitimate sources, or even for that matter. I'd rather have you take them down yourself than have your ISP or a DNS provider disable your entire site as we have to do for hardcore pirates, and we try to take a gentler approach than e.g. the RIAA (suing 12 year old girls on welfare), but the work still has to come down, hence this letter.

Anyway, please notify me that you've removed these works entirely from your site. (Remove the files themselves, else Google can still keep them cached.) Thanks.


Dr. Andrew Burt
Chair, ePiracy Committee, SFWA
So I removed everything.


The Slaughter Continues in Iraq 54/

 Happy Halloween





The Pogrom Continues in Iraq 53/


SEE: It's about time Copy of Indictment.


The Pogrom Continues in Iraq 52/

26732-30098 Iraqi Civilians/

2000 U.S. Soldiers Dead/

INDICTMENTS Finally to Come ???

10-27-05 Today the U.S. invasion of Iraq reached an important and tragic psychological milestone for Americans which the Neo-cons are trying desperately to keep off the front pages. One life was too much, but 2000?! And lest we become soulless let us not forget the even more unbelievable milestone reached by Iraqi civilians not long ago, 30,000. All those lives for the neo-con agenda?  


SEE: Iraq Body Count:  Saddening beyond words.


SEE: Staff Sgt. George T. Alexander Jr., 34, from Killeen, Texas, passed away Saturday bringing the U.S. death toll from the two and a half year long invasion and occupation to 2,000. Rest in Peace.


SEE:  October 25, 2005
Indictments Coming Tomorrow; Targets Received Letters Today
An uber-insider source has just reported the following to TWN (since confirmed by another independent source):
1. 1-5 indictments are being issued. The source feels that it will be towards the higher end.
2. The targets of indictment have already received their letters.
3. The indictments will be sealed indictments and "filed" tomorrow.
4. A press conference is being scheduled for Thursday.
-- Steve Clemons


SEE: The Guardian:  Cheney was the source of CIA operatives identity.



Rosa Parks Has Passed Away

10-24-05 Rosa Parks, the peaceful woman who refused to give up her seat to a white passenger and in doing so changed the world by sparking the US Civil Rights Movement died today. She was 92. We will all miss her. 

SEE: Photos SEE: Montgomery Boycott:  The passing of an icon.



10-18-05 Site Changes 

SEE: As you may have noticed the site has changed quite a bit. I have been consolidating the information being hosted on my server into tighter groups and have eliminated some of the pages altogether. For  example the Student's page and the IQ page are now one, the Wallpaper page now contains links to almost all of the photographic content on the JAR2 server, and so on and so forth, if you have any suggestions please send them. I hope that some of you are actually reading my stories in the window above and that you enjoy them. That is all for now, enjoy!




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