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Politicians Start Wars Not Soldiers

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Breeding Terrorists in Iraq Continues 119/





         Mi6 lists are genuine?! The lists in question no doubt contained "some" names belonging to genuine Mi6 officers so at the time of publication they had to be denied as being fictitious in order to facilitate damage control. Now at this late date Mi6 can claim the entire list(s) was genuine in order to go after the parties who published them. Actually an astute counter-intelligence move as now nobody would believe they could actually admit to the veracity of the lists. But if anyone does take their claims at face value then they must also have to believe that all of the people on the list are either tainted, turned, dead, reassigned, or of no importance They,(Mi6), have of course, long ago I am sure, already gone through damage control and provided the real operatives with new identities and assignments.

Richard Tomlinson Arrested Again    John Smith Comments


         Seems Bush the idiot thinks our memories are as short as his, what with all of his ridiculous accusations that the press is publishing some state secret in revealing what he himself said right after 9-11. I am talking about the monitoring of banking transactions. In other news Bush's illegal detention of hundreds at Guantanamo is declared, well, in part anyway, illegal, by the Supreme Court.

SEE: More Dirt

Dirty Racist Republican Vote Manipulation

Bush Amnesia Causes Accusations Bush Lies: Media Player Video Zipped


Dirty Bush Secret-Spying on You, Trust the Lying Chimp

While back home Rice's trip is probably making headlines, no one here even noticed she was here. The big news on the Moscow Times site is Putin kissing a little boy's tummy. No sale Condo.

Rice "The Responsible Iraq Invader Without a Plan", Asks Others to Be Responsible 

Dirty Delay has no problem with burning agents. On  NYT   Media Player Video  Zipped


SEE: Russian News

President Putin Meets With Turkish President

President Putin's One Sentence Condo Rice Meeting Announcement

All Incoming Cell Calls to be Free (Sort Of)


Slaughter in Iraq Continues 118/

06-29-06 Republican corruption and propaganda continues unabated. More terrorists being created on a daily basis.

SEE: Dirt

Bush wants to punish those who expose his crimes

The real story on the situation in Iraq

Last sane American city weighs Bush impeachment

Dirty Republican Redistricting

Dick "the Dick" Cheney is dirty as hell

Dirty Republican Limp Dick Mouthpiece





All Out Mindless Slaughter in Iraq 250,117/


Today the Supreme Leader of the World, agreed to allow a discussion into what some of the liberals who were sent to the desert zone one dissenter's colony were claiming was illegal spying on Americans. A spokesman for the Supreme Leader of the World, said that discussion would be allowed as long as the constitution, that bothersome piece of outdated paper, was re-written to destroy any hint that he had been acting illegally. So far our God chosen leader has had to go to the trouble of rewriting 10,465 such laws which has caused him undue stress and taken time away from his nine month holiday at his ranch in Bushas, (formerly the fiefdom of Texas).


Even with 93% of the US population now assigned to "walled-in terror-free living zones" where outside communication and uncontrolled movement are punishable by execution, there were those (liberal Amerika haters), that argued that the monitoring of personal communications between parents and their children under ten should be exempt from monitoring. Those usurpers have been sanitized and our great God appointed leader in his wisdom has shown once again that as the Decider he knows what is best for all of us. In his monthly telecast from his 1,000 square mile ranch in Bushas, our Supreme Leader made it clear that the liberal Amerika haters were planting dangerous ideas into the minds of the young and that it had had to be stopped.


"Da childs is bein drain washed inta supporting of terrir!  9-11, 9-11!" he said.


Meanwhile the death toll from the radiation after the bombings of 2015 has passed the 250 million mark. A wonderfully day for our Supreme Leader of the World. He declared that today will be a world holiday and that the body of the 250,000,000th terrorist will be hung from the recently completed Bush monument, the highest monument in the District of Bush, formerly Washington, D.C..


Also in the news, Osama Bin Laden, pardoned in 2010, by our Supreme Leader, received the Supreme Medal of Bush for putting down an uprising last week in the Eastern Oil Fields, (formerly the Russian radiation zone).     


And in lighter news, another 100,000 brave Neo-Con Scouts, aged 10-12, were inducted into the Supreme Army and will be sent into radiation zone 5 next week after finishing their training. 


Rations down by another 50%, gas at $1,250.00 a gallon.


Have a nice day. That is all for today. Remember to say your evening prayer for the Bush family dog, Saddami, who was slightly ill from eating too much steak, (a meat product once eaten by humans).


By John Robles II

June Images



Russian Embassy Employees Murdered in IRAQ

Al-Qaeda Takes Responsibilty



Al-Qaeda murders Russian diplomats.


SEE:  TOP RBC RU      YAHOO (English)


"-" - . () Associated Press. , , , , .
, .

, , . , 22 , , - . " : - , , , ", - , Al-Jazeera. ", , , , ; , , ", - ..


DUBAI (Reuters) - An al Qaeda-led group posted video footage on the Internet on Sunday showing the killing of three men it said were Russian hostages seized in Iraq earlier this month.


The sister of one of the hostages, in an appeal to the hostage-takers broadcast by Al Jazeera television last week, said that her brother was a Muslim.


Meanwhile Bush is claiming planted WMDs were his reason for invading.


Been down for 3 days, blocking for boot sector attack F*** you!!!


Lyrics 1995 Rammstein.


Ohne dich

Ich werde in die Tannen gehen
Dahin wo ich sie zuletzt gesehen
Doch der Abend wirft ein Tuch aufs Land
und auf die Wege hinterm Waldesrand
Und der Wald er steht so schwarz und leer
Weh mir, oh weh
Und die Vogel singen nicht mehr

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein
Ohne dich
Mit dir bin ich auch allein
Ohne dich
Ohne dich zahl ich die Stunden ohne dich
Mit dir stehen die Sekunden
Lohnen nicht

Auf den Asten in den Graben
ist es nun still und ohne Leben
Und das Atmen fallt mir ach so schwer
Weh mir, oh weh
Und die Vogel singen nicht mehr

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein
Ohne dich
Mit dir bin ich auch allein
Ohne dich
Ohne dich zahl ich die Stunden ohne dich
Mit dir stehen die Sekunden
Lohnen nicht ohne dich

Und das Atmen fallt mir ach so schwer
Weh mir, oh weh
Und die Vogel singen nicht mehr

Ohne dich kann ich nicht sein
Ohne dich
Mit dir bin ich auch allein
Ohne dich
Ohne dich zahl ich die Stunden ohne dich
Mit dir stehen die Sekunden
Lohnen nicht ohne dich

Ohne dich
Ohne dich
Ohne dich
Ohne dich



Angelinos Warned San Andreas Ready for a Ten-Foot Move:

Sometime in the Next Ten Years! Terra, Terra, Terra!!


06-20-06 14:57

Two missing US soldiers in Iraq killed: official


SEE: Developing Story Reuters has the Scoop


           BAGHDAD (Reuters) - Two missing U.S. soldiers in Iraq have been killed and their bodies were found, the spokesman for Iraq's Defense Ministry said on Tuesday.
           "The two soldiers were killed and they were found in Yusufiya near an electricity plant," Major General Abdul Aziz Mohammed told a news conference in Baghdad.
            He did not say when the soldiers were killed or when their bodies were found.
           The soldiers went missing on Friday after insurgents attacked their checkpoint near Yusufiya, an al Qaeda stronghold south of Baghdad. A group linked to al Qaeda in Iraq said on Monday it had abducted two U.S. soldiers near Yusufiya.

1,5 .

SEE: Interfax

Bloody Quagmire Rolls On in Iraq 116/

Bush Eyeing Iran/ Takes on Lukashenko

SEE: Worthless Idiot Fines Real President


The War Crimes Continue in Iraq 115



SEE:  Suicides by O'Reilly QT


SEE:  Libby Pardon


More crimes against democracy.


SEE:  Blacks Lost Their Votes


The Republican National Committee has a special offer for African-American soldiers: Go to Baghdad, lose your vote


More war crimes


SEE:  Times on-line


When the police found that no porters were available to help, they threw the bodies off the truck. It was then that Siddique noticed the corpses of two boys aged about 12 lying in the pile on the ground.

Each had a piece of knotted green cloth tied around his neck and I could see theyd been strangled, the doctor said. He also noticed round holes that were slightly inflamed in several parts of their body, a sign that they had been tortured with electric drills before being killed. Even their eyes had been drilled and only hollow sockets remained, he said.

When he pointed out the injuries to his friend, the pathologist shrugged and took another drag on his cigarette, saying this was now routine.

We have turned into a zoo, Siddique told me. What level have we sunk to, to kill people in such a manner and hardly to notice any more?




The Relentless Slaughter Continues in Iraq 114/ Bush a WAR Criminal/


Someone finally calls Bush what he is, a war criminal.




06-18-06   June Images


Sunset and someone in the Moscow Mayor's office got the transmission in their H-2 fixed. Notice the M   MM on the plate, those numbers are reserved for people in the mayor's office. This was taken at a "secret" auto-service center and taken by me this week. I blacked out the location relevant information from the picture as well as the number on the tag. May be Luzhkov's own Hummer, speculation.



Proving to me once and for all that USA Today is just another racist mouthpiece like Faux News they have published this:




SEE:  Nazism Today


Today, hyphenated Americans put other countries and affiliations first, and they drive a wedge into the heart of "one nation." A recent poll of Hispanics in America by Investor's Business Daily shows that 64% consider themselves "mostly Hispanic," but that only 15% see themselves as "mostly American." The survey further reveals that 31% speak "only Spanish" in the home, while just 6% speak "only English." Finally, 69% of respondents said they lived in predominantly Hispanic neighborhoods.

Even more distressing While these data are troubling, they become downright distressing when one considers that 27% of the survey sample had lived in the USA for more than 25 years, while only 15% lived here fewer than six years.


         What is troubling about this article, this "Opinion Piece", is that it attempts to distort the truth about the segregation that exists all over the USA in every city and in every aspect of daily life. It is not the Hispanics who choose to live in poor rundown "Hispanic" neighborhoods it is the system of institutionalized segregation and invisible barriers that keep them down. It is not only Hispanics, but also peoples of every other race group that are divided in this way in the USA. The government is now controlled by just the kind of people who would gladly bring back the segregation that existed before the 60's, just look at the makeup of the government, the abuses of the police forces, the racial makeup of the business world. Sure there are token browns and token blacks here and there but the quantity by no means represents the percentage of the population that these peoples make up. So yes USA Today it is distressing, but what is distressing is the reality of the fact that so many people could live so long in the US and not be allowed to integrate into "White" society.  

                    Stories like this fit right into the modus operendi of the Neo-Con racist machine which perpetually tries to place the blame on the exploited and victims of their fascist policies for their exploitation and their victimization. Racism is an issue that no one wishes to debate, it is taboo but it is real and it must be dealt with on an open and intelligent level, and not perpetually denied and white-washed and pushed back into the closet or swept under the carpet like the dirty little secret that nobody wants to talk about.

              In a country with such a large population of non-whites this is something that must be dealt with. Unfortunately those in power are doing their best to promote and propagate more of the same racist policies that have been becoming more and more prevalent. With the stripping of more and more freedom the United States of America, once the land of the free is now the land of the subjugated.

                Make no mistake the Republican Party is the party of the racists, this is an open fact that nobody even tries to hide. There are a few black token republicans and I have recently read an article in one of the major papers that openly asked, "Why would a black man want to be a republican?". That one sentence has stayed with me because in that one sentence it showed that for the man in the street the Republican Party is openly the party for the bigots in America and it is not even supposed to be a secret anymore.  

                I could tell you hundreds of stories about the suffering that my family and myself went through living in the US just because we were not-white, and I think that one day I might just write a book about everything. I can tell you first-hand how people live in fear to even speak out or openly speak about the injustices faced by them on a daily basis. Today to be accused of not wanting to be American means that you do not want to be "white". For me that was a painful fact of my upbringing in the US. Despite the fact that I am more "American" than any white-American, I am one quarter Taino Indian, I grew up to be made ashamed of my dark skin and my dark coloration. Extra pigmentation, for that simple fact people are discriminated against every day, and it is rampant, it is the way of life. For as my father said once the USA is "the white-man's world".

                The last time that I talked to my sister she told me several stories relating to how she and our nephews; clean cut, honest looking students have been harassed on separate occasions by the police and told that they looked like they might be "Muslims", she recounted several incidents not just one or two isolated anomalies but several separate incidents that pointed to systematic racially motivated harassment and they live in the more progressive Eastern Seaboard. She was even afraid to talk about it with me on the phone, she was afraid that "they" might be listening.

                  Should I go on? If I get started I am afraid I won't stop until I tell everything to you, dear reader. I don't ask for sympathy, nor do I want it, I don't ask for pity, nor do I need it, I just don't want others who are going through what I went through to think that they are alone, because you dear reader are not alone. We must all speak out for our obedient silence only places us in collusion with the subjugators that are keeping us down.

                I have to go but when I come back to this topic I'll tell you about how a young brown second grader was called "Nigger" terrorized by threats to have his testicles nailed to a stump and then to be doused in gasoline and set on fire, after being given a knife to free himself of course, and beaten on a daily basis. In none other than beautiful Ogden, Utah. And so I will begin to recount real experiences with, the "real America".

                   It is difficult for me, and I hope that you understand, to recollect experiences of that nature so please be patient if you would care to hear more. I believe that it would be a disservice to anyone who has ever gone through experiences such as these to remain silent.


Have a great day and stay human!!





 SEE:  Citizenspook


Tuesday, June 13, 2006
I'll begin by telling you straight up, Citizenspook has no sources for this headline. But I believe it is the most likely explanation for all of the anomolies, strange quotes and secretive actions invoved with the official Special Counsel investigation by Patrick Fitzgerald. The following argument is my analysis of the LAW and FACTS. Unlike previous disserations by this author, the following is short and firmly based upon the evidence. I am attorney so let me argue the case based on the following mysterious indicators:

1. The "Sealed vs. Sealed" matter.
2. Luskin's carefully worded statement from this morning.
3. The carefully worded statements of Randal Samborn, Fitzgerald's press officer.
4. The strange case of Jason Leopold
5. The Constitutitional grant of authority to Grand Jurors to indict on their own volition without requiring a US Attorney "seek charges".

Yesterday, Jason Leopold, who alleged back in May that Rove had already been indicted, revisited this allegation by examining the strange indictment returned by the same Grand Jury working with Fitzgerald which was sealed in the US District Court for the District of Columbia under the bizarre heading of "Sealed Vs. Sealed,"

The following is taken from http://www.truthout.org/docs_2006/061206Z.shtml

Four weeks ago, during the time when we reported that White House political adviser Karl Rove was indicted for crimes related to his role in the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson, the grand jury empanelled in the case returned an indictment that was filed under seal in US District Court for the District of Columbia under the curious heading of Sealed vs. Sealed.
As of Friday afternoon that indictment, returned by the grand jury the week of May 10th, remains under seal - more than a month after it was handed up by the grand jury.

The case number is "06 cr 128." On the federal court's electronic database, "06 cr 128" is listed along with a succinct summary: "No further information is available."

We have not seen the contents of the indictment "06 cr 128". But the fact that this indictment was returned by the grand jury hearing evidence in the CIA leak case on a day that Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald met with the grand jury raised a number of questions about the identity of the defendant named in the indictment, whether it relates to the leak case, and why it has been under seal for a month under the heading Sealed vs. Sealed.

CR signifies a criminal case.

I can't speak for anybody else, but I have never seen another case titled "Sealed vs Sealed" so this by itself is VERY strange. Then couple it with the fact that it was the same Grand Jury empanelled for the Fitzgerald investigation. Judge Reggie Walton presided and it was returned -- as Leopold pointed out -- on a day that Fitzgerald also met with those same Grand Jurors.

All of that raises massive red flags. Some have argued that the case might refer to a war between Fitzgerald and the DOJ. This was specifically floated out by a Daily Kos diary http://www.dailykos.com/story/2006/5/21/184052/881

as well as here http://my.opera.com/prosperingbear/blog/show.dml/277182.

However, this is not possible under the facts reported by Leopold because such a filing would not be the subject of an indictment by the Grand Jurors. If Fitzgerald filed a complaing against DOJ for trying to remove him then no Grand Jurors would have been involved. Judge walton would make that decision not the grnad jurors.

So what is "Sealed vs. Sealed"?

Now let's review the two ways a Criminal Indictment can come down under the Constitution:

1. A US Attorney may request and indictment be returned by the Grand Jurors which is then signed by the US Attorney.

2. A Grand Jry may return and indictment without the request or signature of a US Attorney.

Under number 2 above, such activity constitutes a "Runaway Grand Jury", although that disparages the true purpose of Grand Jurors as a fourth branch of checks and balances.

For an in depth study of this issue see my previous report

TREASONGATE: The Federal Grand Jury, FOURTH BRANCH of the US Government

Now let's examine those statements by Luskin.

To answer that let's look at Luskin's carefully worded commentary:

"On June 12, 2006, Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald formally advised us that he does not anticipate seeking charges against Karl Rove...

In deference to the pending case, we will not make any further public statements about the subject matter of the investigation."

If the Grand Jurors returned the indictment without Fitzgerald's signature, than it may very well be true that Rove was indicted but Fitzgerald is not the one who indicted him.

And if Rove was indicted as follows:

"Grand Jury for the District of Columbia vs Karl Rove" than the "pendign indictment" referred to by Luskin is explained. If Luskin was not reffering to an indictment against his client then he shold be able to unequivocally state, "Karl Rove has not been indicted".

Notice that Luskin's letter mentions both:

1. The pending case and
2. The investigation

The pending vase might very well be "Sealed vs Sealed". Luskin can clear this up.

Fitzgerald cannot comment on "Sealed vs Sealed" and that may explain why Samborn will not comment on Rove's status according to


Furthermore, Samborn will not even comment on whether the investigation is ongoing.

And all of this might indicate that there is a war on to stop Fitzgerald, that he saw the pressure coming and enlightened the Grand Jurors as to their Constitutional ability to indict on their own without him. His hands may have been illegally tied by the Court and his superiors. [Revisit my previous posting on this topic.]

If that happened we are facing a Constitutional challenge to the valdity of the Grand Jury's power and right to bring charges where they see a crime despite the Government's intention to impede them. And if this is what happened, then Fitzgerald and Samborn have no other option but to say, "No comment."

And TPM Muckraker is reporting that Luskin will not comment on how he was "formally advised" Fitzgerald. http://www.tpmmuckraker.com/archives/000890.php


Please repost everywhere.


Bush tells Iraqi President that he is now on his own, that he and his cabinet can not actually decide to do whatever they want, meaning Bush is the "Decider". But this depends on their solving all of the problems on their own.


al-Maliki responded by pleading with Bush to get the F*** out of his country.


SEE: Guardian


"I have expressed our country's desire to work with you, but I appreciate you recognising the fact that the future of this country is in your hands," Mr Bush told Mr al-Maliki. "The decisions you and your cabinet make will be determinate [sic] as to whether or not a country succeeds that can govern itself, sustain itself, and defend itself."

In response, Mr al-Maliki told Mr Bush what the US people are anxious to hear. "God willing, all the suffering will be over and all the soldiers will return to their countries," he said.



The American Heritage Dictionary and Thesaurus Online


Encarta Dictionary Online


If only this were true.


SEE: Fascist Project Dies


'New American Century' Project Ends With a Whimper by Jim Lobe


If you were missing word a day last week here is what you missed.



Last week's theme: loooong words.

pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, noun
(NOO-muh-noh-UL-truh-MY-kruh-SKOP-ik-SIL-i-koh-VOL-kay-no-koh-NEE-o-sis, nyoo-)

A lung disease caused by inhaling fine particles of silica.

[From New Latin, from Greek pneumono- (lung) + Latin ultra- (beyond,
extremely) + Greek micro- (small) + -scopic (looking) + Latin silico
(like sand) + volcano + Greek konis (dust) + -osis (condition).]

Even though we have included the pronunciation of this word, we advise
caution lest you may have to avail the services of an otorhinolaryngologist
(a throat, nose, and ear specialist).



floccinaucinihilipilification (FLOK-si-NO-si-NY-HIL-i-PIL-i-fi-KAY-shuhn) noun

Estimating something as worthless.

[From Latin flocci, from floccus (tuft of wool) + nauci, from naucum
(a trifling thing) + nihili, from Latin nihil (nothing) + pili, from pilus
(a hair, trifle) + -fication (making).]

This word was coined by combining four Latin terms flocci, nauci, nihili,
pili, all meaning something of little or no value, which were listed in
the well-known "Eton Latin Grammar" of Eton College in the UK.



antidisestablishmentarianism, noun

Opposition to separation of the church and state.

[From Latin anti- (against) + dis- (apart, away) + English establish, from
Latin stabilire, from stare (to stand) + -arian (one who supports) + Greek
-ism (practice or state).]

At 28 letters, it's the best-known example of a long word. Here's how you
can parse the word: one of the meanings of the word establishment is making
a church an institution of the state. In the late 19th century England, there
was a movement for the separation of the church and state: disestablishment.
Those opposed to the idea of separation were antidisestablishmentarians.
You can see where it's going. Why not a contraantidisestablishmentarianism?



honorificabilitudinity (ON-uh-rif-i-kay-bi-li-too-DIN-i-tee, -tyoo-) noun


[From Medieval Latin honorificabilitudinitas, from Latin honor.]

Another form of this, honorificabilitudinitatibus (27 letters), is the
longest word Shakespeare ever used. It comes out of the mouth of Costard,
the clown, in Love's Labour's Lost:

"I marvel thy master hath not eaten thee for a word;
for thou art not so long by the head as
honorificabilitudinitatibus: thou art easier
swallowed than a flap-dragon."


Most of the longest words in English are names of chemical compounds, names
of diseases or technical words, and not very interesting to remember or talk
about. This week, we'll feature five long words that are fun to write and

internationalization (in-tuhr-NASH-uh-nuh-ly-ZAY-shun) noun

1. The act or process of making something international or placing
it under international control.

2. Making a product or process suitable for use around the globe.



Pushing People to Commit Suicide is Pre-Meditated Murder,

Doing So on a Mass Scale is Mass Murder!!



Complete callous unrepentant disregard for the sanctity of human life is now official U.S. policy. Since they can not execute everyone at Guantanamo like they would like to they are doing the next best thing, driving them to suicide. It is clear they are consciously and systematically pushing prisoners to the brink, that is torture, their awareness that their actions will push them into committing suicide and their refusal to do anything to change that fact is clear and unarguable premeditated murder. As the statements to the press from those in command this is a policy that is supported and comes down from the highest levels. It is disgraceful and inhuman. I am ashamed for all Americans and to be American, it is another black day for all of us. And guess what? No one will do anything about it.


In a just world the Bush Administration would have been tried for war crimes long ago, but not in these times because we all live in, the "New American Millennium", Bush world.


What human being in their right mind would call suicide "a PR stunt" or "an act of warfare", these were men under their charge who out of complete and utter desperation took their own lives quietly and with, I dare say, dignity. They saw it as their only way out and took it. Anyone who sees it any other way should have their heads examined or take a course in psychology.


Suicide is the result of a person being at an absolute emotional and spiritual zero and brought about by situations which rob the person of all hope and desire to exist. Suicide can also be brought about by forcing someone to live under conditions that are too inhuman to allow continuation or when the person has to exist under subjugation by an enemy where they have little or no control and see no way out. The complete isolation and desperation surrounding the conditions under which the prisoners  are kept in Guantanamo will lead to more suicides.


These men must be removed from U.S. custody and placed in a location under neutral international control where they will be treated humanely and have access to basic human necessities. The Bush Administration's attempt to skirt the Geneva Conventions through  semantic contortions must be stopped and accountability determined and those responsible punished.


But then again, we all know this, and no one is doing anything about it. Even speaking out is cause to fear, for even I, for writing this, could be accused of "assisting terrorists", this is Bush World, we are all in danger.


That is my opinion. June 13, 2006


John Anthony Robles II        





Colleen Graffy, deputy assistant secretary of state for public diplomacy, told BBC's Newshour on Sunday: "Taking their own lives was not necessary, but it certainly is a good PR (public relations) move."


On Sunday, Guantanamo Bay commander Rear Admiral Harry Harris said of the prisoners: "They have no regard to life, neither ours nor their own. And I believe this was not an act of desperation, rather an act of asymmetric warfare waged against us."


Leonard Rubinstein, executive director of the Physicians for Human Rights group said, "Military officials and the Bush administration have refused any independent and transparent medical evaluation of these detainees. We can expect more suicides," he said.


Gitanjali Gutierrez, a lawyer for the Center for Constitutional Rights, which is aiding some detainees, said, "to characterize the suicides as an act of warfare to me is offensive, and really shows a disregard for human life and for humanity which is rampant in Guantanamo."


Made these for my SX-1. You can use them too. As always, enjoy!




Blocked for improper linking


This is my second and last complaint regarding the links to my site which appear at this address: http://forum.gsmhosting.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=304788. I have already blocked your domain and will now publish this and previous requests to correct the problem along with your silence and assume that you support the practice of linking to others content without making reference to providers. May I remind you that there are also legal remedies that I may persue.

John Robles II


A user on GSM Forums decided to place links to hundreds of programs on my downloads page as if they were of his own making and of course without stating the source URL, my entire bandwidth was busy for several hours as several Gb were downloaded, as a result their entire domain is now blocked. If you are going to link to files on my server please state the source URL, if you want to link to programs in the dowloads section direct them to the URL:

 http://www.jar2.com/3/Downloads.htm. Give credit where credit is due dudes!!!!!!  


I contacted the administrator(s) and if they correct the problem I will unblock their domain. C Ya


If you are adversely affected by this block e-mail me and I will try to help.

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9-11 Does Not Give the U.S. the Right

to Wage an Endless War Against Ambiguous Targets and Violate International Law Indefinitely. It is time for the international  community to say enough is enough. As 9-11 was an inside job then  every action taken since then has been illegal and must be  punished.



Bush is Responsible for Guantanamo Bay Suicides of Men Being Illegally Held/



Anything he tries to say is pure hypocritical non-sense. These men have been held for about four and a half years without charges, without rights, and without hope.



At least 45 detainees died in U.S. custody due to suspected or confirmed criminal homicides.[1] At least eight people were tortured to death. At least 98 detainees have died while in U.S. custody in Iraq or Afghanistan;[2]

At least 69 of the detainees died at locations other than Abu Ghraib;[3]

At least 51 detainees have died in U.S. custody since Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld was informed of the abuses at Abu Ghraib on January 16, 2004;[4]

12 deaths have led to punishments of U.S. personnel;[5]

0 CIA personnel have been charged with wrongdoing in connection with alleged involvement in at least 5 deaths;[6]

As of November 2005, over 83,000 people have been held in U.S. custody, and about 30,000 of those were entered into the system, and assigned internment serial numbers in Iraq, Guantanamo Bay, and Afghanistan;[7]

There have been nearly 600 criminal investigations into allegations of detainee abuse; each investigation tends to include more than one U.S. soldier, more than one instance of abuse, and more than one victim. Allegations against 250 Soldiers have been addressed in courts-martial, non-judicial punishments, and other adverse administrative punishments. The highest ranking military member judicially punished in connection with the death of a detainee is Marine Major Clarke Paulus, who was found guilty of maltreatment and dereliction of duty and dismissed from the service.[8]

Reportedly 100-150 individuals have been rendered from U.S. custody to a foreign country known to torture prisoners, including to Egypt, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Pakistan;[9]

There are 6 main acknowledged U.S. detention facilities worldwide--3 in Iraq, 2 in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay;[10]

There are approximately 25 transient facilities - field prisons designed to house detainees only for a short period until they can be released or transferred to a more permanent facility-in Afghanistan and Iraq;[11]

There are believed to be at least 11 secret detention locations used since September 2001. They are/were CIA facilities in Afghanistan, Guantanamo, Poland, Romania, and Jordan, detention facilities in Alizai, Kohat and Peshawar in Pakistan, a facility on the U.S. Naval Base on the island of Diego-Garcia, and detentions of prisoners on U.S. ships, particularly the USS Peleliu and USS Bataan.[12]

Over 15,000 people are currently in U.S. detention in just Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay. As of February 16, 2006, in Iraq, there were 14,389 detainees in U.S. custody; as of December 2005, the U.S. was holding approximately 500 detainees in Afghanistan; as of February 10, 2006 there are approximately 490 detainees held at Guantanamo Bay and one enemy combatants held in the U.S.;[13]

36 prisoners are believed to be held in unknown locations;[14]

At least 376 foreign fighters detained in Iraq to whom the Administration has asserted the Geneva Conventions do not apply;[15]

There were up to 100 ghost detainees in Iraq;[16]

The U.S. transferred at least one dozen prisoners out of Iraq for further interrogation in violation of the Geneva Conventions;[17]

8 percent of 517 Guantanamo detainees were considered al Qaeda fighters by the U.S. Government. Of the remaining detainees, 40% have no definitive connection to al Qaeda or Taliban.[18]

5 percent of the 517 detainees held at Guantanamo were captured by the United States and the majority of those currently in custody were turned over by other parties during a time when the United States was offering large sums for captured prisoners.[19]

At least 267 detainees have been released from Guantanamo Bay since January 2002. 187 were released out right, and 80 were transferred to their home countries for continued detention;[20]

38 detainees at Guantanamo determined not to be enemy combatants pursuant to CSRT and at least 23 detainees subsequently released; 558 CSRTS conducted in total[21]

As of February 9, 2006, the military had completed its first round of Administrative Review Board (ARB) hearings, resulting in 463 board recommendations of which Deputy Secretary of Defense Gordon R. England, the Designated Civilian Official for ARBs decided to allow 14 releases (3 percent), 120 transfers (26 percent) and to continue to detain 329 individuals (71 percent);[22


Russia to Forgive Debt



Finally something positive and hope-inspiring to post about.




The Associated Press/ST. PETERSBURG, Russia  By VLADIMIR ISACHENKOV Associated Press Writer
Russia announced a plan Friday to write off about US$700 million (euro553 million) in debt owed by the world's poorest countries, a move reflecting its oil-fueled wealth and a desire for equal footing with the world's top industrialized nations.


The Vicious Annihilation Rolls On in Iraq: 113/

But, Why Are We There??? Why???


06-09-06     The Case of the Missing $21 Billion


Follow the flow of the dough, where it leads you already know. More corruption, upon corruption, upon corruption. Yet no one does anything. The shame!




What the president did was write a so-called "signing statement" on the side (unpublicized of course), saying that the new inspector general would have no authority to investigate any contracts or corruption issues involving the Pentagon

What better way to follow that money than an impeachment hearing into why the president unconstitutionally subverted the intent of Congress in establishing an office of special inspector general for corruption in Iraq?


Tests the conservatism? That's what racism is called now?


SEE:   Supreme Court to hear schools race case
AP - Mon Jun 5, 7:23 PM ET

WASHINGTON - The Supreme Court agreed Monday to decide whether skin color can be considered in assigning children to public schools, reopening the issue of affirmative action. The announcement puts a contentious social topic on the national landscape in an election year, and tests the racism  conservatism of President Bush's two new justices.


What better way to follow that money than an impeachment hearing into why the president unconstitutionally subverted the intent of Congress in establishing an office of special inspector general for corruption in Iraq?A ruling against the schools "would be pretty devastating to suburban communities, small towns that have successfully maintained desegregation for a couple of generations," he said. "The same communities that were forced to desegregate would be forced to re-segregate." Forced segregation?!?! That's unbelieveable.


Maybe not perfect but one of my favourites:  Million Roses


Sonya Died Today




Vicious Skank Desecrates 9-11 Dead


She IS  the Republican Party







Driveling, attention starved, hate seething, soulless, neo-nazi, neo-con mouthpiece and whore Ann "Dried Up C**t from Hell"  Coulter, yeah that's a French last name, calls 9-11 widows "Witches" and self-righteously remorselessly sticks to her statements.




Democratic Sen. Frank Lautenberg (news, bio, voting record) of New Jersey said Coulter's "shameless attack" on the widows sparked disgust. "Her bookselling antics and accompanying vulgarity deserve our deepest contempt," he said in a statement.


The Vicious Pogrom Plows On in Iraq: 113 /WHERE T.F. is Bin Laden Bush??

Bush Spokesman Tony Blair says Psychotic Mass-Murderer is Really a "Nice" Guy

Nobody in the world believes Bush anymore, so the dumb assess brought out their new spokesperson in hopes that  people will believe Bush's latest claims. Claims to seeking a diplomatic solution in Iran. It is just more disinformation aimed at gaining public support for his failing presidency and his as of yet unrealized plans to invade Iran as he did Iraq. Mr. Blair you soil yourself and the British by supporting the homicidal, psychotic, buffoon who is illegally occupying the White House. I wonder how much Tony got for spreading Bush's disinformation. His own tanker? I have always respected the Brits but when the Prime Minister tries to bolster Bush ratings and acts as nothing but a gimp mouthpiece for the fascist neo-con murder machine I have to call it what it is.


SEE: Tony the Sell Out Lackey


Four years, almost 3,000 dead US soldiers, and over 42,000 civilians later someone finally did their job and killed a real terrorist, now we are supposed to jump up and down and say what a great "War Preznit"George "the F***ing Disgrace" Bush is. IT'S ABOUT DAMN TIME, that's all I got to say.


BAGHDAD, Iraq - Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, the most-wanted terrorist in Iraq who waged a bloody campaign of beheadings and suicide bombings, was "MAYBE" killed when U.S. warplanes dropped 500-pound bombs on his isolated safehouse, officials said Thursday.


The George W. Bush Loyalty Quiz

10 Questions to Test Your Allegiance to President Bush

SEE: Loyalty to Bush Test  MY RESULT

Your score is 1 on a scale of 1 to 10. You hate Bush with a writhing passion. You think he is an idiot, a liar, and a warmonger who has been an utterly incompetent, miserable failure of a president. Nothing would give you greater pleasure than seeing him impeached and run out of the White House, except maybe seeing him dragged away in handcuffs.


More Attrocities in Iraq: 112/

Hey, Elections Coming Up Let's Deal With a Serious Issue:

GAY MARRIAGE !!!! Bush "the Loser" Loses Again/all confirm that the President of the United States called the Constitution a goddamned piece of paper.


06-08-06 Senate rejects amendment on gay marriage


Forget Iraq, Iran, corruption, war crimes, 750 ignored laws, impeachment, NSA spying, torture, renditions, Afghanistan, secret arrests, 9-11, terror terror terror, war dead, more war crimes, more corruption, stolen elections, another stolen election, a trillion dollar deficit, the real problem for the out of touch Bushies is the fact that some gays want to stay together. I wonder who is going to be stupid enough to fall for that one?


SEE:  Gays Gays Gays That is the Issue Now!!! 


"Why is it when Republicans are all for reducing the federal government's impact on people's lives until it comes to these stinging litmus test issues, whether gay marriage or end of life they suddenly want the federal government to intervene?" asked Sen. Dianne Feinstein (news, bio, voting record), D-Calif. "It makes no sense other than throwing red meat to a certain constituency."


Bush actually called the Constitution of the United States of America, " a goddamned piece of E: Constitution


Mr. President, one aide in the meeting said. There is a valid case that the provisions in this law undermine the Constitution.

Stop throwing the Constitution in my face, Bush screamed back. Its just a goddamned piece of paper!

Ive talked to three people present for the meeting that day and they all confirm that the President of the United States called the Constitution a goddamned piece of paper.


SEE: Republican senator blasts Cheney over NSA oversight  


06-07-06 ALSO ADDED


Wallpaper 1,  Wallpaper 2,  Wallpaper 3,  Wallpaper 4,   

Wallpaper 5,  Wallpaper 6,  Wallpaper 7,  Wallpaper 8,  

 Wallpaper 9,   Wallpaper 10,Wallpaper 11  



1. republicanazi
The Nazi movement, made famous by Adolf Hitler in the late 1920's and 1930's, strived to create a master race that would dominate Europe. As a result of several events, World War II was fought between the Axis and the Allies.
Note: not to be confused with 'Axis of Evil'

The republican political movement in America also strives to create a 'master race' of white supremacists, and therefore draws a unique parallel with the Nazi movement in the 1930's.

Similarly, the economic policies of the two regimes are strikingly similar, with both leaders (George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler) both believing in spending money over fiscal responsibility (often to distract citizens from other events). Evidence of this can be seen in the CIA world factbook - which puts the US as the 39th most debt ridden country (in terms of GDP as a % of public debt). Although this may not sound amazing, this puts countries such as Mexico, Libya, Iran, China, Zimbabwe and Russia all with lower levels of public debt than America.
In Nazi Germany before WWII, there were also high levels of public debt, which many historians will argue was the cause for the invasion of the Low Countries after the conflict started. In America today, wars against less developed countries are also being used for financial gain, e.g.: the Iraq war.

Both believe in the right of a citizen to posess a firearm and to sacrifice certain freedoms for the benefit of the state. This overriding belief in the supremacy of one individual above another (could also be the belief in one nation over another) is called racism and can be seen openly in both republican politicians and in the former Nazi regime. A good example of this would be the lack of black or hispanic presidents in America, even though the latter comprise almost 40% of the male population.

Person A: The fiscal and social policies of George W. Bush strikingly similar to those of Adolf Hitler
Person B: No they are not, Adolf Hitler was a Nazi and the president is a republican - his policies may be identical, but they are not the same!
Person C: Oh come on, just for the sake of argument we will call him a Nazi!
Person B: No, thats not fair.
Person A: What about republicanazi?
Person C: Yeah that sounds cool
Person B: Well yes, it does accurately sum up the policies of the two regimes and draws unique parallels unknown to the common citizen
Person A: Then it is agreed, the current administration in the US is republicanazi


Today is June 06, 2006 or 06-06-06





666: The Number of the Beast

(see Rev 13:18)


666Biblical Number of the Beast
660Approximate Number of the Beast
DCLXVIRoman Numeral of the Beast
665Number of the Beast's Older Brother
667Number of the Beast's Younger Sister
668Number of the Beast's Neighbor
999Number of the Australian Beast
333Number of the Semi-Beast
66Number of the Downsized Beast
6, uh...,I forgetNumber of the Blond Beast
666.0000Number of the High Precision Beast
665.9997856Number of the Beast on a Pentium
0.666Number of the Millibeast
X / 666Beast Common Denominator
0.00150150...Reciprocal of the Beast
-666Opposite of the Beast
666iImaginary Number of the Beast
6.66 x 102Scientific Notation of the Beast
25.8069758...Square Root of the Beast
443556Square of the Beast
1010011010Binary Number of the Beast
1232Octal of the Beast
29AHexidecimal of the Beast
2.8235Log of the Beast
6.5913Ln of the Beast
1.738 x 10289Anti-Log of the Beast
00666Zip Code of the Beast
666@hell.orgE-mail Address of the Beast
www.666.comWebsite of the Beast
1-666-666-6666Phone & FAX Number of the Beast
1-888-666-6666Toll Free Number of the Beast
1-900-666-6666Live Beasts, available now!  One-on-one pacts!
Only $6.66 per minute!
  [Must be over 18!]
666-66-6666Social Security Number of the Beast
Form 10666Special IRS Tax Forms for the Beast
66.6%Tax Rate of the Beast
6.66%6-Year CD Interest Rate at First Beast Bank of Hell
($666 minimum deposit, $666 early withdrawal fee)
$666/hrBilling Rate of the Beast's Lawyer
$665.95Retail Price of the Beast
$710.36Price of the Beast plus 6.66% Sales Tax
$769.95Price of the Beast with accessories and replacement soul
$656.66Wal-Mart Price of the Beast (next week $646.66!)
$55.50Monthly Payments for Beast, in 12 easy installments
Phillips 666Gasoline Used by the Beast (regular $6.66/gal)
Route 666Highway of the Beast (where he gets his kicks!)
666 mphSpeed Limit on the Beast's Highway
6-6-6Fertilizer of the Beast
666 lb capWeight Limit of the Beast
666 MinutesWeekly News Show about the Beast (airs daily from
Midnight to 11:06 a.m., on Cable Channel 666, of course)
666o FOven Temperature for Cooking "Roast Beast"
666kRetirement Plan of the Beast
666 mgRecommended Minimum Daily Requirement of Beast
Lotus 6-6-6Spreadsheet of the Beast
Word 6.66Word Processor of the Beast
Windows 666Bill Gates' Personal Beast Operating System
#666666Font Color of the Beast (the gray in this table!)
i66686CPU of the Beast
666-IBMW of the Beast
IAM 666License Plate Number of the Beast
Formula 666All Purpose Cleaner of the Beast
WD-666Spray Lubricant of the Beast
DSM-666 (rev)Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the Beast
66.6 MHzFM Radio Station of the Beast
666 KHzAM Radio Station of the Beast
66 for 6A Beastly Score for an Innings (in cricket)
6 for 66Bowling Figures of the Beast
6/6/6Birthday of the Beast (but in which century?)



SEE: In Related News, Proof there is no God



Great Sunset Last Night



SUNSET JUNE 04, 2006 Moscow, Russia


Was the 2004 Election Stolen?  Yes, No Doubt About It!



We already know all this. The question is when is someone going to do something about it? Never.


SEE: Rolling Stone


Republicans prevented more than 350,000 voters in Ohio from casting ballots or having their votes counted -- enough to have put John Kerry in the White House. BY ROBERT F. KENNEDY JR.


But despite the media blackout, indications continued to emerge that something deeply troubling had taken place in 2004. Nearly half of the 6 million American voters living abroad(3) never received their ballots -- or received them too late to vote(4) -- after the Pentagon unaccountably shut down a state-of-the-art Web site used to file overseas registrations.(5) A consulting firm called Sproul & Associates, which was hired by the Republican National Committee to register voters in six battleground states,(6) was discovered shredding Democratic registrations.(7) In New Mexico, which was decided by 5,988 votes,(8) malfunctioning machines mysteriously failed to properly register a presidential vote on more than 20,000 ballots.(9) Nationwide, according to the federal commission charged with implementing election reforms, as many as 1 million ballots were spoiled by faulty voting equipment -- roughly one for every 100 cast.(10)



Killing Babies Okay in Iraq: 111/

Hey, Elections Coming Up



Dipshit McDumb$uck banging Condo Rice. There is no need for terror funding in NYC because the whole thing was an inside job from the beginning, and Mr. "Decider" got a good laugh out of 9-11.




And This:

Nation's capital, NYC are low-risk targets, says braintrust at DHS
"Terrists already hit us once - why would they try again?" says agency spokesman Drooly McFuckwit.

"This is beyond
moronic incompetence. This is raw, oozing evil." - BuzzFlash email.

The Department of Homeland Security has ranked Washington DC as a
low-risk category of 'terrorist attack or catastrophe,' putting it in the bottom 25 percent of US states and territories - where it qualifies for a smaller grant than Montana, Wyoming, Hawaii, Utah and Rhode Island.

Fun fact: Seeing increases in funding are 'five cities in
Jeb Bush's Florida.' Tampa's one, I'm trying to find out what the others are.

Fun fact II: In a 2003 interview with the Ladies Home Journal, Dumbya told Peggy Noonan that during the late-night hours of Sept. 11, he and wife Pickles Stepford were hustled around the White House in their bedtime clothes because it was thought a jet was going to crash into the building.


[T]he day ended on a relatively humorous  note, he said. We got a laugh out of it.

#ucking psycho.


I saw it on the internets so it must be true
Informed sources: Pickles Stepford has moved out of White House because Duhbya allegedly porking Condi


GIs at Ishaqi cleared. As ordered by "The Decider"

Bush's Pogrom Continues in Iraq: 110/Bush Supports the Killing of Civilians, If the Picture Below is Any Indication


Ishaqui Murders


Bush 'troubled' by all reports of US military atrocities: WHouse

Later: GIs at Ishaqi cleared. Bush: " No problem." :-)



The above picture actually accompanied the above story. What planet am I on? Why the hell is he smiling like an idiot? Pendejo, por que eres tan feliz, estan matando ninos i mujeres. Assessino, eres un diablo sin alma. Eres el diablo!


SEE: WTF is the Fool Grinning About?


For the month of April '06 the site logged 1.000,060 total hits, May ,06 439,398, and so far for June '06 10,908 total hits. What do they look at most? Girls!! Top search term for the last three months? Falling people!


The Unrelenting Iraqi Meatgrinder: 109/

Coming Soon to Iran





The press has been filled with headlines claiming that there is a diplomatic solution in the works for Iran sponsored by the U.S. but I have to say if one looks at what is on the table it looks like more of the same. The U.S. has been forced by Russia and China to try to seek a diplomatic solution. Yet the spin is that the diplomatic moves have been initiated by the U.S.. The troubling thing at this point seems that it may just be posturing to gain support for an invasion. Of course the demands they have made Iran had already said it will refuse to follow and the consequence will be the same as the U.S. has said all along. So what's new this time? Certain "secret" incentives have been offered Tehran. Have to wait and see on that one.


Iran in my opinion should make good on its words that it is only seeking peaceful nuclear power production and allow foreign observers and follow internationally accepted procedures for implementing and developing such technology.


The U.S. on the other hand should not make the mistake of trying to dictate to another Islamic country what it may or may not do. Of course with the "Decider" in charge I am sure the U.S. is just looking for an excuse to kill more Muslims and any stories about "diplomacy" are just more pieces of the puzzle that will be another invasion in the next step of the plan to control the entire Middle-East.


Meanwhile the "Decider" is paying lip service to transparency and justice, only not if it applies to his administration and his republican cronies who are being indicted or investigated faster than you can say, well, "the Decider".


Not much from Alberto "Token Tex-Mex" lately other than he had a tizzy fit and threatened to run to his mommy if the "Decider" made him give back the illegally obtained "stuff" he and "Mein Mueller" stole from the office of the only black law-maker, wait, there "is", another one.


One last observation. What the hell is it with "Condo Bondage" "Fried Rice" and her wardrobe? I mean when she was in Iraq recently she had the mini-skirt thing going on, and when she was meeting with the Turks last month all the pictures showed her showing more leg than a Vegas showgirl, in front of the Muslim officials nonetheless,  and yesterday at the talks over Iran she was wearing this little red number, I mean what was the deal with that? All of the other diplomats and officials looked, well,  just like diplomats and officials and there is Condo in her hot little red number, now I am not saying she looked hot, don't get me wrong on that one, it's just that the red was so bright that it stood out like an oil spill on an ice-field. I guess maybe it is supposed to distract us from the fact that she is one of the biggest oil-profiteering mass-murdering monsters of modern times. But that is just my opinion.


See you later and thanks for stopping by. John


P.S. Check out the download page:  Downloads


LATER P.P.S. Found this courtesy of cryptome. Hear some Tennessee cops torturing a suspect.




Description: They beat him with bats and guns, held loaded guns to his head, threatened to shoot him, dunked his head in the toilet, burned him with lighters, attached his testicles to a battery charger, threatened to cut off his fingers, and threatened to "go get" his wife and take his child away from him. Then they arrested him for "evading arrest".


Death Death Death Death Death



The Illegal Invasion Continues in Iraq: 108/

Amnesty International Report 2006






Finally! Someone talks truth to Bush. A little pent up anger let out. Must watch!




Mike Smith Writes an Artcicle for JAR2 (Exclusive)


Mike Smith wrote with the following offering on his case. Please read it carefully along with the other files on his case. Only through pressure from the public can he be assured of the fair trail and the re-opening of his case that he is seeking. Like many hundreds of others who have been unfairly tried and punished on the flimsiest of grounds  by governments eager to persecute anyone for political gain, in particular with regard to Russia, his case deserves, in my opinion, to be heard and his vindication finally brought about.




The Jigsaw Puzzle of my Spy Trial  by Michael John Smith 

SNIPPET Those who remember my case will be aware that in 1992/93 I was portrayed as a major KGB spy, featuring on the front pages of several national newspapers. My name later appeared in the Mitrokhin Archive, as did Melita Norwood - the Granny Spy - but unlike her I have been largely ignored by those commentating on the history of espionage in the UK.

In this article, I would like to familiarise JAR2 readers with some key elements of my case, and to raise questions about the official Prosecution account. I maintain that I did not receive a fair trial, and this is why I am still engaged in legal action to have my case re-opened.



This is an archive







JAR II's Photo



"One of the

penalties for

refusing to

participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato


"Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither." - Benjamin Franklin


I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. - Abraham Lincoln


If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.-
Thomas Jefferson


''To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." - Theodore Roosevelt



The Truth




Finally a film which tells the truth about what happened on 9-11.284 Mbs. The trailer, an mpeg4 file, is only 7 Mbs. You will need to install the .fav player in order to watch the film. Everything is included in the file named 911 on the ftp section of the site. Please share it with everyone you know. Cheers, John