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Politicians Start Wars Not Soldiers

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Another Bush Buddy Sentenced

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The Age of Darkness Continues




Today I updated and added a few (HUNDREDS) nice little progs to the download page. Enjoy!!!


The Illegal Invasion Continues in Iraq: 108/

Amnesty International Report 2006




Comments are not needed but for one, it reads like the record of some third rate dictatorship. I am so sick of Bush and his high crimes. Why won't he just go away, like the nightmare he is? I am seriously debating dropping all mention of the repuke fascist disaster that has destroyed the US  from my site. I left the US because of them and I am sick of reporting on them. No one will do anything to stop them anyway. Maybe I will go back to something more fun.




Thousands of detainees continued to be held in US custody without charge or trial in Iraq, Afghanistan and the US naval base in Guantánamo Bay, Cuba. There were reports of secret US-run detention centres in undisclosed locations where detainees were held in circumstances amounting to “disappearances”. Dozens of Guantánamo detainees went on hunger strike to protest against their harsh treatment and lack of access to the courts; some were reported to be seriously ill. Reports of deaths in custody, torture and ill-treatment by US forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantánamo continued to emerge. Despite evidence that the US government had sanctioned interrogation techniques constituting torture or ill-treatment, and “disappearances”, there was a failure to hold officials at the highest levels accountable, including individuals who may have been guilty of war crimes or crimes against humanity. Several trials took place of low-ranking soldiers charged with abusing detainees; in most cases sentences were light. There were reports of police brutality and use of excessive force in the USA. Sixty-one people died after being struck by police tasers, a huge rise over previous years. Sixty people were executed, taking the total to over 1,000 since executions resumed in 1977.


Тысячи задержанных продолжают находиться в американских изоляторах в Ираке, Афганистане и на военно-морской базе Гуантанамо-Бэй на Кубе. Поступали сообщения о том, что США создали сеть секретных тюрем, местонахождение которых неизвестно, чьи узники пребывают в условиях, равносильных «исчезновению». Десятки узников Гуантанамо объявляли голодовку, протестуя против суровых условий содержания и отсутствия доступа к правосудию; по сообщениям, многие из заключенных серьезно больны. Продолжали поступать сообщения о смерти заключенных, пытках и жестоком обращении со стороны силовых структур США в Ираке, Афганистане и Гуантанамо. Несмотря на свидетельства того, что власти США санкционировали применение во время допросов методов, которые могут быть приравнены к пыткам и жестокому обращению, а также практику «исчезновений», высшее руководство США не понесло за это ответственности. Речь идет, в том числе, о людях, которые могут быть виновны в военных преступлениях и преступлениях против человечности. Несколько военнослужащих низшего звена были отданы под суд по обвинению в издевательстве над заключенными; приговоры, в основном, выносились мягкие. Имеются сведения о жестокости полиции и о применении чрезмерной силы полицией в самих Соединенных Штатах. 61 человек скончался после того, как полицейские применили к ним тазеры, что значительно больше, чем в предыдущие годы. 60 человек были казнены. Таким образом, количество приведенных в исполнение смертных приговоров с момента возобновления казней в 1977 году превысило тысячу.


A look at interrogation techniques in Iraq.




As the Iraqi insurgency intensified in early 2004, an elite Special Operations forces unit converted one of Saddam Hussein's former military bases near Baghdad into a top-secret detention center. There, American soldiers made one of the former Iraqi government's torture chambers into their own interrogation cell. They named it the Black Room


Finally! Someone talks truth to Bush. A little pent up anger let out. Must watch!




WTC site interactive 360 degree Apple videos from cryptome, coolness.




The Attrocities Continue in Iraq: 92/

The Murder of More Women and Children




Chris Floyd's words on the unspeakable shootings of sleeping babies in Iraq.


SEE:  The Moscow Times   JAR2


We know from the photographs that one child, the youngest, the baby, has a gaping wound in his forehead. We can see that another child, a girl with a pink ribbon in her hair, is lying on her side with blood oozing from the back of her head. The faces of the other children are turned upward toward the sun; if they were shot, they were shot somewhere in the back, and their wounds are not evident. But we can see that their bodies, though covered with dust from the rubble, are otherwise whole; they were evidently not crushed in the collapse of the house. They died in some other fashion.

We know from the photographs that two of the children -- girls, still in their pajamas -- are lying with their dead eyes open. We can see that the light and tenderness that animate the eyes of every young child have vanished; nothing remains but the brute stare of nothingness into nothingness. We can see that the other three children have their eyes closed; two are limp, but the baby has one stiffened arm raised to his cheek, as if trying to ward off the blow that gashed and pulped his face so terribly.


We know that three years ago this week, Bush nevertheless gave the order to begin the unprovoked, unjust and unnecessary invasion of Iraq. He hasn't fired a single shot, tortured any prisoners, beheaded any civilians or planted any bombs. Yet every single atrocity of the war, on both sides, is the direct result of the decision he made three years ago. Nothing he says can change this fact. Nothing he does, or causes to be done, for good or ill, can wash the blood of these children -- and the tens of thousands of other innocent civilians killed in the war -- from his hands.





SEE:    New Massacre  Chris Floyd Com   VIDEO BBC  BUSH   March '06  MSNBC  BBC  Search1  Search2   K


Mike Smith's Case Summary



Got home from work and found an e-mail from accused Russian spy, Mike Smith awaiting me, here's what he sent, have a great weekend Mike.




This document is the "case Summary", which was the Prosecution's assessment of the case, and the main evidence and arguments on which they presented their case in court. The document may appear impressive, but much of the evidence was very weak. For example:

(1) The phone call was a trick and the police manipulated much of what happened during their interviews in order to make it seem like there was a previous history of such activities. No evidence was produced to support that argument.

(2) All the arguments about "tradecraft", and KGB methods, could easily have been evidence of more tricks by MI5, because they knew all about these things, and were in a good position to perform an entrapment operation. The mysterious Harry Williams and the source of the money were never traced.

(3) The jury gave the verdict "not guilty" to all the charges related to the handwritten notes (marked JS/16 to JS/20), and so all the experts and evidence produced by the prosecution failed to impress the jury.

(4) The Case Summary refers to the one "restricted" classified document found in the car. At no time did the prosecution identify what project this document was used on, or its significance, until well into the trial when a MoD expert claimed it came from Britain's ALARM missile project. This point has never been confirmed by the MoD.

(5) A major part of the prosecution case relied on the evidence about Oporto and the tourist map that had been found. This map was only a tourist map, and the markings on it had no connection with any espionage activity, but it suited the Prosecution to claim it "might or might not be evidence of KGB tradecraft". There is no mention in the Case Summary of the US citizen Mr E, who would be brought into the case late, and who played a major part in convincing the jury that the issues concerning Portugal were indicative of the involvement of the KGB.

There are other errors and distortions in the Case Summary, which will be explained on the blog


Bloodfest Continues in Iraq: 107/


Bush "The Decider" and Blair "The Bubble Boy"

Finally Acknowledge Iraq 'setbacks




By John Robles II


Well isn't that mighty w of W ! And isn't that the penultimate most mind-boggling utterly over hyped and forced down our throats understatement of the past one thousand years. These guys are un-f***ing believable.  Wake up Bush boy, your f***ing personal oil-pipeline war is the disaster to end all disasters.


These guys must live so far removed from reality that it would take a g*n to their heads to admit being wrong, I mean Jeez, it has taken 4 years  and over 2,628 dead soldiers for them to finally get together and make a phony statement like "oops, we might have messed up a little.." Yeah you messed up all right, you started a war to personally get rich Bush boy, and I know that, you have killed over 50, 000 and counting, I know that as well, and guess what folks... They are not planning to pull the troops out of Iraq, they got together and basically said, "Yeah we may have, might have screwed up, well not we exactly, but f*** you all, you are going to keep dying." That is the message they are sending you guys in Iraq, no s**t dudes.


Oh, in other news, a woman somewhere in the U.S.  got a face transplant after trying to commit suicide and having her dog eat her face off, the first such operation of its kind. Isn't that the most Danteesque hellish example of emotional zero you could possible think of? Gal tries to commit suicide and her own dog eats her face off. Jesus! 


Cheney will probably, maybe, just quite possibly not be able to avoid testifying at his treason trial.


The last pristine, unexploited, ecologically clean, and virgin area of the U.S. is about to get gang raped by the oil companies and their repuke lappies. 


What else, oh, the only black member of congress, oh wait there is another one,  has had his office in the Capitol raided. Whilst the likes of the repukes who are guilty of far more and far worse have gotten off scot-free, did I mention he was a Democrat? In 200 years the Executive Branch has never done anything like this. Oh, and guess who jumped into the fray, you ready?  Bush Boy, "the Decider". I guess they need to get the focus off the entire repuke gang whose members have been convicted, indicted, and are under investigation. Why did they pick on the one, (Oh, yeah there is another one), black member of Congress? Oh, yeah there is another one. She had to apologize for being manhandled. I mean he was set up. They filmed him. Where were all the cameras in Abramoff's case and the dozens of other cases?


Bush Boy, yesterday was quoted as saying, "Those who violate the law, except me and my posse of course, — including a member of Congress — should and will be held to account," the president said. "This investigation will go forward and white-justice will be served." "Especially if the member is black and a Democrat and we need to get the focus off some of our good ole boys. Get the rope boys." Treasonous, mass-murdering racist hypocrite!

The Speaker of the House Rep. Dennis Hastert is "in the mix" of the investigation into absolute corruption by convict-lobbyist Jack Abramoff.


Alberto, "Token Tex-Mex", of course keeps bending over and taking it and sees no problem with any of it of course.


Absolute fascist, racist, corruption. Bush's existence proves one point; absolute power, corrupts absolutely. Damn them to hell, I am going back to bed. If you need links to find these news stories, well sorry, find them yourself. I am really, going back to bed.  Jeez....





Nation Building (sic) Continues in Iraq: 106/


Dick "World's #1 War Profiteer" May Take Stand in Treason Case




By John Robles II


About 45 minutes ago the AP ran a story that clearly put a new twist on the whole Plame affair, as the burning of a CIA agent and her network has become known in the press. This time it seems that the notes that Dick Cheney jotted down on an article which showed that BushCo twisted intelligence on Iraq to justify an invasion, a fact that we all know, have been entered into evidence and the VP must authenticate them in order to show Libby's state of mind and to prove that he, Libby, acted knowingly and willfully when he burned the agent by having her name published in the press. Since it is apparent that Cheney ordered the burning of the agent it is about time the heat was turned up on him. I am sure that once he, Cheney, is on the stand much more will come out. My 65 thousand dollar question for Cheney; "Were you complicit, did you have foreknowledge, were you involved in the staging of, or did you order the events of September 11, 2001?" You may answer each question separately Dick or just say yes if all are true.




Libby "shared the interests of his superior and was subject to his direction," the prosecutor wrote.

"Therefore, the state of mind of the vice president as communicated to (the) defendant is directly relevant to the issue of whether (the) defendant knowingly made false statements to federal agents and the grand jury regarding when and how he learned about (Plame's) employment and what he said to reporters regarding this issue," according to the filing.


Bush Crusade Continues in Iraq: 105/


BushCo v Amnesty International/ROVE INDICTED OR NOT?Take 2




By John Robles II


Here we go again. Rove the traitor take 2. Action. Now we have new news, like the old news, the new news seems to be what we knew, which puts us in a quandary because, if we already knew the news that's new, then is the new news news?


Since Truthout, whose truth seemed to be out of truth but whose people are now sticking to the truththiness of the truth they have so bravely put forth, has so bravely, albeit foolishly, put it all on the line online and continue to insist, if you can call sticking to your guns insisting, that Karl "the Reichmaster" Rove has been indicted, then we at, by we meaning me, myself, and I, have come to the decision to back the underdogs in this case. Being a rather small underdog myself and maybe possessing some lemming-like empathy for the people at Truthout this decision did take some thought, about a nano-second in fact. So I am retracting my apology of  May 21st below, and will continue following this wherever it may lead. Since my little site has a limited readership, nowhere near the level of Truthout, and since I don't really give a rat's ass what anyone thinks I will continue to post my view and my take on their spin.


What is interesting about the whole thing to me personally, is that I am not alone in believing that Fitzgerald was intimidated into backing off of Rove. Several major sites and news organizations are now posting theories like the one I had in the post of May 21st.


The theory has been put forward that Rove has turned state's evidence and is helping the prosecution which may be building up a case against the likes of Cheney. Yes Dick, you. Are you about to get whacked Dick?


There is also speculation that the case has become much broader. Perhaps with Bush's brain in the pressure cooker something has come out about 9-11? I am sure if there is anyone who may have been in on the greatest atrocity in the history of mankind then it must be Rove. Remember Rove made Bush, Bush will do anything to stay in power, anything! So you can bet your bottom dollar that threatening Fitzgerald would be nothing for the likes of the "Decider" and his henchmen. They openly spy on Americans and break every law in the book, so threatening the life of a prosecutor or his loved ones would be a walk in the park for these guys.


So here is my theory: Rove was in fact indicted as was reported. He did in fact go to the White House and inform everyone that he had to get his affairs in order. Then what? Well then Bush "the Decider", went into a rage to end all rages, I mean how do you think the unbalanced little megalomaniac would react at the prospect of having his brain taken away and put on ice in Leavenworth? He then proceeded to tell the soulless little tool Gonzales, a man who would rape his own mother if Bush told him to, and then would twist all the laws in the book to make it legal, to do something. Gonzales, always ready to please then drives over to Fitzgerald's and proceeds to have a conversation with him laying out how he would be ruthlessly destroyed if he were to proceed.


Remember these are men who have hi-jacked the U.S. Government, have killed thousands upon thousands. Not only in the controlled demolition of the World Trade Center but world wide. These are men who have even gone so far as to spit on the Geneva conventions and openly spy, torture, and kill at will. These are power mad lunatics. What else could we expect? Justice? Even fitzgerald is on a sinking ship. He seems to be the only one in the world who will be able to stop them. Or rather he seemed to be. He was the one shining hope for all of us who still believe that there should be justice in the world and that there is something that can be done to stop the mad man in the White House. I will say this, if Rove has actually gotten off scot-free then there is absolutely nothing that we can do to stop them.


This the big test, the bases are loaded the score is tied, it's the bottom of the ninth, there are two outs and the batter, Fitzgerald, has two strikes. He's got to do it. It's the American way, the happy ending, the poor kid who beat all the rich kids on the block because he showed gumption, savvy and pulled himself up by his own bootstraps. But wait! Stop! This is no longer America, this is no longer the planet Earth that I was born on, this is Bush World, and the only winner in Bush world is Bush and the Bushies. The only people that matter in Bush World are the millionaires and billionaires that created it. We are here at their wish, because hey, let's face it, they can and will do whatever they want and there is not a damned one of you out there who can stop them, no matter how hard you try no matter how right you are, no matter how true what you are saying is. This is Bush World so get down on your knees and pray to Bush, God's favorite little Dictator, after all he gets his instructions directly from God himself. Really he told us that himself. Since that is the case then God must be a ruthless murdering killer too so give it up everybody. Bush will rule the World for as long as he wishes. And wishes he does. By John Robles II You may use my words  if you like in a non-derogatory context to myself but only with a link back to here.




TRUTHOUT Finally, we know that we have the support of those who have always supported us, and that must now earn the support of those who have joined us as of late.


Maru: Fitznews
The continuing saga

"We have an obligation to ensure that our national security is protected." - Abuto Ghraibzales, this weekend. Unless the traitors work in the White House.
The classified status of the identity of former CIA officer Valerie Plame will be a key element in any trial of Scooter Libby, according to special counsel Patrick Fitzgerald.

Fitzgerald has said that at trial he plans to show that Libby knew Plame's employment at the CIA was classified and that he lied to the grand jury when he said he had learned from Tim Russert that Plame, the wife of former ambassador Joseph Wilson, worked for the agency.
So... will Libby also be charged with violating national security? Will Dick Cheney be called as a prosecution witness against his former chief of staff? Will incontinent traitor Bob Novak's name be on the list of reporters Gonzales will prosecute for publishing classified information? Will Hell freeze over?

More updates: David Shuster on Hardball last night said that Karl Rove's legal team expects Fitzgerald to announce a decision "at any time." The grand jury is scheduled to meet again this Wednesday.

Meanwhile, Truthout is not backing down from their Rove indictment story. Not only are they "flat-out calling" Rove's spokesman and lawyer liars, they say Rove "may" be cooperating and turning state's evidence against the vice president.
We know that we have now three independent sources confirming that attorneys for Karl Rove were handed an indictment either late in the night of May 12 or early in the morning of May 13. We know that each source was in a position to know what they were talking about....

And we know that White House spokesman Tony Snow now refuses to discuss Karl Rove - at all.
The plot, like what's left of Cheney's arteries, thickens:
The Wayne Madsen Report and the Chris Matthews Show have both floated the theory that Fitzgerald had secured indictments against Rove, but Gonzales --via Gonzales' deputy and Fitzgerald's direct superior, Paul McNulty -- came in at the last second and used his power as Fitzgerald's superior to kill the indictments.
And because I never get tired of this picture, FU, you smug bastard:


Daily Kos: The Wayne Madsen Report and the Chris Matthews Show have both floated the theory that Fitzgerald had secured indictments against Rove, but Gonzales --via McNulty-- came in at the last second and used his power as Fitzgerald's superior to kill the indictments.


Raw Story: MSNBC's David Shuster declared Monday evening that Karl Rove's legal team expects Special Counsel Patrick Fitzgerald to announce a decision "at any time" in the ongoing CIA leak investigation and that new documents put Cheney's former chief of staff in the hot seat.


Waahington Monthly: TalkLeft has the full story here, which includes the even more incendiary allegation that Rove "may" be cooperating in a case against Dick Cheney. I, of course, have no way to judge the truth of either side, although it continues to be strange that Leopold claims to have multiple sources on this story and no other media outlet has even one. In any case, there's damn little wiggle room left here. One side or the other is wrong on a truly spectacular scale and is now set up for an implosion of credibility on a galactic scale. Stay tuned"

Talk Left: Now for Mr. Carallo's response:

1. Truthout's claims remain demonstrably false. They are "utter lies. There is not a shred of truth to them.


More crimes and more denials by the Bushies. This time Amnesty International, an organization I used to donate to, is being pounced by the Bush machine. I never would have dreamt that A.I. would one day be targeting the U.S., but then again we never would have dreamed that a blithering megalomaniac idiot who can't even put the most elementary sentences together properly would be the leader of the free world, a world he has destroyed. 




State Department spokesman Sean McCormack dismissed allegations by the Nobel Prize-winning rights group, which cited reports that US prisoners at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and elsewhere were subject to "torture and ill-treatment."


The Bloodbath Continues in Iraq: 104/


"...Sweet Land of Liberty, Let Freedom Ring." /1 in 136 Americans

Behind Bars/A Criminal Administration that Ignores More Than 750 Laws or Just Re-writes the Law Has Found it Legal to Prosecute Whistleblowers and Journalists Who Tell the Truth/Forget Democracy They Need OIL/It is TIme to be Afraid, Very Afraid




1 in 136 Americans imprisoned.




WASHINGTON - Prisons and jails added more than 1,000 inmates each week for a year, putting almost 2.2 million people, or one in every 136 U.S. residents, behind bars by last summer.



U.S. prison population up to 2,180,000.




WASHINGTON (AFP) - The US prison population, already the largest in the world, grew in 2005 to 2.18 million, according to government statistics.


Stolen elections, staged attacks on American citizens killing thousands, secret arrests, torture, aggressive wars, rendition, secret prisons, violations of the Geneva conventions, profiteering, spitting on the Constitution, impeachable offenses in the hundreds, racial profiling, psy-ops against the population, church and state, corruption, treason, intimidation, murder, pipelines, the ecology, drilling in pristine wilderness, the poor, the old, tax breaks for the richest, nation building, civil rights violations, stripping away freedom of speech and the press, stripping away freedom to gather and protest, internal spying, tapping the phones of thousands, these are just some of the things that BushCo has done and nobody can do anything about any of it. It is time to act.




"[T]he president has expressly seized the power to break the law, and is exercising that power enthusiastically and aggressively, in numerous ways. Once the reality of the president's claimed lawbreaking powers starts to be truly discussed in our national political dialogue, I believe there will finally be accountability for what this administration has done. The Globe has today published an even more sweeping and significant article, this one also by Savage, reporting as clearly and unambiguously as I have seen on the fact that the President not only believes that he has the right to break the law but has been exercising that right with staggering frequency, in almost every area of significance. . . . It is not hyperbole to say that these actions and theories are as antithetical to democracy as can be...."


Plenty to see here.









Washington - President Bush has quietly claimed the authority to disobey more than 750 laws enacted since he took office, asserting that he has the power to set aside any statute passed by Congress when it conflicts with his interpretation of the Constitution.

Among the laws Bush said he can ignore are military rules and regulations, affirmative-action provisions, requirements that Congress be told about immigration services problems, "whistle-blower" protections for nuclear regulatory officials, and safeguards against political interference in federally funded research.

Legal scholars say the scope and aggression of Bush's assertions that he can bypass laws represent a concerted effort to expand his power at the expense of Congress, upsetting the balance between the branches of government. The Constitution is clear in assigning to Congress the power to write the laws and to the president a duty "to take care that the laws be faithfully executed." Bush, however, has repeatedly declared that he does not need to "execute" a law he believes is unconstitutional.


We can prosecute reporters says Gonzales, this is the same Gonzales who has made torture legal, NSA spying,  and almost every other crime that Bush Co is responsible for.




"There are some statutes on the book which, if you read the language carefully, would seem to indicate that that is a possibility," Gonzales said told ABC's "This Week," when asked if the government could prosecute journalists for publishing classified information



As I have been saying all along.




On May 4 US Vice President Dick Cheney took a swipe at Russia over democratic reform, accusing Moscow of "improperly restricting" human rights and using oil and gas supplies as a weapon.

"No legitimate cause is served when oil and gas become tools of manipulation or blackmail," Cheney said, referring to the cut-off of gas supplies to Ukraine last January which also affected parts of Europe.

Yet just hours later Cheney was praising the authoritarian government of Kazakhstan for its "economic development and political development".

As an Air-Force general who may have been involved in 9-11 becomes the director of the CIA, the FBI probes the Air-Force, just follow the money guys, but the truth might eat you alive.  Take the facts reported with a grain of salt for if they weren't the case would halt.







As it now appears to be untrue, I feel it my responsibility to say sorry for posting the Karl Rove stuff. As much as we would all like to see Bush and his henchmen punished for the crimes they have committed against humanity, democracy and everything that is holy, it appears that for all intents and purposes the source for the story, Truth Out, was out of truth. Approaching the whole affair with this information in mind and leaving room for doubt the whole thing smacks of  a set up by the Rove people. I think that Truthout should vet their sources a little better. Perhaps they are right and Rove has managed to keep his indictment a secret. Perhaps not, perhaps he has gotten away scot free, what is disturbing is that Gonzalez was apparently at the meeting in question and that Fitzgerald may have been intimidated into backing off of Rove. If this is the case then BushCo apparently has complete and total carte blanche as  has been the case since they ordered 9-11 and there will never be an accounting by this administration, even for the crime of treason. Despicable, deplorable, and utterly completely reprehensible. As for Truthout, their reputation has been ruined and even I may be inclined to think twice before accepting their stories as truth in the future.


SEE: Nothing to See Here, Move Along




President Putin's Yearly Address to the Federal Assembly


SEE:  ENGLISH/RUSSIAN   SOURCE: Site of the Russian President  English   Russian


"And meanwhile far from everyone in the world has abandoned the old bloc mentality and the prejudices inherited from the era of global confrontation despite the great changes that have taken place. This is also a great hindrance in working together to find suitable responses to the common problems we face.", President Putin.


From a meeting with young activists from the Young Anti-Fascist Democratic Movement, COOOL

Выдержки из стенографического отчета о встрече с активистами молодежного антифашистского демократического движения «Наши»


18 мая 2006, Сочи, Бочаров Ручей
Нужно, чтобы каждый гражданин страны понимал, что это не просто почетная обязанность служить в армии. Мы все должны осознать, что без армии не будет страны.


The Pogrom Continues in Iraq: 103/


Coyotes Shot At, One Killed While Trying to Smuggle

5 Illegals OUT of the US




Well, well, well if this doesn't sum up what is going on in the U.S. into a nice compact little nutshell, I am not sure what else could do it better. Anyone who has lived in the Southwest can vouch for the fact that the shooting of illegals is not uncommon, in fact way back when it used to be a daily occurrence, especially along the no-man's land between Tijuana and San Diego, when I lived down there it used to be that they were shot trying to get into the U.S., usually while trying to escape or after brandishing weapons or exhibiting other such threatening behavior. Nothing of the kind for these guys, they were trying to get the "F" out. What's up with that? Now coyotes are smuggling Mexicans out of the U.S.?  And being shot at, for trying to leave? What "La Migra" has orders to fill for the exploiters of cheap day laborers or what? Que pendejos son. Quedate en Mexico hermanos. Tienes alli mas derechos humanos que con los gringos. En serio.  


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At the time, the vehicle was going toward the Mexico border, not away from it, police said. Investigators had no immediate explanation for that.




Damn Fascist


The Pogrom Coming to Iran: 102/



Truthout Deleted from Right Wing Goose-stepping Google News

for Reporting On Rove Indictment



Google is a right wing tool just like Faux news and USA Today, every time a site publishes serious material against the regime they are deleted by Google, just like I was right before the last coup.


The Rove people are denying that he has been indicted and the whole affair is on hold apparently. This should give Rove and the regime time to get their affairs in order. I will be keeping an eye out for news relating to Rove's indictment. If there is a member of the press with information that he or she has been told to suppress regarding this please contact me. Anonymity guaranteed. At jar2 I suppress nothing. The truth must come out.


If Rove has somehow managed to escape with the intervention of Gonzales then that fact as well as many thousands of others are beginning to make a case for what would be an unheard of precedent. These men have committed atrocities and crimes  unequaled in modern history and it is beginning to look like it may take an unprecedented act of international intervention to see that they are brought to justice. That is my own opinion. Take my second offering for today (below). What sane and rational person would try a case against the CIA in the USA?


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We can now report, however, that we have additional, independent sources that refute those denials by Corallo and Luskin. While we had only our own sources to work with in the beginning, additional sources have now come forward and offered corroboration to us.

We have been contacted by at least three reporters from mainstream media - network level organizations - who shared with us off-the-record confirmation and moral support. When we asked why they were not going public with this information, in each case they expressed frustration with superiors who would not allow it.

Rendition Cases Won't Be Tried



Certainly not surprising, the rendition case of a German citizen against the CIA was thrown out of a U.S. court. Anyone who thought otherwise must have been dreaming. For the U.S. Government to admit an error in the war on terror would be tantamount to Bush admitting he ordered 9-11.


SEE:  Khaled El-Masri


WASHINGTON (AFP) - A US court dismissed German citizen Khaled El-Masri's lawsuit against former CIA chief George Tenet and others for allegedly having him abducted and tortured in a secret "rendition" operation.

The district court in Alexandria, Virginia turned back El-Masri's suit on the basis of "states secrets" privilege -- that a trial would disclose secret information crucial to US security.



Damn Fascists



I wonder what they would have done to me? On second thought I think already know. On third thought maybe I should start talking about what they have already done.


Bin ich schöner
zerschneid mir das Gesicht
bin ich stärker
brich feige mein Genick
bin ich klüger
töte mich und iss mein Hirn


Bin ich ehrlicher
beiß mir die Zunge ab
bin ich reicher
dann nimm mir alles
bin ich mutiger
töte mich und iss mein Herz


Hab ich so glatte Haut
zieh sie in Streifen ab
Hab ich die klaren Augen
nimm mir das Licht
Hab ich die reine Seele
töte sie in Flammen


Lyrics ©1997 Rammstein.


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Cleveland Women Put In Gulag And Held For Psyh Eval For Trying To Put Up Anti-Bush Poster
Carol Fisher is being held indefinitely in a surprise May 9 court hearing, becoming another political prisoner held illegally for speaking out against Bush.
13 May 2006

By Greg Szymanski

A Cleveland woman, manhandled by police and charged with two felonies for trying to display anti-Bush posters, was jailed in a Cuyahoga County psych unit last week in what her attorney called a "highly unusual and outrageous" decision.

Carol Fisher, 53, was ordered by state court Judge Timothy McGinty to undergo a psychological examination as a part of her pre-sentencing investigation in the anti-Bush poster incident.

From the onset of the case, Judge McGinty openly claimed Fisher suffered from "mental problems" for resisting a brutal encounter on Jan. 28 when Cleveland Heights police manhandled and arrested her even after complying with orders to not display the anti-Bush posters on a downtown Cleveland Heights street.

And during a last minute May 9 hearing, Judge McGinty said Fischer's opposition to the Bush administration makes her "delusional."

In response, Terry Gilbert, one of Fisher's attorney, said in more than 30 years of practicing law, he has never seen "anything remotely like this," adding legal challenges are ongoing, including a writ of habeas corpus.

"This is gulag stuff," said Gilbert. "Is this the kind of country you want to live in when dissidents are determined to be crazy?"

In a phone call after being put in the psych ward, Fisher said her eyeglasses were taken, she was put on suicide watch and if she doesn't comply with the psych examination, she will be sent to the North Coast Mental Institute for a 20 day evaluation.

During the hearing, Judge McGinty made other strange requests baffling attorneys, asking defense counsel to openly read a lengthy message on Fisher's t-shirt, saying:

"Wanted for Illegally Crossing Borders: The Bush Regime. If you are going to insist that crossing borders illegally is a crime which cannot be tolerated, how about George Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice (and yes, Colin Powell) and the rest of that gang, with their highly illegal, and violent, 'crossing of the border'-into Iraq, among other places?!"

Judge McGinty then said this was proof of her delusional state, adding that "Carol wants to go to jail and that she has a martyr complex." Fisher had initially refused to taking a state ordered, saying there was no reason for it due to the fact American citizens have the right to express political opinions in an open and honest fashion.
I think to myself, if I was Black, I would not have made it this far. I would probably be dead by now."


And Fisher's run-in with authorities and subsequent illegal incarceration is just another example of the long line of cases piling up across America showing the "real live day to day" lock down on freedom of speech and the use of police as the Gestapo arm of the fascist Bush administration.


And The Plot Sickens: $70 Billion Tax Cut for the Rich/

The General In Charge of 9-11 Attempting to Hijack the CIA/

Even More Spying on Americans -

To "The DECIDER" Privacy Means: You, Him, and His Henchmen 



Of course if you have been paying attention for the last few years it all seems pretty obvious what is going on but if you have been living under a rock then let me spell it out for you. The Bush ship is going down, that much is obvious, and the problems are getting greater, what with Rove and others being sent down river and the looming doom of what will happen if the Dems take back both houses and thus begin to return the country back to the people. The only hope for the neo-con killing machine is to appease the richest of Americans with tax cuts since it was people in these segments of the population that installed Bush the Idiot King in the White House in the first place. As for the the general that Bush is attempting to place at the helm of the CIA, well that should be pretty obvious, he is to oversee damage control when the shit hits the fan for Bush Co.. If the truth comes out about 9-11 and the reality of the what the plan for a new American millennium is and those that are responsible are actually brought to justice, the ramifications will be unlike anything that has hit the US in its history. With the Plame affair looking like it is getting closer to Bush, I mean that is why Tenet was outed, and Goss being unable to contain it, what better way than to replace the Director with a man who was more likely than not instrumental in carrying out 9-11 and would do anything to protect himself and Bush. As for the spying it has proven that everything that Bush has said has been a lie from day one, but hey, what else is to be expected.    


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Happy Victory Day 61st Anniversary


Victory Day Poem

In Memory of the Perished


With stalwart determination, thrust onto the battlefield,

They lived and fought and died, wounds that have never healed.

To thwart an infestation, borne from the bowels of hell,

So bravely fought with pride, so many millions fell,


Against evil deviation, fascisms evil creed,

Born in the minds of men, blood letting wert their need.

Such blasphemous devastation, wrought on this land of ours,

Must ne’er be allowed again, to exist under the stars.


So bravely did they perish, their ultimate sacrifice,

We must never forget, or we will pay the price.

Their memory we must cherish, pass down into the ages,

Bowed head with deep regret, as time turns its drab pages.


And everything around you, at once you know it’s true

And all that we can see, we owe it all to you.

Thanks must be given unto, you Veterans one and all,

Because of you we’re free, you brought fascism’s fall.


And in my humble way: I’ve nothing else to give.

I try to scribe this poem, for the land where I do live.

In memory of this day; Your lives are gone forever

Your ghosts forever roam, our tears would fill a river.


And as you banished evil, forever we must strive

Never to forget, because of you, we are, alive…

John Anthony Robles II


Mike Smith Writes an Artcicle for JAR2 (Exclusive)



Mike Smith wrote with the following offering on his case. Please read it carefully along with the other files on his case. Only through pressure from the public can he be assured of the fair trail and the re-opening of his case that he is seeking. Like many hundreds of others who have been unfairly tried and punished on the flimsiest of grounds  by governments eager to persecute anyone for political gain, in particular with regard to Russia, his case deserves, in my opinion, to be heard and his vindication finally brought about.




The Jigsaw Puzzle of my Spy Trial
by Michael John Smith 

SNIPPET Those who remember my case will be aware that in 1992/93 I was portrayed as a major KGB spy, featuring on the front pages of several national newspapers. My name later appeared in the Mitrokhin Archive, as did Melita Norwood - the “Granny Spy” - but unlike her I have been largely ignored by those commentating on the history of espionage in the UK.

In this article, I would like to familiarise JAR2 readers with some key elements of my case, and to raise questions about the official Prosecution account. I maintain that I did not receive a fair trial, and this is why I am still engaged in legal action to have my case re-opened.








The Pogrom Coming to Iran: 101/


Dick "the Dick" Tries to Dick Around with Russia/

JAR2's Questions for Dick




Cheney had a lot of crap to say about Russia in his attempt to get former Soviet Republics to support the invasion of Iran. For example he had this to say; "In many areas of civil society -- from religion and the news media to advocacy groups and political parties -- the government has unfairly and improperly restricted the rights of her people," To which I say go look in the mirror Dick, go and look at what you have done to the United States and to the world Dick. There are not millions of immigrants protesting here Dick. There are not people who are afraid to say things against the government and against the president here Dick. In fact the president of Russia is respected and loved by the Russian people Dick. He is not an arrogant spoiled rich brat like the emperor in charge of you Dick. You want to talk about civil society Dick, you don't know dick Dick. You want to harp on religion Dick, what happened to the separation of church and state on your watch Dick? Why are Muslims beaten, Jews abused, Liberals marginalized, Baptists, Lutherans, Buddhists, and all the rest ostracized and categorized as second class by you and your Reich of Evangelical hypocrites who use the bible like it is your own to interpret and use to support your hate seething, greed infested, warmongering, profiteering fascist death machine.


You want to talk about the media Dick? Why don't you answer to the world why Faux news and all of the major news outlets are too afraid to publish the real hard news on you and the murdering tyrant you play second fiddle to.


You want to talk about restricting the rights of the people Dick? You want to talk about democracy Dick? You call the Patriot act democracy Dick? You call spying on U.S. citizens at your leisure democracy Dick? You call an apartheid like system of racial classification, profiling, and segregation brought about by the roll back of the gains made in the civil rights era democracy Dick? You call trying to make the exploited immigrants into criminals democracy Dick? Immigrants that you and all your rich boy cronies use and abuse to make a buck, but then again you could exploit them better if they were in prison couldn't you Dick? They could be made to work for absolutely nothing then, huh Dick?


You want to talk about advocacy groups Dick? What about all of the 5000 or so Americans being held in secret because you deemed them to be terrorist threats? They don't have the right to have advocates. What about the thousands being held in Guantanamo Bay? They have any rights Dick? What about the people in secret CIA prisons in Europe and the people tortured until you get a confession from them for crimes they have not done, they have any rights to advocates? Huh Dick? No problem in the U.S. for advocacy groups huh Dick? As long as they tow your line.


Political parties Dick? You have cowed the American people into submission with your one party government of corruption and greed. Your government is not responding to more than half of the population. You have turned the U.S. into a dictatorship of the neo-con. You call that democracy Dick?


You want to talk about the rights of the people Dick? People are not free to travel, they are not free to speak their minds, you have taken away the rights of the people to protest and question the government,  and along with Bush you ignore more than 750 of your own laws not to mention the laws and the standards of the rest of the world. You call ignoring the Geneva conventions democracy Dick? You call alienating all of the allies of the U.S. with your failed policies democracy Dick?


You call the habitual arrest, harrassment, and detention of people on U.S. soil because they are dark in color or look foreign, democracy Dick? You are full of crap Dick.


     "No legitimate interest is served when oil and gas become tools of intimidation or blackmail, either by supply manipulation or attempts to monopolize transportation. You have a lot of nerve Dick. You want to talk about intimidation Dick? You are threatening a sovereign nation with nuclear weapons because they are trying to develop Nuclear power. You are threatening Russia with your rhetoric if Russia doesn't tow your line and allow you to invade Iran. You want to talk about oil and gas manipulation? You are an expert, you are at the top of the food chain on that blood soaked business aren't you Dick? You want to talk about supply and demand manipulation, you had the American people believing that if you stole Iraqs oil they would be paying less at the gas pump but they are not are they Dick? You are raping them at the gas pump and killing hundreds of thousands in order to control the world's oil. You want to talk about mainpulation and monopolization Dick? Look at your own damn policies. That is what you are doing, but then it doesn't apply to you does it. Just like everything else you and the emp-error think doesn't apply to you. You are a war criminal Dick. What if you were arrested and tried , but then again international law does not apply to you either does it Dick?   


And no one can justify actions that undermine the territorial integrity of a neighbor, or interfere with democratic movements," he said. How dare you talk about territorial integrity Dick? You have invaded two countries and want to invade a third and you talk about territorial integrity? You want to talk about interefering with democratic movements Dick? What have you done to Democrats in the U.S. Dick? You have stolen two elections, trampled the constitution, made a mockery of everything the founding fathers fought for and you want to talk about democracy.


"Peaceful demonstrators have been beaten, dissidents have vanished, and a climate of fear prevails," he said. "There is no place in a Europe whole and free for a regime of this kind." What about all of the peaceful demostrators that have been beaten in the U.S.? Not to mention those being held without due process and under secret arrest? What about them Dick? You know the ones in U.S. federal prisons. What about the fear in the media, and in the heart of Americans that if they say something out of line bad things will happen to them? You can sneer at me if you want Dick, you can threaten to kill me if you want Dick, your minions can send me hate mail Dick, but I am in the free country of Russia Dick. I can say whatever I want here Dick. I can live without fear here Dick. I can be proud to be a brown-native-American-liberal-atheist-Jewish-black-rocker here Dick. You must have confused Russia with the U.S. Dick. I can't wait, soon the day will come when U.N. Sactions are levied on the U.S. for your unfair treatment of Blacks, Minorites, and Native peoples. Soon you may have to answer for violations of the Geneva conventions. Maybe I am dreaming but it would be just. Russia is a great place. It is truly freer than anywhere else and there are not people living in fear of the state here. I can gaurantee you that Dick. You have really riled me Dick and you know what Dick? You suck, Dick....




Analysts said Cheney's harsh words were intended largely to appease domestic critics of U.S. President George W. Bush, including many from his own party, who charge that he is ignoring anti-democratic trends in Russia.

Sure tell the ignorant minions that the "Russians" are against democracy Dick. But you know better don't you Dick? You know that democracy is thriving everywhere except at home. You know that you are on a sinking ship. You know that the dollar is losing it hold on the world market and that the dollar is struggling against the ruble. You know that you do not want to have a strong Russia in the world so try to say bad things and if you repeat them enough maybe people will believe you. But that is the Republican way isn't it Dick? Russia is a free country Dick. I can testify to that Dick. The Spanish are against you, Europeans are against you, Muslims are against you, the Chinese, even the English, Canadians, and Australians are beginning to pull out, so what are you going to do now? Alienate the Russians too? I have lived here for too long so maybe I am blind, maybe you can describe all of these anti-democratic trends for me Dick? I don't seem to be able to see them for myself Dick. Great way to save your ass back home Dick. But it will not work Dick, better regroup and plan something else Dick.




Believes He's Above the Law



If he can rig elections, kill thousands upon thousands of innocent Americans, do business with known terrorists, commit treason by burning CIA agents, start aggressive wars, ignore the Geneva conventions and UN mandates, openly replace governments, torture and imprison at his leisure, be guilty of war profiteering, spit on the Constitution, blaspheme the Church, imprison Americans without due process, spy on Americans, ignore the will of the international community, murder and pillage at will then what the hell do a few (750) little pesky laws mean. Nothing, for he is the "decider", I guess that is what you call a dictator these days. It's about time he was stopped, write your congressman, tell your friends, boycott the war profiteers, start a blog, buy a bumper sticker, help organize a protest, call for UN resolutions against Bush, call for his impeachment, do anything you can. If not for your children then for the innocent millions that will die if he is allowed to continue his plans, including the invasion of Iran. Our children deserve a better world if we fail them then we have failed completely. John




SNIPPET WASHINGTON -- The chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, accusing the White House of a ''very blatant encroachment" on congressional authority, said yesterday he will hold an oversight hearing into President Bush's assertion that he has the power to bypass more than 750 laws enacted over the past five years.

''There is some need for some oversight by Congress to assert its authority here," Arlen Specter, Republican of Pennsylvania, said in an interview. ''What's the point of having a statute if . . . the president can cherry-pick what he likes and what he doesn't like?"


SNIPPET The statutes that Bush has asserted the right to override include numerous rules and regulations for the military, job protections for whistle-blowers who tell Congress about possible government wrongdoing, affirmative action requirements, and safeguards against political interference in federally funded research.


Voting Rights Act Hobbled



The small gains made by the civil rights movement are now being used against those they were designed to protect. This is a widespread problem in the US where certain racist segments of the white population have been claiming reverse discrimination but it is one that is not talked about. The skeleton in the closet, the dirty little secret of America, rarely makes the headlines. In practice the civil rights laws were applied sparingly to protect those they were designed to protect while theoretically designed to provide an equal playing field they never did so. For example the quota systems that were used in the education sector were done away with when racist elements claimed reverse discrimination. These protections were put in place to protect "minorities" now they are being abused to advance the agenda of the neo-con vision of a white America. A small problem when in many places the white American has become the factual minority. Racial classification, segregation, manipulation, and profiling are the new tools of the fascists.       




"The main concern we have in the civil rights community isn't necessarily that that DOJ brought this case," Greenbaum says. "It's that the department is not bringing meritorious cases on behalf of African-American and Native American voters."


Murdering a Hispanic Boy



HOUSTON - A Hispanic boy who authorities said was viciously attacked and sodomized by two white teens shouting ethnic slurs also suffered cigarette burns on his back and numerous other injuries.

"It looks like they were really trying to kill him and torture him in any way they could," prosecutor Mike Trent said Monday during an initial court appearance for 17-year-old Keith Robert Turner.
The boy was dragged from a gathering at the home of a 12-year-old girl, apparently because he tried to kiss the girl, authorities said.

The attackers stomped on his head with steel-toed boots, poured bleach into a patio-umbrella pole and sodomized him with it, tried to carve something in his chest, and doused his body with bleach, investigators said.

Trent said prosecutors will not label the attack a hate crime under a 2001 state law because that would have no legal effect on possible punishments the defendants could face if convicted


Oye Bush, Tu Eres Un Pendejo! Todo el Mundo Piensa Asi.





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Story: LOS ANGELES - More than 1 million mostly Hispanic immigrants and their supporters skipped work and took to the streets Monday, flexing their economic muscle in a nationwide boycott that succeeded in slowing or shutting many farms, factories, markets and restaurants




Well Bushy boy not everyone hates you, these guys like you. You fascist mass-murdering megalomaniac you.



Meanwhile Georgy Boy calls Putin and begs him to support his invasion of Iran. Picture from Yahoo


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Состоялся телефонный разговор Президента России Владимира Путина с Президентом США Джорджем Бушем.

В свете подготовки к встрече в верхах в Санкт-Петербурге в июле 2006 года главы государств обсудили вопросы двусторонней повестки дня. В этой связи было выражено удовлетворение процессом реализации договоренностей, достигнутых в ходе визита Президента России в Вашингтон в сентябре 2005 года и последующих контактов.

С обеих сторон особо отмечен прогресс в развитии сотрудничества в антитеррористической сфере. Были обсуждены также вопросы взаимодействия по актуальным международным проблемам, включая иранскую ядерную, по которой в ближайшие дни предстоят многочисленные консультации на различных уровнях.

Разговор состоялся по инициативе американской стороны.


For Monday May 1, 2006

Happy May Day



Coming soon a complete and chronological listing of the Bush Administration's high crimes. Starting from the illegal election of 2000. I am working on it but I do not have much free time.