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banished words

Why George "The Jackal" Bush Should be Frogmarched Before the Hague

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       Based on information supplied in autobiographical and press sources, the book matches events in Afghanistan, Guantánamo, Iraq , and various secret places of detention with provisions in the Geneva Conventions and other international agreements on war crimes. His compilation is the first to cite a comprehensive list of specific war crimes in four categories-illegality of the decision to go to war, misconduct during war, mistreatment of prisoners of war, and misgovernment in the American occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.
        Haas accuses President Bush of conduct bordering on treason because he reenacted several complaints stated in the Declaration of Independence against England, ignored the Constitution and federal laws, trampled on the American tradition of developing international law to bring order to world politics, and in effect made a Faustian pact with Osama Bin Laden that the intelligence community blames for an increase in world terrorism. Osama Bin Laden remains alive, he reports, because Bush preferred to go after oil-rich Iraq rather than tracking down Al Qaeda leaders, whose uncaptured presence was useful to him in justifying a "war on terror" pursued on a military rather than a criminal basis without restraint from constitutional checks and balances.
        The worst war crime cited is the murder of at least 45 prisoners, some but not all by torture. Other heinous crimes include the brutal treatment of thousands of children, some 64 of whom have been detained at Guantánamo. Sources document the use of illegal weapons in the war from cluster bombs to daisy cutters, napalm, white phosphorus, and depleted uranium weapons, some of which have injured and killed American soldiers as well as thousands of innocent civilians. Children playing in areas of Iraq where depleted uranium weapons have been used, but not reported on request from the World Health Organization, have developed leukemia and other serious diseases.
        "Bush's violations of the Constitution as well as domestic and international law have besmirched the reputation of the United States," Haas writes. "In so doing, they have accomplished a goal of which the Al Qaeda terrorists only dreamed-to transform the United States into a rogue nation feared by the rest of the world and loved by almost none."

12-29-2008 For your translation pleasure, translate this guys: "Cruisin for bruisin? No, I am just tippin on fo fos."

FEAR? by a human. George Bush and his criminal cabal have only been worried  about "legacy" and "pardons" for the last several months which can only lead one to believe that they have finally realized, albeit on a primitive level, that almost everything they have done has been wrong and criminal and will not be viewed kindly by history or the law when we are finally out from under their black cloud and someone has the common human decency and the guts to finally go after these jackals. The whole world has been screaming at them for the better part of the last decade but have they listened? No, and the fact that their revisionism of history during the past months has been their only real reaction makes the whole situation akin to the that of a homicidal sociopath who feels no remorse for his victims but expertly attempts to  manipulate the situation to save his own skin, playing on the sympathies, human qualities, and foibles of those around him.

        Bush's little cutesy act of being the innocent little simpleton who can't properly form a sentence shouldn't fool anyone but it has. He needed the support of at least some of the American people to get to where he did and that helped, but like any homicidal despot he actually did nothing for the common people other than using their lives as cannon fodder to advance his own maniacal agenda. So are the soldiers in Iraq guilty of war crimes for the innocents they have slaughtered? Can the mass-murderer's gun be said to be guilty of his crimes? What if the gun becomes conscious and decides it does not want to kill anymore, what can it do? It can not turn itself around and fire on its master but, it can, jam. Using that analogy  that is what those soldiers in Iraq can do. Jam. But even that takes guts and what a little person told me not long ago which pretty much summed up everything quite nicely in a way I could not, was that Americans are basically a people who live in fear. This little person who, when asked about the difference between Russians and Americans, in all honesty, stated that; "Americans are afraid of everything".

        "Americans are afraid of everything." Which is why the single biggest mass murderer in modern history, next to Hitler, is likely to get off scott free. I can say I know what she is talking about. Even as I type these simple words I, like every other "American", programmed to live in terror of the state, feel like I must be afraid of what "THEY" can do to me if they read my words and don't like them. I feel I must be, but, my loyalty to truth is stronger, and you, as I, must not be afraid any longer.

           Which brings us to the next president. A man I am hopeful, as is everyone who has been rooting for him is, will actually for the first time in this century do what is right for humankind. It is unlikely but it is possible that Barrack Obama will go after the Bush cabal, and that would be the right, and most importantly, sane thing to do, and it will be visible almost from the moment he actually takes office. Doing so would mean he will have to live in a tight cocoon for the rest of his life but doing so will mean he is not afraid, and not, as Al-Qaida called him, just the house ("N" word).

       Is Barrack the redeemer? Or do we just go from "W" to "N". I would hope we go from "W" to "B", for B stands for black, and black, my brothers and sisters, is beautiful....

        Have a great day you all.....

I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration.
I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past
I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.
The "Litany against Fear," Frank Herbert, Dune.


PROTECTING WAR CRIMINALS by Chris Floyd 1. Justice is for Suckers Dick Cheney's recent admission on national television that he approved the waterboarding of a Terror War captive is, of course, the most prominent salvo in an on-going campaign to secure presidential pardons for the war criminals of the Bush Regime before the War Criminal-in-Chief leaves office next month. As many others have noted, Cheney's declaration that he -- and by implication, everyone else at the top level of government -- approved a torture technique that is a flagrant violation of United States law is aimed at making it impossible for George W. Bush not to issue pardons for his minions who set up and maintained the literally murderous gulag constructed, with his own full knowledge and approval, during his term in office.

        So here's a prediction: at some point shortly before he waddles off the national stage, Bush will issue a weasle-worded blanket pardon for all those involved in his torture and murder program. This will be presented as a measure to protect those "on the front lines of the War on Terror" -- the interrogators of the military and the various security agencies -- from "politically motivated prosecutions." But its true aim will be to absolve those responsible for this Hitlerian-Stalinist war crime: Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, Gonzales, Feith, Yoo, and many others, including, of course, the jabbering putz in the Oval Office himself.

        This pardon will provoke about as much controversy as Bush's father's pardons of the Iran-Contra criminals just before he left office as a disgraced and despised failure in 1992. Those pardons had the effect of crippling the investigation of a terrorist-enabling scam that was about to implicate Bush himself. This investigation -- and others -- were later killed off completely by Bush I's successor, Bill Clinton, who -- strangely enough -- is now regarded by the elder Bushes as a sort of unofficial son. [See "A Tale of Two Houses: How the Bushes and Clintons Took Us to Hell."]

        That is to say, Bush II's upcoming pardon of himself and his accomplices will be a one-day story -- two days at the very most -- before it is buried by feverish folderol about the Obama nomination ... and by Obama himself, who will doubtless issue some sort of statement expressing the need for the nation to "move on" from such matters of ancient history in light of the tough challenges ahead, etc., etc.

        And if in the unlikely event that Bush does not issue such pardons, it can only mean one thing: he has already received assurances that the principals behind this evil and shameful system will not be prosecuted.


"George is not a failure, he's not a failure, he's not a failure, he's not a failure, he's not a failure, he's not a failure, he's not a failure, he's not a failure, he's not a failure, he's not a failure, he's not a failure, he's not a failure, he's not a failure, he's not a failure, I am not listening!!!! Nya-nya!!!" said the woman sleeping with the second most heinous war criminal in modern history. No you poor woman, he is a monster, a disaster, the worst calamity to hit the earth since Hitler, he is evil personified. He is Satan's tool. He is a monster and mass-murderer of historic proportions, to date responsible for the deaths of close to three million people, he is a megalo-maniac and a narcissistic sociopath, and you had his spawn... So you are right in one sense, saying he is a mere failure is wrong, it is kind of like calling torture, enhanced interrogation, oh, but you all do that too.. How do you all sleep at night?  Be gone already will ya!!! Enough!!!

THE HORROR!!!!!!!!


12-27-2008 Remember Saddam?  The 30th marks the 2 year anniversary of his execution.


12-23-2008 As an Agnostic this time of year can be a little awkward when dealing with those of you who insist on believing in something that has never been supported by any real evidence, regardless of that fact, out of respect for the views of others, I extend holiday greetings to our Christian friends and we wish you a happy upcoming X-Mas. Your holiday is not about shopping, remembering that, do something nice for someone. Maybe in the upcoming year you all will get in touch with reality and realize there is no God... Sorry, I couldn't help myself.))))

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12-21-2008 George Bush and his administration of war criminals will be gone from power none too soon, whether or not they will be tried for the war crimes and the crimes against humanity that they have committed is to be seen and from what I have seen is not to be expected. As long as he has people like Pelosi in power who are and have been enabling and protecting him there is little that I or anyone else can do. I hope that they face the war crimes tribunal in the Hague for all of the crimes they have committed, from 9-11 to the Iraq invasion. I have suffered myself during the last eight years as a direct result of Bush and his policies, but soon he, like a bad disease he will be gone. I will be redirecting my efforts away from them as even the Iraqi government is in collusion with the genocide effected on its people and will be making some major changes to the site. In closing I just want to say to the Bush criminal cabal, the Neo-Cons, and even the Republican assholes at the US Embassy in Moscow, you are all supporting aiding and abetting war criminals, so in frustration I wash my hands of you all:


12-20-2008 Too many problems updating

11-23-2008 HERO OF THE MONTH/YEAR/DECADE Finally someone has stood up to Bush. RAW STORY  YAHOO

ROADS TO IRAQ Iraqi TV al-Sharqiya just reported on the news that AL-Zaidi is transferred to Camp Cropper prison [the Airport prison, managed by the American forces]. The TV Channel announced that Al-Zaidi is in a difficult condition, with broken ribs and signs of tortures on his thighs. Also he can not move his right arm.

Stand Up


American Standard

11-23-2008 Obama may create some commissions (sic) and some bodies to look into and sugar coat any war crimes that the Bush administration committed, like the joke that was the 9-11 commission, and like Pelosi he too will not go after Bush as it may upset the sensitivities of the repukes and , are you ready for this? It may "lower the morale" (sic) of those who were involved in the torturing and killing.  Now now, couldn't have that now could we? Can't prosecute mass-murdering jackals, it might upset their little sensitivities and make them a tad bit depressed. How quaint. How pathetically spineless. Change is on the way? Looks like the SOS to me.

'War criminal Bush' blamed 

11-22-2008 Texas hearing on Dick Cheney, Alberto Gonzales indictment turns chaotic

11-14-2008  US defense secretary blasts Russia's missile threat  I knew I would have to get into this sooner or later and I am sure that it will become a topic of great urgency for the desperate Neo-Cons who are seeing  their twisted dreams coming apart around them. Apparently Gates, like all Neo-Con ideologues, is not in touch with reality and is living in a fantasy world where the only truth is Neo-Con truth. His naive sounding and propagandistic comment regarding "Russia's emerging enemies" shows a DANGEROUS disconnect from reality.

         Since the collapse of the Soviet Bloc and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, the only real growing and emerging threat existing against Russia, has been an ever eastwardly expanding NATO, an "Organization" which should have been disbanded when the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist. By continuing to vilify Russia and  play dangerous games of provocation, such as the genocide inflicted on Russian citizens in South Ossetia,  the desperate Neo-Cons continue to spread lies and try to build on the ignorance and xenophobic attitude that many people in the "West" have towards Russia and the Russian people.

        Russia is patient, accommodating, understanding, and seeks peace, but we do not want to be surrounded by American missiles, no matter what the rhetoric. The US has shown time and again that they wish to run a unipolar world, that they do not share the same unilateral interests as Russia, that they wish to dictate to Russia who to befriend and who to be enemies with, and that at the end of the day the only thing that is acceptable is anything that weakens Russia and the Russian people.

        Iran is not Russia's enemy Mr. Gates, Iran and the "Rogue States" that you and your boss so love to rant on about are not enemies of Russia, nor are they trying to dictate to Russia and weaken her. So who, in reality, is Russia's only enemy right now Mr. Gates? Who? Can't answer that? Why? Because you are.

        Russia, like a sleeping bear, may be a little groggy, but if you continue your cowboy policies, that bear will wake up, and Russia will, and you can mark my words, Russia will defend herself. She will not allow you to hurt her or her people or her interests. Russians are patient and thoughtful in their responses, do not carry on mistaking that for weakness, but when you push her too far, when you wake that bear, she will rip you to shreds and you will be left naked and cowering and begging for mercy.

         A message for President Elect Obama: As the winners of the cold war the "West" should have been more gracious.  Setting up missile batteries around Russia in order to neutralize her is not what a gracious winner should do. So I personally ask you, in the hope that you are the intelligent fair man the world truly hopes you are , please make it a priority to stop the militarization of the world, and please stop the dangerous Neo-Con plan to surround Russia with military might. IF you are truly wise please take the steps needed to disband NATO. That is an extreme request, but a necessary one if there is to be true peace.

        Have a nice day everyone.




11-12-2008  Skinhead's Newspaper protested for not reporting Obama win. Check out the owner.

KKK Kills White Woman "Recruit" Raymond "Chuck" Foster 888 groups across the country. Shane Foster, 20; Random Hines, 27; Danielle Jones, 23; Frank Stafford, 21; Alicia M. Watkins, 23; Timothy Michael Watkins, 30; and Andrew Yates, 20

KKK NO. 2 Filing for bankruptcy to protect 2nd largest training camp. Imperial Wizard Ron Edwards, Jarred Hensley of Cincinnati and Andrew Watkins of Louisville were recruiting on behalf of the Klan at the Meade County fair

KKK in Midland has GOP Delegate(s)  The other Michigan GOP precinct delegate mentioned in Michigan Messenger’s Oct. 1 story was Kyle Bristow, the former chair of Young Americans for Freedom at Michigan State University. Bristow, who is now acting as a spokesperson for MSU YAF, a hate group recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center, posted the following on the group’s blog the day after the election: People have asked me if there is still hope left for freedom in our country, especially now that a socialist, Islamic negro has been elected president, and I proclaim, “Yes there is!”

KKK Accepted in Midland... Not Texas but Michigan!

11-12-2008 Welcome back Sergey. Thanks for the technical support. Thanks go out to Sergey who has been the most helpful in his support for jar2.  Soon the new server will be on-line and more.  

11-09-2008 Coming soon. Major changes.

Б.Обама не будет придерживаться плана Буша по ПРО в Польше

Not only is the KKK a legal United States organization, they are allowed to do almost whatever they want.  Here we can see Randy Gray a member of the KKK who worked for Ron Paul's presidential campaign, marching up and down the street in full KKK uniform carrying a handgun and the police did nothing. Crooks and Liars has video. One of the KKK's fundamental rules is that as long as white rule is not threatened in the USA they will stay peaceful and not hang and kill blacks. However since they and similar hate groups now see a threat to white rule they will become more and more active. The next several years in the US will see more and more race crimes. Hopefully they will be fairly prosecuted. Not like the joke you see below. Can you imagine if it was some black guy dressed in Muslim garb and carrying a gun? He would have been shot 2000 times. America has a very long way to go before the dream of equality may begin to be a reality. From jar2 .com a big FU to Randy Gray, Max and Charlie at KLLM in Harrisburg Pennsylvania and all other members of the KKK. Get their names out. They have been hiding behind their sheets long enough.

       LATER: The other Michigan GOP precinct delegate mentioned in Michigan Messenger’s Oct. 1 story was Kyle Bristow, the former chair of Young Americans for Freedom at Michigan State University. Bristow, who is now acting as a spokesperson for MSU YAF, a hate group recognized by the Southern Poverty Law Center, posted the following on the group’s blog the day after the election: People have asked me if there is still hope left for freedom in our country, especially now that a socialist, Islamic negro has been elected president, and I proclaim, “Yes there is!”  



11-05-2008 IT IS A HOLIDAY IN RUSSIA on two fronts.

Obama Wins in a Landslide

        Time will tell if his win will in fact have a change on the world. I am cautiously optimistic. When the US backs off from surrounding Russia with missles, tries the war criminals that have been in power for the past eight years, solves its problems of racial inequality, puts an end to two wars, goes after those really responsible for 9-11,  and becomes an agent for world peace then maybe we can all celebrate. Maybe Barrack Obama will be a catalyst for real change. We will see.

       I personally congratulate him on his victory and underline the fact that much must be done to improve Russian-American relations. Surrounding Russia with American missiles and aiding countries in the genocide of Russian citizens is not the diplomacy we need. These and other serious issues must be looked at and dealt with. 

         Those now in power may still try to stage terrorist attacks and assassinate Obama in a desperate last power grab so those charged with protecting the President Elect must be vigilant. The Neo-Con's only move now would be to call in Osama Bin Laden, who has curiously been absent from this cycle, and stage a large attack in  order to put the country under martial law, cancel the innauguration and the transition to the new president, and keep Bush in power indefinately. Those plans are in place. Will they be used? We will see.



On the US Presidential Election/Martial Law

                   “I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country… corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed.” - Abraham Lincoln

         Time the avenger. Time the merciless. Time the judge. Time the inescapable. Time the dimension that we are all trapped in, seeing only one direction of the flow.  Time will tell and time has told. Who can say where the road goes? Only time.

          I have been watching the election campaign closely since the very beginning with the cautious hope that it may be for real and not another of the sham elections that were the last two. Elections that saw the most dangerous, racist, and incompetent administration in history take power, not once but twice. An administration that, in the face of undeniable evidence it can be said with certainty; killed three thousand people in order to launch its policies. Racist policies cloaked in religion, of world domination, ethnic cleansing, genocide, and the guarantee that the United States of America will be kept a "white" power. The consolidation of wealth into the hands of a few that we have seen has been carried out at any cost to the environment and society as a whole and has just been another instrument allowing them to control the masses.

             What this election campaign and more importantly what the last eight years has proven to me and what it should have proven to everyone else is that the policies of the Republican party, once the party of Abraham Lincoln, are nothing but racist and beginning with Reagan there has been a movement in the United States to roll back the gains made during the civil right era and to transform the US into a fascist state, the dream of the Bush’s and the Neo-Cons from day one.

              Race, the subject that we are not supposed to talk about, is what I want to get into now. I am part Native American and Spanish and can address the problem from that point of view and from what I had to deal with I can only tell you that what black Americans have to deal with can only be 100 times worse. It is a dangerous subject because those propagating and supporting the institutionalized racial inequalities that are evident in almost every facet of life in America are powerful and non-flinching in their twisted ideas. It must be addressed on a wide, open, and transparent scale and perhaps will be if Barack Obama is elected president and finally there may be real changes and the beginning of real equality in the US. I do not have to be afraid anymore because I have rightfully chosen, as Nancy Pelosi said, “…to become a part of Russian society.”

               Sadly it can be said with almost complete certainty that this will not come to pass. I truly hope I am wrong but I believe things to be thus. We have seen, as the racist elements in the US have begun to feel afraid, the beast raising its head almost everywhere and been witness to the historically dirtiest campaign from the Republican side. I could chronicle the hate and the racial tactics they have used but it would prove such a daunting and time consuming task that frankly I do not have the time nor the resources to pursue it. Not saying that I will not, just not right now.

               Racist American whites (Those who know me know I love all people and that this is not a diatribe against whites), people who for all intents and purposes, are occupying a country not their own, taken from the Indians whose blood flows through my veins, and founded on their genocide, seem to believe that “their” country is being somehow taken away. Having built the country on the blood and suffering of slaves, and the genocide of Native Americans, and kept running by the labor and sweat and tears and broken dreams of immigrants, it is the penultimate hypocrisy of life in America that these people are some how better than the non-white population. They, calling themselves “Christians” is an affront to every value that said religion is supposed to expound. They calling themselves American is also an affront to humanity.

                These denigrates, the Rush Limbaughs, the Bill O’Reillys, the Hannitys, and the thousands of “Conservatives” and their brain-dead minions, from Bush and Cheney on down are nothing more than thinly disguised racists and fascists, constantly supporting and holding each other up, the hollow men and straw men raping the weak and the trusting, patting each other on the back with every atrocity. They have been actively rolling back the gains made during the civil rights era since Ronald Reagan, with his Hitleresque haircut, enabled them to start their assault.

                 I could go on for thousands of pages on the ways and the means and tools they have used. Their methods and manipulations, but fortunately for them I do not have the time. I am just hopeful that in encroaching on the topic, others with more resources and time will take up the fight and try to get the word out to the rest of he world. Every little kid who was beat up and had to run home in fear every day because he was different must understand that they are not alone.

                 IF you are not a white American you know as well as I do what constitutes racism and what we all have to go through. If you have never been to Amerika, or you have been there as a tourist or for a short time then you can not know what non-white Americans go through. It is institutionalized racism that begins from pre-school and continues to the grave.  What is American racism? It is the little kid who lives in fear after he has been beat up several times because he is “different” and grows up in fear. It is the white self-righteous police officer armed to the teeth who tells the little brown kid on a motorcycle during a traffic stop that he will blow the kids balls off if he flinches. It is the bullies who beat and terrorize the little sister and her little brother because they are on the wrong street. It is the brick thrown through the window at the head of the father who has just moved into the “nice” neighborhood with his brown family. It is the taste of fear of every brown man who has ever been pulled over by a white cop, and had a gun pointed at him, or lights shined into his eyes. It is the spit in your food at the restaurant that you can not be certain is really there. It is beatings and taserings and arrests and phony show trials of millions of brown men and women. It is the destroying of families who are poor and whose only crime was being born black or brown or yellow or red. It is the sending to death the children of non-whites to die on some foreign soil in a war against an enemy fabricated in order to further the genocide. Dying and yet not understanding what it was they really died for. It is they job promotion, the bank loan, and rental that is refused for no really apparent reason. It is the shame that is institutionally instilled in every non-white American child that dictates to them that they are not as good as the white kids and that they should try to be whiter, in appearance, speech and deed.  It is the constant barrage from the media on all fronts that the ideal family, home, life, job, education and person is the rich white Christian one. It is the lies and the demonization  of every ethnic trait and every point of view that is different. It is the way that corporations and government are controlled and made up of only people who fit those ideals. It is Bush and the Neo-Cons and 9-11, the mass assassination of 3000 people to further a spread of their ideals to the rest of the world. It is the educational system that paints the world as a place inhabited by nothing but people who want to come to America or hate America. When in fact most of the world could give a rat’s ass about America and on a good week might think about it once.

 Racism is the “right” and the big “W” that stands for White. Racism is the Maccacca comment. The hung effigy and the horses head. It is the skin head cop, and the skin head drill sergeant and skin head would be assassins of the first black candidate for president who surprisingly the state is not going to prosecute. It is the boss who makes jokes about the poor non-white workers kids. And the University application that says rejected for no apparent reason. It is the house that burnt down of the Indian family that moved in next door. It is the fire that started in the home of the young single father whose daughter was almost killed in the flames. It is the beatings in the street of the poor non-white who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time. It is the attitude of the police who refused to go after the assailants. It is mindset of the cops that they are at war with the population that they are supposed to protect. It is the strip search and the humiliation at the airport of people selected because of racial profiling. It is the no fly list, and the cop car following you for no apparent reason. It is the guy at the McDonalds drive through who understood you perfectly on the microphone until he saw your face and decided that you must not speak English. It is the KKK and their fucking parades and their naming themselves a “Christian” cause. Does that mean to be Christian means to be a fascist racist pig? It is the hospital that kicked you out into the street because you didn’t have the right policy, ETC ETC …. (May be continued)

         What about fascism? It is the way that protest and intellectual discussion is stifled. It is the way foreign policy and international relations are conducted and which country to bomb and which leader to kill and which country to support is decided. It is the lies that are spread as truth about anyone or anything that contradicts the status quo. It is the categorization of women as breeders and the taking away of their right to even their own bodies. It is the institutionalization of religion and the non-acceptance or unwritten ostracizing of views that are different. It is the control of he mass media and the barrage of false information and lies told as truth. It is the corporations which control the wealth and the flow of everything from food to fuel. Corporations owned by fascist and run by same who dictate the Government who to go after and who not to. It is the rigged voting machines that will guarantee them another election and those in power to do something that will look the other way. It is the f***ing bastard at the embassy who decided that we were not Americans in a veiled attempt to get me to shut up and tow the line.                  

            So what can you do? What will happen? I know one thing. Regardless of the results of the next election the shit is going to hit the fan in Kansas. If Obama loses there will be riots to levels the US has never dreamt of. If he wins and survives the assassins the fascists may try to stage a terrorist attack and call for martial law and an indefinite reign by King George. Regardless, the Repuke fascist machine has already put plans in place to call in martial law and keep Bush in power forever.

              Where is the Neo-Con's Osama Bin Laden?

             We can do nothing except be afraid. Be very afraid, but use your fear to act, and vote. If nothing changes and there is nothing else the world is a big place, if things don’t change and you can not tolerate it anymore.  Just get out. I know a great little place called Moscow. Where you can breathe the air of freedom.   

             Where is the Neo-Con's Osama Bin Laden?


A former North Carolina County Commissioner displayed a coffin carrying the photograph of Sen. Barack Obama outside an early voting station Saturday. And not a thing happened to him     


10-28-2008 Keep your eye on the ball. Stay focused. Race must be looked at vigorously.

10-28-2008 Skinheads: Another attempt on Obama    Daniel Cowart and Paul Schlesselman 14/88

Scum of the week

10-26-2008 KANSAS CITY, Missouri (Reuters) – Two weeks before an election that could install the first black U.S. president, scattered ugly incidents have reflected a deep residue of racism among some segments of white America.
        A cardboard likeness of Barack Obama was found strung from fishing wire at a university, the Democratic presidential nominee's face was depicted on mock food stamps, the body of a black bear was left at another university with Obama posters attached to it.
        Though the incidents are sporadic and apparently isolated, they stirred up memories of the violent racial past of a country where segregation and lynchings only ended within the last 50 years.
        And some feared that Obama could be a target for people who reject him on racial grounds alone. The Illinois senator leads Republican rival John McCain in polls ahead of the November 4 election and has a big following in many sections of Americans, from liberals to conservatives, black and white, poor and wealthy.
        "Many whites feel they are losing their country right before their eyes," said Mark Potok, who directs the Southern Poverty Law Center that monitors hate groups. "What we are seeing at this moment is the beginning of a real backlash."
        Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod said the incidents were disappointing but he said there were fewer than some had predicted.
        "We've always acknowledged that race is not something that's been eradicated from our politics," said Axelrod. "But we've never felt that it would be an insuperable barrier and I don't think that it will be."
        The latest incident occurred on Monday when the body of bear cub was found on the campus of Western Carolina University in North Carolina. Obama campaign signs were placed around the dead animal's head. School officials said it was a prank.
        Earlier a cardboard likeness of Obama was strung up with fishing wire from a tree at a university in Oregon and an Ohio man hung a figure bearing an Obama sign from a tree in his yard. The man told local media he didn't want to see an African-American running the country.
        Potok said the displays of racism did not appear orchestrated as part of a campaign of racial intimidation, but were rather the acts of angry individuals. Their voices are often heard in radio call-back shows or letters to editors.
        Many Americans "see the rise of minority rights, gay rights, women's rights as a threat to the world they grew up in and that their parents grew up in. They see huge demographic changes," he said.
        "They see jobs disappearing to other countries, and now they see a man who is African American and who will very likely become president of the United States. For some of those people that symbolizes the end of the world as they know it."
        He estimated there were as many as 800 white supremacy or nationalist groups in the United States, with at least 100,000 as "an inner core" of membership and many more on the fringes.
        One such group, the League of American Patriots, last month distributed literature about why a "black ruler" would destroy the country.
        Michigan State University professor Ronald Hall, writing in his new book "Racism in the 21st Century," said racism remains one of the most pressing U.S. social problems, though it now takes forms that are more subtle than the lynchings and mob violence seen decades ago in some parts of the country.
        In California, a Republican group said it intended no racial overtone when its October newsletter depicted a fake food stamp bearing a likeness of Obama's head on a donkey's body surrounded by fried chicken, watermelon and other images evoking insulting stereotypes about African-Americans.
        Some acts have targeted not Obama's black heritage -- his father was Kenyan and his white mother was from Kansas -- but the false notion that he is a Muslim.
        A derogatory billboard in West Plains, Mo., went up last month showing a caricature of Obama wearing a turban.
        "There are a lot of Republicans and McCain supporters who find it hard to believe that a black guy whose middle name is Hussein is going to be the next president of the United States," said David Bositis, senior research associate at the Joint Center for Political and Economic Studies.
        David Wolff, a 52-year-old white Pennsylvania voter who plans to cast his ballot for Obama, said he commonly hears racist comments and thinks such sentiments are deeply rooted across America.
       "One thing that could speed up the eradication of racism would be to have a charismatic, inspirational, transformational, generational black president," he said.
(Additional reporting by Deborah Charles and Matthew Bigg; Editing by David Storey)

10-25-2008 Crooks and Liars The Russians aren't fooled by continual protestations that America's missile defense plans are aimed at "rogue states" - none of whom yet has the capability of throwing a nuke at the U.S. and who probably would choose infiltration as a delivery method in any case. They've been beefing up their missile force, introducing a new mark and modifying existing missile types with decoys, in the face of American righwing zeal for destabilizing the balance of deterrence that has served the world so well for decades.
        That's not surprising. I'm sure that Russian intelligence and military planners can read, and surf the sites of those rightwing think-tanks who have provided the intellectual impetus for the Bush administration, Mccain and others. They know that missile defense, despite the spin of the Bush administration, has always been about the Soviet Union, and then Russia. It's all about Reagan's Star Wars dream, which had as its focus the "Evil Empire" still described in such belligerent terms by John McCain.
         For instance, they'll have already noticed that the Heritage Foundation is planning a major publicity push on missile defense in January, planning to pressure President Obama to continue funding the multi-billion program.

10-23-2008 The "Race" is all about race. Maybe someone should tell the "real" Americans that they are occupying someone else's country. Does anyone else see more than a few similarities between the Republican party and "Christian" organizations like the KKK?

10-21-2008 FRY THE LOT: From Bush on down.  McCain the Snake Begs Russia for money. As I am sure that you all know the US is in the midst of a historic presidential election. What has made it historic is that for the first time in American history there is a chance that an African American, as opposed to a Caucasian American, has a real chance of becoming the president.

        For those of you who are familiar with my site and the work I have been doing for the last five years on you may have been wondering why, after being so vociferous during the last election that was stolen by the Neo-Cons, why I have been so silent during this one. One reason is that I paid an extremely heavy price for my activities during the last election and feel like I, as do many others such as myself, that our efforts led to nothing. Moreover I have paid a huge price for expressing my views against the criminal cabal that has been running the US for the last, almost eight years, and that too has been to little avail. Another reason is that after seeing two elections stolen and carefully watching the events unfold from the outset, it has been clear to me that the next election will also be stolen. I can almost say that this will be a given not to say that I will not be extremely pleased and utterly surprised if when all is said and done Americans can welcome a Barrack Obama presidency, but lo and behold this is not to be, for the US is not, and has not been, for quite some time a Democratic country. It is, by the very definition of the word, a fascist state. You know why I say that so I will not go into all of the arguments which back up that assessment. That is just the way that it is and there apparently is nothing that I alone or we as citizens of the world can do about it until there is a great upheaval. My last reason for not writing much and for not getting involved is quite honestly because I just do not give a crap anymore. why should I? I live in a country I love and as long as they are not dropping bombs on my comrades "F" em! Politics has become nothing more than a dirty filthy business played by dirty filthy scum in the US.

           So why am I getting into the fray again, even if just to dip the proverbial toes in to test the waters? For the sole reason that the race has taken a decidedly racist turn, that was not unexpected, but the blatantly, openly racist tone just screams to be called out. Also, McCain, quite frankly has pissed me off by begging Russia for money, after participating in dragging Russia through the dirt during the last couple of months when Russia had to defend her citizens from genocide, and fight back against US backed aggressors!

            So take a look at my latest offering on the continued tale of the Racist States of America. And if you loved America, sorry. What you loved was just an illusion.

             When the heat is on the real face of the animal appears. Just look at the racist self-important lying back-tracking, race baiting, say anything, do anything to grab for power, say anything to save his own neck and get ahead, slimy, power mad, Bush lackey that is McCain. 

Okla. newspaper distributing KKK flyers 

Calif. Repuke Party says Waterboard Barack Obama

FAUX Noise Complains about Jive Turkeys Voting

ACORN says McCain rhetoric led to racist threats 

Denied black relative urges McCain to accept ancestry 

An "Assault On Democracy"

Why do Republicans hate democracy?

More Hate Voicemails directed at ACORN DIE N**G**S

Notice how Pat Buchanan and his friends racist

you don't get much whiter than the Bush clan

MCCAIN: No morality needed if it works. I WANNA BE PREZ

race is the factor

Voters charge that Mark Jacoby duped them into joining the California Republican Party

10-06-2008 I keep getting asked what I think of Barrack Obama. Quite frankly I don't have time to write right now but the one thing that I can say is that it is surprising he is still alive. Palin is total crap and McCain is even worse. The only good thing about McCain is that he worked with the communists during the Vietnam War and the only good thing about Palin from the viewpoint of the rest of the world is that she seems to want Alaska to secede from the United States and thus continue the annihilation of the United States that George the Monkey Boy started. 

10-06-2008 Transcripts of propaganda John McCain made while he was a Prisoner of War.

09-23-2008 On HIATUS (KARMA: What goes around, comes around!) You know who you are...

09-12-2008 It is hard to deal with the insane but lo and behold. From the planners of 9-11 comes (War With Russia) and the American public don't have a problem with WWIII

Palin does not rule out war with Russia

09-11-2008 Remember the dead and punish the mass-murdering Neo-Con/Bush planners

Белый дом помог «Аль-Каиде» Устроить теракты 11 сентября

Мэтт Дэймон: Президентство Дж.Маккейна может плохо закончиться 


                                                                                                   Mr Daemon                                         President Palin???!!!!
         Американский актер Мэтт Дэймон предположил, что избрание кандидата от Республиканской партии США Джон Маккейна может завершиться "как в плохом диснеевском фильме". Поводом для такого предположения послужило утверждение губернатора Аляски Сары Пэлин в качестве кандидата в вице-президенты, а также вероятность смерти самого Дж.Маккейна во время первого же срока.
       "Один шанс из трех, если не больше, что Дж.Маккейн не доживет до окончания первого срока, и президентом у нас станет С.Пэйлин", - побаивается М.Дэймон, передает Associated Press.
        "Она себя позиционирует как мама детей, играющих в хоккей. Все будет, как в плохом диснеевском фильме "Хоккейная мамаша": "О, я простая хоккейная мама с Аляски", - и вот она уже президент. И лицом к лицу с Владимиром Путиным, и использует все эти простонародные словечки, которых она набралась на хоккейной площадке. Это же просто абсурд", - поделился своим беспокойством актер.
        Он добавил, что американской общественности следует больше знать о взгядах С.Пэлин на теорию креационизма и цензуру.

09-07-2008 "Продолжается вооружение грузинского режима, в том числе под флагом гуманитарной помощи", - указал он. При этом президент задал вопрос: "Как бы они повели себя, если бы мы сейчас отправили гуманитарную помощь с использованием нашего флота в страны Карибского бассейна, недавно пострадавшие от разрушительных ураганов?".


09-05-2008 Russian archaeologists find long-lost Jewish capital

This is fascism.

Why We're Planning to Prosecute Cheney and Bush

Holding Murderers Accountable: The Case Against Bush, Cheney, et al.

Никарагуа официально признала независимость Абхазии и Южной Осетии

С.Лавров: Не стоит сравнивать Юж.Осетию и Нагорный Карабах

Шокирующие кадры из Цхинвала The Georgian tanks opened fired on residential zones

09-02-2008 Путин: Россия ответит на присутствие иностранных кораблей в Черном море

Passenger jet circling Los Angeles with blown tire

Dick "The Dick" Cheney dispatched to ex-Soviet nations, Condi not up to next step

What about the British agent? He pauses, considering... "His name is Michael Shipster.

Amy Goodman and producers arrested at RNC

Hundreds to be charged in court after RNC protests

Democracy Now's Amy Goodman arrested

Fox host: RNC protesters should just be left in jail

Убит владелец сайта "Ингушетия.ру"


09-01-2008 Happy First of September To All

08-31-2008 Some people are already angry about this. I love watching the trolls come out of the woodwork. The Neo-Cons have a point you know:

Vengeance Should Have Been Wrought on Washington

             How is one to deny what is right in front of one's eyes for the political expediency of a criminal cabal? How can it be that so many millions of intelligent, bright, and informed people the world over can do nothing, or will do nothing, to stop the onslaught of the NEO-CON machine as it decimates the world to meet its objectives, committing atrocities, genocide, and war crimes on the world population as it has on its own population. How can a regime which killed 3,000 of its own citizens in an act planned long in advance in order to start a worldwide war against a methodology have been allowed to stand for as long as it has?

              I have been documenting and fighting these godless bastards for years but too few  listen, and too few fight. Nothing has changed, and here they are, on my back step. Murdering women and children and the defenseless. So what are we to do? Ask yourselves that one simple question. Do we lay down and submit to the annihilation of  everything that we hold dear and everything that we are, and the eradication of our very own existences? I hope your answer is no. No. We will not let it stand. We will fight. I hope you are all starting to see the light before it is too late.

              If you have any illusions left about American politics and the US Government let me shatter a few more. This should be obvious for my American readers who are in full possession of their long term memories and accept more than the Faux News version of reality. American politics and the great American capitalistic engine run on two main things, oil and war. The American people always rally behind their leaders when their leaders go to war against big bad evil regimes, they have no choice or they are denounced as being unpatriotic. When there are troubles back home they start trouble abroad. It's perhaps an oversimplification but basically that is how things work.

              Classically when an American president is in trouble they go to war, this has happened over and over again. You all know about Bush, his entire presidency has been about nothing but war. Clinton, when his rating were going down in the US, especially at the height of the Monica debacle, which probably had its roots in his downsizing of the US Military, had his Balkan war to fall back on to distract the population. Bush 1 had his Desert Storm, Reagan had his war on drugs and his cold war and more, Carter had Iran and Afghanistan and the Falklands, Ford had Soviet problems and Vietnam and the Middle East on his plate, Nixon had Vietnam as did Johnson and Kennedy who tried to end the war in Vietnam but was killed because of that.

              In this case Bush and his Neo-Con bastards, whose whole presidency has been based on and has used terror as its almost sole rallying point, a terrorist himself by the very definition of the word, and a war criminal, have nothing to lose and everything to gain by starting and escalating hostilities with Russia. The Russian State, because it is little understood and far away from Joe Blow farmer in Bum Fuck Iowa, has always been the country Americans most love to hate and fear. From childhood Americans are taught to fear Russia and Communism, and it is easy for American politicians to demonize Russia to gain popular support.

               The fact that the US organized, equipped, planned, supported, and funded the atrocities in South Ossetia are at this point a given I think. Rice and her many trips to Georgia before the invasion (BY THE GEORGIANS) of South Ossetia, the military training exercises involving over a thousand five hundred US troops in the weeks leading up to the invasion, the timing of the events, on the day of the start of the Olympics, the propaganda war demonizing Russia and ignoring Georgian war crimes and the Genocide brought on South Ossetia by the US, the presence of US military advisors on the battlefield, the US equipment and uniforms used by Georgian forces and the technical assistance provided in downing Russian fighter aircraft, plus the political capitol the US is trying to spend on the world stage in their continued efforts to keep Russia down, surround it with missiles and divide it as much as possible, all point to one thing. The war in South Ossetia was an attack on Russia by the United States of America.

                 McCain, Bush, and the Neo-Con machine are right in one thing: the justified, forced, and necessary Russian response to the killing of over 2,100 of its citizens was, in fact, too devastating on Georgia; vengeance should have been wrought on Washington.     

SOURCE: American Equipment Captured in South Ossetia   Izvestia





 FALCON® II AN/PRC-117F(C) MODEL 12018 is SECRET AN/PRC-152(C)an American English Course and Mr. White  



Воевали ли американцы в Южной Осетии?

России достались секретные американские технологии украинского разлива

Как Грузия готовилась к войне и кто ей помогал

Putin: US orchestrated conflict in Georgia

Сербская радикальная партия поддержала Россию и Южную Осетию

Pictures from South Ossetia

And then of course we have American OIL INTERESTS

Greenoak Buys Georgian Shipping Co. for $107 mln

The Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan pipeline


A shitload of propaganda

Greenoak Group (Группа "Гриноук")


08-27-2008 Doesn't anyone want peace? Doesn't anyone in the West care that the people of South Ossetia and Abhazia want the same thing that they supposedly support. Freedom.  Unbelievable. Shame on you Obama.

Дж.Маккейн и Б.Обама объединились против Москвы

Castro defends athlete who kicked judge in face

08-25-2008 Госдума и Совет Федерации признали независимость Южной Осетии и Абхазии

Задержан один из самых опасных агентов грузинской разведки

$50 тысяч за "языка" из ФСБ

Georgia and Poland Serving the CIA Грузия и Польша на службе ЦРУ

McCain Declares Zygotes Are Entitled to Full Human Rights

Man arrested with weapons at Pelosi hotel

They found 'emense' public mistakes, but making good two tiny errors cost them £1,640

MoveOn attacks AP writer for biased analysis of Biden pick

08-24-2008 Комиссар Совета Европы по правам человека просит мировое сообщество защитить простых жителей Южной Осетии So why is the US trying to blame Russia again?

08-23-2008 RAW STORY LINKED TO US>>>Let's drink to that!!!  Three .flv zipped files re: South Ossetia

South Ossetia:   Tie Chewing "President"   American Counters the Propaganda   Girl Counters the Propaganda

През. Венесуэлы  надеется что, новый президент США не будет "сумасшедшим" или "пьяницей"

Buchanan accuses 'McCain's neocon warmonger' of treason

Из Кодорского ущелья вывезено 36 грузовиков с трофейным оружием

08-17-2008 FAUX NOISE IS, AS YOU ALL KNOW, ONLY IN THE PROPAGANDA BUSINESS  During an interview on Fox News they were describing how Russian soldiers saved them from the Georgian attack, and helped them get to an airport in Moscow where they were able to fly back home, but the Fox news host abruptly cut them off after just two minutes of recounting the events to go to a commerical break. As they are being cut off, Amanda's aunt says, "Yes, I know you do not want to hear this."
        After returning from the commercial break, the Fox reporter gives Amanda's aunt just 30 seconds to speak before saying "As we all know, there are always gray areas in war."
Sounds pretty black and white to me.

        The whole situation in South Ossetia was clearly started by the Georgians either at the behest of the United States in order to bolster the position of the neo-conservatives and the Bush regime or the Bushies were paid for their public statements. They are both desperate and this was possibly their last chance to allow them to implement their plan of surrounding Russia with missiles and also to save their political and literal necks, both the Georgians and the neo-cons. The Bush administration is guilty of war crimes and this is just another example. Have a nice Sunday. 2. I am not a PAT and yes you did and yes you do and yes you have..3. Your guys are always so obvious. Orange and black striped shirt hiding behind posts taking pictures, I got a shot too)))   

08-16-2008  5 DAY WAR for Russia would have taken 5 years for Bush 

Ошибка грузинского резидента-1. Кадровый разведчик

Ошибка грузинского резидента-2. Таксист-шпион

Ошибка грузинского резидента-3. Предатель

Ошибка грузинского резидента-4. Диверсант

Ошибка грузинского резидента-5. Лжец

США хотят лишить Россию Олимпиады в Сочи

МИД РФ: М.Саакашвили подписал не тот документ

08-16-2008    F**k Bush !!!!

        Bush is so out of touch with reality that it is mind boggling that the press even publishes what he says.  His headline making statements show a complete lack of understanding of international events in particular the situation at hand and reduces anyone who publishes them as fact to the mere tools that they have become spewing propaganda at the whims of neo-con right-wing lackeys.

        He is attempting to paint a picture of the situation in Georgia as one where innocent little Georgia was attacked by big bad Russia because they chose freedom. Georgia has been free for years you petulant imbecile of an excuse for president. Georgia committed genocide against Russia civilians that is why they were punished.

        He then blabbers on about freedom but ignores the fact that the people of South Ossetia are the ones who want freedom in this case. Bush goes on to make one of the most hypocritical statements ever made in all of modern history and threatens Russia at the same time. "Bullying and intimidation are not acceptable ways to conduct foreign policy in the 21st century." Bush said. Coming from a known war criminal whose eight years of foreign policy have been nothing but bullying, murder, and intimidation this raises the hackles.

        He goes on ranting about free and prosperous societies around Russia. Meaning free and possessing American Nuclear missile batteries of course.

        He even mentions that the Cold War is over. The days of satellite states and spheres of influence are behind us, what does he mean that the HOT WAR has begun? And By satellites and spheres of course he is talking about Russia when it is obvious to anyone who doesn't live under a rock or under the influence of American media that devoloping spheres and satellites is all that the US is about.

        You make me want to vomit George Bush. Maybe Russia will now do what must be done and pursue war crimes charges in the Hague against this leviathan of war criminals. I wonder how much Georgia paid the Bushies. Condi keeps making trips to Georgia, I guess all that cash is hard to haul home in one shot.


М.Горбачев назвал М.Саакашвили недостойным доверия народа

С.Лавров отменил визит в Польшу

С.Лавров: Выступление Дж.Буша плохо подготовлено

08-15-2008 President Dimitry Medvedev:   A summary of presidential news regarding South Ossetia

“We will call things by their proper names: the people of South Ossetia have survived genocide, and that is what must be discussed. To heal these wounds will take years, maybe decades. And the actions we took to halt the almost complete extermination of an entire people were legitimate, unavoidable, and absolutely justifiable.”

Translation by JAR2


WAR OVER Objectives Met, US Continues

The US should take lessons from Russia on how to fight a war. How many years is Bush in Afghanistan and Iraq???

Haiti Invades Puerto Rico and Kills Thousands of Women and Children.

The United States invades Haiti for killing thousands of US Citizens (Puerto Ricans) and secures the safety of the population. Country (X), a fascist country on the other side of the world whose people know almost nothing about the US, with an incompetent alcoholic president, who has been installing missiles surrounding the US in the event that Canada is attacked by Central America, steps in and its alcoholic, war criminal, mass-murdering, fascist, disgusting waste of human flesh of a president threatens to kick the US out of the VIP Golf Club. George Bush, since you are challenged on the facts and your advisors obviously can not paint a simple enough picture of the situation for you to understand, I have taken the liberty of trying to draw you a crayola picture which should be clear enough even for you. By the way, you are country (X) in case you didn't figure it out.



Today is a day of morning for the innocent Russians butchered by the Georgians





The US Has Through Its Surrogate Committed an act of WAR Against Russia and has Murdered Thousands of Innocent Russian Women, Children and Senior Citizens in an Act of Ethnic Cleansing. Due to these actions we are suspending all activity on until further notice. We beat the fascists once, we will beat them again. 



США через своего заместителя, совершила акт войны против России и уже убили тысячи Российских жителей большинство детей,женщин и стариков в акте этнической очистки. В связи с этими собитиями мы заморозим все действия на до моего особого распоряжения. Мы победили фашистов однажды и победим сейчас. С этим уведомлением я перешел черту в глазах американского законодательства. К такому выводу я пришел после долгого изучения этой ситуации. Надеюсь Русские посетители моего сайта поддержут меня будь что будет. Я полностью уверен что в отличии от сша Русские своих не бросают.


08-09-2008          The US: Aids, Trains, and Supports Georgia Then

Georgia Murders Over One Thousand Russian Civilians

and BushCo Supports That, SO??? Need More Be Said???

War Criminals Helping War Criminals 

Большинство из 1,4 тыс. погибших в Осетии - россияне

Д.Медведев: Россия в Осетии исполняет миротворческую миссию

Госдеп США потребовал вывода российских войск из Южной Осетии

Грузия провоцирует Россию на полномасштабный военный ответ

Тбилиси начал экстренную эвакуацию стратегических объектов

США отказались ввязываться в войну с Россией из-за Грузии

Грузинская армия несет серьезные потери в боях под Цхинвали

Россия прекращает воздушное сообщение с Грузией

Первые свидетельства из Цхинвали: город пылает

М.Саакашвили объявил эвакуацию в Грузии

РФ: Война в Осетии началась при попустительстве Совбеза ООН

Грузинская авантюра и саморазоблачение Белковского

Жители Цхинвали: "Нас убивают. Где же помощь?!" 

Р.Кадыров: Чечня примет беженцев из Южной Осетии 

СБ ООН снова не принял никаких решений по Южной Осетии 


US National Guard Uniform??? Yes it is.                 NO COMMENT NEEDED


        Президент Дмитрий Медведев выступил с заявлением в связи с ситуацией в Южной Осетии.
        На совещании с постоянными членами Совета Безопасности в Кремле глава Российского государства заявил:

        «Россия присутствовала и присутствует на территории Грузии на абсолютно законных началах, исполняя свою миротворческую миссию в соответствии с теми международными договоренностями, которые были достигнуты. И главной своей задачей мы считали и считаем сохранение мира. Россия исторически была и останется гарантом безопасности народов Кавказа.
       Сегодня ночью в Южной Осетии грузинские войска, по сути, совершили акт агрессии против российских миротворцев и мирных жителей. То, что произошло, это грубейшее нарушение международного права и тех мандатов, которые были когда-то выданы России мировым сообществом как партнеру по мирному урегулированию.
        Действия грузинской стороны привели к человеческим жертвам, в том числе и среди российских миротворцев. Ситуация дошла до того, что миротворцы с грузинской стороны стреляли по российским миротворцам, вместе с которыми были обязаны выполнять свою миссию по сохранению мира в регионе. Сейчас в Южной Осетии гибнут мирные люди, женщины, дети, старики, и большинство из них – это граждане Российской Федерации.
        В соответствии с Конституцией и федеральным законодательством как Президент Российской Федерации я обязан защищать жизнь и достоинство российских граждан, где бы они ни находились.
        Логика предпринимаемых нами сейчас шагов продиктована этими обстоятельствами. Мы не допустим безнаказанной гибели наших соотечественников. Виновные понесут заслуженное наказание




        Russian President Dimitry Medvedev explained the situation in South Ossetia and the reasons for the actions that have been taken against Georgian forces which attacked South Ossetia.

Translation by JAR2

        Russia has had a completely legal and justified presence on Georgian territory while fulfilling its peace-keeping role under international agreements, the terms of which Russia has legally and completely fulfilled and abided by. Our main mission, we believed and continue to believe, is the keeping of the peace. Historically Russia has been and will stay the guarantor of safety for the people of the Caucuses.

          Last night Georgian forces staged and act of aggression against Russian peacekeepers and civilians. What transpired was a serious offense under international  law and under the mandates Russia was and has been  given by the international community as a partner in international peace keeping and conflict resolution.

          The actions of Georgian forces have caused human casualties including the deaths of Russian peacekeepers. The situation deteriorated to the point where Georgian peacekeepers opened fired on Russian peacekeepers, with whom they were obligated to fulfill their mission in maintaining the peace in the region.

           As we speak civilians are dying in South Ossetia, women, children, and seniors, and the majority of them are citizens of the Russian Federation.

           In keeping with my obligations under the Russian Constitution and under Federal laws, as the President of the Russian Federation, I am obligated to protect the lives and the integrity of all Russian citizens, no matter where they might be.

            The logic in the steps that we have taken is dictated by the situation that we have been forced into. We will not tolerate the illegal  killing of our fellow citizens. Those responsible will receive the punishment they deserve.

Translation by JAR2     

08-06-2008 Conflict Escalates in the Caucuses

Secret Service arrests racist planning assassination of Obama (2) video

Mexican Troops Cross US border and Hold Agent



Russia to deploy defenses in Belarus

Paris Hilton Shoots back at 71 year old McBush

In the "It's about time" category:  Полиция США случайно сорвала покушение на Дж.Буша


08-05-2008 TRAGEDY STRIKES:  Morgan Freeman in a serious accident....GET WELL SOON))))))

KARMA STRIKEs : Bob Novak has a brain tumor and is gonna die. Can't say many will miss the tool.

08-02-2008 Racism is like a cancer in the US, it has been institutionalized from the bottom up, and it can not be removed without killing the patient.

Here are some photos I have taken recently.

08-01-2008 Added FTP News videos


07-31-2008 50 REASONS WE LOVE MOSCOW  My favourite reason is that in Moscow it makes no difference where you are from or what you look like and this is real and noticeable in everything I do))))

1. Money 2. Contrasts 3. The Rhythm 4. The fact that Moscow has everything 5. Beautiful Girls 6. The extremes  of everything from buildings to prices. 7. High-speed internet. 8. Smart people who even find a use for traffic jams. 8. The mono-rail. 9.  Verandas on the roofs. 10. The trams 11. The wine factory 12. The best street cleaners 13. Soccer 14. The Hermitage 15.  The "City" 16. The Central Armory Museum 17. The Boulevard Ring 18. SHAURMA 19.  The store called Havana 20. Parks 21. The Pushkin Museum 22. Seniors hanging out at Sokolniki 23. The night-life 24. The St. Petersburg to Moscow trains 25. The Beer 26. Bulgakov's House 27. The Cold War Museum 28.  Some of the crazy people 29.  Driving along the Moscow River 30. The Exoticness 31.  The atmosphere of freedom and uninhibitedness 32. When they turn off the hot water. It a great reason to go to the banya and to meet people. 33. Moscow State University 34. The beautiful architecture in the metro, the most beautiful in the world.  If you want to know the other 16 reasons either come to Moscow or read the article, (in Russian). Have a nice day.)))


07-30-2008 Article by

The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back,

or How McBush "A Dumb Ass Guy" Woke a Sleeping Bear.

RUSSIA Threatens to Stop Talks with the US

        It has been building up to this for quite sometime and I for one, quite frankly, am surprised that Moscow has been so patient for so long. But that is part of Russian character. Quiet tolerance and patience, even in the face of insults and threats and bullying, an intelligent way of dealing with those who are obviously less gifted and whose idea of diplomacy is circling the tee-pees with their six shooters firing indiscriminately and killing the women and children first.

        Russia can no longer just close its eyes to the American hypocrisy which has been evident in its relations with Russia for years when all of the problems have now become an open threat to its sovereignty and its national interests.

        Talk of cutting off diplomatic ties and talks with Washington has reached an official level only today however   calls for such action have been heard for quite a long time.

        According to sources in the know there are three main reasons why Russia has been forced to put its foot down, after quietly putting up with so much for so long. The first reason is the US' military operations in Georgia and the Caucuses. An area which the US has long stated may explode and lead to WWIII and which strategically is vital for the US if it is to neutralize Russia as it has plans to do. Divide and conquer, one of the oldest strategies in the world is exactly what the US has had in mind for Russia for the longest time. More autonomy for former USSR Republics and administrative regions in the far east, strong support for former USSR Republics friendly and exploitable by the US, surrounding Russia with American military might, constant bombardment of American culture and ideas on the Russia people, a concerted diplomatic effort to weaken and discredit Russia in the eyes of the world, and any and every other means, from economic subterfuge to undermining the Russian people's belief in their own country by any means possible. The US sorties and military operations in its "project" to reintegrate Abhazia and North Ossetia, a necessary precursor to allowing Georgia's entrance into NATO, has long been a thorn in Moscow's side and is a direct threat to Russian interests. NATO, an organization which should have been dissolved when the cold war ended and the USSR and the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, but which has continued to be used to namely continue the West's assault on Russia, has been actively pushing closer and closer to Russian territory for the last twelve years. I must add that the hypocrisy screams when the the US recognizes the independence of Kosovo, a move which Russia opposed, but refuses to recognize Abhazia'a and North Ossetia's similar claims of independence, moves which Russia recognizes but NATO hungry US appeasing Georgia does not.

        The second reason again involves NATO and Washington's announcement that Georgia and Ukraine may become members of NATO as soon as December. This underlines Washington's active attempts to pull other former Soviet Republics into NATO, namely Azerbaijan and Armenia.

        The last reason according to sources may have been McCain's recent escalation of US anti-Russia rhetoric when he announced that he would kick Russia out of its rightful place in the G8.

        Needless to say US attempts to surround Russia with missiles, with their "Missile Defense Shield", and breakdowns in talks regarding conventional and nuclear forces has not helped matters in the least.

        A Foreign Ministry official on condition of anonymity has said Moscow was ready for any turn of events. "We are ready for any development of relations," he said. "In the long run, we can afford not having any relations with some of our partners, if they wish so. The only thing we want is the U.S. electorate to bear responsibility for its choice."
        He said Moscow would be patient with Washington.
"Everything is fine until we are told how to behave, who to be friends with, who to fight against, who must be hated, who we must bed down with and who must be shown the door," he said.

        "Personally, it seems to me we could reach a moment when we can afford to give up discussing the issues that the Americans are interested in," the official said.

Partial Source Article by Irina Tsaregorodseva РБК

Article by

 Berezovsky Guilty of Looting Aeroflot. Take two.

        This time by using a company called Forus Services SA, between 1996-1999, to collect monies which were owed to Aeroflot and which by all rights and industry standards should have been paid directly to Aeroflot. In setting up such a scheme he was able to skim tens of millions of dollars off of the hundreds of millions which Forus Services was supposed to be collecting for Aeroflot and the Russian government.
        Russian prosecutors continue to pursue the case against Berezovsky and Forus Services SA and its principles regarding the misappropriation of funds from Aeroflot between 1996-1999. The investigative stage of the case has been wrapped up and the case is about to be handed to the courts. The Russian Federal Prosecutor’s Office has evidence that an unspecified, as yet by them, but large part, of between 200 to 300 million dollars was transferred through Forus Services SA and just simply disappeared. Forus Services SA also received approximately 10 million dollars for their “services”. Forus Services SA was a Swiss concern co-founded by Nikolai Glushkov, ex-vice-president of Aeroflot, who was also one of its directors. Berezovsky of course was Glushkov’s boss and partner.
        As with the Andava case, another holding through which 252.4 million dollars in Aeroflot’s assets was transferred, Boris Berezovsky and his partner Nikolai Glushkov, both London residents, are also the prime suspects, beneficiaries, and organizers of the scheme which defrauded Aeroflot and the Russian government, 50% co-owners, out of hundreds of millions of dollars.
        In related news, earlier this month the Swiss Federal Criminal Court found another of Boris Berezovsky’s partners and his legal representative, lawyer Hans Peter Ienni, 58, guilty of aiding Berezovsky in a scheme to defraud and launder 214,988,000,000 rubles of stolen Aeroflot money. The court sentenced him to two years in prison and awarded damages to Aeroflot in the sum of $50,000,000.00.
        Aeroflot’s management is, of course, very hopeful that restitution will be made.
        My only question is why is London protecting such a crook and con-man as Berezovsky? Is it possible that even the English can be bought? For shame.


Part of source material article by Sergey Kolobkov

07-29-2008 ARCHIVED.

Russia slams Bush for linking Nazi and Soviet evils

Russia denies planning to base bombers in Cuba

07-23-2008 US warns Russia regarding bombers.  Any excuse by the White House to posture and prance about.

07-15-2008 Seems like Mi5 wants to keep the cold war going. Punishing MP Andrew MacKinlay for doing his job. Seems he dared to question Home Secretary Jacqui Smith as to why Britain had granted political asylum to Boris Berezovsky.  Andrew Mackinlay

07-13-2008  The Pogrom Continues in Iraq/145/War Crimes/1.3M+ Dead


9-11 Preventable it was planned but "preventable" is a start

So hot is the speculation that war-crimes trials will eventually follow in foreign or international courts that Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powell’s former chief of staff, has publicly advised Mr. Feith, Mr. Addington and Alberto Gonzales, among others, to “never travel outside the U.S., except perhaps to Saudi Arabia and Israel.”

Impeach, Remove, and Try George W. Bush for War Crimes and Mass Murder!

The chorus demanding George Bush be prosecuted war crimes is getting louder

ДТП на МКАД: в огне погиб полковник ВС РФ с семьей

MCBUSH wants to kick Russia out of the G-8. Obama says it would be a mistake.  Russia G-8

07-11-2008 British "Diplomat" Chris Bowers, who went from being a "simple" BBC correspondent to one of the top members of Britain's foreign service at one of its most important missions, and was even the former "case officer" for Garry Kasparov, Russian traitor and agent provocateur, has been accused by Moscow of espionage....

07-08-2008 Британия обвинила российские власти в убийстве А.Литвиненко Again using Litvinenko for political motives Britain, which has to this day refused to look at evidence that implicates Boris Berezovsky or Mi6 in the death of Litvinenko, a man of dubious motives who was trying to play both sides of the fence, has decided to blame Russia for Litvinenko's death.

       Litvinenko, a low level ex-FSB operative who lied about his status with the FSB in order to receive political asylum in Britain and fabricated stories about a plot to blow up buildings to which he claimed to have knowledge even though he was not even working for the FSB at the time, was more likely than not killed by Mi6 after his dealings with Berezovsky  made it clear to the English that Litvinenko was nothing more than a fabricator and was in fact trying to work both sides of the fence. Rather than admitting to being duped by Litivinenko, a man the special services had been warned was an unreliable source, they decided to take care of the problem in the way that Mi6 usually does.

         Litvinenko was not and had never been important enough for Moscow to take the trouble of offing in such an expensive, suspicious, and public way. Had Moscow been involved something untraceable and more sublime would have been arranged. A car accident for example. It would have been ludicrous and operationally prohibitive to off Litvinenko in such a way as he was offed, whereas for Mi6, coming up with Polonium and passing it on to Litvinenko posed no problem and allowed the British a huge political victory in their secret war against the Russians. Litvinenko was not worth anything to Moscow so it is absurd to blame his death on Russia. 

         Berezovsky is another story. He would be worth offing. Having absconded with billions of dollars belonging to the Russian government which he stole and using British special services to protect and aid and abet him in his crimes he is a real thorn in the side of Moscow. A multi-billion dollar thorn. Since he is working for Mi6 and Mi5 and passes along any and all information regarding his dealings with everyone he comes in contact with I would not be surprised if Mi6 has already orchestrated more "Litvinenkos".

           So Litvinenko's death was most likely caused by his own greed or that of Berezovsky: Mi6's main man. I would recommend that anyone who does business with Berezovsky be warned everything you say and do will be passed along to Mi6.

             I would recommend the British check their own stockpiles of Polonium 210. I am sure there is some missing.


07-07-2008 POST 2

Дж.Буш: Дмитрий Медведев – умный парень. "Парень"???!!? чё?

 I guess what with the more serious events tearing the world apart at the moment and the whole world already used to the US having a war-criminal-idiot-in-chief, no one is even openly mentioning the unmitigated gall and arrogance of George the swaggering drunk Bush when calling the president of the biggest country in the world a "smart guy". A smart guy? You don't call a president a guy. Maybe an intelligent leader, a smart man, but not a guy. Guy is reserved for young dudes and those doing menial jobs. The pizza guy, the cable guy, the pool guy, that guy at the gas station, the guy at the parking lot but for anyone above a plumber you don't normally say guy. Can you say, the electrician guy? No. You say the electrician, even garbage men aren't referred to as guys. The garbage guy? No can't say that. Just trying calling someone at customs guy, or God forbid you call an American cop guy, you would be shot in the head. George Bush knows that, the mass murdering fascist war criminal guy that he is.   PHOTOS ARCHIVED

07-07-2008 OKAY nothing happened. So much for that experiment. I was sitting at the dinner table tonight after a hard day, having just gone through my 30 or so source sites and pretty much reading the same stuff, Bush is a war criminal and a mass murder and does whatever he wants and anyone who questions is a traitor etc, when it occurred to me what a wonderful world it would now be had he not even been born. Okay I know that you can not under any circumstances say or publish or promote the idea or anything related to killing a president, even a mass murdering fascist tyrant, and I am not doing so, although I suppose I could if I wanted to and nothing would happen, so I was wondering, is it also illegal to say one wishes he had never been born? I think I can say that. So I am. I wish George had never been born. If he had not these are just a few of the things that might be different: millions of people would still be alive today had that been the case. The twin towers would still be standing, where me and my brother used to hang out, the US economy would still be in the black and there would be peace in the world. A war against an imaginary enemy and a tactic would not be being fought, the pogrom in Iraq would not have happened. Guantanamo would just be a word in some Spanish songs. Gas would not be 24 rubles a liter and the US would not be a fascist police state. So there you go Junior, you mass murdering lunatic, those are just a few of the wonderful things that would be or not be, were you not to have existed. I know it was your birthday recently, not that anyone cares, and I know you defiled Monticello on the fourth. What I do not know is why you wanted a tour of the room where Thomas Jefferson died? I am sure with your hatred for the US Constitution you must also hate the man who wrote it. A man unlike yourself, a man both eloquent and intelligent with the wisdom to found a country, a country you want to turn into something like Hitler's dream aryan paradise, which he so wistfully described in Mein Kampf,  a stark and striking contrast to yourself who can not form a proper sentence despite the best education that money could buy. What did you do in the room where Jefferson died while outside people were being arrested and taken away for exercising the rights that Thomas Jefferson envisioned for all. What were you thinking? Did you triumphantly spit. Did you flip the room the bird? Maybe you pulled your pants down and took a dump on the floor? Maybe all of these and more. Did you laugh at the thought of the tears that most surely would be streaming down Thomas Jefferson's face if he knew what you had done to his country? Did you stand there smirking not even realizing how your presence there was an abomination? Did you think of anything at all? Every cloud has a silver lining in some ways I guess. Even you being born, I mean the world now has a better understanding of all that is bad with American society. The world will soon again be bipolar. You have given the world and millions upon millions of people something which unites them, hatred for you and the United States. You have caused more terror and fear on a worldwide level  than anyone since Hitler, giving Nazis worldwide some one to look up to, and best of all your existence which has made the world a much more dangerous and terrible  place, has given people the world over something to look forward to in the future: namely the moment when you are gone. So you mass-murdering megalomaniac, wishing you a miserable b-day, I hope you didn't get what you wanted. What might that have been? To see some more dead kids whose little bodies have been torn apart because of you and your war lust? Would that make you a happy little pilgrim? So I have to go, I am feeling nauseous just writing to you...Seriously.              

07-04-2008 Let's do a little experiment. The day I posted the little post below my ISP was bought out causing the site to be down due to DNS problems for several days. I removed the post and lo and behold everything was fine and dandy. I also had a crap-load of other problems befall me... I just want to test a theory... This also happened on the 200th day left in the reign of Bush. So here goes...Let's see what happens....Plus another little bonus.... War criminal, and well,  if it ain't Bill and Hillary:




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