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07-31-2008 50 REASONS WE LOVE MOSCOW  My favourite reason is that in Moscow it makes no difference where you are from or what you look like and this is real and noticeable in everything I do))))

1. Money 2. Contrasts 3. The Rhythm 4. The fact that Moscow has everything 5. Beautiful Girls 6. The extremes  of everything from buildings to prices. 7. High-speed internet. 8. Smart people who even find a use for traffic jams. 8. The mono-rail. 9.  Verandas on the roofs. 10. The trams 11. The wine factory 12. The best street cleaners 13. Soccer 14. The Hermitage 15.  The "City" 16. The Central Armory Museum 17. The Boulevard Ring 18. SHAURMA 19.  The store called Havana 20. Parks 21. The Pushkin Museum 22. Seniors hanging out at Sokolniki 23. The night-life 24. The St. Petersburg to Moscow trains 25. The Beer 26. Bulgakov's House 27. The Cold War Museum 28.  Some of the crazy people 29.  Driving along the Moscow River 30. The Exoticness 31.  The atmosphere of freedom and uninhibitedness 32. When they turn off the hot water. It a great reason to go to the banya and to meet people. 33. Moscow State University 34. The beautiful architecture in the metro, the most beautiful in the world.  If you want to know the other 16 reasons either come to Moscow or read the article, (in Russian). Have a nice day.)))

07-30-2008 Article by jar2.com

The Straw That Broke the Camel's Back,

or How McBush "A Dumb Ass Guy" Woke a Sleeping Bear.

RUSSIA Threatens to Stop Talks with the US

        It has been building up to this for quite sometime and I for one, quite frankly, am surprised that Moscow has been so patient for so long. But that is part of Russian character. Quiet tolerance and patience, even in the face of insults and threats and bullying, an intelligent way of dealing with those who are obviously less gifted and whose idea of diplomacy is circling the tee-pees with their six shooters firing indiscriminately and killing the women and children first.

        Russia can no longer just close its eyes to the American hypocrisy which has been evident in its relations with Russia for years when all of the problems have now become an open threat to its sovereignty and its national interests.

        Talk of cutting off diplomatic ties and talks with Washington has reached an official level only today however   calls for such action have been heard for quite a long time.

        According to sources in the know there are three main reasons why Russia has been forced to put its foot down, after quietly putting up with so much for so long. The first reason is the US' military operations in Georgia and the Caucuses. An area which the US has long stated may explode and lead to WWIII and which strategically is vital for the US if it is to neutralize Russia as it has plans to do. Divide and conquer, one of the oldest strategies in the world is exactly what the US has had in mind for Russia for the longest time. More autonomy for former USSR Republics and administrative regions in the far east, strong support for former USSR Republics friendly and exploitable by the US, surrounding Russia with American military might, constant bombardment of American culture and ideas on the Russia people, a concerted diplomatic effort to weaken and discredit Russia in the eyes of the world, and any and every other means, from economic subterfuge to undermining the Russian people's belief in their own country by any means possible. The US sorties and military operations in its "project" to reintegrate Abhazia and North Ossetia, a necessary precursor to allowing Georgia's entrance into NATO, has long been a thorn in Moscow's side and is a direct threat to Russian interests. NATO, an organization which should have been dissolved when the cold war ended and the USSR and the Warsaw Pact was dissolved, but which has continued to be used to namely continue the West's assault on Russia, has been actively pushing closer and closer to Russian territory for the last twelve years. I must add that the hypocrisy screams when the the US recognizes the independence of Kosovo, a move which Russia opposed, but refuses to recognize Abhazia'a and North Ossetia's similar claims of independence, moves which Russia recognizes but NATO hungry US appeasing Georgia does not.

        The second reason again involves NATO and Washington's announcement that Georgia and Ukraine may become members of NATO as soon as December. This underlines Washington's active attempts to pull other former Soviet Republics into NATO, namely Azerbaijan and Armenia.

        The last reason according to sources may have been McCain's recent escalation of US anti-Russia rhetoric when he announced that he would kick Russia out of its rightful place in the G8.

        Needless to say US attempts to surround Russia with missiles, with their "Missile Defense Shield", and breakdowns in talks regarding conventional and nuclear forces has not helped matters in the least.

        A Foreign Ministry official on condition of anonymity has said Moscow was ready for any turn of events. "We are ready for any development of relations," he said. "In the long run, we can afford not having any relations with some of our partners, if they wish so. The only thing we want is the U.S. electorate to bear responsibility for its choice."
        He said Moscow would be patient with Washington.
"Everything is fine until we are told how to behave, who to be friends with, who to fight against, who must be hated, who we must bed down with and who must be shown the door," he said.

        "Personally, it seems to me we could reach a moment when we can afford to give up discussing the issues that the Americans are interested in," the official said.

Partial Source Article by Irina Tsaregorodseva

Article by jar2.com

 Berezovsky Guilty of Looting Aeroflot. Take two.

        This time by using a company called Forus Services SA, between 1996-1999, to collect monies which were owed to Aeroflot and which by all rights and industry standards should have been paid directly to Aeroflot. In setting up such a scheme he was able to skim tens of millions of dollars off of the hundreds of millions which Forus Services was supposed to be collecting for Aeroflot and the Russian government.
        Russian prosecutors continue to pursue the case against Berezovsky and Forus Services SA and its principles regarding the misappropriation of funds from Aeroflot between 1996-1999. The investigative stage of the case has been wrapped up and the case is about to be handed to the courts. The Russian Federal Prosecutors Office has evidence that an unspecified, as yet by them, but large part, of between 200 to 300 million dollars was transferred through Forus Services SA and just simply disappeared. Forus Services SA also received approximately 10 million dollars for their services. Forus Services SA was a Swiss concern co-founded by Nikolai Glushkov, ex-vice-president of Aeroflot, who was also one of its directors. Berezovsky of course was Glushkovs boss and partner.
        As with the Andava case, another holding through which 252.4 million dollars in Aeroflots assets was transferred, Boris Berezovsky and his partner Nikolai Glushkov, both London residents, are also the prime suspects, beneficiaries, and organizers of the scheme which defrauded Aeroflot and the Russian government, 50% co-owners, out of hundreds of millions of dollars.
        In related news, earlier this month the Swiss Federal Criminal Court found another of Boris Berezovskys partners and his legal representative, lawyer Hans Peter Ienni, 58, guilty of aiding Berezovsky in a scheme to defraud and launder 214,988,000,000 rubles of stolen Aeroflot money. The court sentenced him to two years in prison and awarded damages to Aeroflot in the sum of $50,000,000.00.
        Aeroflots management is, of course, very hopeful that restitution will be made.
        My only question is why is London protecting such a crook and con-man as Berezovsky? Is it possible that even the English can be bought? For shame.


Part of source material article by Sergey Kolobkov

07-29-2008 Finally got our provider to link to us and hopefully RAW story may also link to us soon. If you like what you have seen here please link to us.

Russia slams Bush for linking Nazi and Soviet evils

Russia denies planning to base bombers in Cuba

NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell claims alien contact cover-up

BBC reported that WTC 7 had collapsed some 26 minutes before it actually fell

FBI may get OK to investigate any American without evidence of crime

political spying by the Bushies before 9-11

DOJ Illegally Discriminated Against Non-Republicans

Kerry: McCain a dangerous psychopath,' candidate a 'changed man'

Obama draws crowd of 200,000 in Berlin

Obama assassination attempt 1

Guantanamo testimony: U.S. let bin Laden's top bodyguard go

U.S.: Torture, murder at Iraqi juvenile prison

Afghan strike 'hit wedding party' AGAIN

Panama says no to U.S. military base

Marine's graphic interview describes killing of prisoners in Iraq

Secret documents on Gitmo's youngest detainee revealed

Ex-Agent Says CIA Ignored Iran Facts

Commander of the 3rd Wing at Elmendorf Air Force Base suicided

NASA astronaut Edgar Mitchell claims alien contact cover-up

Bush claims Executive Privilege on CIA Leak

Bush's Secret Army of Snoops and Snitches

Bush Administration's Crimes and Misdemeanors (Just a Few)

Bush Worries About War Crimes in the White House

Bush an ass, civil liberties board exists 'in name only'

Bush 'fabricated threats'

Bush scares girl

Bush Sex Crimes in the White House

Bush can be taken down by State and Local Prosecutors

Bush 'Imperial presidency' hearing to feature 13 witnesses

Bush "imperial Bush presidency" Hearing set

Bush rebuked on warrantless spying

Bush 'a total failure' Pelosi tries to distance herself

Rove 'actually incriminated himself'

Rove refuses subpoena, leaves country

Rove has threatened a GOP high-tech guru and his wife

Four peace activists were arrested as they tried to make a "citizen's arrest" of Karl Rove

Rove fails to testify in Congress

Rice told embassies to limit aid for Obama

More than 100 U.S. nuclear bombs have been withdrawn from RAF Lakenheath,  the forward base of the U.S. Air Force 48th Fighter Wing.

W.Va. man pleads guilty in torture of woman

Cheney sells, they buy, Bush invades.

Halliburton Charged with Selling Nuclear Technologies to Iran

Intelligence chief Alex Allan unconscious for four days, DEAD??

GOP cyber-security expert suggests Diebold tampered with 2002 election

State of Confusion: Political Manipulation and the Assault on the American Mind

US teacher is suspended for letting pupils read bestseller

Mystery insect bugging experts at London museum

Man rips head from Hitler wax figure

Nazi-hunter says he's closing in on Aribert Heim 'Dr. Death'

U.S. Told To Halt Executions Of 5 Mexicans

Smiling Kindly on Vigilante Justice

Congresswoman calls for inquiry into vigilante Texas county 

Europe's Changing Borders

Antarctic ice shelf 'hanging by thread'

Gypsy girls' corpses on beach in Italy fail to distract sunbathers

Tasering, you can't just kill 'em so electrocute them as much as possible.

66-year-old minister claims hospital guards tased him over joke.

Blind and ill woman tased by Ohio police.

Doctors believe 16-year-old Mace Hutchinson broke his back and heel after falling, as his injuries are consistent with such a fall. The boy's family does not understand why police would have tasered the the teen 19 times after he was so seriously injured. It looks quite simple to me. The cops tasered him 19 times before he was thrown off the bridge. Poor kid.

Missouri Police taser injured boy 19 times


07-23-2008 Seems like our new provider is acting as a CENSOR. Sent another letter today asking them why they refuse to link to us. Then there is the question of speed. Seems we are being throttled to almost nothing.

US warns Russia regarding bombers.  Any excuse by the White House to posture and prance about.

What do you suppose Petraeus is saying to Obama and Hagel???

07-15-2008 Seems like Mi5 wants to keep the cold war going. Punishing MP Andrew MacKinlay for doing his job. Seems he dared to question Home Secretary Jacqui Smith as to why Britain had granted political asylum to Boris Berezovsky.  Andrew Mackinlay

07-14-2008 Well that did not take long to find out. My provider was bought out and the new management apparently do not want people to have access to jar2. Sent them a letter asking them to list me among their local resources and they have so far refused. Will send them another letter and ask them why. If you are from Zhulebino and also want to know why please send them an e-mail. Will keep you all up to date.




The Pogrom Continues in Iraq/145/War Crimes/

1.3 Million + Dead


9-11 Preventable it was planned but "preventable" is a start

So hot is the speculation that war-crimes trials will eventually follow in foreign or international courts that Lawrence Wilkerson, Colin Powells former chief of staff, has publicly advised Mr. Feith, Mr. Addington and Alberto Gonzales, among others, to never travel outside the U.S., except perhaps to Saudi Arabia and Israel.

Karl Rove Fled The Country To Avoid Congressional Hearings

Impeach, Remove, and Try George W. Bush for War Crimes and Mass Murder!

The chorus demanding George Bush be prosecuted war crimes is getting louder

Donate $250,000 to the Bush presidential library and meet



07-13-2008 MCBUSH wants to kick Russia out of the G-8. Obama says it would be a mistake.  Russia G-8

As we have been saying for years. Bush is a WAR CRIMINAL!! Finally someone else is getting it.


07-11-2008 British "Diplomat" Chris Bowers, who went from being a "simple" BBC correspondent to one of the top members of Britain's foreign service at one of its most important missions, and was even the former "case officer" for Garry Kasparov, Russian traitor and agent provocateur, has been accused by Moscow of espionage....

swastika on child's arm

Bush to G-8 Two finger salute


G-8 to Bush SU-Fi (Super-Finger)


................/.../..../ /
..........''...\.......... _.´



07-10-2008 The Fourth Amendment  RIP 07-10-2008 

Habeas Corpus R.I.P. 1789 - 10/17/2006



Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders, that is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.
Hermann Goering
(Nazi planner)







Iran Plans to Defend Itself: WWIII Anyone?

Agonizing Death Is Worth $1 Million a Minute in the USA

For McSame Killing Iranians is a Big Joke

US Left Wide-Open by BushCo

A US general gave away a huge piece of intelligence a few days ago which no one seems to have caught.  Adm. Mike Mullen, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently said that when the situation improves in Iraq the US will have more troops available to send to Afghanistan. Since roughly half of the US troops in Iraq are private contractors and we know the US forces there are already exhausted having been deployed multiple times,  we know that the US is in no position to fight a ground conflict anywhere in the world, they (US Forces) are bogged down and vulnerable and in a very dangerous position. the bravado and posturing by the Bush administration regarding an invasion in Iran is nothing but that, and is extremely dangerous for the American people who have been basically left wide open with the commander in chief saying "bring 'em on", reminiscent of what the situation was like on 9-11  . Air strikes are possible, however the US military, for all intents and purposes, is maxed-out. 

07-08-2008 . Again using Litvinenko for political motives Britain, which has to this day refused to look at evidence that implicates Boris Berezovsky or Mi6 in the death of Litvinenko, a man of dubious motives who was trying to play both sides of the fence, has decided to blame Russia for Litvinenko's death.

       Litvinenko, a low level ex-FSB operative who lied about his status with the FSB in order to receive political asylum in Britain and fabricated stories about a plot to blow up buildings to which he claimed to have knowledge even though he was not even working for the FSB at the time, was more likely than not killed by Mi6 after his dealings with Berezovsky  made it clear to the English that Litvinenko was nothing more than a fabricator and was in fact trying to work both sides of the fence. Rather than admitting to being duped by Litivinenko, a man the special services had been warned was an unreliable source, they decided to take care of the problem in the way that Mi6 usually does.

         Litvinenko was not and had never been important enough for Moscow to take the trouble of offing in such an expensive, suspicious, and public way. Had Moscow been involved something untraceable and more sublime would have been arranged. A car accident for example. It would have been ludicrous and operationally prohibitive to off Litvinenko in such a way as he was offed, whereas for Mi6, coming up with Polonium and passing it on to Litvinenko posed no problem and allowed the British a huge political victory in their secret war against the Russians. Litvinenko was not worth anything to Moscow so it is absurd to blame his death on Russia. 

         Berezovsky is another story. He would be worth offing. Having absconded with billions of dollars belonging to the Russian government which he stole and using British special services to protect and aid and abet him in his crimes he is a real thorn in the side of Moscow. A multi-billion dollar thorn. Since he is working for Mi6 and Mi5 and passes along any and all information regarding his dealings with everyone he comes in contact with I would not be surprised if Mi6 has already orchestrated more "Litvinenkos".

           So Litvinenko's death was most likely caused by his own greed or that of Berezovsky: Mi6's main man. I would recommend that anyone who does business with Berezovsky be warned everything you say and do will be passed along to Mi6.

             I would recommend the British check their own stockpiles of Polonium 210. I am sure there is some missing.    

07-07-2008 POST 2

.: . ""???!!? ?

 I guess what with the more serious events tearing the world apart at the moment and the whole world already used to the US having a war-criminal-idiot-in-chief, no one is even openly mentioning the unmitigated gall and arrogance of George the swaggering drunk Bush when calling the president of the biggest country in the world a "smart guy". A smart guy? You don't call a president a guy. Maybe an intelligent leader, a smart man, but not a guy. Guy is reserved for young dudes and those doing menial jobs. The pizza guy, the cable guy, the pool guy, that guy at the gas station, the guy at the parking lot but for anyone above a plumber you don't normally say guy. Can you say, the electrician guy? No. You say the electrician, even garbage men aren't referred to as guys. The garbage guy? No can't say that. Just trying calling someone at customs guy, or God forbid you call an American cop guy, you would be shot in the head. George Bush knows that, the mass murdering fascist war criminal guy that he is.

07-07-2008 OKAY nothing happened. So much for that experiment. I was sitting at the dinner table tonight after a hard day, having just gone through my 30 or so source sites and pretty much reading the same stuff, Bush is a war criminal and a mass murder and does whatever he wants and anyone who questions is a traitor etc, when it occurred to me what a wonderful world it would now be had he not even been born. Okay I know that you can not under any circumstances say or publish or promote the idea or anything related to killing a president, even a mass murdering fascist tyrant, and I am not doing so, although I suppose I could if I wanted to and nothing would happen, so I was wondering, is it also illegal to say one wishes he had never been born? I think I can say that. So I am. I wish George had never been born. If he had not these are just a few of the things that might be different: millions of people would still be alive today had that been the case. The twin towers would still be standing, where me and my brother used to hang out, the US economy would still be in the black and there would be peace in the world. A war against an imaginary enemy and a tactic would not be being fought, the pogrom in Iraq would not have happened. Guantanamo would just be a word in some Spanish songs. Gas would not be 24 rubles a liter and the US would not be a fascist police state. So there you go Junior, you mass murdering lunatic, those are just a few of the wonderful things that would be or not be, were you not to have existed. I know it was your birthday recently, not that anyone cares, and I know you defiled Monticello on the fourth. What I do not know is why you wanted a tour of the room where Thomas Jefferson died? I am sure with your hatred for the US Constitution you must also hate the man who wrote it. A man unlike yourself, a man both eloquent and intelligent with the wisdom to found a country, a country you want to turn into something like Hitler's dream aryan paradise, which he so wistfully described in Mein Kampf,  a stark and striking contrast to yourself who can not form a proper sentence despite the best education that money could buy. What did you do in the room where Jefferson died while outside people were being arrested and taken away for exercising the rights that Thomas Jefferson envisioned for all. What were you thinking? Did you triumphantly spit. Did you flip the room the bird? Maybe you pulled your pants down and took a dump on the floor? Maybe all of these and more. Did you laugh at the thought of the tears that most surely would be streaming down Thomas Jefferson's face if he knew what you had done to his country? Did you stand there smirking not even realizing how your presence there was an abomination? Did you think of anything at all? Every cloud has a silver lining in some ways I guess. Even you being born, I mean the world now has a better understanding of all that is bad with American society. The world will soon again be bipolar. You have given the world and millions upon millions of people something which unites them, hatred for you and the United States. You have caused more terror and fear on a worldwide level  than anyone since Hitler, giving Nazis worldwide some one to look up to, and best of all your existence which has made the world a much more dangerous and terrible  place, has given people the world over something to look forward to in the future: namely the moment when you are gone. So you mass-murdering megalomaniac, wishing you a miserable b-day, I hope you didn't get what you wanted. What might that have been? To see some more dead kids whose little bodies have been torn apart because of you and your war lust? Would that make you a happy little pilgrim? So I have to go, I am feeling nauseous just writing to you...Seriously.              

07-04-2008 Let's do a little experiment. The day I posted the little post below my ISP was bought out causing the site to be down due to DNS problems for several days. I removed the post and lo and behold everything was fine and dandy. I also had a crap-load of other problems befall me... I just want to test a theory... This also happened on the 200th day left in the reign of Bush. So here goes...Let's see what happens....Plus another little bonus.... War criminal, and well,  if it ain't Bill and Hillary:

RE-POST 06-29-2008 RAW STORY is having some server problems. I wrote them an e-mail and received a prompt and courteous answer that stated they have been having problems with their servers. Good luck to them and keep up the good work Raw Story.

List of McCain Flip/Flops

The 'W.' Stands for 'War Criminal' 

Recent Examples of Awesomely Non-Racist Political Discourse

Bill Clinton (Ex-Pres Bushland) Tells Obama to KISS HIS ASS  Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must 'kiss my ass' for his support: Bill, impeached because of his nether regions, once again referencing his nether regions, while the war criminals he enabled sit and laugh out loud.

Dear Bill: You should have wondered why an intern sent over by Rumsfeld wanted to have relations with you Bill. You were set up buddy. Oh, and by the way Bill, if your wife was not good enough to satisfy you, why should the American voters want her? Am I being too harsh Bill? You should have cleaned house when you had the chance... and stop pouting you're ruining what is left of your image, people have long memories Billo, like yours truly. Look at the the lady below Billo, now there's a reason to be pissed off.... Gotta go Bill... Your colors are showing....      


Bill not taking it well. Lighten up Bill, you'll blow a gasket.                  She was worried about her niece.


07-04-2008 Another black man in Texas freed after 15 years false imprisonment

Video shows woman dying on Brooklyn hospital floor after 24 hour wait and nobody helping her

Apparently Killing Convicts is OK

Bush gets caught lying about war for oil companies

Ex-CIA agent says CIA fabricating Iran threat

FBI may get okay to investigate on basis of race

Federal Judge says Bush has no authority to bypass FISA

People with higher IQs are less likely to believe in God

AP interview: Iran envoy dismisses attack threat


: 50

Waterboarding is a deliberate torture technique

Well Known Liberal Blogger Shot In Washington, D.C

07-02-2008 Our ISP was bought out and we are having problems with the DNS servers in Australia flushing their cache and transferring everything to our new IP address.... If you got here you figured that out already. I am sorry to see the old hands go I remember many nights sitting on the phone with them and working out bugs, at the beginning they were one of the first providers of high speed Internet in my area, sometimes things weren't the best but they supported us for five long years. From lightning strikes to black outs and blacker things, they always came through, they were called TKM (Trans Kontakt M). Farewell and may all of you find success and happiness wherever you may have gone. Good luck you all, and welcome all of you new people. Hope we can get along as well as we did with the TKM team.....



06-29-2008 RAW STORY is having some server problems. I wrote them an e-mail and received a prompt and courteous answer that stated they have been having problems with their servers. Good luck to them and keep up the good work Raw Story.

List of McCain Flip/Flops

The 'W.' Stands for 'War Criminal' 

Recent Examples of Awesomely Non-Racist Political Discourse

Bill Clinton (Ex-Pres Bushland) Tells Obama to KISS HIS ASS  Bill Clinton says Barack Obama must 'kiss my ass' for his support: Bill, impeached because of his nether regions, once again referencing his nether regions, while the war criminals he enabled sit and laugh out loud.

Dear Bill: You should have wondered why an intern sent over by Rumsfeld wanted to have relations with you Bill. You were set up buddy. Oh, and by the way Bill, if your wife was not good enough to satisfy you, why should the American voters want her? Am I being too harsh Bill? You should have cleaned house when you had the chance... and stop pouting you're ruining what is left of your image, people have long memories Billo, like yours truly. Look at the the lady below Billo, now there's a reason to be pissed off.... Gotta go Bill... Your colors are showing....      

Bill not taking it well. Lighten up Bill, you'll blow a gasket.


She was worried about her niece.

06-28-2008 Kucinichs Articles of Impeachment: A Three-Part Guide

The Nuclear Expert Who Never Was
Thursday 26 June 2008
by: Scott Ritter, Truthdig

 I am a former U.N. weapons inspector. I started my work with the United Nations in September 1991, and between that date and my resignation in August 1998, I participated in over 30 inspections, 14 as chief inspector. The United Nations Special Commission, or UNSCOM, was the organization mandated by the Security Council with the implementation of its resolutions requiring Iraq to be disarmed of its weapons-of-mass-destruction capabilities. While UNSCOM oversaw the areas of chemical and biological weapons, and ballistic missiles, it shared the nuclear file with the International Atomic Energy Agency, or IAEA. As such, UNSCOM, through a small cell of nuclear experts on loan from the various national weapons laboratories, would coordinate with the nuclear safeguards inspectors from the IAEA, organized into an "Action Team" dedicated to the Iraq nuclear disarmament problem. UNSCOM maintained political control of the process, insofar as its executive chairman was the only one authorized to approve a given inspection mission. At first, the IAEA and UNSCOM shared the technical oversight of the inspection process, but soon this was transferred completely to the IAEA's Action Team, and UNSCOM's nuclear staff assumed more of an advisory and liaison function.

In August 1992 I began cooperating closely with IAEA's Action Team, traveling to Vienna, where the IAEA maintained its headquarters. The IAEA had in its possession a huge cache of documents seized from Iraq during a series of inspections in the summer of 1991 and, together with other U.N. inspectors, I was able to gain access to these documents for the purpose of extracting any information which might relate to UNSCOM's non-nuclear mission. These documents proved to be very valuable in that regard, and a strong working relationship was developed. Over the coming years I frequently traveled to Vienna, where I came to know the members of the IAEA Action Team as friends and dedicated professionals. Whether poring over documents, examining bits and pieces of equipment (the IAEA kept a sample of an Iraqi nuclear centrifuge in its office) or ruminating about the difficult political situation that was Iraq over wine and cheese on a Friday afternoon, I became familiar with the core team of experts who composed the IAEA Action Team.

I bring up this history because during the entire time of my intense, somewhat intimate cooperation with the IAEA Action Team, one name that never entered into the mix was David Albright. Albright is the president of the Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS, an institute which he himself founded), and has for some time now dominated the news as the "go-to" guy for the U.S. mainstream media when they need "expert opinion" on news pertaining to nuclear issues. Most recently, Albright could be seen commenting on a report he authored, released by ISIS on June 16, in which he discusses the alleged existence of a computer owned by Swiss-based businessmen who were involved in the A.Q. Khan nuclear black market ring. According to Albright, this computer contained sensitive design drawings of a small, sophisticated nuclear warhead which, he speculates, could fit on a missile delivery system such as that possessed by Iran.

I have no objection to an academically based think tank capable of producing sound analysis about the myriad nuclear-based threats the world faces today. But David Albright has a track record of making half-baked analyses derived from questionable sources seem mainstream. He breathes false legitimacy into these factually challenged stories by cloaking himself in a résumé which is disingenuous in the extreme. Eventually, one must begin to question the motives of Albright and ISIS. No self-respecting think tank would allow itself to be used in such an egregious manner. The fact that ISIS is a creation of Albright himself, and as such operates as a mirror image of its founder and president, only underscores the concerns raised when an individual lacking in any demonstrable foundation of expertise has installed himself into the mainstream media in a manner that corrupts the public discourse and debate by propagating factually incorrect, illogical and misleading information.

In his résumé Albright prominently advertises himself as a "former U.N. weapons inspector." Indeed, this is the first thing that is mentioned when he describes himself to the public. Witness an Op-Ed piece in The Washington Post which he jointly authored with Jacqueline Shire in January 2008, wherein he is described as such: "David Albright, a former U.N. weapons inspector, is president of the Institute for Science and International Security." His erstwhile U.N. credentials appear before his actual job title. Now, this is not uncommon. I do the same thing when describing myself, noting that I was a former U.N. weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998. I feel comfortable doing this, because it's true and because my résumé is relevant to my writing. In his official ISIS biography, Albright details his "U.N. inspector" experience as such: "Albright cooperated actively with the IAEA Action Team from 1992 until 1997, focusing on analyses of Iraqi documents and past procurement activities. In June 1996, he was the first non-governmental inspector of the Iraqi nuclear program. On this inspection mission, Albright questioned members of Iraq's former uranium enrichment programs about their statements in Iraq's draft Full, Final, and Complete Declaration."

Now, as I have explained previously, I cooperated actively between 1992 and 1998 with the IAEA Action team, covering the same ground that David Albright claims to have. I do not doubt his assertion that he was in contact with the IAEA during the period claimed; I just doubt the use of the word actively to describe this cooperation. Maybe Albright was part of a top-secret "shadow" inspection activity that I was unaware of. I strongly doubt this. In 1992, when Albright states he began his "active cooperation" with the IAEA, he was serving as a "Senior Staff Scientist" with the Federation of American Scientists. That same year Albright, in collaboration with Frans Berkhout of Sussex University and William Walker of the University of St. Andrews, published "World Inventory of Plutonium and Highly Enriched Uranium," 1992 (SIPRI and Oxford University Press). From March 1991 until July 1992, Albright, together with Mark Hibbs, wrote a series of seven articles on the Iraqi nuclear weapons programs for the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. The final three articles of this series, entitled "Iraq's Bomb: Blueprints and Artifacts," "Iraq: It's all over at Al Atheer" and "Iraq's shop-till-you-drop nuclear program," were in part based upon information provided to Albright and Hibbs by the IAEA in response to questions posed by the two authors. So far as I can tell, this is the true nature of David Albright's "active cooperation." Far from being a subject-matter expert brought in by the IAEA to review Iraqi documents, Albright was simply an outsider with questions.

In the November/December 1995 issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, Albright wrote an article, co-authored with Robert Kelley, titled "Has Iraq come clean at last?" I know Bob Kelley. In August 1992, it was Kelley, then deputy to Action Team leader Maurizio Zifferero, who helped me and other UNSCOM inspectors gain access to the Iraqi documents under IAEA control. Kelley was, and is, a great safeguards inspector, and among his many accomplishments is his leading role in directing the IAEA's investigation into South Africa's unilaterally dismantled nuclear weapons program in the mid-1990s. Bob Kelley had served as David Albright's "in" at the IAEA since 1992, when he started providing Albright with access to some of the IAEA's information on Iraq's nuclear program. The decision to jointly author an article on Iraq was a big step toward legitimizing what had been, up until that time, an informal relationship.

The joint article with Kelley gave Albright a legitimacy within the IAEA, to the extent that there were no objections when Kelley recommended inviting Albright to participate in a surge of inspections. It was during the aftermath of the defection of Saddam Hussein's son-in-law, Hussein Kamal, in August 1995, and the subsequent turning over of a massive quantity of previously hidden documents, including those pertaining to nuclear issues. These activities served as the framework around which Albright and Kelley wrote their article. The June 1996 inspection Albright participated in was his one and only foray into Iraq as a weapons inspector. He was not a chief inspector, nor a deputy chief inspector, nor an operations officer. He was a minor member of the team, Bob Kelley's bag boy, who for the most part was there to observe. In a round-table discussion with Iraqi nuclear scientists, attended by all of the inspectors, Albright was able to ask a few questions, not from the standpoint of an IAEA expert, but more as an informed tourist.

I was in Iraq at the time, spearheading the very controversial UNSCOM 150 inspection, which found our team barred from entering several sensitive sites in and around Baghdad. On the few occasions when I was able to spend some down time at the U.N. headquarters on Canal Street, I would catch up with the status of the other inspections taking place in Iraq at the same time, including the one Albright was attached to. From all accounts, his lone stint as an inspector was at best unremarkable. He was a dilettante in every sense of the word, a Walter Mitty-like character in a world of genuine U.N. inspectors. There was recognition among most involved that bringing an outsider such as David Albright into the inspection process was a mistake. Not only did he lack any experience in the nuclear weapons field (being an outsider with only secondhand insight into limited aspects of the Iraqi program), he had no credibility with the Iraqi nuclear scientists, and his questions, void of any connectivity with the considerable record of interaction between the IAEA and Iraq, were not taken seriously by either side. Albright left Iraq in June 1996, and was never again invited back.

This is the reality of the relationship between Albright and the IAEA, and the singular event in his life which he uses as the justification for prominently promoting himself as a "former U.N. inspector." While not outright fraud, Albright's self-promoted relationship with the IAEA, and his status as a "former U.N. inspector," is at best disingenuous, all the more so since he exploits this misleading biographical data in his ongoing effort to insert himself into the public eye as a nuclear weapons expert, a title not supported by anything in his life experience.

I can't say for certain when Albright became "Doctor" Albright. A self-described "physicist," he allows the term to linger, as he does the title "former U.N. inspector," in order to create the impression that he possesses a certain gravitas. David Albright holds a master of science degree in physics from Indiana University and a master of science in mathematics from Wright State University. I imagine that this résumé permits him to assign himself the title physicist, but not in the Robert Oppenheimer/Edward Teller sense of the word. Whatever physics work Albright may or may not have done in his life, one thing is certain: He has never worked as a nuclear physicist on any program dedicated to the design and/or manufacture of nuclear weapons. He has never designed nuclear weapons and never conducted mathematical calculations in support of testing nuclear weapons, nor has he ever worked in a facility or with an organization dedicated to either.

At best, Albright is an observer of things nuclear. But to associate his sub-par physics pedigree with genuine nuclear weapons-related work is, like his self-promotion as a "former U.N. weapons inspector," disingenuous in the extreme. His lack of any advanced educational training as a nuclear physicist, combined with his dearth of practical experience with things nuclear, is further exacerbated by his astounding assumption of the title Doctor. In 2007 Albright received an honorary doctorate of humane letters from Wright State University. This honorary award is a recognition that should never be belittled, but it in no way elevates Albright to the status of one who has undergone the formal educational training and has actually earned a doctorate, especially in the demanding field of nuclear physics. While I cannot find any evidence of Albright promoting his honorary title in a manner that indicates direct fraud on his part (i.e., falsely claiming to be a Ph.D. in physics), there are far too many instances where he is referred to by those who interview him as being both "Dr. Albright" and a "physicist" that the uninformed reader might be misled into believing that the two were somehow connected.

Albright has spent the past decade building a solid reputation as an analyst of nuclear issues. One only need look at the impressive work he and ISIS have done on the issue of North Korea to understand the potential he brings to the table as an outside observer on nuclear matters. Informed interest, combined with sustained access to critical personalities on both sides of an issue, makes for insights and opinions that contribute in a positive manner to the overall public discourse. No one who is interested in facilitating informed debate, discussion and dialogue about issues such as those facing us in North Korea, Iran and elsewhere can deny the value Albright brings to the table. That his insight into these matters should be shared with members of the media is likewise something that should be encouraged.
But an analyst must be viewed in the proper perspective, and this begins by correctly defining who and what one is. David Albright is not a former U.N. weapons inspector, but rather an accidental tourist. To call oneself a weapons inspector suggests that one participated in the totality of the inspection process, and as such can converse readily, based on firsthand experience, about the total spectrum of issues that entails. Albright, based on his flimsy résumé in this regard, is not capable of such, and therefore should stop referring to himself in this manner, and encourage the media to do the same. Likewise, all reference to Albright as "Dr. Albright" should be eliminated, as should any reference which places the words physicist and nuclear in proximity. Let his work be judged on its own merit, and not camouflaged behind misleading perceptions created through false advertising.

In that he never has designed or worked in a nuclear reactor, never has designed or worked on nuclear weapons, in fact never has done anything of a practical, hands-on nature in the nuclear field, to call Albright an expert is a disservice to the term and, again, misleading in the extreme. It is not a sin to merely be informed, or to possess a specialty. But informed specialists are a dime a dozen. There is a reason mainstream media do not turn to bloggers when seeking out expert opinion. And yet, when they turn to "Dr. Albright, former U.N. weapons inspector," they are getting little more than a well-funded, well-connected blogger. If one takes a closer look at the ISIS Report published by Albright on June 16 and widely quoted in the press since then, one will realize that there simply isn't any substance to the allegations. Albright's sole source seems to be a single, unnamed IAEA official, bringing to mind Bob Kelley and his role in facilitating Albright's "access" to the IAEA in the 1990s. The remainder of the report comprises information already available to the general public, or sheer speculation.

This is, of course, the problem when someone who is not an expert on a given subject attempts to portray himself as just that. Lacking in the foundation of knowledge and experience which generally is expected of a genuine expert, the false "expert" commits error after error, not only of the factual sort but also in judgment. Had Albright in fact been a true nuclear expert, especially one fortified with firsthand experience as a former U.N. weapons inspector, he would not have had any association with Khidir Hamza, the disgraced Iraqi defector who claimed to have firsthand knowledge of Saddam Hussein's nuclear program. A true nuclear expert would have recognized the technical impossibilities and inconsistencies in Hamza's fabrications. And a genuine former U.N. weapons inspector would have known that Hamza had been fingered as a fraud by the IAEA and UNSCOM. David Albright instead employed Hamza as an analyst with ISIS from 1997 until 1999.

Albright likewise facilitated the story of former Iraqi nuclear scientist Mahdi Obeidi being told to the world. As a "former U.N. weapons inspector," Albright had a passing knowledge of Obeidi; the Iraqi was among the scientists that the IAEA team Albright served on questioned in June 1996 (Albright himself claims to have personally questioned Obeidi). Albright helped sell Obeidi's story about buried uranium centrifuge parts to the media, even though a true nuclear expert would have known that what Obeidi claims to have hidden possessed absolutely no value in the field of nuclear enrichment, and any former U.N. weapons inspector worth his or her salt would have recognized the inconsistencies and improbabilities in the Obeidi story.

David Albright has a history of being used by those who seek to gain media attention for their respective claims. In addition to the Hamza and Obeidi fiascos, Albright and his organization, ISIS, have served as the conduit for other agencies gaining publicity about the alleged Iranian nuclear weapons program, the alleged Syrian nuclear reactor, and most recently the alleged Swiss computer containing sensitive nuclear design information. On each occasion, Albright is fed sensitive information from a third party, and then packages it in a manner that is consumable by the media. The media, engrossed with Albright's misleading résumé ("former U.N. weapons inspector," "Doctor," "physicist" and "nuclear expert"), give Albright a full hearing, during which time the particulars the third-party source wanted made public are broadcast or printed for all the world to see. More often than not, it turns out that the core of the story pushed by Albright is, in fact, wrong.

While Iran did indeed possess uranium enrichment capability at Natanz and a heavy water plant (under construction) at Arak (as reported by Albright thanks to information provided by the Iranian opposition group MEK, most probably with the help of Israeli intelligence), Albright's wild speculation about weapons-grade plutonium and highly enriched uranium proved to be wrong. There was indeed a building in Syria that was bombed by Israel. But Albright's expert opinion, derived from his interpretation of photographs, consists of nothing more than simplistic observation ("The tall building in the image may house a reactor under construction and the pump station along the river may have been intended to supply cooling water to the reactor") combined with unfocused questions that assumed much, but were in fact based on little ("How far along was the reactor construction project when it was bombed? What was the extent of nuclear assistance from North Korea? Which reactor components did Syria obtain from North Korea or elsewhere, and where are they now?"). And, most recently, we have Albright commenting about the contents of a computer he hasn't even laid eyes on, though he feels confident enough to raise the specter of global nuclear catastrophe ("How will authorities learn if Iran, North Korea, or even terrorists bought these designs?" Albright asks when referring to the contents of the Swiss computer).

Nowhere in his résumé does Albright cite any formal training as a photographic interpreter; in any case, one would have to have an intimate knowledge of nuclear facilities in order to know what one was looking at when examining an aerial image. A genuine nuclear weapons expert would have been able to discern the technical faults in the logic of the stories being peddled by Albright. And a genuine former U.N. weapons inspector, well versed in preparing airtight investigations based upon verified intelligence information, would have balked at the shabby nature of the evidence provided. Again, because Albright is neither, he and ISIS play the role of patsy, the middleman peddling misinformation to a media too lazy to conduct their own due diligence before running with a story.

Albright, operating under the guise of his creation, ISIS, has a track record of inserting hype and speculation about matters of great sensitivity in a manner which skews the debate toward the worst-case scenario. Over time Albright often moderates his position, but the original sensationalism still remains, serving the purpose of imprinting a negative image in the psyche of public opinion. This must stop. It is high time the mainstream media began dealing with David Albright for what he is (a third-rate reporter and analyst), and what he isn't (a former U.N. weapons inspector, doctor, nuclear physicist or nuclear expert). It is time for David Albright, the accidental inspector, to exit stage right. Issues pertaining to nuclear weapons and their potential proliferation are simply too serious to be handled by amateurs and dilettantes.
Scott Ritter was a UN weapons inspector in Iraq from 1991 to 1998.



* McCain supported the drilling moratorium; now hes against it.

* McCain strongly opposes a windfall-tax on oil company profits. Three weeks earlier, he was perfectly comfortable with the idea.

* McCain thought Bushs warrantless-wiretap program circumvented the law; now he believes the opposite.

* McCain defended privatizing Social Security. Now he says hes against privatization (though he actually still supports it.)

* McCain wanted to change the Republican Party platform to protect abortion rights in cases of rape and incest. Now he doesnt.

* McCain thought the estate tax was perfectly fair. Now he believes the opposite.

* He opposed indefinite detention of terrorist suspects. When the Supreme Court reached the same conclusion,he called it one of the worst decisions in the history of this country.

* McCain said he would not impose a litmus test on any nominee. He used to promise the opposite.

* McCain believes the telecoms should be forced to explain their role in the administrations warrantless surveillance program as a condition for retroactive immunity. He used to believe the opposite.

* McCain supported storing spent nuclear fuel at Yucca Mountain in Nevada. Now he believes the opposite.
http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2008/may/28/mccains-abo... /

* McCain supported moving towards normalization of relations with Cuba. Now he believes the opposite.

* McCain believed the U.S. should engage in diplomacy with Hamas. Now he believes the opposite.

* McCain believed the U.S. should engage in diplomacy with Syria. Now he believes the opposite.

* He argued the NRA should not have a role in the Republican Partys policy making. Now he believes the opposite.

* McCain supported his own lobbying-reform legislation from 1997. Now he doesnt.

* He wanted political support from radical televangelists like John Hagee and Rod Parsley. Now he doesnt.

* McCain supported the Lieberman/Warner legislation to combat global warming. Now he doesnt.

*McCain pledged in February 2008 that he would not, under any circumstances, raise taxes. Specifically, McCain was asked if he is aread my lips candidate, no new taxes, no matter what? referring to George H.W. Bushs 1988 pledge. No new taxes, McCain responded.Two weeks later, McCain said, Im not making a read my lips statement, in that I will not raise taxes.

* McCain is both for and against a rogue state rollback as a focus of his foreign policy vision.

* McCain says he considered and did not consider joining John Kerrys Democratic ticket in 2004.

*In 1998, he championed raising cigarette taxes to fund programs to cut underage smoking, insisting that it would prevent illnesses and provide resources for public health programs. Now, McCain opposes a $0.61-per-pack tax increase, wont commit to supporting a regulation bill hes co-sponsoring, and has hired Philip Morris former lobbyist as his senior campaign adviser.

* McCain has changed his economic worldview on multiple occasions.

* McCain has changed his mind about a long-term U.S. military presence in Iraq on multiple occasions.

* McCain is both for and against attacking Barack Obama over his former pastor at his former church.

* McCain believes Americans are both better and worse off than they were before Bush took office.
http://thinkprogress.org/2008/04/19/mccain-economy-bloo... /

* McCain is both for and against earmarks for Arizona.
http://thinkprogress.org/2008/01/06/mccain-earmark /

* McCain believes his endorsement from radical televangelist John Hagee was both a good and bad idea.
http://thinkprogress.org/2008/04/21/hagee-flip-flop /

*McCains first mortgage plan was premised on the notion that homeowners facing foreclosure shouldnt be rewarded for actingirresponsibly.His second mortgage plan took largely the opposite position.

* McCain vowed, if elected, to balance the federal budget by the end of his first term. Soon after, he decided he would no longer even try to reach that goal.

* In February 2008, McCain reversed course on prohibiting waterboarding.

* McCain used to champion the Law of the Sea convention, even volunteering to testify on the treatys behalf before a Senate committee. Now he opposes it.
http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2007/oct/31/mccain-... /

* McCain was a co-sponsor of the DREAM Act, which would grant legal status to illegal immigrants kids who graduate from high school. Now hes against it.
http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2007/oct/31/mccain-... /

* On immigration policy in general, McCain announced in February 2008 that he would vote against his own legislation.

*In 2006, McCain sponsored legislation to require grassroots lobbying coalitions to reveal their financial donors. In 2007, after receivingfeedback on the proposal, McCain told far-right activist groups that he opposes his own measure.

* McCain said before the war in Iraq, We will win this conflict. We will win it easily. Four years later, McCain said he knew all along that the war in Iraq war was probably going to be long and hard and tough.

*McCain said he was the greatest critic of Rumsfelds failed Iraq policy. In December 2003, McCain praised the same strategy asa mission accomplished. In March 2004, he said, Im confident were on the right course.In December 2005, he said, Overall, I think a year from now, we will have made a fair amount of progress if we stay the course.
http://thinkprogress.org/2007/08/18/mccain-greatest-cri... /

* McCain went from saying he would not support repeal of Roe v. Wade http://mediamatters.org/items/200610310003 to saying the exact opposite.http://thinkprogress.org/2006/11/19/mccain-abortion /

* McCain went from saying gay marriage should be allowed, to saying gay marriage shouldnt be allowed.

* McCain criticized TV preacher Jerry Falwell as an agent of intolerance in 2002, but then decided to cozy up to the man who said Americans deserved the 9/11 attacks.

* McCain used to oppose Bushs tax cuts for the very wealthy, but he reversed course in February.

* On a related note, he said 2005 that he opposed the tax cuts because they were too tilted to the wealthy. By 2007, he denied ever having said this, and insisted he opposed the cuts because of increased government spending.

*In 2000, McCain accused Texas businessmen Sam and Charles Wyly of being corrupt, spending dirty money to help finance Bushs presidential campaign. McCain not only filed a complaint against the Wylys for allegedly violating campaign finance law, he also lashed out at them publicly. In April, McCain reached out to the Wylys for support.

* McCain supported a major campaign-finance reform measure that bore his name. In June 2007, he abandoned his own legislation.
http://www.nysun.com/national/campaign-finance-effort-r... /

* McCain opposed a holiday to honor Martin Luther King, Jr., before he supported it.

* McCain was against presidential candidates campaigning at Bob Jones University before he was for it.

* McCain was anti-ethanol. Now hes pro-ethanol.
http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/15637887 /

* McCain was both for and against state promotion of the Confederate flag.

* McCain decided in2000 that he didnt want anything to do with former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, believing he would taint the image of theStraight Talk Express. Kissinger is now the Honorary Co-Chair for his presidential campaign in New York.
http://thinkprogress.org/2006/12/19/mccain-kissinger /

* McCain used to think that Grover Norquist was a crook and acorrupt shill for dictators. Then McCain got serious about running for president and began to reconcile with Norquist.
http://thinkprogress.org/2006/12/19/mccain-kissinger /

* McCain took a firm line in opposition to torture, and then caved to White House demands.

* McCain gave up on his signature policy issue, campaign-finance reform, and wont back the same provision he sponsored just a couple of years ago.

* And now hes both for and against overturning Roe v. Wade.
http://thinkprogress.org/2006/11/19/mccain-abortion /

06-23-2008 US News Neo-Con warmonger and 9-11 profiteer Rudolph Giuliani "America's Mayor" apparently is residentially challenged. Seen and smelled sleeping on subway trains and shaving in public toilets. ROTFLOL



06-23-2008 US News GEORGE CARLIN DEAD at 71

PHOTO   CIA officer Ray McGovern states Bush will attack Iran in late summer or early fall

Photo The Massachusetts School of Law planning conference to map out war crimes prosecutions, the targets are Bush and his  administration. MORE WAR CRIMES and BUSH  Excerpt: On Bush: The man ultimately responsible for the torture had a unique preparation and persona for the presidency: he is a former drunk, was a serial failure in business who had to repeatedly be bailed out by daddy's friends and wanna-be-friends, was unable to speak articulately despite the finest education(s) that money and influence can buy, has a dislike of reading, so that 100-page memos have to be boiled down to one page for him, is heedless of facts and evidence, and appears not even to know the meaning of truth. He forgot to mention he was a serial executioner etc... However this was the best part:

We must insist on appropriate punishments, he continued, including, if guilt is found, the hangings visited upon top German and Japanese war criminals in the 1940s."

Hang Bush? For a president guilty of; treason, murdering more than 1 million human beings, torture, murdering children, destroying civil liberties, attempting to silence all opposition, etc., etc., etc.. Maybe that is not enough.

Bush will do anything to start another war in Iran: He must be stopped by any means 

Zimbabwe Another Bush in Zimbabwe uses state-sponsored violence against the opposition

Russia , 14  









06-21-2008 US News Incarceration and prosecution of boy a war crime More WAR CRIMES by Bush. 

Wiretapped Photo


The US Military Cannot Locate

Hundreds of Sensitive Nuclear Missile Components

06-20-2008 Opening up the possibility that the next "9-11" will be a nuclear attack no doubt orchestrated by Iran and allowing Bush to stay in power forever we have the following story, keep in mind that another attack and the subsequent implementation of martial law and the freezing of elections has been one of the Neo-Cons plans for quite a long time; The US military cannot locate hundreds of sensitive nuclear missile components, according to several government officials familiar with a Pentagon report on nuclear safeguards. US N-weapons parts missing

06-19-2008 Russia beat Sweden 2-0 last night in football!!! Moves on to quarter finals. !!! 

US News Detainees being imprisoned for years without charges and abused isn't the product of the military or a few rogue soldiers. It is the work of Bush and Dick. 

"...no longer any doubt the Bush administration has committed war crimes," Major General Antonio Taguba   

Intelligent people believe in God less.

Police let woman's husband bleed to death in SUV  For several HOURS!!!

If 35 articles of impeachment are not enough then 60 will be introduced. Where's Monica?

Bush: "Kill them! Wipe them out!" Weeeee  General Ricardo Sanchez

06-14-2008 Do we believe the American propaganda version or the Russian version. I guess they got tired of their indefinite detention. 1 . 1150 Almost all 1,150 prisoners escaped.

Taliban attack helps inmates escape Afghan prison helping more than 600 inmates to escape

Supreme Court Says Guantanamo Detainees Have Right to Challenge Detention

Tim Russert dies   Tim Russert 

Militants authorized to carry weapons "will direct them toward the occupier only." Sadr's statement said 

06-13-2008 US News  45 YEARS LATER, MEDGAR EVERS' LEGACY INSPIRES "You can kill a man but not an idea."

In trying to destroy Medicare, Bush committed a FELONY  Another one. That's how many? 1,000? 2?

Will Virginia Democrats Resolve to Impeach This Weekend   Pretty damning list of offenses by Bush, not the 35 submitted by Kucinich but egregious enough to warrant not only impeachment, including: misleading congress and conspiring to defraud the US, illegal surveillance, torture in violation of the Geneva Conventions, indefinite detention (habeas corpus) , and subversion of the Constitution.  No mention of war crimes but the killing of over 1,000,000 Iraqis in an illegal aggressive war and his current attempts to attack Iran must also be answered for, the only question is how? The Hague would be a fitting place, but unlikely. Starting to put pressure on those in collusion such as Nancy Pelosi might be a start. Is aiding a genocidal war criminal a crime? I would most certainly think it is. Maybe the goons will pay after all.  Unbelievable, that this is the same country that impeached a president for having an affair with a trainee sent over by the Pentagon (sic). Hmmm. Wonder when someone is going to connect the dots? 9-11 anyone?   

06-12-2008 Today is Russia Day. Happy Holiday!!  . . . , . , . .))))

U.S. no longer observer at UN Human Rights Council because of  war-crimes accusations   

E-Xile closed. Trash paper that tried to pass itself off as a beacon of freedom closed. As a real "exile" I personally found it disgusting in it's glorification of violence, prostitution, and debauchery. Never linked to it for that reason. 


06-11-2008 The 35 articles of impeachment against George Walker Bush brought to you by the only two men in America with cojones. The sheepy (sic) masses agree it will go nowhere while living in fear of monsters like  Nancy Pelosi who barters children and refuses to impeach Bush. PDF  Zipped  Rep. Kucinich    


Bush trying to build support for bombing Iran before he leaves office....


This photo reminds me of the first tank of gas I bought when I was 18 to fill up my yellow 1976 Fiat 128 which I had bought for  next to nothing.  It cost .86 cents a gallon for unleaded. That was in 1984.

Remember this????


Now it is 2008 and you got greasy hoods (BushCo/NEO Convict/GOP) like these,


protecting companies like this,



which are raping you likes this!! Have a nice day AmeriKans. Spineless Sheep!!


06-10-2008 Rep. Kucinich introduces 35 articles of impeachment against George Bush. Dems C&L  Video

05-30-2008 My family and I have been marginalized by the Bushies

05-29-2008 Bush In Denial Admits He Is A Hitleresque Tyrant and Baby Killer

05-27-2008 Tengo algo que you quiero dicer a los Puerto Riquenos ARCHIVED

BUSH KILLS AMERICANS AND THEN WAXES PATRIOTIC: US Memorial Day. Bush's grandfather helped Hitler

According to Rumsfeld the "Correction" for problems: Another 9/11  perhaps the most startling and blatant indication that 9/11 was an inside job,.RUMSFELD: in Europe, there's a low threat perception. The correction for that, is an attack.  Dead Troops Remembered By President Who Had Them Killed 

03-30-06 "Operation Scorpion" The Pipeline; Next Iran and Then Syria

05-25-2008 Hillary"Lying Bitch"Clinton reveals she is waiting for an assassination.

05-23-08 Got several hits this past week from IP addresses in Washington and Virginia and some from Iran

America torturing children  ARCHIVED

05-22-08 You know what? Fuck George Bush.....

05-22-08 GOP strategists christen "Democrat [sic] Party" -- and the media comply. Look at map title.

Estonia discredits and prosecutes World War II heroes   CIA death squads killing in Afghanistan

05-21-08 I was ordered multiple times by officers to shoot unarmed civilians Lunatic intends to attack Iran

05-19-08   Well kiddies anyone see anything wrong here? Bush/Bin Laden again working together: Bush lashes out at Arab world  Bin Laden lashes out at Arab world  Iran busts CIA terror network Why does the US have plans to bomb Russian Embassies??? QUOTE:"... it also had plans to carry out similar attacks on the Russian Consulate in Gilan Province."  Life under Fascism  Russia beat Canada for world gold   Ilya Kovalchuk scored and ended Russia's 15-year gold medal drought.


IT IS TIME TO GET KING GEORGE THE LOON ARCHIVED Bush's grandfather helped Hitler  Bush Israeli Knesset

TIME TO GET YOU TOO HERR KARL Conyers: 'We're closing in on Rove'


05-07-08 Today's Offerings: .

AT 12:00 Pres. Medvedev's Inauguration begins and a new era for Russia.    FSB To Clarify What Is Espionage

Black Woman Found Dead  NYPD's Racist Agenda  Blacks and Latinos busted 

police often kill blacks and Hispanics  Cries of racism have been leveled  Racial disparities persist in arrests  The Ambassador of Ethnic Cleansing  Let the elderly, the sick, and the poor die  Executions Continue 

Philly officers kicking, hitting 3 suspects U.S. Trying to Set World on Fire  Pentagon's Propaganda  

DOWNLOAD FROM JAR2 FTP   CIA at Kuznetsky Most  Pentagon: Iran for Regime Change after 9/11 

Bush-Cheney Israel Disinformation Justify an Attack on Iran   Iraqi Sues Over Abu Ghraib Torture  

"Soldiers voting for Bush like chickens voting for Colonel Sanders." U.S. not welcome in Ecuador 

Cheney accused of war crimes

05-02-08 Time ARREST BUSH   . .   Obama could say  PhillyCouncil Resolution to Impeach/Indict Bush + Cheney   New Hampshire's Impeachment Bush + Cheney  Break-ins plague targets of US Attorneys   U.S. has Mandela on terrorist list ARCHIVED  warned  would be suicided   DC madam commits suicide  no sign suicidal  "Suicide" Of DC Madam  US  A Non-Geneva State 

Fun With War Crimes  Bush Paraguay Land Grab   will-bush-lose-his-nazi-hideaway

05-01-08 HAPPY MAY DAY Workers of the World ARCHIVED

04-20-08 N.C. congresswoman wants Pres. Jimmy Carter's passport revoked

Bush's Conspiracy to Create an American Police State: Part V, Public Opinion Becomes Irrelevant

04-16-08 DNA frees BLACK man who spent almost 23 years in prison  

04-15-08 Iraqi murdered hanging from door frame, gagged, beaten to death by his US torturers

04-14-08 Bush: Chapter One: War Crimes Larisa Alexandrovna

04-13-08 Damn right Obama. but bitter is not a strong enough adjective.

Innocent black man spends 26 years in prison so two white guys could keep jobs

04-12-08 George Bush (War Criminal) Authorized Breaches of the Geneva Conventions PDF Original

Bush signed off on: beaten, deprived, waterboarded, or hung  Mukasey Refuses to Say Yoo Memo Withdrawn

04-09-08 BUSH IS A WAR CRIMINAL Here is what Bush can legally do to you, your wife or your children: have your eyes poked out, douse you in acid  or boiling water, slit your ear, slice off your nose or lip, cut out your tongue or chop off a limb, he can even bite you. This is not a joke. Story  Actual 81 page document (pdf)   zipped version

04-08-08 Andrew Sullivan: Bush officials 'will be indicted for war crimes'

04-05-08 Thanks for the technical support of my ISP

04-03-08 It is comfortable to stay in denial, and Bush basks in it   With so much destructive power at the disposal of Bush, we need to be increasingly alert to signs that more delusionary policies are being executed.

03-27-08 Hillary's List of Lies  only child of modern history accused of war crimes

Buchanan, Kristol, Hannity and ungrateful negroes-banner race relations  Shock and Tasers in New Orleans

Sean Hannity's Relationship With Neo-Nazi Leader  Pentagon: no Saddam attempt to assassinate Bush

03-26-08 "And then a plank in reason broke"...The Crematorium at Abu Ghraib

03-24-08 U.S. Urged to Back Off Belarus


03-19-08 FSB arrests TNK-BP employee for espionage 

"You better run, n****r, because I'm fixin' to kill you."

03-19-08   Report says hate crimes against Latinos rising

Woman forgotten in cell over weekend  Indian DNA links to 6 'founding mothers'  F%#k you George Bush.

March 19 Iraq War Blogswarm  SOURCE Bush to mark 5 years of war in Iraq   jar2: "9-11 WAS AN INSIDE JOB."

03-14-08 .

They knew, but did nothing

03-12-08  Ambassador Stewart gets the F%@$ out   of Belarus  Black Reporter, Attacked By White Family

Vermont towns vote to arrest Bush and Cheney  .

03-09-08 .   USA's record on racial discrimination under scrutiny

President Bush Continues the 'We Don't Torture' Charade, Says Amnesty International   

03-07-08 . ""


Noose Left In Family's Front Yard Tree Congresswoman Brown-Waite Puerto Ricans foreign citizens,   Ambassador Burns gets the F#%@ out of Russia

03-04-08 "9/11 was not an inside job, it was an Osama Bin Laden job," Clinton said

civil rights activist for  M L King put in leg chains and shackles

1 in 9 black men in prison in Amerika   Goals for black America not met

Hannity's friend, white supremacist Hal Turner, contemplated murdering Obama suggested ricin be used

02-24-2008 Black man forgotten in prison: False imprisonment.  "whites only" sign on precinct water fountain

Woman violently strip-searched by police she had called for help

Tortured to insanity   Whites to be minority in US by 2050:  Woman in police department lying in a pool of blood

02-22-2008 Sheriff dumping a paralyzed man from a wheelchair   US Homeland Security Kills Baby at Airport

02-13-08 We Cautiously Endorse Obama. Senator apologizes for 'black baby' comment. "... a dark, ugly thing." 

01-29-08 JAR2 CALLS THE NEXT U.S. ELECTION Next President McCain   White separatists protest in Jena, La.

01-11-08 Jewish cemetery vandalized; 4 arrested  Mass. jury's racial attitudes questioned

 Texas (Black) man freed after 26 years in prison  Anti-Immigrant Groups Demonize Hispanics   

01-04-08 The Pogrom Continues in Iraq /141   Benazir Bhutto: Usama bin Laden Was Murdered   

Download (.FLV) File, Player Required  ftp://www.jar2.com/911/flvplayer_setup.exe 


01-03-08 The Pogrom Continues in Iraq /140 Conquering Russia LINK






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Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.
Albert Einstein


"One of the

penalties for

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participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato


"Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither." - Benjamin Franklin


I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. - Abraham Lincoln


If a nation expects to be ignorant and free, it expects what never was and never will be.-



''To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public." - Theodore Roosevelt


Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders, that is easy. All you have to do is tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in every country.
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Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds. The mediocre mind is incapable of understanding the man who refuses to bow blindly to conventional prejudices and chooses instead to express his opinions courageously and honestly.
Albert Einstein

"One of the

penalties for

refusing to

participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors." - Plato

"Those who would sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither." - Benjamin Franklin I see in the near future a crisis approaching that unnerves me and causes me to tremble for the safety of my country corporations have been enthroned and an era of corruption in high places will follow, and the money power of the country will endeavor to prolong its reign by working upon the prejudices of the people until all wealth is aggregated in a few hands and the Republic is destroyed. - Abraham Lincoln   War is so unjust and ugly that all who wage it must try to stifle the voice of conscience within themselves. -Leo Tolstoy. 1828-1910