August 2009


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Russia Says Goodbye to Sergei Mikhalkov

08-29-2009 Federal / Military covert testing of through-the-wall infrasound weapons on American Citizens

  Interfax in Russian 

Russia bids farewell to Sergei Mikhalkov VOR in English

President Dmitry Medvedev met with muftis and governors from the North Caucasus regions.

08-28-2009 Bush is back in the news with another petty worthless mean deed. Refuses to attend Kennedy funeral.

UN envoy slams 'entrenched' racism in Australia

Ted Kennedy Passes Away/CIA Inspector General's Report

08-27-2009 CIA Inspector General's Report on Torture and Interrogation    PDF    ZIPPED    Top Secret, Heavily Redacted

CIA: Yet another torture technique

Ted Kennedy Dies at 77 Obama calls Kennedy 'greatest senator of our time'

CIA Secret Prison in Lithuania

08-23-2009 CIA Operated Secret Prison in Vilnius Lithuania

CIA Used Mock Executions as a Tool  

American HATE America The Violent - 1969?

Lockerbie "Terrorist" Released

NATO and US Pentagon Intensify Plans For Global Military Supremacy: U.S., NATO Could Deploy Mobile Missiles Launchers To Europe and NASA May Be Militarized

Obama Violating Law By Not Investigating Bush

Putin`s image irks American press

Check out the Voice of Russia's Multimedia resources 

MAKS-2009 will go ahead despite the collision

Moscow takes extra measures to ensure security in the North Caucasus

Russias automobile production gains momentum   

Yuri Reshetnikov Passes Away

08-19-2009  Yuri Reshetnikov from the Voice of Russia passed away today. He will be dearly missed by many.

Robert Novak is dead. Yes, the CIA agent outing Novak. Novak burned CIA agent Valery Plame , causing the deaths of over 265 people, because her husband had the guts to stand up to the Bush Administration's false claims for going to war in Iraq. He won't be missed. Sorry, no link. What's the point? He's dead.

American Political Debate? Heil Hitler screamed at Jews?

I am not making this stuff up people

Top  50 War Criminals

Top 50 War Criminals: After Downing Street has compiled, in hopes that it may be of some assistance to Eric Holder, John Conyers, Patrick Leahy, active citizens, foreign courts, the International Criminal Court, law firms preparing civil suits, and local or state prosecutors with decency and nerve, a list of 50 top living U.S. war criminals.  As a bonus: Nancy (Give up your kids as collateral) Pelosi Is an Expert at 'Drowning Out Opposing Views'

The Russian mafia was formed under the thieves law or vory v zakone in 1924 by prisoners of Russian gulags. These criminals came together to form a society that could more effectively carry out conspiracies and control the region, they were not a blood family but merely an organization. The Russian Mafia is a very secretive mob. If a member snitches about a crime not only will he be killed but his entire family as well

Moscow CIA OC Officer Kyle Hatcher's Cover Blown by Johnson
08-18-2009 Kyle Hatcher first Secretary of the US Embassy in Moscow and CIA OC officer, whose official responsibilities include liaising with members of the Russian religious community, including the highest levels of the Russian Orthodox Church and the heads of the Jewish and Muslim communities, has been caught engaged in sex with various prostitutes by unknown individuals who filmed him in the act. CIA apologists claim that due to his legend he could not possibly be CIA but upon attempting to verify his legend it comes up hollow. Congratulations to the CIA on this one, once again it goes to show that when it comes to HUMIT operations and million dollar training, the CIA can't control their baser functions namely keeping their Johnsons under control. Kyle Hatcher and his little friend is our outed CIA agent of the month.      Video Here      Photo Here 

Postscript: The real issue here is not the fact that he was engaged in illicit sex during his free time but that he was apparently unaware for hours and perhaps days or months that he was being followed, video taped and his cell phone conversations were being recorded. As the official CIA resident he should have been aware and have taken counter measures. Such entrapment and "honey trap" operations are common and are usually used to blackmail individuals of interest. Apparently Mr. Hatcher was not blackmailable, or was of no interest to those who filmed him any longer.

08-19-2009 On Dec. 4, 2001, five members of a Las Vegas-based charter crew were detained by Russian authorities after they landed without visas in Petropavlovsk. The remote Russian city, located on the Kamchatka peninsula and surrounded by active volcanoes, is nine time zones east of Moscow and cannot be reached by road.  

Warning: US Marines Back in Georgia

08-16-2009   Once again US Marine instructors are in Georgia training Georgian troops. If the past is any indicator of the intentions of Georgia and the US then within a few weeks we could see another war break out in the Caucuses as we did just over a year ago. Hopefully Russian military intelligence is also aware of the latest developments in Georgia and they are prepared for a lightning quick response should Sakashvili decide to once again start a campaign of genocide against Russian citizens. Reports claim that only five instructors have arrived and that they are to train troops that are to be sent to Afghanistan but if the past is any indication, and they have lied before, then this may just be the tip of the iceberg. Will follow with an update if one is warranted.

Spymaster Praises His Students

KGB master spy praises Cuban pupils  Cuban State Security trainees "were good students. I shared my experience with them to help them fight against what at the time was our common enemy -- the U.S. secret services," says Russian counterintelligence veteran Oleg Maximovich Nechiporenko.

US Role in last year's aggressive war by Georgia.

Regarding neighboring Georgia, a German press report on the second day of last August's war between that nation and Russia stated that "US Special Forces troops, and later US Marines replacing them, have for the last half decade been systematically training selected Georgian units to NATO standards" and "First-line Georgian soldiers wear NATO uniforms, kevlar helmets and body armour matching US issue, and carry the US-manufactured M-16 automatic rifle...."

Racism is alive and well and living in Amerika, even Native Americans are targets. This is the tip of the iceberg friends. It has been a slow news month but we will be following these.

Watch: At forum, white man destroys black woman's Rosa Parks sign, woman is escorted out

Rove tried to shut out Hopi woman as US Attorney

08-09-2009 What's with the swastikas dudes????

Today marks the one year anniversary of the Georgian invasion of South Ossetia by US backed Georgian forces.

08-31-2008 RE-POST

08-31-2008 Some people are already angry at me for publishing this. I love watching the trolls come out of the woodwork.

Vengeance Should Have Been Wrought on Washington

             How is one to deny what is right in front of one's eyes for the political expediency of a criminal cabal? How can it be that so many millions of intelligent, bright, and informed people the world over can do nothing, or will do nothing, to stop the onslaught of the NEO-CON machine as it decimates the world to meet its objectives, committing atrocities, genocide, and war crimes on the world population as it has on its own population. How can a regime which killed 3,000 of its own citizens in an act planned long in advance in order to start a worldwide war against a methodology have been allowed to stand for as long as it has?

              I have been documenting and fighting these godless bastards for years but too few  listen, and too few fight. Nothing has changed, and here they are, on my back step. Murdering women and children and the defenseless. So what are we to do? Ask yourselves that one simple question. Do we lay down and submit to the annihilation of  everything that we hold dear and everything that we are, and the eradication of our very own existences? I hope your answer is no. No. We will not let it stand. We will fight. I hope you are all starting to see the light before it is too late.

              If you have any illusions left about American politics and the US Government let me shatter a few more. This should be obvious for my American readers who are in full possession of their long term memories and accept more than the Faux News version of reality. American politics and the great American capitalistic engine run on two main things, oil and war. The American people always rally behind their leaders when their leaders go to war against big bad evil regimes, they have no choice or they are denounced as being unpatriotic. When there are troubles back home they start trouble abroad. It's perhaps an oversimplification but basically that is how things work.

              Classically when an American president is in trouble they go to war, this has happened over and over again. You all know about Bush, his entire presidency has been about nothing but war. Clinton, when his rating were going down in the US, especially at the height of the Monica debacle, which probably had its roots in his downsizing of the US Military, had his Balkan war to fall back on to distract the population. Bush 1 had his Desert Storm, Reagan had his war on drugs and his cold war and more, Carter had Iran and Afghanistan and the Falklands, Ford had Soviet problems and Vietnam and the Middle East on his plate, Nixon had Vietnam as did Johnson and Kennedy who tried to end the war in Vietnam but was killed because of that.

              In this case Bush and his Neo-Con bastards, whose whole presidency has been based on and has used terror as its almost sole rallying point, a terrorist himself by the very definition of the word, and a war criminal, have nothing to lose and everything to gain by starting and escalating hostilities with Russia. The Russian State, because it is little understood and far away from Joe Blow farmer in Bum Fuck Iowa, has always been the country Americans most love to hate and fear. From childhood Americans are taught to fear Russia and Communism, and it is easy for American politicians to demonize Russia to gain popular support.

               The fact that the US organized, equipped, planned, supported, and funded the atrocities in South Ossetia are at this point a given I think. Rice and her many trips to Georgia before the invasion (BY THE GEORGIANS) of South Ossetia, the military training exercises involving over a thousand five hundred US troops in the weeks leading up to the invasion, the timing of the events, on the day of the start of the Olympics, the propaganda war demonizing Russia and ignoring Georgian war crimes and the Genocide brought on South Ossetia by the US, the presence of US military advisors on the battlefield, the US equipment and uniforms used by Georgian forces and the technical assistance provided in downing Russian fighter aircraft, plus the political capitol the US is trying to spend on the world stage in their continued efforts to keep Russia down, surround it with missiles and divide it as much as possible, all point to one thing. The war in South Ossetia was an attack on Russia by the United States of America.

                 McCain, Bush, and the Neo-Con machine are right in one thing: the justified, forced, and necessary Russian response to the killing of over 2,100 of its citizens was, in fact, too devastating on Georgia; vengeance should have been wrought on Washington.     

SOURCE: American Equipment Captured in South Ossetia   Izvestia





 FALCON II AN/PRC-117F(C) MODEL 12018 is SECRET AN/PRC-152(C)an American English Course and Mr. White  


I can not allow myself to be rolled-over and not say a word.

08-07-2009 Who is Yura Sologub? Why am I posting all of this it is a huge pile of negativity for the jar2 visitors, but I have to say what I have to say because I am not being treated fairly here? To protect myself and my family. It is quite simple actually, I was exploited and had to work for free for a long time, and I have not been able to find relief in the courts or through legal channels. I have been in a war against these bandits since March and to be honest there is no win in sight, they are entrenched and rutting them out is not possible. So all I can do is publish the truth on the internet and hope someone reads it. The real shame in the whole matter is not really what they have done to me but what it has said to all of my students about the legal system here in Russia. I spent years telling them that Russia was a fair country and that the system works except for a few bad apples and here it turns out that the bad apples are running the system and that when you do an honest job and something noble like teaching and play by the rules there is nothing that can help you or protect you from criminals and bandits and dishonest people. So it turns out that criminals win and honest people can not get justice, and far more from being a tragedy for me and my family it is a tragedy for Russia and the youth of the country.  SO why work and struggle and try to get an education when someone like Yura Sologub, who is an uneducated bandit who steals from others to make a living, can in effect force people into slavery, which is what it was, and get away with it. I am owed 684,000 rubles in back wages. Is that not slavery? I worked and worked and was not paid, is that not slavery? I worked for thirteen years and money was not paid into my pension fund. Is that not slavery? So in other words slavery is okay. As long as you have all the right documents and can reregister your company anyway you like. So everything I told my students about how great Russia was and how there is fairness and justice was all a crock. Now they know it just as well as I do. For shame.


Neither Breath, Neither Sound


You know in your heart, what is right,

but they try to tell you, black is white.

You know in your heart, what is true,

but no one, wants to listen, to you.

You fall from the pain, that's so great,

but they twist, in the knife, with their hate.

You did what you could, for the dream,

but now, it is gone, and you scream.

You loved those you helped, and you taught,

but they ran, far from you, as you fought.

They circle like vampires in glee,

but you stand, and refuse, still to flee.

And last as you die on the ground,

 Nothing left, neither breath,

neither sound.


John Robles II 08-05-2009

My Personal Fight With Low Level Russian Bandit Yura Sologub

08-04-2009 A court update coming up this evening, and a review.

Later: It is getting really hard to love Russia, the filth and the high prices don't help either and especially since it appears the bandits are in control. Read my words carefully before you make plans. It used to be great here. What happened? If you are new here, in March I was locked out of my school by the criminals who took it over, they owe me over 680,000.00 rubles in pay and in property. I took them to court and they are going to get off scot free. The legal system is completely helpless in dealing with even these low level bandits. I was hoping from some relief but there has been none. Naturally I am disillusioned.

        So what can I say? They want me to shut up, and I have, but nothing has changed, and I can tell you oh so very well that they have no morality and no care other than their own comfort and they do not even see other people as being human but as some sort of tools to be used whenever they need them. They have no respect for anyone other than those who can hurt them because that is all they understand, strength and brute force.

        I quite frankly am tired of being pushed around and marginalized by stupid brainless individuals who gain wealth by destroying and using those around them. I am sick of these idiots who care only about their own comfort and their expensive cigarettes and cars, etc, pretending that they are somehow better than those less fortunate.

        I work honestly, I teach, passing along the knowledge that I have which helps people to become better people and I help the country in my jobs. Yet I can not even buy normal food. Yet some bald monkey of a bandit can run around and use the money I worked for, my salary, to buy him self all of his luxury goods while I have to starve.

        I went to court and for the 684,000.00 rubles Ludmilla Kuranova, Anna Kuranova, and their bandit Yura Sologub stole from me I will never get a dime. These frauds and con men know the law and liquidated their company to have to avoid paying me and answering for their crimes and while I sit hungry and destitute all summer they go overseas and go on vacations near the sea and relax. After spending the year lying and stealing and exploiting and forcing people into slavery I guess they must be really tired.

        I am so sick of the bastards and I do not care anymore. They make people work and work like slaves and then brag about how life is wonderful for them. I just had some son of a bitch who was pretending to be a student only to try to get me to use the site and my connections to help him. I told him a little about my situation and he made jokes about how I should be sold into slavery in Chechnya and made to work as a slave and how if he did it no one would even notice I was gone.

        Oh and then there is my lawyer Vlad, from the organization that is supposed to help people in my situation, and he just did not bother to show up for court, no phone call no nothing. They think it is funny there. They think my pay was too high, never mind that I was working 85 hours a week, which is illegal. I was partially paid for that so it is okay. 

        I am in a battle for my life and so are millions of others, we are battling for justice where there is none. We are fighting the bandits and the criminals who are taking over Russian society. If you teach EFL pay close attention to my case. If I lose there is no way you should come to Russia to teach, I was exploited and worked in slave like conditions for over a decade and thought my work was appreciated. They were just trying to make as much money as possible before I fell over dead. 

        As for the court system. I can only say this and any Russian will tell you the same thing. There is no justice. 

07-25-2009 I have been very busy but will be updating soon.

Had another court hearing again today Anna Kuranova is now getting away with murder and Yura Sologub finds it all hilarious. I have not gotten my pay and never will but a mountain of evidence against these people was accepted by the judge today. Court was rescheduled.

7-15-2009 Court went well. Everything is looking good. Sologub is now bald and running around with a tattoo on the back of his head. It was funny to watch him cocky and self confident in court. I was told his Ukrainian wife is living nearby in Malahovka and he does not want her to see him with Anna Kuranova, apparently his new wife who he married in order to get her house and her business

          I am a professional EFL teacher in Russia. For over thirteen years I worked 75-80 hours a week building up a school for BKC-Ih and serving my clients and students. In the winter of 2008-2009, in a criminal takeover, management changed at the school where I had worked since 1997 and they started cutting my salary and then, claiming there is a financial crisis they stopped paying me altogether. After demanding my pay that had been being held back for months, I was removed. I took them to court. Then the bandits who took over the school started threatening me and my family, going so far as to try to break into my flat and engage me in a high speed chase. That was not enough, then the slander and the threats grew. How could they? I worked there tirelessly for 13 years. I taught thousands of people, but did that matter to them? No. Did it matter that I was always a dependable employee who never once missed a day of work in 13 years? No. Do they care about the students or the education they receive? No, They only care about the money they get. And that is all. For them only money is what matters. Nothing more. They lie and cheat and steal and betray the trust of everyone around them, they mistake kindness for weakness, and honesty for stupidity. They think the law is a tool to use to help them break it. They have no consciences, the have no morality, and they call it business. For shame! Now my life is being threatened by the bandits who took over the school.

07-09-2009 I have decided to go ahead and publish some material regarding the threats on my life. I was being threatened with death and with problems so I removed the stuff but it is obvious they will continue slandering me and wish to do so without a word from me. This goes for you too Parlex. You see I was hired by them and worked there for several weeks and the guy who owns it, or at least he says he is the "CEO" Loran Akopyan, refused to sign any kind of an employment contract with me, which is illegal. When I finally had to ask the eighth time he proceeded to threaten me about five different times during the course of the conversation, telling me if I left the office and said one bad word about Parlex he would damage me and wreck my life. He did pay me for most of the work I did so I really have no problem with that, but it boils my blood to be threatened because I am brown and have a special status here. It also really burns me up coming from someone who said in front of me, "Teaching is nothing, even a monkey can teach." So sorry Loran, had a little time to think about what you said and speaking as a professional you were way out of bounds

06-30-2009 I have been threatened again so I have had to hide this page here. If you have found it then stay tuned. I will be updating here with the real news about my case.


06-19-2009 What is the deal with threatening me? I was warned to shut up again today, this time by the owner of this company I did some work for, we had a difference of opinion about contracts and employment agreements, meaning they wanted me to work without one which is illegal,  and I was ready to just walk away but the guy threatened me something like five times. I won't name the company because I promised, but damn. What the hell is wrong with these people? You want to know what I think? Because I am a non-white exile. guess the guy found my site and hangs out on it. I don't shut up and you forgot to say please. If the US told me to shut up and I didn't what makes you think I would be afraid of you? But I promised not to name names so I won't, just don't ever threaten me again okay, "friend"? Good bye.

06-18-2009 Not everyone is bad I have had a lot of help from and want to thank the following people: John 3, Natasha Z, Mike S, Andrey A, Olga C, Dimitry D, (M and S), Svetlana, Sasha Z, Ira I, Vitalik, Julia P, Ksusha L, Sergey 2, Vladimir P, Vanya M, Nastya Z, Masha, Maria, Olga K, Tatiana K, Nadya and everyone else who has helped out. I am very grateful to all of you for your support. I love you all very much. 

06-18-2009 I ask anyone who is trying to help to please only do so through official channels!!!! PLEASE!!! Those of you to whom I wrote about and recommended Parlex , never mind. I will not be working there.

06-12-2009 I work for the KGB ?!?! The CIA is looking for me ?!?!  If you are following my case I guess I should update you all on what happened at my last court hearing on June 1st. Using the law as only criminals can they attempted to show that my contract was only between Anna Kuranova, director of Center Razvito Lichnosti, and myself, in other words I worked for her not the school, despite the fact that my contract contains clauses regarding the formation of groups and testing etc, the judge went for it. Why? So we had to re-file our complaint the third time to include Anna Kuranova. Now they are trying to say that the 112 students I had in 13 groups were studying there without their knowledge despite the fact I had receipts given to me by students who had paid the cashier at Center Razvita Lichnosti, the judge did not want to see those either. Why? My lawyer explained to me that we could not touch Anna Kuranova, again why? And that if we won center Razvito Lichnosti officially only has 10,000 rubles which would not pay me the 648,000 they owe me. After court Yura Sologub came up to me and my lawyer and told him that I was not employed there and that I run around blabbering to the authorities. He is going around telling people that the CIA is looking for me, that I work for the KGB and that he is going to deport me, which he also said to my lawyer.

MESSAGE FOR YURA SOLOGUB: You infantile, worm-like, pathetic, slimy little excuse for a man. If I had been working for the people you said I was they would have just wiped you off the face of the Earth. I don't work for the CIA, or the KGB, or the FSB, or the FBI or anybody else. So what can I say Yura Sologub? What can I say? How about, %$$#@ &%$@#!!*&## Translate that if you can. Sorry for the language. I will go back to being my nice self again. As for teaching or doing business in Russia? The students are wonderful but don't do it. By the way if the KGB (Which doesn't exist anymore Yura.),the FSB, the CIA, the FBI or anyone else is looking for me I live in the same place I have lived for the last 12 years. Gorod Lubertsy, 3 po, dom 68, kv 52. I am not hiding from anyone you blithering maggot-like piece of flotsam from a New Jersey scum swamp. You came to my flat and had your goons terrorizing my family all night. You really think you are smarter than the intelligence services of the two super-powers of the world. Piss off you little wanna be dick. You are not even mafia. I wonder what the real mafia would say if they knew you were running around claiming to be some mafia head from St Petersburg. Who's hiding Yura? I think it is you bitch. Should I publish your address? You know the big house across from the police station in Malahovka? C'mon asshole, should I? I so so want to. Maybe it's you who are running from the CIA or working for them? After all you are the dirtiest piece of scum I have met in Russia. You and all your shady business deals, your SVC Holdings and Nplichnosti which only exist on paper. What are you doing Yura? Running a business without a license? Evading taxes? Running a pyramid scheme? Laundering drug money? All of the above? Or worse?

05-27-2009 Slander. It is the tactic of the guilty and the weak and the only way they know to destroy the message is to kill the and destroy the messenger. Slander and there is nothing that I can do about it because there is nobody who cares. I am talking about Center Razvita Lichnosti. They followed me for about 14 kilometres last week and it ended in a high speed chase, but what are they saying? That big bad old me chased them, that they were afraid I was going to come to their house, that there was only one road out of Malahovka and they just happened to be going the same way. It was all a coincidence and they were afraid of me? That's why they wanted to meet me alone in a park late at night. That is why they send me death threats and tell me they are going to kill me if I make a false move. They want me to drop my case against them because they are afraid they will lose. So they try to pay everyone they can and try to scare me to death.

05-26-2009 I was awoken this morning by some man demanding I open my door again. He left before I had a chance to call the police. During the day some of my students came to visit and when I got home Yura and his goons were just leaving the parking area in front of my building. As you know I was locked out of my workplace of 13 years on March 9th after demanding my back wages, which at that point amounted to close to $21,000.00. This is without punitive damages, I also sued them for the materials they took when they forced me out of my class, the total I am seeking without pain and suffering is more than $22,000.00. It sounds like a lot but when you consider that I was working over 70 hours a week without a break  for years upon threat of losing my job and I was never paid health benefits or paid vacations it is actually not very much. These animals took advantage of the fact that I had kids and my status to exploit me. I am not alone this is very common in Russia so please support me in my fight if you can. They have been actively trying to intimidate and frighten me into giving up my suit but I will not. I have been threatened with death, with physical harm, called a monkey and a black ass, I have had people trying to break into my flat, and people watching my house, and all this because I demanded my wages for which I had a signed contract for. Once again the company is Center Razvita Lichnosti, in Malahovka Russia. The people involved are Anna and Ludmilla Kuranova, some General, and their goons, the most active of which is some Ukrainian named Yura Sologub, who is nothing but a little racist hood, who is lazy as hell but likes to make easy money whether by stealing it, like my pay, or by killing for it, according to his own jokes, but who probably has a gun with a bullet with my name on it. I am tired of the round the clock harassment. Really tired of it. 

05-15-2009 A high speed chase. More death threats, and divine intervention. That is what has been going on in the last couple days. Right now everything looks calm. Hope it holds.

MAY BE "the" True STORY (A glimpse into the dirty side of Russian society, yes, there are bad people here too, and it is these few who give all Russians a bad name)

.the only language they understand is the language of force and the only argument that important for them is their own benefit and safety.

One of my students told me that, and it made me think, for in those few words this person summed up the whole situation in a neat and tidy nutshell.

As I read it, it seemed perfect but lacking in its entirety, this idea, for what it lacks is what they hide from, what they fear, and what they fear is what I have. What they fear the most is the truth and the light. It is the same for them as it is for anyone who is hiding from the truth, which leaves me in a bit of a quandary. How am I, humble little writer, to fight these people, remain alive, and win my little battle? How can I present the truth without hurting the innocent or damaging myself? I thought long and hard and the answer was quite simple actually, I can not win, no that is not possible, but by writing the truth I can irritate them in the worst way.

They live in a million dollar home, actually it cost around four million, these blood sucking jackals do, for what else can you call those who prey on the weak and less fortunate to enrich themselves? The sit around at night eyeing each other slyly, arrogantly and coldly and recount their own self-righteous exploits, sitting amongst their opulent surrounding and stroking ill gotten trophies of all sorts with cold lecherous hands, telling each other how wonderful and clever they were in lying or stealing or getting something for nothing.

Or perhaps they recount with glee how they ran over an old lady while they were driving 200 on the side-streets and just paid off the cops who just looked the other way or blamed the next poor bloke who just happened to be the next to come along.

Perhaps the story of the day is how they had to fire one of the Tadjik workers who was living in their unfinished un-heated out-building and had lost his feet to frostbite. Poor bastard couldnt walk anymore, who needs him, plenty more where he came from.

Or perhaps they have a good laugh about the poor workers who were huddled, 12 to a room in the basement of their newest building, and suffocated to death when a fire started and they could not get out because they had been locked in for the night. What a mess, and oh the bribes we had to pay!

Maybe the funny story of the day is about the tax official who they tried to bribe and then killed when it proved he or she was too honest to bribe. Yes, for that would be one worth retelling hundreds of times, to pump up the bravado and show everyone just how cool they really were. For that is what it is all about to them, who is cool, who is cooler, and who is the coolest. No morality. Neither conscience, nor intelligence really required. Education for them, who needs it? They can buy whatever diploma they want. They can enter any University they want and just cruise through. It doesnt matter what they do in name or what qualification they have for their professions are the same, blood sucking leaches. Vampires, sharks, top-feeders, whatever you want to call them. I have no idea what they are calling themselves these days. What is cool, let them add that themselves.

Perhaps the story of the day, for what would another boring cold and dismal day be like without some story of the destruction of some poor defenseless person, is about the $40 million that they had transferred out of the country using their latest little scheme to launder the money and how damn clever it is and how much they have saved in escaping taxes.

Maybe the story is about how they got their greedy little fingers into the local pension fund, or the childrens home funds, and bought themselves the latest Brabus Mercedes and told the poor starving old people and children, Sorry, no bread today, there is an economic crisis. Didnt you know?

Maybe the story is about all of the stolen painting adorning the walls of their mansion.

Why waste a good painting at a museum where the stupid lesser people go and even pay their hard earned money to see what I have in my dining room, They might declare, the idiots! They do not understand art.

What is the name of that painting? Dont remember. Damn. Not important really. Its 14th century of course.

Then of course there is the food, oh god, the caviar is so expensive this year. And the Hennesy I had to actually pay for it. And oh dear the salmon is not quite right, and oh throw another kilogram of meat to the dog.

Oh, dear the dog, yes that also cost a million dollars, it has papers, had it imported. Had to bribe customs to the tune of $5,000.00 to get it into the country, all it does is bark all day. Tore the throat of some little kid open the other day, poor kid died I think. They wanted me to put the dog down, I said no way! That dog is private property. My property, had to pay the cops to say the kid asked for it.

Maybe the story of the day is how the poor idiots in the company all think that they are going to get a bonus but they are only fooling themselves. Soon as Christmas comes around well just fire half of them. Economic crisis, dont you know?

Maybe the funny story of the day is how we raised the rents on our flats, after our good friends raised the value of the flats by %1000. Crisis, didnt you hear? Cant afford the rent? Go live in the station. That is not my sob story. Piss off poor people.

Maybe the dinnertime gossip is about the poor kid who died of cancer, he was such an idiot anyway, his teachers used to call him stupid and he would actually answer, what a laugh.

Or the kid who got hit by a train and was crippled for life, who cares? Have some more Champagne, oh its too wet, give it to the Churkis.

Maybe the story is about how some father killed his own son and keeps his daughter in a little tiny closet in the attic so she doesnt grow. Oh, the father didnt kill his son? Too late, we like that version. Daughter isnt bound and chained? Oh, never mind the facts, we can say what we want.

Or the story is by the doctor who complains about the hospital not being able to afford medication and having to choose who dies, it is just so anti-Hippocratic oath, yeah the Doctor says, My new Lexus does 260, used the funds from the hospital, economic crisis. Didnt you hear?

Maybe once again we need to decide where to go on holiday, damn again! Just got back.

Oh me, oh my, Australia? Been there. India? No.

Damn you need English everywhere you go.

Yeah, bummer.

I got a diploma as a translator but I cant speak English, actually daddy bought it

Hey that reminds me what happened to that teacher, that American, who worked in your school for something like thirteen years?

We made him a fuckin refugee cause he wouldnt shut his damn mouth. Had some damn web site. Then we stopped paying him but the idiot didnt just disappear like they usually do. He was getting on our nerves. Always writing things, talking politics. He actually had a picture of our president on the wall of his class.

Who? Medvedev?

Yeah, Medvedev the idiot.

So what happened to the teacher? I need to brush up on my speaking, I hate it when the waiters dont understand me.

I cant remember, he tried to take us to court and we black-listed him. He couldnt get a job and kept trying to get us to give him his pay. I can't remember if we killed him or if he killed himself.

Didnt he have kids or something?

Yeah, we had to kill them too.

You know what? Shut up and pass me that shish-ka-bob.

I heard you bought the latest Infinity model. How is it?

The wife says we need something bigger. For the damn kids. I use it to pick up girls, and screw them on the way home.

Maybe the story is about the alcoholics who we burned alive in their flat because they were too noisy and my tenants did not want to pay the rent anymore.

Or the new notebook that we had to cut some guys hand off to get.

Maybe the story is about the stupid teachers at the school who are always complaining they dont have enough books. Damn books. The director has a new Jeep. There is a crisis you know.

Did you hear the one about the old lady crossing the road, some truck ran her over. The driver stopped, put a thousand bucks in her pocket and went home, apparently the cops sent him a thank you note.

Ha HaPass the water pipe.

Maybe the story is about how we sold our worthless plot of land for $400,000.00 and had nowhere to launder the money so we opened a school and some courses, etc..

Maybe the story is about how we got around the latest regulation, or how much the latest bribe runs, or who is the coolest football team.

Maybe the story is about how they housekeeper made off with some jewelry after not being paid for a year and we had her killed.

Maybe the story is about the Jewish school and how it was burnt to the ground. Or the house that was burnt to the ground with the little old lady inside to make way for our parking lot, damn bitch wouldnt just leave.

Maybe the story is about the guns in the basement and how long we have to keep them there until we can use them again.

Maybe the story is about the poor kid and his lesbian mother and who is the man in that family.

Maybe the story is about how to sell off Grandfathers land.

But he isnt dead yet!

He is now

Maybe the story is about how to get people to do more for us while we do less and pay less, economic crisis you know?

Maybe the story is about exploitation of workers, avoidance of taxes, intimidation, death threats, and lying to judges?

Maybe the story is concerning following people around and trying to get them to meet you alone in a dark park at night so you can "talk"?

Maybe it's about trying to entrap someone by using someone you think a person believes is their friend?

Maybe it's about harassment and phone calls and messages and threats around the clock? Yura Sologub?

Maybe it's about your little conspiracy to protect all of your stolen goods, fake companies, bribed officials and your entire house of cards?

Maybe the story is about how you managed to smuggle all that money out of the country by using little old ladies?

How about that bookkeeper? She sure can cook the books! She knows all the laws and how to break them. We bring in half a million with English, and six hundred thousand with all the other stuff and we pay taxes on nothing! Man have we got a great bookkeeper! She knows she could go to prison but she won't talk will she? Hell no. If she does we'll kill her like we do with anyone.

What about the summer camp and all the money we collected from MID for their children! That was great! We even stole money from the cops, and they were happy to give it to us for taking care of all of their fat stupid children. Isn't that what you all said? That the cops are stupid  and you all are so clever and have so many cops in your pockets?

What did you say? The cops all work for you? Don't count on it. There are honest cops and you'll have to see it for yourself.

Maybe the story is about.. YOU ?????

To be continued...

08-01-2009     Georgian aggression will not stand

Britain's MI5 may have recruited terrorist sympathizers

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