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11-21-2009 CIA F*&% of the Week  


The Violent Racism That is the American Way Continues Unchecked
Peace prize winning black president just window dressing.

by Tom Edwards (
The illegal Guantanamo operation is still going full steam, the wars are continuing, and racism is still a rampant institutionalized and an integral part of American policy and the American way of life.

I have been trying to bite my tongue about this for a long time and I just can not anymore. I kept hoping and hoping that the change that Mr. Obama promised from the very beginning was something that was tangible and concrete and day in and day out I have waited for something real to change.

For me racism is something that has affected my life since the day I was born and even now after all of these years living here in Russia I am still touched by American racism, and believe me it is disgusting. I know for a fact that had I been a white American and not a Native American I would never have had my passport revoked for choosing to live here and for protesting the previous regime of George Bush.

George Bush and his administration of war criminals continue to be protected by the Obama Administration and it is clear that they will continue to go free and Obama will continue to protect them.

So what is the reality of the Obama Presidency? To understand it one must understand the situation in the US and in particular the social dilemmas and in reality the danger of a complete social meltdown that exists because of the racism that is an institutionalized part of US life.

My assessment of the situation in the US and this was going back to the Reagan years was that the US was headed for a complete and total social breakdown and even a revolution from the minorities in the US. The Bush years exacerbated racial relations to the point that complete breakdown was just a matter of time, and then lo and behold, Mr. Black President with a Muslim sounding name comes along and bamboozles the world into thinking that an age of real change has come. I am afraid my dear readers it has not come and it will not come from the US. The change that is necessary in the US can and will only come from the bottom up, by that I mean by the oppressed masses who are beaten down by Machiavellian laws and the iron hand of the police state, if they were ever to organize and unite and finally to stand up and say enough is enough. You can not do that though, anyone who truly tries to affect real change in the US is either marginalized like I was, or worse, they are outright disposed of, either openly or discreetly.

This week saw the epitome of what is the non-change that is in reality the Obama Change. The US refused to sign and or support three important resolutions and/or positions, The first involved the international war crimes tribunals and the prosecution of war criminals which the US refused to support and in doing so made it impossible for US individuals to be gone after for war crimes. Of course this includes all of the members of the Bush regime. The US also refused to support a resolution against racism put forth by Russia that condemns the glorification of Nazism, not surprising since up to 400,000 Nazis found refuge in the US after WWII, going hand in hand with the USs refusal to sign the UN convention against racism I would say this makes the US the most racist and Nazi supporting country in the world. Shame on the US and shame on Obama.


So, as we can see, and it is evident everywhere there is no "Change", "Change" was just a clever marketing gimmick used by the people who installed Obama in the office. The worse part of the whole thing is that the people honestly wanted change, the people in this case were right in wanting justice and peace and equality and an end to war criminals running the show. It is a shame for the very idea of Democracy where the rights of the individual can outweigh the rights of the group and that very respect for the individual we must be the basis for any just world is being outright trampled on. In the case even the rights of the group no longer matter.


The US is no longer a Democratic country, it is a corporate fascist police state, and the only change Obama has brought has been window dressing.


by Tom Edwards (


The Rights of the Individual, the Sanctity of Life, and the Survival of Human Kind (SOON)

11-27-2009 From M: OK, here we go, the British are going to send the hacker to the States to face life in prison From M

Thanksgiving is a day of mourning for Native Americans

The great Indian chief's hands were cut off and sent to Boston and his head went to Plymouth, where it was set upon a pole on the real first "day of public Thanksgiving for the beginning of revenge upon the enemy."

The true story of "Thanksgiving" is what whites did not want Mr. James to tell.

by David Bowers ( 

Everyone keeps asking and here is the answer: NO, I HAVE NOT CELEBRATED THANKSGIVING. John

 I have stopped hating Thanksgiving and learned to be afraid of the holiday.


For the Indians Thanksgiving is a Day of Mourning

Happy??? Thanksgiving The Pilgrims of Plymouth, The Original Scalpers Contrary to popular mythology the Pilgrims were no friends to the local Indians. They were engaged in a ruthless war of extermination against their hosts, even as they falsely posed as friends. Just days before the alleged Thanksgiving love-fest, a company of Pilgrims led by Myles Standish actively sought to chop off the head of a local chief. They deliberately caused a rivalry between two friendly Indians, pitting one against the other in an attempt to obtain "better intelligence and make them both more diligent." An 11-foot-high wall was erected around the entire settlement for the purpose of keeping the Indians out. Any Indian who came within the vicinity of the Pilgrim settlement was subject to robbery, enslavement, or even murder. The Pilgrims further advertised their evil intentions and white racial hostility, when they mounted five cannons on a hill around their settlement, constructed a platform for artillery, and then organized their soldiers into four companies-all in preparation for the military destruction of their friends the Indians. Pilgrim Myles Standish eventually got his bloody prize. He went to the Indians, pretended to be a trader, then beheaded an Indian man named Wituwamat. He brought the head to Plymouth, where it was displayed on a wooden spike for many years, according to Gary B. Nash, "as a symbol of white power." Standish had the Indian man's young brother hanged from the rafters for good measure. From that time on, the whites were known to the Indians of Massachusetts by the name "Wotowquenange," which in their tongue meant cutthroats and stabbers.  


Dear R. I have already pissed off Muslims, Neo-Nazis, Racist Americans, Red-necks, Michael Jackson fans, Republicans, Evangelicals, The Bandits from Malahovka, Fascists, War Profiteers, War Criminals, George Bush 1 and 2, Dick Cheney, the dirty rich elitists, the PNAC, the KKK, the CIA, MI-5 and 6, the NSA, Israelis, Georgians, Ukrainians, Poles, and any other NAZI apologists, NATO, Corrupt Officials worldwide, the US State Department, Nancy Pelosi and the Repukes she protects and a host of other people as well, I apologize if I have forgotten anyone, so I can't post the wonderful picture you gave me because it would piss off simple Christians and people of the Jewish faith who I have never had anything against. I hope you understand. Thanks a lot for visiting the site, send me anything else I can use please. See you later buddy. JAR2   

11-25-2009 Is Swine Flu A Synthetic Race-Targeting Biological Weapon?

NYPD Seal in Passengers with Maniac Killer and Couple arrested over 'theft' for refusing to tip in restaurant

11-22-2009 US builds up its bases in oil-rich South America

US Army toyed with telepathic ray gun

UK seeking new world order by Afghan war

11-21-2009 CIA F*&% of the Week  

The Violent Racism That is the American Way Continues Unchecked
Peace prize winning black president just window dressing.

by Tom Edwards ( 


11-17-2009 US Intelligence Spat By Eduard Sorokin  Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair will no more have the right to appoint his own representatives to U.S. embassies........ ....Blair failed to perform his duties, including the exchange of information between the intelligence departments. His attempt to coordinate their actions also proved a failure.  Listen on VOR    Download

U.S. Iraq War Veteran Rodney Watson speaks from sanctuary in Vancouver, B.C. Mr. Watson refused to deploy to Iraq on the grounds that the war was illegal and racist. He has a Canadian family but Canada wants to deport him. Another example of a family of non-whites being destroyed by the US Government. The institutionalized destruction of non-whites continues in the U.S. , this is just another example. More people need and must do what Mr. Watson and others have done. War criminals are allowed to remain free while anyone who speaks up is destroyed.  

11-15-2009 Selected Wallpaper for Your Desktop

Gamer Exhibition 11 09

11-12-2009 Thursday President of Russia State of the Nation Address

President Dimitry Medvedev delivered his Presidential Address to the Federal Assembly
At the beginning of his Address, President Medvedev stressed that Russia must achieve the status of global power on a fundamentally new basis. The country's prestige and national well-being, Mr Medvedev noted, cannot be determined by past achievements. At the cost of tremendous effort Russia became one of the most influential industrial powers of the 20th century in the 21st century, Russia once again requires all-round modernisation.

President Medvedev analysed the impact of financial crisis and economic downturn, and emphasised that social support for Russian citizens remains a governmental priority. He outlined what has been done in this respect and what will be done in the future, including increases in pensions, actions in the labour market, help for single-industry cities, the agricultural sector, business and financial sectors.

The President described the economy's focus on the real needs of Russian citizens, ensuring their safety, improving their health, and access to energy and information as the country's main development factors. This is what will determine the priorities of economic modernisation and technological development.

Dmitry Medvedev enumerated further concrete steps in the five main directions of modernisation which he has already laid out and for which a Presidential Commission [for Modernisation and Technological Development of Russia's Economy] has been established. They are the introduction of the latest medical, energy and information technologies, the development of space and telecommunications systems, and dramatically improving energy efficiency.

At the same time, President Medvedev stressed that the Government Cabinet should actively pursue development programmes in other sectors of the economy as well. Dmitry Medvedev outlined concrete steps to implement Russia's overall development strategy. They relate to optimising the budgetary sector, supporting science, the transition to innovative economic development, and improving the tax system.

He paid special attention to the development of civil society, improving the quality of education, work in cultural spheres (especially in remote areas), as well as strengthening the political system. The President underlined the need to improve democratic institutions and electoral system, as well as the quality of popular representation in government.

A separate part of the Address was devoted to fighting corruption, improving the quality of the judicial system and law enforcement.

In reference to the situation in the North Caucasus, President Medvedev stressed that the uncompromising struggle against international terrorism will continue. At the same time, he pointed out that it is necessary to combat the roots of crime in the region that are associated with its specific socio-economic situation. Programmes and projects designed to facilitate the development of the region's economy are already functioning but additional measures are required. Mr Medvedev believes that there should be a special official that holds personal responsibility for the situation in the North Caucasus.

In the section of the Address devoted to the Armed Forces immediate development goals were laid out, including new types of weapons, modern automatic command centres and information complexes, as well as personnel training and social support for servicemen.

With regards to foreign policy, President Medvedev confirmed that Russia's priority remains multipolarity, a concept which is becoming increasingly widespread throughout the world, strengthening the UN, and promoting a new European security treaty. Mr Medvedev gave instructions to develop clear criteria for evaluating the results of foreign policy activities and the programme for effective use of foreign policy elements for long-term national development. The President stressed that the effectiveness of these activities should be judged by a simple criterion: whether or not they contribute to improving living standards in Russia.

The Annual Address contains direct instructions to the Cabinet with regards to, inter alia, improving the financial system, optimising the public sector, the accelerated technological modernisation of the electoral system, and the regime governing the dispensation and procurement of medical drugs.

In conclusion, the President recalled next year's forthcoming 65th anniversary of Victory in the Great Patriotic War. We must remember and respect the past, Dmitry Medvedev said, and work hard for a decent future.

In his Address the President repeatedly referred to the feedback and suggestions he received from Russian citizens following the publication of his article Go Russia!

The full transcript of the Address to the Federal Assembly (Russian parliament) will be published.


11-02-2009 CIA F%$@ up of the month??

The Destruction of Joe (01)

by David Bowers

What is it like to be marginalized? What is life like for refugees and for stateless individuals? What is life like for those who are being persecuted because of their beliefs, or race, or national origins, or political views?

Let me introduce Joe. I think he knows. He has a lot to say and I want to help him. So Ill tell you what it is like for Joe. It is hell. For thirteen years his life was great in the country he had emigrated to, until the day when the Embassy decided to revoke his Citizenship and leave him stateless.

Who was responsible? He doesnt know, but he does know that every day he is being further and further marginalized by people who have no inkling as to the reality of his situation and people who believe that if one is placed in the situation he has been placed in then they must also do their best to make his life hell. Joe is just sick and tired of being quiet and for that reason I am introducing him to you all. Here is part of his story. It is just the beginning but Joe wants it put out there because he is afraid for his life. So here is the truth, in order to protect Joe and his family.

The marginalization of Joe has taken myriad forms, and if he says anything about it he is being accused of being arrogant, or of loving himself or of feeling sorry for himself. Joe feels like he is not supposed to defend himself, he is not allowed to speak up, nor to fight for his own survival. That is what is expected of him. He is not to say anything or stand up to those who are attacking his character or even physically attacking him or his family or even destroying his property. He is not to say anything to those who are exploiting him or using his situation to blackmail him or use him to their own ends. He is being treated as if he is no longer human, he is no longer a person, he is something less than he was for the sole reason that he is no longer a citizen of any country. He is stateless and he is supposed to be afraid.

Those who are supposed to help Joe do not, the courts do not defend his rights; the agencies that are supposed to provide assistance do not, nor do the police who are supposed to help victims of crime, of which he has been one on many occasions. The breadth and scope of the people who have stabbed Joe in the back since the day he was made stateless are wide and varied and he is supposed to believe that this sudden change of attitude towards him happened because he did something wrong, when he did not.

For thirteen years everything was wonderful, Joe had friends, hundreds of acquaintances, a stable life, and a decent job and then everything changed overnight, for apparently no reason for the only thing that changed for Joe was the fact that he had lost his citizenship, and for what he still asks? For standing up for what he believed in, for calling a war criminal a war criminal for trying to open peoples eyes as to the discrepancies in the official story, for being patriotic toward the country that is his new home. Yes for making it known that he supports the president of Russia and Russias right to choosing its own destiny. Joe was very active on the internet and in public and ran a web site which questioned the official story of 9-11 and the official story of why he was made stateless. He also tried to publicize the truth about many different topics that he thought were important and most of all tried to defend the weak and victims of injustice.

What did Joe achieve for all of his efforts? His life was destroyed. It started with the people who were close to him. First his ex-girlfriend, who was upset because he broke up with her and who knew many things about Joe which she tried to use and distort to get even with him for dumping her. She may have even had a hand in the destruction of his life. She had promised to destroy him on hundreds of occasions every time Joe had tried to break up with her. Joe had finally broken up with her because she would constantly make huge jealous fights and break his glasses and hit him but he was fond of her and on many occasions she would come and spend the night with Joe.

She was set on leaving Russia and also so set on collecting 300,000 rubles for having a baby, money she would get from the government under the governments new program to stimulate the birth rate. She so wanted this money that she ended up having a child out of wed lock so that she could collect the whole amount and keep it for herself. It could have been the only reason she was so determined to get pregnant by any means and by anyone. She finally did get pregnant but she was not living with Joe when that happened. She did not know who the father was and Joe offered to marry her and have a family, but she told him that he was not the father that the father was another guy she had met who was so much better than Joe. Her name was Julia by the way. She told Joe that she was going to marry her new boyfriend and that they were happy together and that he did not have problems like Joe, meaning he was not a refugee like Joe. So Joe broke off all relations with her. She often called and wanted to spend the night but Joe refused to have anything to do with her. Joe saw that she was mentally unstable and her behavior had caused him many, many problems. Unfortunately for Joe that was not the end of it.

Julia, who did not work, but always had money from some source decided to go on a campaign of trying to destroy Joes life. She could not accept that Joe had dumped her, and she was not happy that Joe had not taken her out of Russia, which was the reason she had started a relationship with him to begin with. She did many terrible things to Joe but the worst was poisoning his own daughter against him and causing her to run away from home. Joe had gone to the police but there was not anything that he could do, even though someone had ruined the morals of a minor and destroyed his family? The police could or would do nothing. What they did do was remind Joe dozens of times that he was not a proper citizen, he was a refugee after all and they threw this in his face every time he went in, especially when he had to file a missing persons report when his daughter had disappeared. Did they do anything to the people who had taken her and convinced her not to return home? No. That was his problem. The police just told him that he should forget that he had a daughter.

As for the ex-girlfriend, what did she go on to do? She went on a campaign of sending e-mails to and calling everyone he had had business with and telling them that he had lost his citizenship and that he was a refugee and that he was somehow dirty and horrible, and she was so convincing that soon no one wanted to have anything to do with Joe. Joe was naive in trusting her, as it turned out Julia was working for an American and was more likely than not receiving her instructions from him. After all as it came out later in my interviews with Joe, she was the one who had found Joe on the Internet, in a chat room and had singled him out and immediately became close to Joe. The campaign went on and his life continued to worsen but would anyone believe him? No. After all Joe was a foreigner and not quite as good as everyone else. Joe was just a black ass. Right Julia Barzova? Isnt that how you characterized Joe? So he should be treated as one, and he should just shut up and take the beatings, and the abuse to his character.

What else did she do? As if that was not enough. She went to the Embassy and reported to them all she knew or all she thought she knew about Joe, which was interesting for them as Joe had been a pain in the ass for them because of his past activities and his campaign against the war criminals they had in power. Joe was never certain but he long suspected that she was working for the embassy. It had been to strange how they had met, and Julia always had money even though she never worked.

Joes life continued to fall apart after he was made stateless and it was difficult for Joe to understand why everything was happening. The worst part for Joe was when the company he had worked for for thirteen years of his life decided he was no longer needed. It had started with the appearance of one Wayne Rimmer, someone who Joe suspected of working for the embassy as well. After they had been informed by Julia Barzova that he had been made stateless, although Joe suspected that there were those in the company who had had a hand in what happened to him, there were many people all too ready to listen to anyone and anything that they could use to get rid of him. He was instantly marginalized. Overnight he was no longer a great guy and loved by all. Things even got so bad that he was locked in his classroom with his students and held in a condition of false imprisonment for more than an hour, and there was nothing that he could do about it, and even worse there was nothing done to the people in the company who had done that. It was ignored, and he was chastised for saying anything about it. After all Joe is not human anymore. Right Katya? Right BKC-ih? Right Wayne Rimmer? Joe was physically locked in his classroom along with his students by the guards at the school on the orders of the administrator. Why? They said because Joe was 5 minutes late in ending the lesson and they had wanted him to go home.

Joe struggled on to work in those conditions but after 13 years Joe lost his job, in a Machiavellian mafia outing that could fill a book. The worst part is that after 13 years of faithful service he was just locked out of his class after having his wages held back for more than six months and then not being paid at all for two months, which damaged his life and caused him stress to no end.

Joe took them to court and wrote many letters but no one wanted to listen to him. After all he felt, who wants to listen to someone who has had their citizenship revoked from the United States and is an enemy of the U.S.? The worst part is that even after winning the case in court they continue to fight paying Joe his wages and continue to wage a campaign of character assassination, and a campaign of intimidation. Joe followed the law and took them to court and the bandits who protect the business have come after Joe.

As they have many times they came again late at night a week ago, and pounding on his door threatened to kill him. They have even tried to break into the flat he rents. Sergey Chursakov was arrested on one of these occasions, he was one of a group of people who had been trying to break into Joes flat, but has come back three times. The police can not do anything until he is caught in the act again.

What about the shattered windshield of Joes car? It was shattered when he parked in front of the school he had been working, one night before court. Did the police do anything? No. It happens they say. It was probably just some kids they say. Never mind that these bastards have been chasing me in their cars and intimidating me for months. Right Yura Sologub? Joe is a nobody, he is not a person, anything that happens to him is okay. Right Max? Right Ludmilla Kuranova and Anna Kuranova? You can exploit Joe all you want and trash his life and his reputation and he has to shut up. Right? Wrong, I am going to help Joe because Joe is getting a raw deal and he has suffered enough and I will be writing in detail about all of you in the very near future.

Now Joe is working seven days a week for the landlady, who upped the rent whenever she wished and for whom Joe feels he is an indentured servant. Joe is working four jobs and is barely making enough to pay the rent but he is trying to keep his chin up and struggle on.

Joe doesnt understand people very well anymore he says. He takes people at face value and when he trusts people they generally end up stabbing him in the back when they find out he is a refugee. Joe is afraid to even say anything about this. He can not talk about his case, he can not say why he was given political asylum because it would jeopardize his safety and his life. He can not even tell people he has asylum because people do not understand. He always tries to help those around him and expects that what he does for them will be appreciated. Joes only recourse is trying to get his story out there, he feels that the more people who know about it the safer he will be. Joe lives in fear for his life. That is why he is a refugee. People sense that and use that against him he thinks. For example there is the person whom he thought was a real friend and helped him register a document, he did them a favor in return but the have turned out to be trying to exploit him as well and hold that over his head. Right Andrey?

Joe says he is not a person anymore. Anyone can do whatever they want to him and there is nothing that he can do, which is why I am helping Joe out, also because he is a person and he has some dignity and human rights left. Joe has been fighting a lone battle but he is no longer alone. Just in the last few months he has been attacked going into the metro, has had the windshield of car shattered, he was involved in a high speed chase trying to get away from a bandit who is protecting the people Joe took to court, the other people he was working for turned their backs on him, and they have tried to get to the people at his new place of employment.

Joe is no longer alone. If you attack Joe I will write about it, and when Joe gives me permission we will publish a book and I will publish every detail about his life and his case. Stayed tuned for more.

David Bowers

The Last of the Tainos (02)

Joe sat on the creaky old chair by the window and lit another in a long line of cigarettes, he had smoked almost a whole pack in the last hour as he laid out his tale. This was the second time we had met and I had already recorded over 24 hours of his story. Sometimes I was forced to believe things that nobody in their right mind would but he had proof for almost everything that he said. He had knocked on my door at three AM and begged for me to let him in and when I saw him I could not say no. He was a bloody mess and I spent an hour trying to help him clean up his wounds. The bleeding had stopped from the wounds on his head that he had received when he was attacked by the metro station. Looking at Joe one would hardly believe all of the things that he claimed, but when one took a closer look and if one got to know him one could see the signs, the scars from the torture he had received and the operations when the implants had been installed were faded but if one looked closely and knew what one was looking for they were still visible. Then there were the bright and intelligent eyes, slightly widened from the fear which he lived with everyday and sometimes they seemed too alert and too suspicious, yet the worst things was the smell of fear that he gave off. It was subtle but it was always there. I looked at his profile as he gazed out the windows into the street below, he was still not sure that he had not been followed and it was obvious that the pressure he was under was getting to him. He was a man on edge and seemed as though he was ready to crack.


"Just start at he beginning."  he said in response to my question about how to tell his story.

" Just start at the beginning."

Yeah, I think that would be the best place to start.


Joe was born in  the mid 196os, on a small tropical island in the Caribbean. This was not something that in and of itself is worth writing about, but he was also one of the last Taino Indians. It was amazing for me how this person had ended up where he was. It would have been interesting for genealogists and academics, in particular those who were immersed in the fields of behavioral and other psychology and  were interested in environmental variables versus inherited genetic traits and their effects on individual development, it was also a testament to how the world had become a small space, but here he was, in the flesh, and thus our tale begins. To be continued...


The Tainos, in the 1820 census being classified as having ceased to exist and removed as an indigenous group, were one of the many indigenous native peoples of North America. They inhabited the Caribbean and areas of the North America which included the Southern Parts of Florida and were classified as being a sub group of the Awarak Nation of Tribes which inhabited parts of South America as well. In the early 1900s it was discovered that there had been a group of about 2,000 that had escaped the genocide that was being wrought on them to a small island near Puerto Rico and had lived isolated for close to a hundred years.

They in fact are not extinct but have spread to far corners of the globe and have assimilated wherever they may be.

In 1492 Columbus arrived in Hispanola on December 25, Catholic Christmas, and with wood from the Santa Maria built a fort called Navidad, which means Christmas in Spanish. He left behind 39 men and sailed back to Spain.

What had not been expected was that the Tainos would fight back against the conquest of their land and their conversion to adherents of the Catholic Church, and when Columbus returned a year later he found that all his men had been killed and the fort had been burned to the ground.

The decision was made to eradicate the Taino and thus began the genocide of the Taino people this was in 1493 when Columbus discovered Puerto Rico, if one can in fact discover a place where people were already living and societies existed, on his second voyage to the new world.

In 1506 Juan Ponce de Leon arrived back in Puerto Rico with his mandate to conquer Boriken or Puerto Rico as it was called by the Spanish. 15 years later, in 1508, a Spanish settlement was established in Juan Ponce de Leon.

The systematic genocide, enslavement, and annihilation of the Taino went on for hundreds of years and apparently judging from what I have learned has not stopped but rather has taken on subtler institutionalized forms that guarantee the extinction of these people.

I believe Joe is a testament to that.

Joes first years on Earth were very hard for him but were just the beginning, things would get worse. Almost from the beginning he was the victim of violence. He was born to a Lutheran Minister and his wife. Genealogically he was more than three quarters Taino but his father was so bent on assimilating with the Spanish and the Europeans and finally with the American invaders that he was never told this fact and only found out about it later in life. During his childhood he was forced to hide the facts of his birth and his roots and was even made to change his name in order to please those around him.

The first memory that Joe had was unbelievably when he was 8 months old and can still to this day perfectly describe the room and the circumstances where that event occurred.

Joe began to tell the tale but stopped. He looked down at the floor in front of him. He looked so sad and despondent that I thought he was possibly going to cry, then I realized by the hardness of his face that this man had perhaps not cried for most of his adult life. This was a man used to carrying around pain. Great pain, pain I could perhaps not even fathom. His eyes were moist so I understood this was one of the most sensitive parts of his tale that he was telling me. I offered him a coffee which he accepted and busied about making it while he collected his thoughts.

It was obvious to me that he had not slept for perhaps several days. Less than an hour ago he had been about to throw himself in the path of an oncoming train and I had stopped him, so I figured it would be best to take it slowly. He was on the edge and when people are truly at emotional zero and that close to the edge it is best not push them too hard.

I walked back into the room and took the coffee and some cookies on a small tray over to where Joe was sitting, I placed them on the little wooden table that was near the wide windowsill and looked at Joe, he was sound asleep. Apparently he had been more exhausted than I had thought. I took a blanket out of the closet in the bedroom and covered him with it. Let him sleep I thought. He would have a hell of a crick in his neck when he woke up but it was better than waking him I decided. I looked at his face and almost jumped back. One of his eyes was open and watching me. I looked at him for a second, wondering what to do.

Joe, are you okay buddy?
No answer.
Hey. I said quietly. Are you sleeping?

No answer. Interesting, I had heard about people who could sleep with one eye open but I had never seen one. It was quite disconcerting in fact, he eye followed me around the room. Glazed over but alert. It gave me the willies.
I walked over to the table where my word processor was placed and began to write this all down.When I was finished I took out one of Joes cigarettes that were lying on the table next to the ashtray and lit up. I had not smoked since the day my wife died. But this was not a typical day. I looked at the screen and thought and took a long pull on the smoke.


I looked at what I had been working on and thought for a minute. Then I noticed a letter sticking out of Joe's jacket pocket. He was sleeping and I knew I should not look at it but I felt I had the right since I knew almost nothing about the man who was sleeping in the chair near my window. I took it out and looked at it, the text was as follows:

        Hello my dear reader, it has been quite a long and event filled time since we last had any form of communication and I apologize for my lack of perseverance in continuing our dialogue, unfortunately life has become a day to day struggle just to survive. I had also hoped that going into the shadows, if I might call shutting up out of fear for my life that, not exactly the expression I want but another more fitting one seems to be slipping me at the moment, would have helped my situation out since things were getting pretty bad for me and more importantly for my family, but it has obviously not had the effect that I had wanted and in fact my looking the other way and being quiet when there are obviously many thing that I could have been talking about is exactly what they want. So, in a nutshell, here I am. I am back.

Dear reader, so much has been going on in the world, yet at the same time so little has actually changed that I am in a quandary as to what to actually write about. I really want to keep the vitriol out of the discussion but that appears to be an impossible order. Being civilized with the most civilized of instruments, namely the written word, is something that I strive for but something that may not be possible when dealing with jackals, and we are dealing with jackals, let there be no doubt in your mind that this is exactly what they are, jackals who would feed on your blood and the blood of babes to satisfy their insatiable blood lust and continue to prop themselves up.

So without further ado, let me not take up more of your time with the minutiae of my motivations, for in this thirty second world we now live in no one is interested, and even if they are, they are struggling just to survive like you and I are and dont have the time. For time is what we are all lacking is it not?

        Thanks to the efforts of the US Embassy and the US Government and their secret minions I have been marginalized. Yes dear reader, I admit it. I have been marginalized somewhere to page 5126, which is a wonderful number which should have been celebrated, but I am still in retention of all my facilities, albeit my audience has dwindled considerably. Which is the sad part and the part which has helped them out the most. Now if I would just roll over and die quietly they would jump for joy but I am a resilient weed and my very nature makes that an impossibility.

        So much to tell you all, yet, where to begin? Lets begin with my favorite topic. I know I was told to shut up and tow the line. To be more specific, to not worry about things on the global scale of things by the little worm of a man in his black jeep, who drove me to a place where I was shown a double grave, as a secret warning, freshly dug, no doubt for myself and my family, judging from its width and depth, as he expunged on the merits of not being a globalist and tried to extract any secrets I might have in the slimiest way any of the secret minions might attempt. Jiminy Christmas, once again I have been sidetracked by my own little dramas, and recollections, so, where was I? Oh, yeah, my favorite topic. U.S. Presidents.

        As the current US President is black, and I need to say this right off the bat, because in fact it was a brilliant plan, his installation, as it has bamboozled the world into a state of passivity and has shut up millions who would have said something long ago but can not, because now to criticize the President is to be branded a racist. Which leaves me in a nice position, being a human of color, I seriously doubt I could be branded a racist so I will dare to criticize the great phony Peace Prize Wielding Obama. I have already been stripped of my citizenship by the previous administration, so what the hell do I have to lose?

        As I was saying the installation of Obama, and I call it that, for it would only be a fool who would believe that American Presidents are truly chosen by the people and only an idiot would believe the American myth that anybody can become president if they try hard enough, American presidents are chosen by the money wielding elite, the Illuminati, the Skull and Bones, the PNACs, the Military Industrial Complex and the Intelligence Agencies, has thrown a sheet over the eyes of the world. His being awarded the Nobel Peace Prize has even further blinded the world into believing the myth that he was put into power with, the myth that he is a great and powerful agent for change and justice. The fact is, dear reader, that nothing has changed. In fact things have gotten worse. The wars, the missile defense, the torture, the economic rape, and American domination of the world have just been repackaged, hidden away, marketed, resold, and obfuscated, in such clever Machiavellian ways that it is almost impossible to see the tree for the forest or the forest for the trees for that matter, but be not confused, a rotten egg is still a rotten egg, even if the packaging changes.

        I am sure that this little essay will be picked up by individuals in McLean Virginia, the Embassy, Nancy Give up your kids as collateral Pelosis office, and may even get to the White House information operations room. That being the case then this little piece can be seen as an open letter to President Barrack Obama, 44th President of the United States.

        There is so much we would all like to say, and there is so much that I would personally like to say with regards to the stripping me of my citizenship but I am sure that you will do nothing to help as you have nothing to effect the change that you so much promised the citizens of the world and those yearning for justice in the US.

       I like him him also born on an island

       If the current President is really interested in peace why are the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq continuing? Why is the U.S. still looking for reasons to bomb Iran? Why was he awarded a Nobel Peace Prize if he has done nothing to promote peace? They say he wants to do away with nuclear weapons? I dont believe that nor have I seen concrete steps towards that goal. Maybe the new START Treaty will have something new and different in it, but I have seen nothing concrete and I believe we are all being bamboozled. I know I can be accused of being naïve, if I state that Obama could just end the wars tomorrow, things are not that easy, mainly because he is not the one really waging the wars to begin with. He has the power to do it but can not because the money and the real power in the United States will not have it. If Obama attempts to end the wars cold turkey his fate will be that of Kennedy, but this is bigger than him and he should call for an end to the wars and pull all US troops out.

        Afghanistan is not a place where the US will ever install a Democracy, no matter how many years and human lives it wastes in the effort. There is not a winnable scenario now. Had things been done differently from the beginning things may have worked, but the US made the mistake they have made everywhere in the world. They assumed that they could force their will on a country and a people and the people would rollover and greet them as liberators.
Pull out the troops and focus the money on making peace and improving the lives of Americans back home. They need you more than some tribesman in Afghanistan.

        This was most of the text. The rest I have left out to protect Joe. So what was Joe? A writer. Who were the readers he was referring to. The mystery deepened. I put the letter back and decided I needed a drink.... to be continued

        The weak afternoon light managed to creep through the slats of hurricane shutters, which passed for windows in this part of the world, and shone with benign warmth casting a dreamlike diffused glow on everything in the room.

        Joe slept but in his mind he was there again, in that room, in that time. His memories were like videos that he could pull up and study whenever he wanted to and study again and again. This was one of the ones he studied most often, for it had been one of the events that had shaped him.  

        The cold floor always came to mind first, it dark green/gray tiles with light curvy green lines patterned onto them, emanated cold, and foreboding. To be continued...   

11.03.2009  Italian court convicts 23 Americans in CIA rendition case By Craig Whitlock  An Italian court on Wednesday convicted 22 CIA operatives and a U.S. Air Force colonel of orchestrating the kidnapping of a Muslim cleric in Milan in 2003 and flying him to Egypt, where he said he was later tortured. The judge in the case, Oscar Magi, said three other Americans, including the former Rome station chief for the CIA, were covered by diplomatic immunity. The Americans were all tried in absentia. A Milan prosecutor said his office would seek to have them extradited from the United States, but a formal decision will be made later by the Italian Justice Ministry. The case is the only instance in which CIA operatives have faced a criminal trial for the controversial tactic of extraordinary rendition, under which terrorism suspects are seized in one country and forcibly transported to another without judicial oversight.


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11-01-2009 How Terahertz Waves Tear Apart DNA

Iranian nuclear debunker thrown out window British nuclear expert's 17th floor UN death plunge 'was not suicide'

Goldstone: Dear Congress, About All Those Lies Re My Report

'All-Knowing' Oleg Gordievsky: MI-5/MI-6 Disinformation Spokestool, Wheeled Out to Comment On Something He Could Not Possibly Know Anything About (Again and Again and Again)

All-Knowing' Oleg Gordievsky: MI-5/MI-6 Disinformation Spokestool, Wheeled Out

MI-5's Spokes-Monkey Michael Evans clears Sir Roger Hollis of being a Soviet mole. Sir Hollis was under investigation beginning in 1961 until 1981. Gordievsky who was KGB resident from 1982 to 1985, seems to come out of the woodwork every time MI-5 or MI-6 has any housekeeping to do. I guess Gordievsky has to make a living somehow but please give us a break already. Gordievsky, now 24 years out of the loop, seems to retroactively know about everything and every operation that the KGB was involved in. One might wonder then why did he know nothing about Michael Smith, the convicted Super-Spy whom even Stella Rimington refuses to say anything about. If you ask me Gordievsky is nothing more than a tool, and a rubber stamp for the British Special Services and Michael Smith was wrongly convicted.     

   What happens to MI-5s agents if they blow cover, blow the whistle, and get arrested for violations of the official secrets act?    In the case of David Shayler, now better known as Dolores Kane, they snap. Sad really.

0-22-2009 JAR2 asks that you please support the local population of Southend-on-Sea in their fight against the razing of the local market and the loss of a part of the town's heritage, dating back almost 2000 years .

Masonic Hand in Southend-on-Sea Market Closure? Is this Progress?

Closure of York Road Market, Southend-on-Sea
By Michael John Smith

        Southend-on-Sea Borough Council, based in Essex, a county in the UK, have made a decision to tear down half of the old historic part of the town, and to possibly replace it with modern buildings. The local radio station and the local newspaper are running campaigns to slow down the potential damage that is expected to be done to the town.
        The immediate threat is to the old Victorian covered market in York Road. The market traders were given only 3 days to get out of their shops and to vacate the premises. Many of these traders have been there for many years, and they are upset at the damage that is being done to their businesses and their futures. This is the response of the local government website. They claim that the market has become a hazard to the health and safety of the local resident's and even went so far as to commission a survey. However, the local government are responsible for the York Road Market, and they allowed it to deteriorate, deliberately, leading the inevitable demolition of the market.

        On 16 September 2003, the Council decided to restrict the leases of the market traders, so that they could be evicted quickly when a decision to demolish the market was taken. So it is clear that this plan has been in the works for quite some time.
        The Council is responsible for maintaining the market, but now, 6 years later, the Council have decided that "health & safety" issues mean that the market must be closed and all the traders thrown out onto the streets. I think this is only a trick. The real reason to to shut down the market is to enable the developers to make money.
        How many of the local Council are Freemasons, and have an interest with the contractors to make money out of the redevelopment of this part of the town? This is what the destruction of this old part of Southend really means to the Councilors - an opportunity to make profits for themselves.
       Another sad part of the story, and one the has international ramifications,  is that young Russian cadets, who regularly visit Southend-on-Sea,  from the famous sailing ship "The SS Sedov"  will be shocked to see that the Southend Council are tearing down this historic part of the town.

Local radio on the closure of the market

Responsible parties for the closure.  Are they all  Masons?


Photograph of the York Road Market a few hours before closure, Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England October 17, 2009

The next day. The York Road Market Southend-on-Sea, Essex, England October 18, 2009