April-September 2010


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  Happy Victory Day  


Conratulations to the Russian Paralympic Team

You all did what the Olympic team could not: WIN! ))))))


In other news the Russian Olympic Team's trainers are to be taken to Uzhno Butova and shot, while members of said Olympic Team are to be sent to an unspecified village in the Arctic Far North where they will perform a combined 293 million hours of community service work. JUST KIDDING)))

03-10-10 U.S. Tightens Missile Shield Encirclement Of China And Russia Remember the missile shield and Brezhinsky's plan to surround Russia and break it up into 64 autonomous republics   

Russia condemns US move to put missiles in Romania (Poland, The Czech Republic, etc., etc.)

Jan-16-2010 The Kremlin said it was taken aback by Romania's top military body had agreed to host US SM-3 interceptor missiles .

Jan-02-2010 Vladimir Kryuchkov died in November 2008 at the age of 83. Victim of FBI Counter Intelligence


Dec-20-2009  Russian Special Security Services Mark Their Professional Holiday

Russias security services turn 92 years old on Sunday. On this day in 1917 the Soviet Peoples Commissar passed a law to form the all Russia Emergency Commission or (CHEKA). Until 1995 the 20th of December was celebrated as Chekist Day, after that date it came to be known as the Day of the Members of the Security Services of the Russian federation .

        According to the head of the FSB, Alexander Bortnikov, per the Security Services Yearly Summary for 2009, 81 terrorist acts were uncovered and prevented in the North Caucuses, 782 separatists and militants were detained, 42 counter terrorist operations were carried out, and an unspecified but significant number of special service and intelligence operations, these includes those of a military nature. More than 1,600 weapons, 490 IEDs or (improvised explosive devices) and more than 5.5 tons of explosives were also seized .

        At present, in the Russian Federation, there exist several Special Services, the Federal Security Service or FSB, the External Intelligence Service or SVR, the Federal Protection Service or FSO and The Main Directorate of Special Programs of the President of the Russian Federation. During Soviet times all of these Special Services were part of the structure of the Committee for State Security, or KGB, of the USSR.



Kurt Cobain Killed by CIA?

Secret CIA Report RED CELL (US as Exporter of Terrorism) PDF

CIA Mole Mr. Mohammad Zia Salehi Burned

MI-6 Housekeeping or a hit? MI-6 Dead Agent in a Bag

Ten Russian Agents Plead Guilty and Are to Be Removed from the United States

FBI Counter Intelligence claims woman who could not even pass along a passport to be highly trained Russian "illegal" spy

No evidence of espionage in (Criminal) complaints. Actual complaints. PDFs  ONE and TWO

CIA Afghanistan Propaganda Ops: European Support

CIA Plans to Destroy Wikileaks

Spanish prosecutors want 13 CIA agents arrested

APA Scrubs Pages Linking It to CIA Torture Workshops

Castros secret archives: US Special Ops prepares to snatch five decades of damaging material

Hit teams taking out American Embassy Employees

CIA???-MOSSAD???-MI-6??? 26-member hit squad carrying European passports   photos of 17

MI-6 intelligence-gathering methods leaker arrested

CIA Inspector General's Report on Torture and Interrogation    PDF    ZIPPED    Top Secret, Heavily Redacted

CIA Rape Charges

Three CIA Agents in Iran Blow Their Cover

CIA Torture Black Site: Secret Lithuanian Prison

CIA Predator War

The CIA Is Welcoming Itself Back onto American University Campuses

Blackwater's Owner Has Spies for Hire, Ex-U.S. Operatives Dot Firm's Roster

Judge Tosses NSA Spy Cases  

Ex-MI6 chief likely to give evidence to Chilcot inquiry behind closed doors

CIA: 7 Dead Officers in Epic Afghanistan Failure

CIA Ends 2009 With Another Epic HUMIT Fail  

Harold E. Brown Jr.  Fairfax, Va and Bolton, Mass

Scott Michael Roberson 39 

US Intelligence Spat  Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair Listen on VOR    Download

Italian court convicts 23 Americans in CIA rendition case

Iranian nuclear debunker thrown out window British nuclear expert's 17th floor UN death plunge 'was not suicide'

All-Knowing' Oleg Gordievsky: MI-5/MI-6 Disinformation Spokestool, Wheeled Out

CIA Officer's Official Cover Blown in Moscow

When Osama Bin Laden Was Tim Osman by J. Orlin Grabbe (One of us. DECEASED)

The CIA's Family Jewels All Documents From JAR2 zipped   FTP


 The Destruction of Joe  ____________________________________________________________________________

by John Robles Oh am I so getting sick of the shit I have to put up with. An expose on what it is like for refugees in Russia anyone?

The Bride
        Joe called me up at 3 in the morning. I had just fallen asleep after finishing a long essay on nuclear non-proliferation and had smoked a fine Cuban cigar and was feeling all warm inside from the smooth whiskey that had just gone down my throat.
        Joe was kind of a strange guy; he was a professor at one of the local institutes of higher learning and had been divorced three times. For ten years he had been looking for a new wife after the last woman he married fell off the wagon and became a raging and completely vicious alcoholic. His voice was panicky. He sounded desperate and on the verge of going off the deep end.

I dont get it. I really dont get it. He said with a high pitched wavering voice.

What happened buddy? Hows Natalia? I asked him. I already knew that he had probably broken up with her. He broke up with more women in a month than most men do in a lifetime and every time he suffers.

Shes disappeared! he said. I mean really just vanished!

Who vanished? I asked.

Natalia! My fiance! He sounded at once dumbfounded, flabbergasted, heartbroken and astounded.

What Natalia? I thought you broke up with her. I said.

No not that one, another one!

When did you meet her? I asked. I was a little surprised for Joe to be talking about a bride. He had broken up with a woman he had been living with for four years less than a year ago, a woman who had left him when he demanded that they finally get married.

In December. She called me up one day and said, Lets go see a film. I wasnt doing anything at the time so I agreed. Then we started dating, one thing led to another and she moved in and we started living together. I asked her to marry me and she agreed.

I see. So whats the problem?

So here I was, getting ready to get married, thats right. I was about to finally settle down, have kids and live a normal life with the girl I love, when bam!!! Out of the blue she gets weird and disappears!

What do you mean she disappeared? I asked, fearing she had been killed or something horrible like that.

First she starts spending the night in different places, I mean she stops coming home and starts disappearing when we had already made arrangements to do things together.

Okay. Then what? What happened next shocked me. Go on. Then what happened? I could hear him breathing short shallow breaths into the receiver.

Then pow! The sound of a gunshot and the receiver hitting the floor! Then silence

Joe!!! I screamed into the receiver. Joe!!! What have you done?!!?!

To be continued

Read the latest installments. Who is Joe?

The Destruction of Joe (01) The Last of the Tainos (02) The Message (03)

The Rights of the Individual, the Sanctity of Life, and the Survival of Human Kind (SOON)

The Street Team (05)
The surveillance team was parked in the van in the street below the window of the apartment where Joe was dozing off in the chair. They were using an old dark blue Gazelle van with Moscow plates registered to some delivery driver in Ximki. On the outside it looked like every other old dirty Gazelle delivery van, the dark blue paint was faded, there was rust around the wheel wells and it was covered in road dirt. On the outside the only modifications that were visible were the three sunroofs, and if one listened closely and knew what one was listening for one could make out the deep throaty idle of the 8.2 liter super-charged Chevrolet V8. The Gazelle was not really a Gazelle, it had a Gazelle body but that was all. Like the Hummer 3, it was mounted on a Chevy Tahoe frame and the only outside sign of what was underneath apart from the aforementioned, were the nine lug nuts on each of the dirty, deceptively stock wheels.
All told the team that was on Joe consisted of 26 members, and while he was dozing they were also allowed a break for which they were thankful. Following Joe was not an easy task. Joe changed his method of transportation so much and habitually used counter surveillance techniques that were sometimes better than their own and could at times lose them at will it seemed.  To be continued....


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Prime Minister Vladimir Putin had a birthday this past week. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY WISHES SIR!!!

ZAKAEV Asylum????

Why is this terrorist being protected?



On September 30th I will Cease to Exist (Sort Of)

         In another typical move which proves to anyone that Puerto Rico is in fact a possession of the United States and in no way an independent country whose people have even the slightest independence or even human rights and absolutely no control over their own destinies, which of course is proper for a possession, for what is a possession if not something which you can just do what you will with.

        So if Puerto Rico is a possession than what are Puerto Ricans? Also possessions. What are people who are possessions? Slaves. Am I calling the Puerto Rican people slaves to the United States? Well, in reality, yes, because that is what they are. It is a myth that Puerto Ricans are real American citizens. I found that out the hard way. Puerto Ricans are given U.S. citizenship from birth, because it allows the United States to collect taxes from them and control their lives, but Puerto Ricans are institutionalized second class citizens, or for want of a better word, slaves.

        A Puerto Rican can not become president. A Puerto Rican is regulated to discrimination from birth. The native people of Puerto Rico, the Taino Indians, are officially classified as being extinct, although I myself am 40 % Taino. Puerto Ricans are constantly treated as foreigners by Americans on the mainland. Puerto Rican culture and national and racial pride have been annihilated, replaced by cheap fast food American replacements. The people are divided, and do not have any pride in their own uniqueness, they live in shame of their very Puerto Ricaness because that is what the American educational, political, social, and government systems are designed to do.

        For me as a Puerto Rican this hit home fully when in 2007 the US Government decided to take away my passport and thus in their sneaky little way take away my citizenship and leave me and my children stateless here in Russia. Then lo and behold the bastards passed a law making it legal to do, even though at the time their actions ran roughshod over the norms established by international law. What they did to me was illegal, they did not have a foot to stand on, so like the US habitually does, they break the law, then re-write the laws to escape their own prosecution. So I was left stateless with no documents. The only document I did have was my Puerto Rican birth certificate. I would not be surprised if the assholes at the US Embassy think I am running around with only that as a document. Let them think what they may. I dont care anymore. When you are in the position that I am and the weight of the most powerful country in the world comes down hard on you for no damned reason other than for trying to expose the high crimes of their blood thirsty leaders and the injustices wrought on the poor and weak, thoughts are in fact entertained that such actions are directed at one personally. Would the US Government penalize and cause the other four million or so Puerto Ricans to suffer just to get to one? Maybe. I mean they killed millions of Iraqis just to kill one man and satisfy the personal revenge of one sick and twisted president. Would they? Perhaps.

        It doesnt really matter. I guess on September 30th I will no longer exist. In that case I will be completely free. For if one does not exist, then one can do what one pleases. I will be a ghost in the machine, if you will, and ghosts have a way of wrecking havoc, if they are so inclined.

         Free the slaves of Puerto Rico, long live the Taino Indians and oust the monstrous possessors of their lands. For what was stolen must be returned, whether it was stolen 200 years ago, or yesterday, they have no right to possess what is not rightfully theirs, and by that I mean the island of Puerto Rico.  

July-24-2010 I told you guys a while ago, when the whole 12 Russian spy spectacle was going on, that when these big media shows are going on we need to look under the radar, at what they are really up to, at what huge pink elephant they are trying to cover up. Well guys I got it, the Osama family. Yes kiddies, seems that when the world's media was ogling Anna (Chapman) Kuschenko, the Obama administration, stalwartly continuing Bush's twisted policies allowed agent Tom Ossman's, aka Osama Bin Laden, family to relocate to the US. So that's it kids, move along nothing to see here. Terrorist number one's family is taken care of while yours truly get his birth certificate erased, also another brilliantly covert move by Obama which retroactively erases my existence and those of millions of Puerto Ricans all over the world. You see Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans are not people and we are not a country, we are a POSSESSION to do with as they may. Well I'll be damned. Degenerate bastards. More later, no really, I promise. 


Dear readers, I can no longer ignore those of you who have been coming by for the scoop on the 10 so called spies, arrested and paraded in front of the world by a press trying to distract you from the real news that is going on. Anyway that is my opinion as to what has been going on. What I am going on about is the recent US "spy" scandal. I have been covering it for the VOR and have not had time to publish any comments here. The latest news is that they have all left the US and President Medvedev has had to pardon the four that were exchanged for the ten. Several of them did not want to leave the US and in fact there was probably only one agent among them.


In operational terms an intelligence team is made up of many members and in this case there was not one, what would be properly named a "spy" among them. First you would have one full fledged intelligence officer, a fully trained intelligence agent controller, he would control the mission, determine assignments, gather the intelligence from his or her "spies", and ultimately report back to the controlling government. Normally such an officer would have diplomatic cover but in the case of illegals he or she might be anyone at all, but usually someone with a highly mobile and highly paid or powerful job. More later guys.   


Dear readers, due to the fact that I am in the position I am in, I can not write about everything that is going on, as soon as everything is worked out I will be actively publishing and writing again. I dearly miss writing and blogging and all of you. Thanks for your support.


Life is a living HELL but the only option is death, so we must shut up. Carry on, nothing to see here.


Lars Vilks Muhammad drawings controversy


A Note to Terrorists Worldwide

This is a note from someone who was almost one of your victims.

An open message to terrorists from jar2 








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We are currently suffering from the smoke. Above are some shots I took during the winter. These pictures were taken at noon on Friday August 6th 2010, the temperature is about 39 Celsius, my eyes are burning, I can't breathe. It's hell.