On Flight 9268 and the Paris Attacks

By John Robles II

November 16, 2015

Dead Baby

Citizens of the World:

The events of the last few weeks have made it even clearer; it is time to wake up! It is time to finally stand up and fight against those who would enslave us and subjugate all of us and force their will on us through the use of terror, force and manipulation. It is time for the honest, meek and the peace-loving to take back the world from those who slaughter with callous impunity and continue to use violence and terror as a means to further their self-serving and cynical ends.

This is a call for you, citizen of the world to finally stand up and make a stand, for let there be no doubt, the future of the world and the future of your children lies in the balance. You can sit idly by or terrified into silence and do nothing or you can stand up and fight for the light and for all that is right. IT is your choice.

We are faced with an almost all-powerful monolithic power and are being distracted with our attention being diverted in so many different directions that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep our eyes on the ball. This is due to the efforts of military grade psychological and media operations that are working at full force 24 hours a day 7 days a week to twist and manipulate the narrative in order to keep you in the dark, keep us divided and keep us unfocused and unable to unite. These operations continue every minute and every resource the monolith has is being waged against us.

This piece is being directed chiefly at my fellow members of the Russian World but also at the peace loving citizens of the People’s Republic of China, anyone in the United States who can still think independently, and those in Israel, in Saudi Arabia, the West and the rest of the world who sense that something is terribly wrong with our world and desire to do something about it.

Perhaps most importantly this piece is also being directed at those members of the Russian world who would and are selling out their country to US and other interests and those who are actively fighting and killing innocent civilians and their defenders in the Donbass at the behest of their Western masters.

The world is suffering in the 15th year of the plan by the monolithic United States of America to establish its hegemony by force. Literally millions have died, multiple war of aggression have been launched and millions of war crimes have been carried out, yet the monolith carries on and not a single criminal has been brought to justice.

Citizens of the World, we are in the 15th year of what the West has labelled the War on Terror and the paradigm that they have created is beginning to unravel at the seams as time rolls relentlessly on and more and more pieces of the puzzle begin to fall in place, or perhaps fall out of place depending on which side of the equation you are on.

The War on Terror is part of a carefully planned project designed with multiple goals in mind in order to bring about Global US Hegemony and Full Spectrum Dominance by the US/NATO and their allies and client states. It is designed to keep the entire planet in a state of endless war and terror thus facilitating endless profits for the US Military Industrial Complex, the endless stripping of the rights and freedoms of the world’s citizenry, the maintenance and installation of an Orwellian global surveillance network, the erosion of sovereignty of the states of the world and the continued destruction of countries, governments and peoples who the Complex views as “unfavorable” or a “threat” to its dominance.

You, Citizens of the World, out of fear or trust or as a result of their obfuscation, have allowed the unholy alliance of members of the Central Intelligence Agency of the United States, US Joint Special Operations Command, the Black Operations Community, complicit Five Eye members, Mossad and Zionist radicals and Saudi intelligence along with their bought and paid for secret armies of Nazis and Islamic radical Wahhabi/Falafists, to run rampant all over the world for much too long, killing millions in their wake. It is time to end the fabricated lie called the War on Terror and bring those responsible to justice.

Citizens of the World, in the last month we seen the lives of hundreds more of our fellow human being extinguished forever by the secret armies and operatives of the Monolith. With the Russian Federation and its brave leader President Vladimir Putin finally fighting back against the scourge of the latest “secret” US/NATO army in Syria, ISIS (the latest re-branding of IL/ISIL), we are beginning to see the Hydra raise its heads and strike in the same cowardly fashion that it took the lives of 1,999 people away on 9-11-2001.

The same animals who staged 9-11 and other events in the United States such as the Boston Marathon Bombing and who have never been brought to justice now operate with complete and total impunity all over the world. They have no regard whatsoever for international law and even less of a regard for the millions of lives that they continue to extinguish in their blind and insidious drive for Global Hegemony, and in the end the enslavement of the entire human race.

Do not be fooled by Psychological Media Operations and do not lose sight of the ball. If you have any humanity left and you feel any kinship for your fellow human beings, be they Russian or French or Palestinian or Serbian or Citizens of the Donbass or my American Indian brothers and sisters, do everything you can to bring those responsible for the bloodshed to justice and do not take your eye off the ball.

We, Citizens of the World, know for a fact, from our intelligence, that the scourge of ISIS, IS, IL, Jabhat al Nusra, Al Qaeda, the Right Sector and even Chechen and Albanian terrorists, are all being funded, trained and directed by the United States, its NATO clients and Mossad and Saudi interests. We know this and this is who we must fight against and bring to justice.

Just like you cannot blame a private in the US Army for following orders and killing innocent Afghanis, you cannot really blame ISIS mercenaries, brainwashed and drugged for following the orders of Mossad agents and Washington geopolitical genocidal lunatics. You cannot fight ISIS and their brethren effectively without fighting their masters, and their masters are sitting in Washington and Brussels and Virginia. This is the truth and it must not be forgotten.

I have watched sickened for almost 2 years now (since 21 November 2013 Maidan) as genocidal mercenaries and anti-Russian Nazi lunatics first brought down a democratically elected government in Europe and then have proceeded to wage a war of genocide on ethnic Russian civilians while calling it an “Anti-Terror Operation”, and have tried to fight them in every way I can. The insidious way they label their innocent victims terrorists to justify the genocide they are committing makes their crimes even worse and shows us very clearly who the architects are behind their campaign of genocidal land clearing.

I have also followed the destruction of Syria and every other country since 9-11 and Yugoslavia, in horror of what my former country is doing to the world. I have renounced my US citizenship, I have battled Zionist interests and I have done everything in power to help Russia because Russia and its brave President Vladimir Putin are truly the only hope this world has for attaining peace. I have paid a price and for the most part been silenced but they are literally knocking on our door and we must take action.

Do not be fooled by hypocrites like Barrack Obama who receives a Nobel Peace Prize and then engages in countless armed conflicts and uses of force, do not be fooled by self-serving oligarchs, mercenaries and those who kill and sponsor terrorists and assassinate and overthrow governments at the behest of foreign masters.

Do not buy into foreign sponsored and carefully orchestrated propaganda which seeks to foment unrest in your country or remove the leaders who you have chosen because they are not pliable to the West. Do not allow yourselves, like the people of Ukraine have, to become slaves to Washington because they believed in the lies they were told about a brighter future and prosperity. Do not be fooled. They will break you, kill you and destroy your country to meet their geopolitical objectives. They have no laws they follow and they understand nothing but force, fear and manipulation.

In the last few weeks we have seen Russia finally start the process of wiping out ISIS and saving the Syrian people. We have also seen a cowardly attack on a Russian passenger plane by the same ISIS lunatics the US is sponsoring in the Middle East and now France has seen them attack its capital. It is time to stop the Hydra that the CIA/NATO/Mossad/Saudi have created.

Citizens of the World it is our responsibility and the responsibility of all peace-loving intelligent people all over the world to not allow a state which sponsors and profits from terror and wantonly murders civilians at will to continue its Crimes Against Peace and Humanity with impunity. For the millions killed all over the Middle East since 9-11, the tens of thousands killed in the Donbass and Ukraine, the hundreds killed on flight MH-17, flight 9268 and now innocent concert goers in France, we have a responsibility as human being to stand up and bring those responsible to justice.

Cognitive dissonance may be affecting your judgment and it may be a painful and uncomfortable truth but those responsible, those truly responsible, for Yugoslavia, 9-11, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria, Ukraine, MH-17, 9268, the France attacks, the genocide of Palestinians and Serbs and much much more are sitting comfortably in Washington, Israel and Saudi Arabia, and for the sake of all mankind they must be brought to justice.

Intelligence analysis points to an attempt at weakening Egyptian-Russian relations and revenge for Russia’s Syrian operations as the main motivations for the downing of Russian Flight 9268. Analysis also shows that the attacks in France, complete with fake passports and Mossad agents may be a pretext for NATO to launch operations in Syria against the same ISIS proxy army that the US sent in there in the first place. Just like MH-17 was to have been the pretext for NATO to invade Ukraine, make no doubt there will be attempts to use the recent attacks by the monolith. Hopefully Russia will be able to stop them from spreading their war and destroying yet another country.

Citizens of Russia and Fellow Members of the Russian World; It is time that many of you woke up and realized that to America we are nothing but a threat to their global influence and a people to be demonized, conquered and if needed exterminated. Many of you are upset that the killing of our people on Flight 9268 did not cause the resonance that the killing in Paris caused. This is due to their endless promotion of Russophobic propaganda and the endless dehumanization and demonization which they spread in their media. Although the anti-Russian propaganda goes on 24/7 there are still some in the West who see through the lies but unfortunately they are a small minority.

It is uncomfortable for many of you to face the truth that the America many of you loved and hoped would treat you as partners and with respect sees you as nothing but a threat and an inconvenient barrier to their own global power and influence. I know firsthand many of you do not want and have not wanted to hear my words of truth but it is time you all woke up and also did your all to help Russia, President Putin and the Russian World.

If the events of the last 2 years have not made it clear to you that the West does not have our interests in mind there is little I can do or say, but when you lose someone close to you or you yourself are destroyed because you are viewed as a threat it will be too late.       

America does not want peace and stability anywhere in the world. It does not want a multi-polar world and it does not want any power to rise up and challenge its hegemony. It will destroy any country that it deems a threat to that their hegemony or that pursues policies or makes alliances that are not beneficial to Washington.

The full attack on Russia is in its second year and Russia is still standing its ground but the monolith is getting desperate. In order to stop the rise of Russia and China and the BRICS they will do anything and everything, including starting World War III, and this must not be allowed to happen. We must be vigilant, keep the moral high ground and use the mechanisms of international justice and law to stop the monolith and if necessary we must be ready to use all of our combined force to stop this evil that has gone too far and waged its war against us far too long.      

This is a call to stand up and do what is right! The time has come to fight!        


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