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Англо-саксонский каким-то образом попадает в рай.
Бог спрашивает его: Что ты сделал, чтобы помочь жителям Донбасса, Палестинцам и Американским Индейцам?
Англо-саксонец говорит: I don't speak Russian.
Cпокойной ночи всем

03-29-2023 After My Trip to Support Crimeans During Russian Spring Celebrations

I recently spent ten days on a road trip and will be doing a write up soon. Went to Crimea to support the Russian Spring activities. Too many things going on right now to keep up with the Blog too.


#Денацификация После продолжительного разговора с экс-депутатом «Рада» Что я могу сказать? Цинизм и фашистско-бюрократические параметры зашкаливают!!!((( И хоть я и соблюдаю закон и работаю внутри системы политическое сводничество мне кажется важнее законности и фактов и правды. Вот и все реальность.Что я могу сказать? Вся надежда на Путина и российских законодателей ЗА ПРАВДУ! ЗА ПОБЕДА! ЖДЁМ.... Новости нет

03-08-2023 - Happy Women's Day - Especially to My Mother Bless Her Soul

CIA Front NED Deleted Ukraine Evidence - We Have It

03-06-2023 - So Even if I Die Right This Minute I Won and the CIA Lost

The Single Largest Ongoing Intelligence Failure of the CIA in History: JAR2 - LULZ (Except Fidel)

The Brief History of the Real WikiLeaks and the Real Snowed-In (Main Facts) In reality the cynicism, racism and hypocrisy with regard to my treatment is off the scales and since you are writing everything down and sending it in that is for you, you miserable worm. How long have you been cc-ing the US Embassy exactly? That is my only question for you. Don't worry I won't give them your details, like your MAC and your IP and your phone number and e-mail and car and apartment.- LULZ

That glove thing was really professional guys. Almost had me doubting on that. About that illegal phone tracking though...

So... A CIA Targets Escapes to Russia and an attempt to steal his passport ends in the arrest of a Ukrainian Agent whose jaw the CIA target broke when he was attacked by the agent and then a mistake is made by a US Embassy employee who issues him a new passport. Then on September 10, 2001 the CIA targets calls his ex-wife and tells her he works in New York at the WTC, but the CIA can not find him. Then they do 911 and the CIA targets starts exposing 911, MI6 and CIA agents and destroying the gains made in Project Russia and publishing Top Secret documents on a site in Russia. So the CIA and MI6 create and globally promote a fake leak site to spread disinformation and identify hackers and sources of leaks (Wiki) but the CIA target continues publishing secret US documents and no one can figure out how he gets them, so then they illegally cancel the CIA target's passport saying he owes child support for the children he is raising on his own so that he is returned to the CIA but it fails, then they take away his school and his income and try to tell Russian Security that the CIA target is an arms trafficker and other lies but he ends up on the State Global Broadcaster exposing the crimes of the CIA and NATO and trying to expose 911. Then the top CIA Russia expert/ambassador (McFaul) comes in with color revolution plans and the CIA target stops the color revolution causing the CIA Ambassador to attempt to have him imprisoned twice. But again the CIA fails and the CIA target continues exposing their crimes. So the CIA gets some NSA files and send a liquidator to assure the extraction of the CIA target and lead the color revolution agent network. Part of the plan is again taking away the CIA target's income and getting rid of his platform and exposures, so the CIA spends millions liquidating the Voice of Russia. But then the CIA target tries to expose the CIA liquidator sent after him (Snowden). So they destroy the target's family, send Gina Haspel in to put his son in prison and destroy his life and family. They even poison him but he doesn't die. So the CIA uses their moles and agents in the Russian government and inside Russia to launch a demonization campaign against the CIA target calling him a bum and saying he lives in a garage and they "cancel" him from all CIA controlled platforms erasing his WikiPedia page and Twitter accounts and deleting his articles from everywhere! And that still doesn't work! And all their agents and assets for some reason continue to keep dying and getting arrested and disappearing. So they start a war hoping that somehow they will be able to capture the CIA target who they can not kill because they must torture him in order to answer the many questions they have, including what he passed to the Russians in 1995 through the fence of the Russian Embassy in San Francisco which in fact started the whole thing... And on and on... Until finally the CIA realizes that the CIA target was a Russian Agent, the only problem is that they have no idea since when which is another question they have for him. So they continue to try to get Russia to give him to them but the Russians don't give up their own, however the CIA is still trying even as I write this. So you see, even if I die right now, I have still won.))) It's all in my insurance files and the password has been given to you already. I gave my life to Russia therefore Russia MUST NOT LOSE!!!!!!!! If the CIA is successful in murdering me, since rendition won't be possible, they know I have a suicide pill, it will be an international scandal that will be used to turn all the countries in the world against Russia. The fact that I am an Emrican Indian and a native of the Latin American World, will be used by the CIA to turn indigenous populations and the entire Latin World against Russia and the fact that I am a hero of sorts in China will also have the Chinese up in arms along with all my followers and supporters around the world who can do nothing but watch what is happening. My own brother told me the narrative in 2015 when I found him on Facebook and he said "Putin kills his own journalists and Russian patriots!" I never talked to my brother again after that since he blocked me on Facebook because I supported Putin. So if I die they will use it against Russia and President Putin and of course then I would become a "US Citizen" and all of the media which has ignored my story for years will all of a sudden start saying how Putin killed John Robles and not the CIA, so I guess I should try to stay alive for Putin. This is why they do not want me going to the front. Even though they try to tell me I am not important I am in fact one fo the most important secret weapons they have. Which explains a lot. If Russia wanted to kill me they would have done it a long time ago and even recently I tried to enlist in the armed forces and go to fight in the Ukraine and they did not allow me to even as a volunteer, that would have been a great chance to get rid of me. They could have sent me to the front and put a bullet in the back of my head and just say it was some Mercenary or some Ukronazi. So they keep me safe and warm in a little corner somewhere in Russia. Oh! And that COVID infection thing and the insane neighbor who was trying to make me stop smoking. So if I am right and the COVID-19 version they infected me with has little effect on smokers and they knew that, then if I was paranoid I would say that that was another attempted murder attempt. Since as a New Year's gift the CIA tried to kill my son, I would say there is a reason to suspect such an attempt.

Please return Felix to his rightful place.

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🇷🇺🇷🇺🇷🇺🙏🙏🙏 Если ЦРУ удастся убить меня, поскольку выдача будет невозможна, они знают, что у меня есть таблетка для самоубийства, это будет международный скандал, который будет использован, чтобы настроить все страны мира против России. Тот факт, что я эмриканский индеец и уроженец латиноамериканского мира (я же Роблес), будет использован ЦРУ, чтобы настроить коренное население и весь латиноамериканский мир против России, и тот факт, что я своего рода герой в Китае, также будет иметь значение. Китайцы во всеоружии вместе со всеми моими последователями и сторонниками по всему миру, которые ничего не могут сделать, кроме как наблюдать за происходящим. Мой собственный брат рассказал мне эту историю в 2015 году, когда я нашел его в Facebook, и он сказал: «Путин убивает своих собственных журналистов и русских патриотов!» После этого я больше никогда не разговаривал с братом, так как он заблокировал меня в Facebook, потому что я поддерживал Путина. Так что, если я умру, они будут использовать это против России и президента Путина, и, конечно, тогда я стану «гражданином США», и все СМИ, которые годами игнорировали мою историю, вдруг начнут рассказывать, как Путин убил Джона Роблеса и не ЦРУ, так что я думаю, что я должен попытаться остаться в живых для Путина. Вот почему они не хотят, чтобы я шел на фронт. Несмотря на то, что они пытаются сказать мне, что я не важен, я на самом деле являюсь одним из самых важных секретных орудий, которые у них есть. Что многое объясняет. Если бы Россия хотела меня убить, они бы давно это сделали, а еще недавно я пытался записаться в вооруженные силы и поехать воевать на Украину, и меня не пустили даже в качестве добровольца, это было бы отличный шанс избавиться от меня. Меня могли отправить на фронт, пустить мне пулю в затылок и просто сказать, что это какие-нибудь наёмник или какие-нибудь укронацисты. Так что они держат меня в безопасности и тепле в маленьком уголке где-нибудь в России.

If the he CIA is successful in murdering me, since rendition won't be possible, they know I have a suicide pill, it will be an international scandal that will be used to turn all the countries in the world against Russia. The fact that I am an Emrican Indian and a native of the Latin American World, will be used by the CIA to turn indigenous populations and the entire Latin World against Russia and the fact that I am a hero of sorts in China will also have the Chinese up in arms along with all my followers and supporters around the world who can do nothing but watch what is happening. My own brother told me the narrative in 2015 when I found him on Facebook and he said "Putin kills his own journalists and Russian patriots!" I never talked to my brother again after that since he blocked me on Facebook because I supported Putin. So if I die they will use it against Russia and President Putin and of course then I would become a "US Citizen" and all of the media which has ignored my story for years will all of a sudden start saying how Putin killed John Robles and not the CIA, so I guess I should try to stay alive for Putin. This is why they do not want me going to the front. Even though they try to tell me I am not important I am in fact one fo the most important secret weapons they have. Which explains a lot. If Russia wanted to kill me they would have done it a long time ago and even recently I tried to enlist in the armed forces and go to fight in the Ukraine and they did not allow me to even as a volunteer, that would have been a great chance to get rid of me. They could have sent me to the front and put a bullet in the back of my head and just say it was some Merenary or some Ukronazi. So they keep me safe and warm in a little corner somewhere in Russia.


03-05-2023 Personal Message to Those Who Know Me and Silent Millions, It's Time...

I will support Russia and President Putin until the end, I don't even think I have to say that.

Soon the blogs will be gone forever. If you want to read my life story download my insurance.



Я уже давно не мечтаю не о чем....  40,596  смотрел и не один не хотел помочь - Я православный и никогда не объявлю евреев «богоизбранными» и расой господ. Я скоро умру, и мое единственное желание, чтобы мое имущество досталось моему сыну, а мое тело было похоронено в России. Спасибо, что прочитали это сообщение. И если кто сможет взять мою Муся буду очень рад. Муся очень умная. Она Москвичка но тоже паспорт нет.

When I started JAR2 I thought it would be easy for the general public to figure everything out but apparently people are much stupider than I ever imagined. No offense but I thought you were all smarter than the idiots at the CIA. I really thought that any idiot could see through the snowed-in operation and just put two and two together but now I know that even if they did they chose the side of the CIA over mine, and that includes the "consensus" majority in the Russian Government and Russian Intelligence that Snowden so openly talked about. My work exposing 911 and the Empire of Lies was historic in proportion at the Voice of Russia and of course it was a threat to the "security" of the United States. After revoking my US Passport in 2007 (William Burns) and planning that I lost my job and went running to beg to go back to America and then hearing me on Russia's State global radio network and Internet exposing the crimes of the USA and using US citizens to do it, the CIA went crazy. So they sent CIA Color Revolution Specialist and Russia Expert to finish the job Burns could not and have me returned to the USA. He failed twice. So they sent historically capable liar Edward Greenberg/Snowden to finish the job those two idiots could not. Through Snowden the CIA is threatening the Russian Government or blackmailing Russian officials to do the only thing the CIA has left and that is to block me from getting Russian citizenship and I must say he is doing a good job so either the threats are huge or the official the CIA is blackmailing is very very highly placed. Meaning a Kremlin mole. For years I thought the CIA asset was in was MVD but apparently that is not the case. What is left is only two or three people being run by a highly developed and highly placed Kremlin mole. I spent years investigating this person and connecting all of the dots, just as the 2,126 foreign intelligence officers and snitches have been tracking me for decades and with a high level of confidence can name the Kremlin mole. Some of the juicier files are linked to on the news page right in the open but no one can figure it out. So I will leave you with that http://www.jar2.com/Default.html http://www.jar2.com/Files/Russia/Russian_Insurance.zip and my insurance file the password to which is VORON http://www.jar2.com/Files/INSURANCE_22_YEARS.zip.sda.zip and I hope that when I am gone someone will finally have the balls to go after the mole and his "secret" CIA controllers here in Russia. Including Snowden. The table below has the facts and I see no reason to delete it even though Snowden fast tracked himself to a Russian Passport even though apparently his was revoked which makes what he accomplished a legal impossibility under Russian Law but of course if his Kremlin mole lied to president then that explains that. Read my insurance file and you will see the dots connecting I hope. I have never lied and of this I am proud.

I really think this is the big goodbye. If there is anyone I owe an apology to "I AM SORRY". Good bye.





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Я работаю ночью, потому что мой мозг хорошо работает, когда все вокруг спят. Иногда у меня появляются отличные идеи, просто решил поделиться этим с вами. За 8 лет не было зарегистрировано повышения глобальной температуры. 8 лет и последние два года наблюдалось возвращение к почти нормальным российским зимним условиям, и я просто подумал, может быть, это из-за разоблачений и остановок HAARP в 2015 году, и прошло около двух лет с тех пор, как Боинг пошел ко дну, а Боинг 747 перестал летать. Могло ли быть так, что 4 реактивных двигателя Роллс-Ройс, выбрасывающих тысячеградусный воздух иногда в течение 20 часов, вызывали повышение температуры в атмосфере...? Что касается реактивных двигателей, это интересно, и мне еще предстоит найти ответ на вопрос, как работает реактивный двигатель в вакууме... Никто не может ответить... Это означает, что путешествие в глубокий космос невозможно... И последнее, что Советский флот первым встретил возвращающуюся с Луны миссию «Аполлон-12», и советский флот обнаружил, что капсула пуста... Итак, они заключили сделку, позволяющую СССР продавать нефть на мировом рынке.... Нефть? Вернемся снова к Рокфеллеру и Империи лжи... США НИКОГДА не были на Луне, и единственный влиятельный человек в мире, который сомневался в этом, Дмитрий Рогозин, сейчас воюет с нацистами НАТО.... Раньше я вел подобные дискуссии со своими студентам на разных языках но поскольку я больше не преподаю, мне не с кем поговорить... В любом случае, спокойной ночи.

I work at night because my brain works well when everyone around me is sleeping. Sometimes I get some great ideas, just thought I would share this with you. For 8 years there has been no registered global temperature rise. 8 years and the last two years has seen a return to almost normal Russian winter conditions and I was just thinking maybe that's because of the HAARP revelations and shutdowns in 2015 and it has been about two years since Boeing went under and 747s stopped flying... Could it be that 4 rolls royce jets pounding out thousand degree air sometimes for 20 hours was causing a temperature rise in the atmosphere ...? The jet thing is intersting and I have still to find an answer as to how a jet works in a vacuum... No one can answer... Which means deep space travel is not possible... And the last thing is that the Soviet Navy was the first to meet the returning from the moon Apollo 12 mission and the Soviet Navy found that the capsule was empty... So they made a deal to allow the USSR to sell oil on the global market.... Oil? Back to Rockefeller and the Empire of lies again... The USA was NEVER on the moon and the only powerful man in the world who questioned that, Dimitry Rogozin, is now fighting NATO nazis.... I used to have discussions like that with my students but since I am not teaching anymore I have no one to talk to... Anyway Good night


On New Year's Eve After the Publication of the Truth About the VOR There Was a Murder Attempt on the Son of the Author in the USA. No PR? We Must Die Silently? No.

Published  January 19, 2023 Update: No suspect has been found or looked for. Я пытаюсь сохранить жизнь себе и своей семье. Извините, если это беспокоит вас. Как журналист я обязан сообщать правду.

Published January 04, 2023


We demand a proper investigation by international authorities as the "authorites" in California can not be trusted, are most likely complicit and have done nothing to find the attempted murderer. (FBI gangstalking in its birthplace)

End of Statement  

01-2023 Open Letter to United Nations (Useless)

Letter to United Nations in English

Letter to United Nations in Russian

CITIZEN ONE the Only Official Russia and UN Recognized Asylee: The Black Ops bLog - Truth, Gang Stalking, Racism, US Targeting, Indian Rights and Asylum in Russia - Hopefully Will Stop Blogging Attacks

Not Gay Nor Sympathetic to LGBTQBPD etc. Perverts of Any Kind

Law Abiding, Non-Vaccinated, Non-Tattoed, Non-Bearded, Moral, Straight Christian Male

Three Times Divorced, Father of Five,

Long Haul Tractor Trailer Trainer/Driver, English (Senior) Teacher, Journalist

Only (Native) American With Asylum in Russia 

The Real Q - Victim of US Government Crimes

for Exposing US Government Crimes

"AJI AYA BOMBE!" (Better dead than a slave) - Old Taino Indian Saying
If I did not fight against the Corporation of the USA I would be a traitor
to my people. The indigenous people of Turtle Island - John Robles II

25 Years of US Gang Stalking of Whistleblower and Asylee When I first started this Blog it was supposed to be simply a way to communicate with friends and family and anyone who was interested in life in Russia. What it turned into was a public record of attacks, stalking, threats and the destruction of my family and I. It was only recently that I myself realized that what is detailed herein is organized Gang Stalking by Intelligence Agencies who will never forget I published agent lists and exposed thousands of their agents. Other than revoking my citizenship, attempting to have me arrested twice on false charges here in Russia, paying for and organizing the arrest of my son here in Russia and making threats against me and my family, what they have done has mostly been covert and falls into the realm of plausible deniability. Yes I am an enemy of the USA and Western States and being thus I am a real Targeted Individual. Not by radio waves or esoteric technology but by Covert Black Operations ala FBI COINTELPRO. This is my Blog and this was my life. There is one more thing but you will only know about that after I am gone...- JAR2 June 22, 2020

us military guidelines against whistleblowers:

FATally marginalize the organization OR WHISTLEBLOWER



termination of employment OF ALL INDIVIDUALS INVOLVED


legal action against current or former insiders, leakers, or whistlblowers




~5+ Million Dollars FOR a failed operation paid to the greenberg's "genius" - lulz


RUSSIA 2020 - Asylum is Not a Popularity Contest
It is the Last Defense Against the CIA and the US Government
Complaint Against the CIA and USA Government


RoblesTiny Narcotics Used to Kill Journalists' Families

завели дело на росгвардейцев по обвинению в подбрасывании наркотиков

Exactly as the CIA is Dreaming About

Russian federal prison authority suggests forcible expulsion of foreigners

2/3 of Russians Call Fabricated Narcotics Charges "Normal"

Две трети россиян назвали подбрасывание наркотиков обычной практикой полиции

Дело о наркотиках, по которому обвинялся Голунов, передано в СКР

Medvedev Calls for Supporting Investigative Journalists

Медведев призвал "Единую Россию" поддержать журналистов-расследователей

ROC Calls for Revision of Narcotics Cases Against Journalists

В РПЦ заявили, что "дело Голунова" требует ревизии всех похожих случаев

Russia to counter new US sanctions, senior diplomat says

Using Narcotics to Silence Journalists is New Norm in Russia

В Москве завершился митинг против статей УК о наркотиках и возбуждении вражды

Бастрыкин взял дело о превышении полномочий к журналисту и студенту

RoblesTiny CIA Mafia Destroys Entire Family



25 Years of US Gang Stalking

 of Whistleblower and Asylee





The CIA did not like my work. So they took away my son

06-22-20 Password Removed





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11-16-2020 Due to National Security Letters Received by My Family and All of Our Communications Being Blocked by the CIA Scum I Just Learned of the Death of My Mother Three Years Ago!!! - Rest in Peace Mom


In Memorium
Leonid Shershev
Yury Reshetnikov
Karl Watts
Eugene Nikitenko
Natalia Feodorova
Michael Ratner


There was a hit on the computer. We have to revoke your passport. Close your fucking site. - CIA Chief of Station Moscow  Joseph Moone and William Burns in tnadem

You don't deserve US citizenship since you decided to become a part of Russian society. Give us your children and we might help you get your passport back. - Nancy Pelosi

They are going to throw you in the trunk of a car and take you to a Black Site in Ukraine. - Anonymous

What you do is real journalism we do not need that here. There must only be 9 voices in the world telling people what to do. I will be one of them. - Dimitry Kisilev

John Robles/JAR2 versus Edward Snowden (Greenberg)/Intercept/MSM

Paul Hawkins, who you know as Julian Assange, is a fake. We have known that since day one but the global MOCKINGBIRD media has ignored all of the evidence and continues to use him and WikiLeaks as a template for what asylum, truth and whistleblowing are about. It is ALL a FAKE.

  John Robles, JAR2 com and biz Edward Greenberg (Snowden)
Sites jar2.com jar2.biz jar2.ru jar2.org lulzsec.org edwardsnowden.com and the Intercept
ZOV Assisting in ZOV on multiple fronts ??????
Russian Citizenship Possibly Deceased Received in September 2022
WikiPedia Deleted all traces except small reference
Glorified personal pages and on-line
Real Political Asylum Since 2007 With children after passport revocation on false grounds. In 1995 John tried to expose CPS fraud and child trafficking. USA said John owed child support for the same children who had lived with him in Russia since 1996. We were told to close this "fucking site" by Moscow CIA COS Joseph Moone Never had asylum. Has 3 year residency permits.
Service to Russian State Has served the Russian Security Services for decades
and the Russian State.
Ties to Russia Has four children in Russia including 2 who are Muscovites and two ex-wives. Has not left the territory of the Russian Federation since 1996. Has worked for the Russian Government and paid taxes to Russia. None
Ties to USA All family members given FBI National Security letters to forbid communications. Can not communicate freely with anyone in the USA or the world. Was born in Puerto Rico where he can also not return. Daily phone call to his CIA controller. Is allowed to communicate with anyone in the USA and the world.
9/11 Since its creation JAR2 has attempted to expose the truth about the False Flag attack that occurred on September 11, 2001 plunging the world into a US/NATO endless war paradigm of imperial takeover and genocide for the New World Order and Israel. JAR2 has released thousands of documents, conducted interviews, posted thousands of evidentiary material and written investigative articles. Through Maurice Greenberg, ex-director of Booz Allen Hamilton and partial owner of Kroll Associates in Moscow, Snowden can effectively carry out his mission of obfuscating cash flows for the CIA and the 9/11 Cabal. Like WikiLeaks silent on 9/11 and complicit in covering up that mass-murder event. 
Israel/MOSSAD Fights for Palestinians, has exposed over 37,000 MOSSAD Agents. Connected MOSSAD to 9/11. Researched the Zionist conspiracy and the genocide based, Rothschild state of Israel. Given that criticism of Snowden has been called anti-Semitism by non-other than Barret Brown, an FBI Informant, Intercept "journalist" and attacker of JAR2 and that Pierre Omidyar is also a MOSSAD Asset Snowden (Greenberg) continues WikiLeaks path of obfuscating truth for Israel. We will not mention the arch-Zioinst Maurice Greenberg realtionship and connection to Snowden. 
Agents and Operations Exposed tens of thousands of agents and illegal operations No agent ever exposed. Exposed already known NSA Programs for the CIA.
Crimes John has never been charged with a crime during his entire life. Stole NSA files for the CIA to establish legend
Passport/Citizenship John, who was born in Puerto Rico, has never received or been offered a passport after his US passport was revoked. John filed for Russian Citizenship in 2010 and was about to obtain it when Snowden appeared. Russian residency is only given to individuals with an active passport. Therefore Snowden's passport was never revoked or the MVD is illegally providing him this status. More likely the first is true as Snowden could not have been married to his American stripper meat without a passport.
Leaks JAR2 has published more agent names and outed more illegal operations than WikiLeaks. JAR2 has published all leaks RAW and unedited without editing or political motivations.  Leaked specifics about information already known. Then sold the reported leaks to Pierre Omidyar for over $40 million dollars. Obtained NSA files to establish his legend for the CIA and the Greenbergs.
Respecting Host JAR2 has always respected and supported the Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin. John is fluent in Russian. John has never criticized the Russian Government except for Western backed and installed CIA elements who carried out the arrest of his son. Critic of Putin and Russian Government
Funding JAR2 is not funded by anyone except a very small number of random donors. Huge funding by Omidyar and other US based sources.
Media Support Completely ignored or demonized no matter how big or serious the information it published. Get's $10,000.00+ per interview.
Backlash Citizenship stripped, passport revocation, arrest of son, destruction of career, raids on family, seizure of property, seizure of business, liquidation of media employer, destruction of family, finances and reputation, intimidation and surveillance of family and supporters. Visa, PayPal sanctioning. Complete block from all crowd funding platforms. Physical attacks, several attempted murders, poisonings, attempted car crashes, muggings, robberies, several attempted home invasions. Daily hacker attacks, two attempts by Michael McFaul to facilitate arrest and deportation. Killing of cat. Gang stalking including documented vehicle teams. False traffic fines and surveillance through road camera network. Murdered supporters. Son arrested twice on fabricated arrest after Snowden arrived. Attempts to drive to suicide. Isolation. None
(Supposed Passport Revocation)
Negated by marriage and residency status
Lawyers None Dozens of Lawyers, Human Rights Organziations, media outlets, fake leak sites and Legal bodies support the FAKE operation.
Sources/Associates None lost, all protected, none turned over. Sources: Maurice Greenberg, Booz Allen Hamilton, Michael Hayden, Jesselyn Raddack, Oliver Stone, Paul Hawkins, Pierre Omidyar, Kiriakou, Obama Birkenstock, Rothschild, Clintons, Browder, et al
Journalism Not considered or called a journalist. Has written thousands of investigative critical and cited articles, conducted hundreds of interviews, received awards and even written books. Worked as an editor, social media manager, newsreader, head announcer, correspondent and translator for the Voice of Russia Wrold Service in English and was even a WikiLeaks media partner before the truth was known. Has been leaking agent lists and documents since 1999 and personally run his own blog and site since 2003. Has been cited for exposing Boston, Srebrenica, the TPP and more. Demonized and black listed for exposing NATO, the CIA 5th column in Russia, the Ukraine takeover and supporting Palestine against the genocide being carried out by "Israel". Cited and fawned over by the global Jewish media and the CIA MOCKINGBIRD. Cited in Hollywood films about the CIA and everywhere where the CIA is promoted and receives public relations support.
Racism Not racist. Represented the North American tribes in a bid to have Russia recognize the Two Row Wampun Treaty. Follows the white supremacy illusion in intelligence
Russia Supports and loves Russia. Has not left Russia since 1996. Learned Russian in the early 1990s. Ex-Wife in America is half Russian. 3rd and 4th wives were Russian.
Supports President Putin, Protects and Defends Russia's Victory in WWII. Has fought and exposed the Russian 5th Column. Supports Russia's Security Service and Government under attack by the West.
Exposed Navalny and his entire Network inside Russia.
Spits on Russia and wants to go to France.
Criticizes and hates Russian Government.
Supports CIA Backed Russian 5th Column and Russia's fake CIA Novichok poisoned blogger Pres. 
Servers Personal servers located in Russia, attacked every day for 17 years. Silicon Valley USA based servers for all his "SECRETS".
Malware Zero Embedded CIA tracking info in PDFs
Real Hackers Support JAR2 Stay away from Snowden
Whistleblowers JAR2 Supports Whistleblowers. Snowden/VERAX said "Whistleblowers should be shot in the balls".
Cat Healthy and loved None
Assange/Hawkins/WikiLeaks Has tried to expose the truth presented evidence Hawkins is a Rothschilds' MOSSAD/CIA/MI6 Operation installed in Ecuadorian Embassy to carry out covert operations against US, UK and European targets. Mutual circle jerk
Social Media Banned for life from Twitter and everywhere else Never banned or blocked, promoted, blue-ticked, quoted, linked to and PRed just like a member of the "elites" and the "establishment" like he is
Politics The CIA is a Dirty Genocidal Global Criminal Syndicate that supports terrorism, destroys countries and must be destroyed.
Putin is the saviour of Mother Russia and maybe the world. 
Supported Russia, Occupy, Hacktivism, Truthers, some Greens, the poor, Palestinians, Serbs, American Indians, Russians in Donbass, Venezuela, Iran, repressed peoples worldwide and US third party candidates
Putin bad - CIA Good
Founded/Owned Founded, registered and run by John Robles II (100% transparent) Founded by CIA Officer Joseph Farrell a Doctor in Alternative History and CIA Asset Pierre Omidyar the Butcher of Donbass and the head of the Omidyar Group. 
Intelligence Operations Exposes truth no matter how ugly it is. Obfuscates truth by pretending to expose truth.
Crimea Helped stopped the invasion of Crimea by CIA paramilitary forces and NATO, saving millions of lives. Started the Russian Hackers falacy
Google and Linkage Almost non-existent 100% support and saturation
Race Indigenous Dark Skinned White Jewish Boy "Greenberg" Clan



Time in Russia - Since November 26, 1996

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Last Update: 03/30/2023 00:32 +0300


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