You have wandered onto the blog of the "Real WikiLeaks" and the "Real Snowden" publishing MI6 and CIA agent lists since 2003 and living with asylum since 2007. But since I am not a limited hangout or a CIA Avatar or a Rothschild puppet you will never hear about me as I have been cancelled. As an international investigative journalist I did more to expose western evil and crimes than any other journalist in the world and JAR2 has exposed more secrets than Snowden and Assange combined. Enjoy your visit while I continue to languish in a stateless hell until my death.   

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Article 14 of the UDHR grants the right to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution. This right is in addition to the right to leave one's own country (Article 13) and the right to nationality (Article 15).

Tell Putin We Exist - Скажите Путину, что мы существуем

Don't let the CIA's puppets "cancel" John Robles

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Jar2 Personal Diary of JAR2 - Only Ex-US Citizen With Asylum in Russia and the World - Пятый колона - Exiled

Англо-саксонский каким-то образом попадает в рай.
Бог спрашивает его: Что ты сделал, чтобы помочь жителям Донбасса, Палестинцам и Американским Индейцам?
Англо-саксонец говорит: I don't speak Russian.
Cпокойной ночи всем

The Sword of Truth

11-29-2023 Love and Truth vs nazi Hate - The Shadow War Continues

11-29-2023 04:16 - The secret organized murder of myself continues quietly and mercilessly. They have taken away the only way I had of making income. Again Ukrainians, the same Ukrainian trash that stole my school, framed my son and destroyed my life in 2015. The same exact scum showed up to finish the job and the State has helped them. I will be leaving you all soon and before I do I need to write something for the historical record which I will be doing in these, the last of my days here. I asked you to pay attention and when I am done save my words for they will only be on-line until the servers go down because there will be no one here to reset them. CIA Officer SNowden and his facilitators in Russia are having a great laugh right now. 


12-23-2023 Note: I will be writing soon, both here and an article. They have been doing everything possible to keep my vibration low and down in the trash and keep me constantly distracted and busy with garbage but I will overcome and be back soon at my normal level. Russia is involved in a civilizational war against demonic forces both within and without and there are those within who are doing everything possible to prevent me from enlightening my readers. Russia will win and every enemy will be found and liquidated no matter how entrenched they are. I will be back soon. Keep this in mind: the West is collapsing into their own failed attempt to take over a world which does not want them. At moments like this in history it is better to just sit back and get the pop-corn lest one unwittingly assist the enemy. (12-02-2023)


NOTE: Многие люди спрашивали о моем гражданстве. Я все еще борюсь до конца. Many people have asked about my citizenship. I am still fighting to the end. Спасибо всем, кто неравнодушен. YES I AM SUING THE KREMLIN COMMISSION. NO I WILL NEVER WIN! YES I WILL DIE WITH ASYLUM! NO I DON'T GIVE A SHIT ANYMORE!

11-20-2023 Dozens of Murders, Attempted Assassinations, Exposing the CIA, Uncovering 911, War in the Ukraine as a Step Towards Genocide and the End of the Russian World and Overthrowing Putin: The True Subtext of the Liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service

Chapter One: The "Wife" from Hell

Even the stupidest woman in the world can cause irreversible damage helping McFaul.


11-11-2023 Investigative Journalism is Dead Worldwide - We Are the Last

But when it is all over someone is going to have to report on the Crimes of the Empire of Lies

11-08-2023 Attempts to Liquidate Me are Ongoing! Therefore it is in my best interests not to publish anything about my personal life nor reveal anything regarding what is happening. As I was told years ago they will wait until everyone forgets about me then they will erase me. As a recognized asylee I have begged for assistance and protection for years but none has ever come, not with security, not with legal issues, not with employment, not with housing and not with any of the elementary things needed for life. To them an asylee is just garbage that has to be gotten rid of. They cut off my legs and told me to run and I have been trying to do so for years. It is amazing that I lost my US citizenship because as Nancy Pelosi said "You decided to become a part of Russian Society" but since I was illegally stripped of US citizenship Russia treats me like scum rather than a hero or even a friend not even admitting to how much I have done for the State. I have tried to deal with and understand the duplicity for almost 30 years. The pure and total ignorance is astounding.  

11-08-2023 - This site is my only voice therefore when it goes down you know I am dead. Please download my insurance files.



11-02 Fundraising Drive for Russian Troops Fighting USA/NATO nazis in the Ukraine!


11-02-2023 - Мы собираем средства для 810-я отдельная гвардейская орденов Жукова и Ушакова бригада морской пехоты выполняющей задачи на запорожском направлении фронта . на приобретение СНОП-37 (Система наблюдения опорного пункта) который поможет их выполняет задача... Ночной комплект стоит около 106 000 рублей. Цитата: Сноп это моя безопасность и моих товарищей.

They Demonize You into Nothingness Until You Believe It Yourself

10-23-2023 - You are worthwhile because you have God inside you and you are ALL equal and ALL his children and God does not have favorites or chosen ones. 


False Information Contained in Kremlin Files Regarding JAR2 Planted by CIA Moles




10-15-2023 Dear Murderers (NOTE FROM RUSSIAN AGENT TO "CIA MOLES")

Dear Ms Lokatina and Those Murdering Me,

The false information you have presented to the courts can be easily corrected if you simply check my insurance file which was delivered to you. Your decision to place false information into your court motion nullifies any power you may have had. I ask you to please verify the information you have about me against my insurance file (which you have) and make the proper corrections and finally allow me to normalize my status. Otherwise it would appear that everything written below is true. I hope you correct your facts and I do not have to publish your position (link is already prepared below) all over the Internet along with my Insurance File.

I understand you work for the CIA and consider yourselves above the law as "Westernizers" but I am a Russian Patriot and the continuation of your actions against me will not only lead to my death but to your own. You know who you are so I do not think I need to publish ALL of your names here.

This is not the USA, THIS IS RUSSIA!!!

Thank you,

John Robles II 


Dear Kremlin,

       I also ask you to please correct the information you have about me so that it coincides with the truth that is in my insurance file which was delivered to you in person when I was trying to save my son and to which you replied "We don't read books."

Thank you,

John Robles II


"We can do whatever we want!"

10-14-2023 They call themselves Westernizers, when in fact they are agents of the the West, Western Intelligence Agencies and the Western Globalist Cabal Elites, and it is by using this label of Westernizers that they are allowed to exist and continue destroying the heart and sould the Russian World. The cleverly do everything they can to maintain the myth that everything in the West is better and that the Russian people can not create or do anything for themselves and this allows them to stay in power and as they say themselves "We can do whatever we want!"


10-09-2023 The conspiracy has been uncovered, the only question is how far does it go?

August 30, 2023 - 5 days have long passed.

Note: Because I have asylum and a CIA mole is preventing me from normalizing my status I have not been able to find a job since 2015 when the VOR was liquidated, this was after the school I founded and worked at for over a decade was literally stolen from me by Ukrainians. That is a legitimate reason for having arrears but I am paying even though I have no job. The people in question (Lokatina et al) who have been preventing me from gaining citizenship since 2010 in reality CUT OFF MY LEGS AND TOLD ME TO RUN! Being denied citizenship is a direct violation of a primary basic interationally recognized human right. I am certain President Putin is not aware and this has been verified by several inside sources. The CIA is still infecting the Kremlin. I am testament. - Thank you.  


1. Our Case Against the Illegal Freezing of Citizenship Application by Someone in the Kremlin Commission and Revocation of Lawyer's Passport - Illegal Because Not Founded on Law

2. KREMLIN COMMISSION FILING with Incorrect Slanderous Information Facilitating the

Demonization of Asylee J. Robles to Facilitate His Murder/Transfer to CIA (T. Lokatina)

False Derogatory Information Fabricated and Ordered Before Court Date in Order to Enter it into Commission Position Which Had No Legal Basis. (So they did the classic demonization move.) The position that I am not worthy of citizenship because I owed child support which was never demanded of me until I filed for citizenship and which I am paying is illegal because it is not based on any law, legal norm, standard or written procedure. They simply found something to paint me as a bad guy and ran with it, using the same tactic as the CIA did when they revoked my passport.


3. Decision by Judge (As of 10-09-2023 no decision printed or presented. By law within 5 days)

Decision Handed Down by Russian Federal Judge Gribova


4. Our First Appeal Against Decison of 08-30-2023


Our Second Full Appeal Against Decision

5. Parallel Legal Case Providing False Information Used by Lokatina in which I was found guilty of not paying child support even though I have been paying. All receipts on my VK page and to be published here soon along with the files on their case and our appeals. 


6. Appeal, Complaints and Extension in Second Case


7. USA Controlled United Nations Sends Me to USA Foreign Agent to Fight USA Moles


The Second and Last Leak Site in the World is Under Ongoing Attack

09-20-2023 The conspiracy to deny this site owner citizenship in the country of his asylum and almost 30 years of legal residence goes to the highest levels in the Russian government. After almost 14 years of investigating everything from illegal orders to demands for bribes and now two court cases regarding first the 10 year inactivity when the site owner's citizenship application was simply returned without processing and without explanation and the second where his application for citizenship was official illegally simply frozen for an indefinite term which may or may not end in 10 more years, the real reason for this unholy, illegal and completely egregious violation of this site owners basic human rights, has been identified and determined to posses the same nature as the original reason for the illegal stripping of his citizenship by the USA in 2007 and the hand of the CIA and MI6 has been revealed.

The almost 30 year denial of citizenship and his right to asylum without the targetting of the state from which he was exiled, for the site's owner is not only a violation of Russian law in the purest sense but a violation of all human rights laws, norms and tenets regarding the basic human rights of self-determination, indigenous and sovereign identification and those internationally recognized rights of every human being to posses citizenship, the right to work, earn a living, start a business, etc. et al, the lack of which violates the site owner's right to life itself. Under the Russian system where absolutely everything is based on the internal passport (citizenship) and even more importantly on the nature of the little paper stating where one lived (registration) every aspect of human life becomes inaccessible without such documents. The aforementioned was part of the case filed in Russian Federal Court by the site owner and his lawyer but was not listened to or taken into account.  

Hero Dad to Deadbeat Dad and the Kremlin Lock Step into CIA Dictants

Needless to say given the site owner's precarious legal position and the fact that he has asylum, any criticism of the government, the legal system or the Kremlin on his part could be seen as akin to suicide, especially given that his right to defend himself is not one of the rights that those giving the rights recognize to the level it should be recognized. Given that the site owner was also a Kremlin propagandist and the actual English Voice of the entire Russian World for over 5 years, his loyalty to Russia and President Putin can not be questioned. However the site owner maintains that there are CIA and MI6 elements inside the Kremlin itself who are facilitating his destruction and the court filing by the Kremlin on August 30, 2023 gives clear proof that this is in fact the undeniable case. 

The real reason for the denial of citizenship being granted to the site owner is the eventual handing over of the site owner to the CIA/MI6 which will be difficult if not impossible if the site owner is a Russian citizen. The conspiracy and the hand of the CIA are clearly visible in the methodology that is being applied against the site owner. Unfortunately, or on the other side of the equation, fortunately, the mental gymnastics and contradictory hoops that must be jumped through in understanding the logic behind his continued persecution are almost impossible without the aforementioned fact applied, and like was stated earlier we now have the proof. 

When William Burns and the CIA revoked the site owner's USA citizenship in 2007 and left him stateless they did so under the pretext that the site owner owed child support. The only problem with this was that the site owner was the sole custodial parent and had been since 1992 and was in fact raising his two children in Russia and was owed child support from his ex-wife which at the time amounted to over $80,000.00. The pretext and the narrative of deadbeat dad may have played well in the USA but given that his children were being raised in Russia by him it only proved that the stated aim of the USA Government and the CIA was the facilitation of the deportation of the site owner from the Russian Federation. Given that a CIA operative at the Moscow Embassy Joseph Moone acting under CIA Chief of Station William Burns told the site owner to "close your fucking site" and the subsequent actions and statements by figures such as Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi who offered the site owner the return of his passport in exchange for his children, it was clear that the CIA and the USA Government were simply facilitating a deportation and using the only tool they could use (the deadbeat dad narrative) to facilitate their objective.

In the search for truth in the case of the site owner, what could have been seen as (and may in fact have been) a "suicidal" filing of a Federal Lawsuit against the Kremlin Commission on Citizenship for the complete illegal freezing of his citizenship application (AGAIN!), the answer by the Kremlin Commission and the statements of the representative in the Tverskoy Federal Court on August 30, 2023, revealed not only that the Kremlin Commission is following the CIA dictants but that they are using "intelligence" provided by the USA Government itself (from which the site owner has asylum) in the formulation of their positions and decisions on the site owner (more on this below).     

First and foremost before we get into the details of the actual case it is vital to note that the site owner, despite not being able to get a job due to the above mentioned and underlined reasons (asylum) and despite the fact that Russia provides absolutely zero support and zero protection to asylees oither than the document and the status which only means they can not be deported, is in fact paying 20 000 rubles a month in child support which is over twice the amount he has to be and which he is doing to try to make up for his debt. As for denying him citizenship on this ground (a debt of child support to his Russian daughter) this runs contrary not only to law but to any kind of rational or logical thinking (hence the CIA's hand being visible). 

So let us now get into the actual case: It is important to note that I would not have filed a case in Russian Federal Court against MVD and the Kremlin Commission on Citizenship if the site owner had not had a completely solid legal basis for doing so. He is not suicidal nor insane. The first concrete legal basis to protest an eternal freezing of his citizenship app0lication on the basis that he has a debt of child support to his ex-Russian wife for his Russian daughter was that it is not written anywhere in any law, legal act or legal norm that applications for citizenship are connected to or can be stopped because of a debt of child support. It is not written anywhere that the two are or can be connected. Great we won. Wrong. Second there is no leg sanction nor procedural notation, instruction nor norm which allows for the freezing of a citizenship application, which is what they did. Great we won twice! Wrong! Next there is the logical truth based legal reasoning that without citizenship the site owner can not secure employment, his wages can not be attached and he factually has nothing to pay with. Great we won three times! No. And that is how it went. None of our arguments were listened to, none of the additional evidence we presented was taken into account. We were handed the Kremlin Commission's answer during the process. We had no time  to read it. The judge accepted it and that was then end. with about a 5 minute break as the jusge left the chamber and came back and read the verdict which of course was not in out favor. We have appealed a copy of our position and another write up is here: along with documents concerning the strange revocation of my lawyer's passport.


The CIA "Facts" (Lies), Demonization and Impunity in the Kremlin Commission's 5th Column Answer

Putin does not know! It was a farce! It was ordered! This is unheard of! You must reach Putin! This is a travesty! They want money!  Someone sent them 50 000 and that's it! 

Unlike in 2020 when Robles sought the assistance of the United Nations as he is a UN recognized Asylee and his lawyer abandoned him in the middle of the process, Robles now has two lawyers who are attempting to assist him.

On August 30, 2023 Robles appeared in court in the case he filed against the Kremlin Commission and even though he had a strong legal case, the key being that nowhere in Russian law is a debt of child support connected to an application of citizenship, his case was heard in a matter of minutes, arguments and evidence were ignored and a decision was made in less than 20 minutes after months of preparation.
Robles’ Russian lawyers (one of whom had his own Russian passport revoked during the process and then reissued) Anton Berozin and Igor Teterin regarding the case at Tverskaya Court both stated that: “This was a farce.”

According to the two lawyers and an anonymous investigator it was a made-to-order demonization and the result had already been determined in advance. A lawyer who has worked with the the Pristav for years has said that he had never seen the Pristav move so fast but in the case of John Robles’ citizenship they worked hard and in days instead of the usual months and years already had “evidence” prepared and presented that has not even entered into legal force as it was being appealed (illegal).

The Kremlin Commission’s answer also clearly showed that they have incorrect information about Robles. For example they presented documents claiming that Robles lived in the USA from birth however they have documents, including his birth certificate, that show that he was born in Puerto Rico and spent much of his life there. There were also glaring eeliminations of fact such as Robles living in Belize Central America in a refugee camp, his months in Cuba trying to obtain asylum there and his time in a refugee camp in Poland. All of these manipulations of facts are preparations to send Robles directly back to the United States and the CIA. At a time when Russia is promoting the idea of self-determination it is also glaring that nowhere is the Kremlin mentioning that Robles is an American Indian which only helps the genocidal USA.

On social media Robles wrote: Of course I have a debt of child support. I have not been able to find a job since 2015 when I was illegal poisoned and fired by Dimitry Kisilev and Margarita Semonyan for exposing the CRIMES OF THE CIA!!!!! BUT I HAVE BEEN TRYING TO PAY USING MONEY THAT I WAS BEING GIVEN TO EAT!!!

According to the Kremlin Commission John Robles owes child support and therefore is against the Russian Constitution - T. Lokatina author of Kremlin answer. (In Kremlin answer and clearly an exaggeration and a demonization.)

We will not be going into the other lies that the Kremlin has in their position because the process is ongoing and those lies will be challenged and because we would need to publish that position which we are not ready to do yet for reasons of our own security...

Also due to the actions of the Pristav Service in the week before the hearing on August 30th there are now several ongoing investigations into the Pristav and a local judge involving denial of due process, tampering with evidence, fabricating evidence and determining who ordered the persecution of this site's owner. We will keep you updated as we can.

Other punitive actions included the attempted blocking of the site owner's bank card and the revocation of the site owner's lawyer's Russian passport. Fortunately unlike DiStafano and Ratner no one has been killed or imprisoned here in Russia for helping the site owner.

Thank you and please donate anything you can to support our fight.


We have filed an appeal to this insanity!


Please donate to the only real leak site in the world.

Thank you. Sberbank MIR 2202 2013 5531 0877

Save the Indian, Kill the nazi -

The real reason I am denied citizenship is because I am not white.



RoblesTiny Operations by SBU/CIA Against the Owner of Real Global Leak Site Continue

09-16-2023 - If you are reading this you must understand that we are under continued hositle intelligence agency attack during a time of war. The CIA and SBU have managed to use my ex-wife and her family (Ukrainians from Zaporozhie) to attempt to finish me off. I will attempt to reason with them one more time on social media since they follow my every word and then I will release all of the inofrmation I have about them and their SBU/CIA serving family to the proper authorites. 

Apparently MH-17 and the war in the Ukraine are my fault! Can you imagine that? You can find that social media post soon at these two addresses:

The First Leak Site in the World is Going Black - Gaslighted by the System of Lies

09-16-2023 If you are reading this, you are one of the last free humans on planet Earth.

Gaslighted into believing his own "unimportance" after 27 years John Young has decided to stop publishing on his site For the global non-state intelligence community and independent investigators this is a truly sad day for transparency and accountability and with the disappearance of CRYPTOME and JAR2 will mark the end of the Internet as a tool of the people and a place where information can be exchanged freely. However even more importantly it will mark the complete and total end of the TRUTH movement whose now dim spark has almost been extinguished and which at one point promised to bring enlightenment to the world and the masses suffocating from archaic systems of control and starving for the breath of fresh air that was truth.

Now with the collapsing hegemon sites like CRYPTOME and JAR2 are even more important so we truly need your support today! The only difference between us is that JAR2 is 100% based in Russia and CRYPTOME has had to exist on the territory of the Empire of Lies. Cryptome is blocked in Russia for reasons I do not know, as it has never published Russian secrets this seems odd, but that is the case. In related news CIA Onion TOR is now 100% inaccesible in Russia which is a good thing in a time of war. Hopefully when the Special Operation is over something like TOR will emerge without the CIA core code. Maybe it already has.

The world has moved on to one where what should be core human concepts, such as respect and love for the individual and the true protection of families, have been regulated in the trash bin and the memory hole of history and human consciousness. Somewhere buried in all of my thousands of articles were a few paragraphs that were to have served as the catalyst for my fight for a true just and fair society where everyone was important and cared for and which I had believed in the naiveté of my youth would have only been possible on the basis of the Soviet system which was destroyed by the CIA, like everything touched by the CIA and the Empire of Lies.

Meanwhile ...

Please donate to the only real leak site in the world. Thank you. Sberbank MIR 2202 2013 5531 0877














Я не работаю на Россию, я служу России

I don't work for Russia, I serve Russia ... let that sink in long and hard

Article 14 of the UDHR grants the right to seek and enjoy asylum from persecution. This right is in addition to the right to leave one's own country (Article 13) and the right to nationality (Article 15).

June 24, 2023 (486)

RoblesTiny Open Letter to Putin - Still No Answer

The Problem is President Putin Does Not Know About Me



Z - Truth - The Hand of the CIA Never More Obvious - SPREAD



RoblesTiny We Will Not Be Intimidated - Just Taking a Break

The Satanic NAZI/NATO Clowns Will Be Liquidated

Недавно было совершено еще одно покушение на жизнь Джона, и в российском правительстве существует заговор агентов ЦРУ и МИ-6 с целью уничтожить Джона и передать его в руки ЦРУ. Джон отдал свою жизнь, чтобы донести до вас правду . Он нуждается в вашей поддержке, поскольку его юридические счета и расходы на охрану растут. Пожалуйста, пожертвуйте на единственный реальный сайт утечки информации в мире. Благодарю вас.
Sberbank MIR 2202 2013 5531 0877
There was recently another attempt on John's life and there is a conspiracy within the Russian Government by agents of the CIA and MI6 to destroy John and deliver him to CIA hands. As such John is in hiding and I am taking over doing posts for him. John has given his life to bring you the truth on . He needs your support as his legal bills and security costs are growing. Please donate to the only real leak site in the world. Thank you.
Sberbank MIR 2202 2013 5531 0877

12-22-2022 Update 01-03-23

The Truth About the VOR - Russia Report - Number 9

The Liquidation of the VOR and the End of the West

On New Year's Eve After the Publication of the Truth About the VOR There Was a Murder Attempt on the Son of the Author in the USA. No PR? We Must Die Silently? No. Scroll Down.

Regretfully my letter to the United Nations regarding the attempt by the CIA on the life of my son was not answered. Therefore I have made it an open letter and published it here in English and Russian.

RoblesTiny 01-2023 Open Letter to United Nations

Letter to United Nations in English

Letter to United Nations in Russian

RoblesTiny 06-13-2023 Their Plans to Wipe Us Out Continue

However we can not provide details at this time in order not to let them know how much information we have on their activities. For this reason we have gone black with our journalistic work as it is being used against us in twisted and fabricated ways, which is already saying too much. We have not been terrorized into silence, our silence is a tactical move so that the enemy knows nothing about what we are doing and what counter actions we are actively taking. Thank you.

06-12-2023 4 Teh LULZ

We are a leak site NOT under a western template. Free Turtle Island means destroying the terror/genocide corporation and with it the template of false hope and lies that the world is brainwashed with. As for "truthers" who continue to think Rothschild puppet Trump is some sort of liberator you really need to wake up. You are being played.

06-10-2023 The Collapse of the West in Progress

Soon the Petro-Dollar Will Bury the Bankrupt Empire of Lies and No

Crypto Currency Will Save It. That's all for now kids... You are all slaves to the corporation and that is how they want it...


Война с англо-саксонской мразью-колонизатором продолжается. 5-я колонна будет побеждена. Они больше не могут делать «все, что хотят».

RoblesTiny 05-27-2023 Dear President Putin

Dear President Putin,

Once it meant something to be an announcer and journalist on state radio and media. The high point for my life was transmitting my voice to over 480,000,000 people on the Voice of Russia World Service and announcing "This is Moscow", but along with that powerful proponent of the Russian World I was erased and “liquidated” along with my beloved radio. I will always be proud that I served you and the Russian World with honor, integrity and dignity and even more importantly with truth. Truth is something that the Semonyans and the Kisilevs in the world are not concerned with but truth is the sword of God and anyone against truth does not serve God nor Mother Russia nor you sir.

It was an honor,

Good bye sir.






SBERBANK MIR 2202 2013 5531 0877 - +79017188391

I delivered humanitarian aid to place no one else could

05-25-2023 WE ARE AT WAR! WAR IS NOT A

"POLITICAL VIEW" - You don't support "Z"? You're a traitor to Russia

05-08-2023 3 New Videos Published on VK - No I Won't Shut Up and Die

05-06-2023 JAR2 Z Mobile as the Flag Bearer

04-29-2023 (UPDATE 06-14-2023)
I was the last in the motorcade and driving with police escort. Я был знаменосцем. Это было в сопровождении полиции.

RoblesTiny Weekend March 25/26, 2023 (395/396) Just Returned from 22nd Crimean Tour - After Taking Part in Russian Spring Activities - Asked Hirurg for Help in Finally Normalizing My Status

Published Photos from Trip on VK/ My Favorite Photo Below

In English and Russian for the Zvezda Channel at the Russian Spring

Activities in Sevastopol, Crimea, Russia - Marking the 9th Year )))

Watch the Above Video and Two Others on JAR2




Thank You to the Night Wolves MC for Being Like Brothers to Me

Fighting Fire With Fire is Good but Sometimes Water and Ice Work

Note: It Only Looks Like a Right Sector Patch

I Support Putin 100% but the Communist Party of Russia Awarded

Me a Medal for all of My Efforts on Various Fronts - Cпасибо!

RoblesTiny Уважаемый Президент Путин, СПАСИБО

I gave them an opportunity to quietly do the right thing, they refused, what they want is to quietly kill me

On New Year's Eve After the Publication of the Truth About the VOR There Was a Murder Attempt on the Son of the Author in the USA. No PR? We Must Die Silently? No.

Published  January 19, 2023 Update: No suspect has been found or looked for. Я пытаюсь сохранить жизнь себе и своей семье. Извините, если это беспокоит вас. Как журналист я обязан сообщать правду.

Published January 04, 2023


We demand a proper investigation by international authorities as the "authorites" in California can not be trusted, are most likely complicit and have done nothing to find the attempted murderer. (FBI gangstalking in its birthplace)

End of Statement  

01-2023 Open Letter to United Nations (Useless)

Letter to United Nations in English

Letter to United Nations in Russian

RoblesTiny Mini Blog

There was this young soldier, he was engaged , had a family who loved him. The Ukronazi filth captured him. He should have been treated as a prisoner of war. The ukronazi filth tortured him and castrated him. He did not die. He was then exchanged as a normal POW. He got home and hung himself. Who is responsible? The ridiculous animals calling themselves Ukrainian nazis? Or the CIA who sponsors them and trains them? People like Bloody Gina Haspel. So for those of you who think you are cool and know something about intelligence and cheer on the CIA think about that for a minute. The CIA is nothing but a state sponsored murderous international crime syndicate.That is who killed 1,999 people on 911 and you glorify these scum as if they were heroes. Once in the CIA always in the CIA. That's the real enemy.

You scum keep on trying. You know nothing. Even the bird was a joke. Funny to watch you. Do any of you NOT work for the CIA?

No you brain dead morons, "...the most dangerous job in the world is going against the lying CIA/NATO Cabal. Unfortunately Navalny is still meddling even from prison. Too many millions invested by the CIA. It is unfortunate that CIA spies are not executed in Russia. They are just locked away so they can try again.

Vermont - V31BB - 25.473.25

Remember Nuremberg DAVOS/USA/NATO Global Domination Freaks

A reminder to the participants (government officials, heads of state, heads of government, billionaire philanthropists, UN officials et al) of the 2023 WEF Davos Venue regarding what is best understood and described as The Globalists’ criminal agenda directed against humanity:

“The fact that a person who committed an act which constitutes a crime under international law, acted as Head of State or responsible government official, does not relieve him [her] from responsibility under international law. (Nuremberg, Principle III)

“Leaders, organizers, instigators and accomplices participating in the formulation or execution of a common plan or conspiracy [WEF] to commit any of the foregoing crimes [see full text] are responsible for all acts performed by any persons in execution of such plan” (Nuremberg Principle VI)

CIA/Alphabet Continues Cancelling/Censoring JAR2

Meanwhile Corporate Indians at NCAI Say "Grow With Google"

On 01-18-2023 Blogger Censored Post from 2016 Putting it Behind a "Sensitive Information" Wall

RoblesTiny RUSSIA 2022 - Special Operation ZOV

In Honor of Saint Alexander Nevsky Prince of Russia

Ongoing Humanitarian Mission

Z for Truth, Denazification and God - Z - За Победа

ПОБЕДА БУДЕТ ЗА НАМИ - Военные РФ одни из лучших в мире, а США могут сражаться только с пастухами в Ираке и Афганистане

DAILY NEWS April 02/03, 2022 Weekend

Humanitarian Medical Mission Continues

В Курскую область приехали беженцы из Мариуполя-ГТРК Курск

RUSSIA 2020 - Asylum is Not a Popularity Contest
It is the Last Defense Against the CIA and the US Government
Complaint Against the CIA and USA Government


Press Release and Open Letter from John Robles II and JAR2

Press Release and Open Letter from John Robles: Editor/Publisher/Investigative Journalist at JAR2 dot com



Banned/Supressed Interviews About John



New Blog Post FVEY/CIA Covert Stalking



Press Release June 21, 2020




06-21 Press Release/ДЛЯ ПРЕССА





RoblesTiny  04-22-2020 Kremlin Writes: John's

Pardon Request Finally Arrived



11-21/22-2020 WEEKEND  12/02/2023 05:15 +0300

NEW Daily Site Updates


If you like the site please support it as we pay a high price for truth

NEW Daily Site Updates

RU.TUBE is Covering Up US/Israeli Terrorism in Syria and Worldwide

Has Deleted My Syria Related Videos and False Flag Attack Material


There is a Much Deeper Fight Going on Here

The "Alternative Media", independent sites, leak sites, truth sites, Russia based sites, anti-Globalist, anti-War and the almost non-existent pro-Russian sites in English, plus 911 Truth sites, any site with serious critical honest geopolitical commentary and those not under Zionist or Western control have all but disappeared from the net and are under complete and total attack. I can add to the previous mentioned targets: journalists who expose the CIA and US/NATO illegality, anyone who is pro-Putin, pro-traditional values and finally is an unwanted ethnic minority and you can imagine the fight I have on my hands just to stay alive. The most obvious reason to support JAR2 is because we have material that you will not find ANYWHERE on the Web but the deeper reason is to support the very principles of a free Internet, government accountability and the all of the forgotten and noble principles of journalism.

RoblesTiny Narcotics Used to Kill Journalists' Families

завели дело на росгвардейцев по обвинению в подбрасывании наркотиков

Exactly as the CIA is Dreaming About

Russian federal prison authority suggests forcible expulsion of foreigners

2/3 of Russians Call Fabricated Narcotics Charges "Normal"

Две трети россиян назвали подбрасывание наркотиков обычной практикой полиции

Дело о наркотиках, по которому обвинялся Голунов, передано в СКР

Medvedev Calls for Supporting Investigative Journalists

Медведев призвал "Единую Россию" поддержать журналистов-расследователей

ROC Calls for Revision of Narcotics Cases Against Journalists

В РПЦ заявили, что "дело Голунова" требует ревизии всех похожих случаев

Russia to counter new US sanctions, senior diplomat says

Using Narcotics to Silence Journalists is New Norm in Russia

В Москве завершился митинг против статей УК о наркотиках и возбуждении вражды

Бастрыкин взял дело о превышении полномочий к журналисту и студенту

RoblesTiny CIA Mafia Destroys Entire Family

2014 - Direct Confrontation by McFaul

The Ukraine: The End of America))) FP is ALL Neocon


Nuremburg 2 and the Second Victory Over "Western"/Zionist Sponsored Nazis

Days Two Three and Four the CIA Nazis the Coming Tribunals

Day One Nulands Nazis the Coming Tribunals

Petition 2022

Request for Photographs of CIA/MI6 Mercenaries in the Ukraine


VIDEO25 Repost: Robles vs Bohm on Channel One


Video Will Open in New Page

Роблес против Бом от Джон Роблес на Rutube.

Russia Must Respond Harshly to the West

VIDEO25 Found Supressed Video of JAR2 Renunciation


Video Will Open in New Page

Джон Роблес публично отказывается от все связ и возможно гражданство США в Крыму. Байк-шоу.

 Гасфорта от Джон Роблес на Rutube.








12-21-2020 MONDAY  12/02/2023 05:15 +0300

Tell WikiPedia Not to Delete John Robles: See the Blog

HAPPY FSB and Security Services Day

WikiPedia Just Deleted the John Robles Page - Maybe WikiPedia does not like me publishing information that they are a CIA Front?

Attempts to Silence JAR2 Continue

September 23, 2020 I go to apply for citizenship. Son Arrested.

10-21-2020 Partial Release of Insurance File



October Surprise for the New World Order and the US/NATO MIIC

Russian Translation of Cover Letter for Officials

Files/Robles/RUSSIAN 23-10-2020.pdf

Third Draft Open Access (Non Password Protected Document)

International Edition Without Internal Russian Recommendations


144 Pages of Evidence! E-Mail jar2[@] for the password!


Court Finding On Ten Years of Inactivity on My Application for Russian Citizenship and Results (Destroying Family for the CIA)

Г-жу Егорову сменит в должности председателя Мосгорсуда военный судья Михаил Птицын

Ольга Егорова покидает Мосгорсуд


Double Standards/Racism - Snowden Will Get Citizenship - I Can't

Media Starts Snowden Campaign Parading His White Privilege and How HE Can Get Russian Citizenship With His American Wife

Citizen One Says F You to Fake CIA Avatar Fake Asylee Citizen Four

They deport my son and do not give me citizenship and I can not see my daughter and some little boy CIA Operative is going to get citizenship because his American stripper wife just got pregnant? 

When I release my insurance password you will all know why. I have two Russian daughters. To the right is proof of one of them. But it is okay to wreck my family. Fuck you 5th Column and your Snowden.

and then October 18, 2020 John III Deported from Russia

Insurance Password:

After 25 Years in Russia My Son Was Deported

Почему разрушать мою семью - это нормально?

Есть один секрет, который вам всем нужно знать обо мне, и он скоро будет раскрыт. Тогда вы поймете, почему я говорю, что Сноуден был послан ЦРУ, чтобы уничтожить меня и мою семью.
Воскресенье 18 октября 2020

Дорогие редакторы и коллеги,

В 17:30 рейсом Аэрофлота из Москвы сын первого и единственного бывшего гражданина США, получившего убежище в России, прибывает в Нью-Йорк после депортации из России. Иоанн Роблес III вырос в России и прожил там 25 из 28 лет. Его отец занимается журналистскими расследованиями, в прошлом был ведущим диктором Всемирной службы «Голос России» и владельцем сайта правды У Джона также было убежище, и после сфабрикованного ареста по обвинению в наркотиках, что является обычным явлением для журналистов и их семей, чтобы шантажировать их деньгами и разрушить их жизни, он провел 5 лет в российской колонии.

У него нет ни семьи, ни друзей, ни даже знакомых в США. Он очень хорошо говорит по-английски, но никогда не был в английской среде. Мы просим вас опубликовать рассказ, который, по нашему мнению, будет интересен вашим читателям. Здесь так много нарушений прав человека и международных конвенций, что не составит труда найти точку зрения для ваших читателей.

Джон хороший человек, он никогда не признавал себя виновным в преступлении, в котором его подставили, и нуждается в вашей поддержке. Он никогда не был в Америке, хотя родился в Йорке, штат Пенсильвания. Мы просим вас проявить к нему доброту и поддержать этого храброго молодого человека, когда он впервые входит в свой новый «дом».

Друзья и семья Джона Роблеса II

Esteemed Academic Conference on Dangers of Censorship — Reportedly Censored by YouTube

09-28-2020 MONDAY 

John III Arrested Again and on Hunger Strike

John III Arrested Again and on Hunger Strike

07-23-2020 JAR2 Court Hearing Screenshot











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There was a hit on the computer. We have to revoke your passport. Close your fucking site. - CIA Chief of Station Moscow  Joseph Moone and William Burns in tandem

You don't deserve US citizenship since you decided to become a part of Russian society. Give us your children and we might help you get your passport back. - Nancy Pelosi

They are going to throw you in the trunk of a car and take you to a Black Site in Ukraine. - Anonymous

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Renouncement 3 Languages

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RoblesTiny 08-17-2023 Endless Low Intensity Conflict Switch of the Flip

Long ago, back in the day, the CIA, the Council of Foreign Relations and the Neo-Con warmongers telegraphed their plans to pull Russia into a long low intensity conflict that would drain its resources and lead to its eventual destruction. The genocidal megalomanic hypocrites playing the "great game" made the greatest tactical error of all, they over-estimated their own abilities. Russia was quietly listening to all of this and expected and prepared such a move, it was not only the Ukrainian NATO-nazi filth who were preparing for eight years. And now Russia has successfully flipped the switch on NATO and along with several dozen more "hotspots" will drag NATO in a long unwinnable resource draining "low intensity hybrid conflict". Yet the Neo-Lunatics who pulled off 911 still think they can win, and that is their mistake.

RoblesTiny 08-15-2023 On Paper and Digital Slaves: Guaranteed Liquidation of Russia


Yes the Chinese are wonderful guys. The have reached a level of total control over their population. That is great in Chinese urban jungles and may be great in the urban jungle of Moscow (namely the unconstitutional registration which kills free movement and the digitization of the human spirit), BUT Russia is a huge country with huge undeveloped spaces and only free and empowered citizens are going to populate and develop such expanses. The slaves made of God's divine beings need freedom and empowerment to attain levels prescribed by God and to bring Mother Russia the glory she deserves. Freedom and empowerment - forgotten concepts in the satanic "digital world". When terror, war, lies and total control are rejected, what will you have left? Killing your own people?


Today I was forced to delete my account from Gosuslugi because it is a Trojan Horse which was causing me untold problems.  

Related Post: Za - Правду, чем они думают? Сегодня я был вынужден удалить свою учетную запись из Gosuslugi, потому что это троянский конь, который доставлял мне неисчислимые проблемы. Каждое нажатие клавиши, запрос и загрузка данных проходят через FVEY/NATO/Brussels с привязкой к их SSL-сертификатам. Z - Правду What do they think with? Today I was forced to delete my account from Gosuslugi because it is a Trojan Horse which was causing me untold problems. Every keystroke, request and data upload go through FVEY/NATO/Brussels piggybacked on their SSL certificates.

POST 3 - Дмитрий Медведев

Новая идея для Украины из офиса Североатлантического альянса: Украина может вступить в НАТО, если откажется от спорных территорий. А что? Идея любопытная. Вопрос только в том, что все якобы их территории – в высшей степени спорные. И для захода в блок киевским властям нужно будет отказаться даже от самого Киева, столицы Древней Руси. Ну а столицу им придётся перенести во Львов. Если, конечно, пшеки согласятся оставить Лемберг любителям сала с коксом.

RoblesTiny 08-14-2023 911 Terrorism and Rothschild Gold and the Jew World Order

By it's very nature liberal American capitalist ideology promoted by hidden 911 terrorist elements maniulating the genocide based and founded Empire of lies is not only terrorist in nature but in fact genocidal against non-Anglo races. As the world has forgotten about 911 and accepted it as if it did not happen, it has also conveniently forgotten about the USA's theft of the gold that was in the Ukraine. So while the terrorist liberals are crying that the USA is "giving the Ukraine" billions, remember all of the Ukraine's gold is in Fort Knox. It was extracted by Yatsenyuk and Khazarian-mafia-911-PNAC-Kagan/Nuland and her Jewish Ukrainian nazis. Keep that in mind while the 911 nazis are hoarding the gold the real estate (the real wealth) and you are distracted by yet another empire war orchestrated by the CIA, the real evil is trying to push you into accepting "virtual" currencies, which when the time comes, can just be deleted or transferred to some hidden account by some state actor or old school 0101011100 hacker who downloaded the encryption keys from the public servers where they are kept, and left you with nothing. Have a nice day! 

RoblesTiny 08-04-2023 The Dirty CIA Racist Skull and Bones Nazi Filth Spreading Hate in Russia

They are successfully lowering the vibration and causing internal strife using racial hatred to destroy one of the most important foundations of what was a multi-national and multi-cultural state. The absence of racism in the Soviet Union was the last bright light left behind by the USSR and was what successfully unified all of the multi-national state entities of the USSR and almost made the dream of a global union possible.

The world is made up of many different races and peoples yet it is the Anglo-Saxon Nordic white man who wants to rule it all and eliminate all other races. That will never work. To unify it all you need to accept everyone and lift everyone up to the same material and educational wavelength and then you can unify all countries and all peoples, but only through mutual respect, truth and equal relations.

Right now there is a civilizational war going on where the racist genociding Anglo-Saxon Empire is trying to save it hegemony through lies, more genocide, more wars and more hate. It will fail because it has to fail.

What lies in the balance is not merely me, nor Russia, nor even the Satanic racist New World Order the Satanic globalist filth envisages, what lies in the balance is the entire Human Race Project because if the Satanic racist forces win the Human Race Project will be liquidated and closed forever. This time there will be no Reset of the Earth and the Human Race Project, it will be deemed a failure and no one will be spared.

It can now be reported that the chief fault in the System and in the biological programming allowing for the synthesis of the souls with the human containers was in fact the weakness in the solar protection levels of certain northern races. Given the need for sunlight and the embedded pleasure and nutritionally beneficial properties of the simple act of lying in the sun and the inability of these northern races to engage in such, dissonance was caused in their cognitive functions which from the beginnings of their times has caused them to hate, wage wars and more importantly caused them to attempt to eliminate those with the solar protection that they themselves lacked. Rather than integrating with those with solar protection and saving their own kind these races attempted to enslave and destroy all of the others.... Using their own jealousy and hatred to demonize those who had what they lacked.

From little documents, to outright genocide these races attempted to dominate over the others while at their own detriment destroying that which could have saved them.

The current World War will be the last. Not because the humans will destroy themselves, but because the Creator will liquidate the Human Race Project. Humans have been given every chance possible and helped in everyway possible but they continue trying to dominate and oppress those who are different when it is those differences that need to be integrated to produce the divine being.

Russia is correct in their conclusion that their state and culture is being eradicated, however as most humans they are not seeing the larger picture. If the Anglo-Saxon led genociding hordes are allowed to win then it will not only be Russia that is erased but the entire human race including the Anglo-Saxon hordes.

In such a scenario the Creator will allow for the extermination of the Anglo-Saxon hordes which have blighted the Earth with war, hate and mindless racist genocide for over 500 years in order to save the Human Race Project, which he has spent eons working on.

The Creator asked me to remind you that Jesus the Christ was a brown man. The Creator has chosen the Russians because of their historical lack of involvement in the American Genocides and because out of all of the world's religions it is only they who stand while paying tribute to his Divine Holiness. The Creator has also stated that those hording and withholding wealth and holding knowledge (the so-called "elites") must give what they horde to the masses who are less fortunate as it is not theirs to horde and they will soon be wiped from the Earth if their actions continue in order to save the Human Race Project if it is in fact saveable.

The Truth must prevail or the Human Race Project will be liquidated by the Creator himself whose disappointment is causing a lowering of the frequencies on the Divine plane.

I am not a "Chosen One", or a "Messiah", or a "Messenger of God", or "Juan the Christ" I merely listen and convey what is available but ignored by almost everyone. I am almost the last Taino so the Creator allowed me to make an attempt to communicate the truth. God is in all of you but you refuse to listen and continue down your road of hate which will lead to the end of the Human Race Project.

I have to leave you with one more message that no one here is really going to like because the truth of it will reflect on the Satanic capitalistic system that they have forced the Russian people to accept and on the way the "elites" spread cognitive dissonance and contradictory messages among the population breaking down the will of the people to live and the possibilities for progress that they pretend to want to develop and advance among the population. However these issues must be face soberly at the highest level in order to guarantee the continuation and advancement of the very Russian World that I love. I have been holding all of this back for decades in fear of being labelled "opposition" by Western Capitalist Agents but since I will be leaving the game soon the time has come to finally deliver at least a synopsis on my almost 30 year analysis of the Russian World which I love and hope to assist in prospering.   

The main problem for me in exposing this as I am a racial minority now of ONE, is that it will expose the "secret" race-based foundations of the blueprint that is supposed to advance the Russian World, hints and evidence of which are regularly exposed by officials, programs, statements and the actions of those with even the slightest bit of power. My role is supposed to be as an untermensch and an ignorant tribe savage but I can not assi,milate into such a role becuae the people trying to force me into are many orders lower in intelligence and completely lacking in spiritual or moral supremacy over myself, even though they truly believe they are superior, even the ingorant drug-dealing bikers and useless wastes of human flesh that are certain parts of the population (such as Navalny).

1.) The family and the impossibility to start one.

These fatal errors that the "planners" and capitalists are forcing onto Russia are not just race based, I will deal with them last, and will begin with the most basic rule that the American Indians new and advance hundreds of thousands of years ago, namely the guarantee and development of the most elementary block of any people or civilization and again I must note that it is the capitalists in their insatiable greed who are bringing about the guaranteed destruction of the Russian World. That issue "capital" and the accepted striving for it by any means is another issue I may get into later. So, President Putin says we have to fix the demographic decline and support families. Okay! Great let's do it! But then the "Illuminati" capitalist tools step in and on the surface appear to be doing something to advance this agenda while at the same time guaranteeing its failure by attempting to "capitalize" on it to the greatest degree possible, in the end only serving themselves and following the logic that only money is important.

Solution: See point 2

2.) Work and slave-like salaries.


3.) Travel and unrealistic costs.

Solution: Oil and gas are natural resources and like water they should be free to the population inhabiting the country.

4.) Freedom of speech and expression and a foreign controlled media

Solution: Freedom of the press only as an instrument to inform of facts directly affecting the population NOT opinion or discussion or facts pertaining to or related to foreign psychological and information operations. The likes of Soloviev and Sobchak are not journalists but debate hosts and Kisilev and Semonyan are only self-serving media oligarchs promoting a foreign agenda for lucre and ratings endlessly propagandizing the importance of non-Russian related issues which destroy, pervert and subjugate the minds of the populace to a foreign master. 

5.) Living space at unrealistic prices.


6.) Politics and cronyism

Solution: Politics in Russia should be about Russia. Not about, for example: the "independence" of southern USA states who wanted slavery. 

7.) Multi-nationalism and nazi like papers.

Solution: Are we a multi-national nation? Then everyone must be afforded the same opportunities and access to the same systems and be treated equally within those systems. This includes the elimination of the entire registration system which on criminalizes non-Russians or those who for whatever reason do not own real-estate for example a refugee who can not even buy an apartment or get the credit to do so because of his status..

8.) Faith in the white only god

Solution: Jesus was not white and God sees all of us equally as his children. Barring or "frowning on" non-Russians to follow the Orthodox Church delegitimizes the institution and is in fact heresy. I am not saying the church does this, I am saying nationalist racist groups do it, at the expense of the Church.

I will finish this later... If I happen to care again....

RoblesTiny 07-31-2023 Technical Equipment Assistance Drive

I can not raise money to help myself but I am trying to raise money to help our boys. Weird

Из-за опасений за мою безопасность мне не разрешают ездить на Донбасс или в новые регионы России, за исключением моего любимого Крыма, но я все равно пытаюсь помочь ребятам. Пожалуйста, помогите нам приобрести необходимое им оборудование - Дорогие друзья, многие из вас сидят в своих муравейниках или, если вам повезет, на своих дачах и беспокоятся о том, как купить новейший телефон, компьютер или, если повезет, машину или даже дом. Возможно, вы слышали о нацистском режиме США/НАТО в Киеве и их попытке заполучить ядерное оружие. Возможно, вы слышали о грязных ядерных бомбах или попытках взорвать атомные электростанции этими нацистскими террористами из США/НАТО, которых в настоящее время ликвидируют самые храбрые и лучшие молодые люди России, но к сожалению, поскольку вы беспокоитесь о своей работе, или о своём боссе, или, если вам повезёт, о своей семье, эти вещи для вас являются абстракция, то во что вы были запрограммированы Соловьевыми верить, - это просто "политика", а вы "далеки от политики”. Однако, когда ядерная взрывная волна адского пламени в тысячи градусов с рёвом обрушивается на ваши муравейники из-за горизонта, у вас мало шансов сказать тысячеградусному адскому пламени, что Вы всего лишь “политика”, поскольку оно превращает ваши кости в пыль и приваривает вашу тень к стене вашего муравейника, которая сейчас будет уничтожена. Некоторым из лучших и храбрейших молодых людей, которые есть в России, поручено предотвратить подобный акт ядерного терроризма, для них это не политическая абстракция, это работа в режиме 24/7, за которую они готовы отдать свои жизни, поскольку только одна ракета может вызвать ядерный Армагеддон, горячую фазу Третьей мировой войны конец всем вашим муравейникам. Поэтому, когда вы сидите в окружёнии тишины и покоя, за которые они умирают, вам нужно понимать, что ваш покой находится всего в одном ракетном ударе от уничтожения. На самом переднем крае борьбы с ядерным терроризмом США/НАТО/нацистов находится команда, которой я имею честь пытаться помочь. У них есть лучшее оборудование и ресурсы, которые Министерство обороны России предоставляет для выполнения их задач, но всё ещё есть вещи, которые нелегко достать и которые пользуются огромным спросом и на которые приходится изыскивать средства у всех вас в ваших муравейниках, к сожалению, это включает инфракрасное излучение-оборудование ночного видения и очень дорогие специализированные дроны. Один из военнослужащих этих сил попросил меня помочь, если смогу, с приобретением оборудования, в котором они отчаянно нуждаются сегодня, а не через месяц или два, когда оно станет доступным или подойдёт их очередь. Так что, если вы можете, а я думаю, что вы должны, у вас есть шанс помочь одному из самых важных подразделений SVO и ребятам, буквально стоящим между миром и глобальным ядерным Армагеддоном. Я не могу сказать больше, и они не могут сообщить больше подробностей, но я знаю этих ребят лично и знаю, что то, о чём они просят, необходимо. Я оставлю вам информацию, которую они мне дали, и попрошу вас помочь сегодня. Спасибо!
“В Энергодаре стоим , это все нужно для наблюдения за передвижениями противника . Каждый день ждём прорыва , соответственно чем лучше аппаратура для наблюдения тем раньше мы их заметим Это в крации все ,что могу рассказать.”
нам нужен
1 . Хороший тепловизор монокуляр для наблюдения со штативом .
2. Бинокль 30 крат так же со штативом .
3. Дизельный генератор 3 кВт .
4. 1 и 2 позиция не нужна если будет квадрокоптер с тепловизором .
Sberbank MIR 2202 2013 5531 0877

Dear friends, Many of you sit in your blocks, or if you are lucky in your dachas, and you worry about how to buy the latest phone, computer or if you are lucky, car or even home. You may have heard about the USA/NATO nazi regime in Kiev and their attempt to obtain nuclear weapons. You may have heard about nuclear dirty bombs or attempts to blow up nuclear power plants by these USA/NATO nazi terrorists currently being eliminated by Russia's bravest and best young men but sadly, as you worry about your job, or your boss or if you are lucky your family, these things for you are an abstraction, something you have been programmed by the Solovievs to believe is merely "politics" and you are "far from politics.” However when a nuclear blast wave of hellfire in the thousands of degrees comes roaring down onto your anthills from over the horizon, there is little chance you will have in telling the thousand degree flames from hell that they are merely “politics” as they burn your bones into dust and weld your shadow to the soon-to-be-obliterated wall of your apartment block. Some of the best of the bravest young men Russia has are tasked with preventing such an act of nuclear terrorism, for them it not a political abstraction, it is a 24/7 job that they are ready to give their lives for as only one missile could bring about nuclear Armageddon, the hot phase of WWIII and the end of all of your anthills. So as you sit surrounded by the peace and quiet they are dying for, you need to understand that your peace is only one missile away from being eliminated. At the very frontline of the fight against USA/NATO/Nazi nuclear terrorism is a team which I am honored to be trying to help. They have the best equipment and resources that the Russian Ministry of Defense provides for the fulfillment of their tasks, but there are still things that are not easy to get and are in huge demand and for which funds have to be sought from all of you in your anthills, unfortunately this includes infra-red-night vision equipment and very expensive specialized drones. I have been asked by one of the members of these forces to help out if I can with obtaining the equipment they desperately need today, and not in a month or two when it becomes available or their turn comes up. So if you can and I think you must, you have a chance to help one of the most important units in the SVO and the guys literally standing between peace and global nuclear Armageddon. I can not say more and they can not give more details but I know these guys personally and know that what they are asking for is needed. I will leave you with the information that they gave me and ask you to help today. Thank you!

RoblesTiny 07-29-2023 - 5,991 Days (16 years, 4 months, 25 days) Since I was illegally made a

stateles asylee by William Burns who was protecting CIA and CPS international child trafficking 

Today I spoke to a mechanic, a hacker and an old student, cleaned the apartment, fed the cat, watered the plants and wrote this entry. Time is taking its course and already it looks like even a peaceful and normal death will be denied to me by the CIA's "Western Elites" in Russia. A cactus I gave someone flowered which was quite amazing as all of mine have not done so. A Kennedy who wants to liquidate the CIA is exactly what the world needs and a true option for truthers in place of fake zionist Drumpf who brought us Covid. The USA NATO continue losing in the Ukraine and this is a great thing but will it lead to the end of the 5% GDP scam that the countries of the world pay the USA MIIC EVERY YEAR? I doubt it. Not without their liquidation by force. Servers and infrastructure stable. Need to monetize somehow. Funds running out.

I remember 2014 and earlier. I remember Occupy.  I remember Anonymous.  I remember all of the brave whistleblowers, truthers and hactivists.  I remember the last free press on the planet that was the VOR. I remember all of the fallen, all of the assassinated and all of the disappeared, including the 7,000 killed and disappeared on 911. I remember all of the innocent Russian killed in the Donbass over eight years by the CIA/NATO nazis while people like Graham Phillips make a mockery of their suffering by running around wearing British flag t-shirts and doing smiling selfies everywhere. I remember. I remember all of these fighters for truth, love and civilization based on truth and a higher morality. My part in all of that and much of their work is saved here on JAR2. JAR2 is now the only repository of such information in such quantities in the world When JAR2 is gone they will be erased from history, along with me, my almost 30 years in exile and all of my journalistic work exposing evil. Therefore we ask you to please show your support and make a small donation today. We do not need much but we do have to pay for the servers and for the monthly Internet fees and for food and rent. We have no had a donation in months and as is usual have paid for everything out of our pockets, but now we need your help. Not much but a little please.

If you read anything on JAR2 please read this article after the publication of which there was an attempt to kill my son in Los Angeles (the global capital of child trafficking, perversion and PIZZAGATE) on New Years' Eve.

 Thank you.

In the free world: Sberbank MIR 2202 2013 5531 0877

RoblesTiny 07-26-2023 Nazis from Zaporozhie Dotsenko and Surikova Now Send Text on VK

У меня нет никаких проблем. Это у вас сейчас очень серьезные проблемы. I don't have any problems. It's you who now have some very serious problems.


They (the CIA's Lubertsy Odessa/Zaporozhie Mafia scum) used to make phone calls threatening me on anonymous sim cards which I could never prove. Since it is almost impossible to be anonymous with phones in Russia now they think they can be anonymous on VK. These are the same people who put my son away for 5 years threatening to do the same to me if I do not delete posts about Semonyan, Navka and Sobchak. The first time I got such a  call (2012 and previously when my school was being raided) they mentioned the McFaul material and I almost had a heart attack. Natalia Surikova and Olga dotsenko (other than IP addresses made three very serious mistakes that allowed me to identify them. Do they work for Semonyan?

This was over this post about Navka.  

For my long time readers and other investigators you recall that it was Surikova (Ukrainian/Zaporozhie) who found me at English First in Zhulebino after Salogub (Ukrainian Military bought a Russian passport through Malahovka) and raided (stole) my school on or right after the day that Anton Surikov was killed for his connections to Dick Cheney and Halliburton and it was these people in the Lubertsy mafia who were in the pay of the CIA/MI6 and being funded through USAID money and helping run a network of illegal spies (MI6, CIA and anyone else from NATO countries) using cover as native speaker English (other languages) teachers. If you also recall Dotsenko's father claimed to be a retired SVR general as did Sergey Sayenko who threatened to start a criminal case against me. SO basically all of these people when they found out I had asylum from the USA decided to help their CIA masters and destroy me and my family. We also recall the Lubertsy mafia and Yaponchik who was an FBI informant and Burubin (Poland) who was the "roof" for the MI6/CIA Front BKC International House where the illegal agents were working. Here it is also important to recall Sergey Fomin who witnessed me entering "the office" in Lubertsy and ended up in the USA with asylum. The Lubertsy mafia grouping the Wolves in Epaulettes which interfaced with Moscow through the Kuzminki Court and showed they were working for the CIA though the appearance of Gina Haspel and the USA Embassy at my son's trial (where Citizen 2 was stripped of his asylum) used the tactic below to intimidate, blackmail and force people to do what whatever they wanted or to kill and eliminate their enemies. We recall it was Dotsenko (Ukrainian Zaporozhie/SBU) and her husband Surikov (Ukrainian/claimed to be FSB General) who not only found me, but arranged a fake marriage, then took over my daughter's life as if she had bought her, and then proceeded to frame my son for narcotics, threaten my landlady so I became homeless and was involved in my illegal termination from Rossiya Sevodnya which was wanted by Sayenko and all of the USAID, State Department, CIA agents in their network after it was ordered by the US Embassy and after McFaul's plan failed with the US Embassy's false reports that I threatened him and should be deported. We also recall the USA Embassy told Russian Security that I was an arms dealer and must be deported from Russia. After all of the plans of McFaul plans failed all of a sudden Snowden (who specialty was extracting (in other words causing the deportation of US Government (CIA) targets such as Birkenfeld) showed up and the operations were taken over by him and the CIA Black Operations team run by Haspel. Meaning basically Snowden was responsible for the arrest of my son, the erasure of all of my journalistic work and the liquidation of the Voice of Russia World Service. But the Russian mafia installed by the CIA after the collapse of the USSR still has enough power and influence to make their CIA master a Russian Citizen and continue to interfere with the life a real asylee. This is FBI/CIA government infiltration and gang-stalking at its "finest". Remember I am the real asylee and JAR2 is the real WikiLeaks but the CIA/MOSSAD controlled global media will never tell you this because the clues will go back to their involvement in 911. That is all for now.

After this social media post ( about Navka and CIA Black Operation funding man Brett Armitage Sinclair and the CIA Operation to erase Russian flags and national symbols in project Russia with the involvement of Snowden, Semonyan et al, Surikova/Dotsenko (who are the stupidest mafia "spies" I have ever known) used the criminal case threat against me demanding I delete the posts about Navka (Ukrainian/USA citizen) and then NOD showed up calling for a referendum and defending Navka. The CIA 5th column is falling apart and desperate. In the threat below I am told they will fabricate a pedophile case and I will spend a concrete 7 years in prison with the evidence being her "solid word". Surikova was stupid enough to mention her sister there is one other clue which is blacked out. They refuse to leave me alone. How much is the CIA offering for my head? Remember Semonyan and Kisilev are responsible for turning the Russian media (which is free under the Russian Constitution) into an extension of the global CIA MOCKINGBIRD (which is treason to Russia) and a reflection of the Western media which the Voice of Russia was not which is why it had to be cancelled to facilitate war propaganda. The CIA knew that Russia could not have a strong global voice exposing CIA/NATO crimes and launch a war based on lies against Russia in the Ukraine. That is all for now. 

It is also important to note that the internal enemies of Russia that are targeting me also made an attempt to intimidate my lawyer by targeting him (details not public). 

Citizen one: Former VOICE OF RUSSIA         

Here Surikova is upset that I am paying child support because it goes against her plans to fill the CIA narrative and gets in the way of hers and Dotsenko's BONUS demand that I renounce my daughter so they can continue their illegal breeding service and take her out of Russia since they want to use her as part of their scheme to get to America claiming her father is a US citzen which he is not. Idiots.


You keep threatening me and I will keep publishing - LULZ

RoblesTiny 07-22-2023 Freedom: There Can Be None - Back in the Killbox, Seeking the Exit

Freedom... The Game Masters are laughing amongst themselves in their little club ... they believe that they have fixed the game.... They control the attributes, the wealth, the lands and they think the peoples populating it and dying in the millions. They believe we have no voice ... 

I chuckle to myself when I think about William Burns and Joe Biden and the entire American "elite" since the Kennedys and poor old Jimmy Carter, the last honest president of the USA and the only one who never dropped a bomb on anyone. The mockery that they have made of the now hollow and empty words "Rule of Law" has attained levels that no rational thinking sentient being could have ever believed were possible. The outright criminality and the entire information system of lies and fakery that covers it up are so beyond the pale and so laughable that for the thinking person any semblance of credibility and legitimacy has long flown out the window along with the WTC being dustified. It is sad to have to admit that it is dangerous here in Mother Russia to spit on the CIA as all of their agents here have made life hell already, but I have long ceased to care and know that one day there will be an accounting. However let me get back to William Burns, a slimy wormlike embedded Clinton criminal who has ridden his crimes all the way to being a member of the administration of a senile pedophile whose son brings cocaine into the White House.

The Child Trafficking CIA Cover Up poster boy William Burns, who would have never made it to the post of Director of the CIA if he had not illegally ordered the illegal revocation of my U.S. Passport with the illegal order to me to close my site. Yes my little unknown site which was hosting information about 911, information about an NSA program, CIA officers' names and lists of MI6 Agents and Japanese intelligence agents at the time and would sometimes get up to six million hits a day from organic traffic and meta key word farming which was possible back in the day. William Burns who was a CIA COS and an Ambassador at the same time, proving the CIA takeover of the entire foreign policy establishment of the USA after 911. Yes 911 was the CIA/NeoCon coup and William Burns is it up his eyeballs in high crimes and pandering to the criminal elites while spitting on the constitution which is now nothing but toilet paper for the ruling class which is about to collapse.

William Burns, no doubt reading this along with all of the other spooks who visit JAR2 on a regular basis. Somewhere, in a windowless room there is an investigator who has read all of my information including my insurance file. Somewhere in the shadows there are good people who believe in law and order and rule of law and human rights and do not just use those terms to cover up their own crimes. I can see you in my mind's eye, all of you. Why am I so certain that William Burns will be reading this? Because he has made his whole career on destroying the lives of an innocent American family and causing the father of that family to bring down the entire government of the United States of America, because that is what is happening now, and no amount of fake news, concept appropriation or lies will help them, because the sword of truth against their house of cards can not be stopped. 911 was an inside job Hillary, it was yours.

Secrecy is the golden crown that allows someone to become the director of the CIA and not being able to keep even the slightest secret is the key to taking anyone in that position down. In reality Burns will be the third Director of the CIA that I have a hand in removing from office. Just like I took down Haspel (removed 25 minutes after I published the names and personal details of thousands of CIA employees) and Brennan (removed after I published the contents of his personal "Top Secret" e-mail account) Burns will be removed for getting sloppy and "exposing the agency" and violating US laws by targetting US Citizens abroad. Sure he has ridden the wave of "secretly destroying a now ex-US citizen deemed an enemy of the USA" all the way to the director's seat but now it is time to truly expose his dirty little secrets. You see, Billy boy is guilty of a plethora of international crimes, but it is the violations of US Law that will see him removed from office and frog marched to Leavenworth (hopefully). As the illegal CIA COS posing as Ambassador to Russia Burns knew all about my 1995 filing for a Grand Jury investigation into CPS, as did the FBI and when he played the "dead beat dad" card to revoke my US citizenship/passport (I was born in Puerto Rico) he knew damn well that the entire "dead beat dad" card was a fraud and that the children whom CPS Woodland California said I owed child support for had been in my sole legal and physical custody since 1992. You see Burns was involved in the entire CPS child trafficking scheme which went all the way up to Nancy Pelosi who actually offered me a US Passport in exchange for my children. Burns gave the order and told Joseph Moone to tell me to close my "fucking" site when my passport/citizenship was revoked during my only visit to the US Embassy in Moscow in 2007 where I had to go to get my passport renewed. Burns actions destroyed the lives of my children and my family and led to my now close to 20 years of living with asylum and the sloppy actions of all of the CIA Agents and officers who has attempted to come after me over the years has helped expose and destroy entire networks. The CIA are criminals who are tasked with committing crimes around the world for the US Government and this includes child and human trafficking in which Burns is involved from the Clinton days and their organ trafficking operations with Hashim Thaci.   

 William Burns weakness is his ego and his false belief in his own intelligence and the stupidity of some stupid spic who was supposed to lose his support network and be deported straight to Guantanamo after he was left without a passport. The CIA are not as "Intelligent" as they want you to think. That is why they need the entire Hollywood establishment to constantly glorify them. Sure their lies are historic in size, proportion and quantity but they are all just that, lies. From poor Lee Oswald (who worked for Bush's CIA) to the moon landings, the CIA has manipulated and faked history long enough and must be destroyed forever. Yes I serve Russia now and will do everything I can until the day I die to destroy the CIA, that should be obvious by now to anyone, and so in a pre-crime manner I suppose Burns was right, except it would have been better had they assassinated me outright than trying to orchestrate my deportation in 2007 which failed miserably, so much so that it exposed and continues to expose, agents, operations and entire structures as the failure has grown and multiplied one error after another by Burns and everyone who has come after him trying to clean up his mess, this includes Gina Haspel, Snowden, WikiLeaks and the entire CIA/MI6 network that has tried to legitimize the CIA lies about me, distract from the essence of JAR2 and engaged in 911 cover ups. Especially as of late is the 'dead beat dad" lie. They have tried to use their Russian agents to bring that lie to reality here but I screwed up their plans by actually coming up with money every month even though I have not been able to find a job since the CIA liquidated the Voice of Russia.

Burns should have been fired instantly when the CIA heard me on the Voice of Russia exposing and destroying SOPA. They cared enough to kill Aaron Schwartz over it because if it wasn't for Burns I would never have appeared on the Voice of Russia and would not have made it my life's mission to destroy the CIA. I would have continued teaching at my little school in Malahovka and occasionally publishing censored material on this site, but no, MI6 had to get their man and the CIA still needs to torture me to death because there are huge gaps in my file (like the one they admitted to in Cuba when the CIA cunt came out to the Cuban military base I was living on with my kids and told me that my file did not say I spoke Spanish.) They have no idea how or why I spoke Russian and how it was that I even got to Russia in the first place (which is why I am still alive) and they will never know. It was Burns' arrogance and stupidity that caused the need for the Snowden operation when I was exposing 911 on the VOR (thank you Bradley Dirgo) the third grade style McFaul Operation against me and the millions they have paid in Russia to try to take me down but they have failed. You see. You are reading this, and my organic traffic is going up and up and there is no way the CIA can stop or control this site using the Google tools and the rest. My traffic is completely organic and since JAR2 does not employ Google analytics or Yandex Web Master only my servers and my ISP have my traffic stats and my ISP is in no way going to give that information to the US Government or anyone else in the USA, including the CIA. So Burns you just lost a billion dollars attempting to bring about the armed takeover of the Russian Government and the USA/NATO are all but the laughing stock of the world and it is not my fault really, but yours.

I need some sleep but before I go I want you to know one more little secret and give credit where credit is due. John Young and Cryptome. In the first days of JAR2 I ran a Cryptome mirror in Russia until they realized that the information was going straight to Russian Intelligence and there was no way possible for them to have anything removed. Like all of the MI6 lists. I must also give credit to the source of the MI6 lists who ended up paying with his life for that huge revelation. John Young was the first and only REAL WikiLeaks, JAR2 was second and then came Assange and his Soros/Rothschild "911 was a fake conspiracy but we are truthers" operation as they helped the CIA and MI6 Black Operations murder and assassinate truthers and hacktivists worldwide. Now only John Young and I are left standing and I don't give a shit anymore and John Young is trying in vain to get the attention he deserves, attention that was sucked up by the Assange operation. John has been trying to get added to WikiLeaks' court cases as a defendant and even other cases but the CIA has stated that they will not touch him and he must be ignored.

For organizing the false arrest of my son in 2015 and his attempted murder on December 31, 2022 and for destroying my family Gina Haspel, William Burns (Moon) and CIA Black Operations in Russia must pay a price. I also have to thank the Night Wolves for telling me that my importance with regard to US-Russia relations is more important than CIA officer Snowden's. Have a nice day William Burns, you didn't see that one coming did you? Historic Intelligence failure. Gather the Bonesmen of your little genocide club and see what other nazi shit you can try. What Fomin and Potaev told you to warrant asylum and extraction were lies and only escalated everything to a level that they knew you needed to keep your game going because that is all this was about wasn't it. Your "Agency", NATO and the entire USMIIC must have an enemy and if one does not exist you create one. Your stupidity lies in the fact that your estimations of the enemies and friends you have created are flawed but that is the way it is and the way it will always be with you idiots. The very foundation of your racist elitist education, thinking and nature guarantee your own demise, as your boxed in minds can in no way comprehend that a little Taino could possibly be smarter than all of you put together and that his non-linear prescient thinking, which is running circles around your box, is something that for you is unfathomable and against which you will never attain victory because by the very act of trying you have, and will continue to, walk right into his trap.          

I don't know who you are but if you are a hacktivist or truther be assured you are safe here. I "WE" need you to continue the fight, if you are not a spook and are reading this then you are the resistance and you must never give up the fight. Good night.))) In reality most of it has been 4 teh LULZ.)))                

Random musing:

It was very sad to see state owned RIA Novosti orchestrate a fake leak after ignoring all of our real leaks for years and years. This was the machine of lies that replaced my beloved instrument of truth that was the Voice of Russia World Service. Any credibility RIA may have had is dead and gone and now buried. Of course Semonyan and Kisilev and Sobchak are trying to manipulate the masses into thinking they are really patriots of Russia fighting for truth after decades of pandering to the USA and the CIA nazis in the Ukraine while really denigrating and destroying real journalists and fighters for truth in their fake news propaganda world. Everything about this leak stank from the beginning including the fake hackers called RaHDit which has two empty Telegram channels which have published nothing. There is a protocol for leaks, and there are always copies left somewhere when something is leaked. This one just simply does not exist but apparently Kisilev is getting desperate. First he kills real journalism and now when we are at war, an information war where real journalism and leaks are needed and the most powerful voice of the Russian State was liquidated by Kisilev and Semonyan, questions are obviously beginning to be asked, and that is a good thing. As for the "attempted assassination" of Semonyan and Sobchak, apparently they have used Navalny's "youth" to fabricate the whole thing and have even fooled the FSB who they think are easy to lie to. How CIA/MI6/SBU puppet Sobchak could be on a Western kill list is beyond me, unless she took monies that she never fulfilled promises for, like Nemtsov. In any normal country Sobchak, Semonyan and Kisilev would be excluded from positions in government for their USA ties but this is post Soviet, post-CIA Russia. See my 5th column reports and my VK account for interesting information on all of these issues. Information that is true and accurate and has never been asked to be removed. 




RoblesTiny 07-07-2023 Freedom: What an Interesting and Novel Forgotten Concept

Freedom... Internet freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of movement, freedom to do business and travel and do what you want... Freedom is something worth fighting for would you agree? Freedom is an ideal worth sacrificing for isn't it? But you are not free. You are enslaved by the security state, the police state, the censorship state, the tax state, the database state, the cell phone control state, etc. et al. You are not free and although you may be laughing at me I have something you do not, freedom of speech and freedom of expression on my Internet resource. I can say what I want, when I want, about what I want and this is a huge responsibility don't you think? Freedom... At what price... Look at you, you have a senile pedophile as the leader of your "Western" world and a little Jewish nazi in a t-shirt taking away all of your tax dollars to give to the USA MIIC in their latest Empire War and you can not even say anything about it. Your government is taking your children and sexually mutilating them and you can say nothing about it. Your elections are rigged by Soros machines, your government commits war crimes on a daily basis and is supporting nazis to kill innocent people because that is all they know how to do. You live under a state of military grade psychological operations and experimentation, you have been forced to take vaccines in a eugenics experiment to sterilize the unwanted and you are surveilled 24/7, all illegal by the way. On 911 you were taken over by a genocidal eugenicist cabal of Satanists and there is nothing you can do or say against them because if you do they will take away your 'freedom". Your freedom to be their slave. Well, I think I am done with that topic for now and since I am free to say what I want I will just say: byeeee ... damn cowards ... you so suck!!!

RoblesTiny 07-04-2023 Today the Ancestors of Drunken Murderers and Anglo Saxon Genociders

Celebrate Their Fake Freedom from Fake Rulers for Whom They Committed Genocide 

Today is a wonderful sunny day here, it's almost cliché in it beauty, the birds are singing, the sky is blue, warm summer breezes are coming in from the south and in fact life would be wonderful if it were not for the blight of man and their unconsolable desire and inquenchable thirst for power, possessions and domination over others.

Personally I am currently looking for a translation project and any other Internet based work and would be happy to hear from you if you have a large project of 100 pages or more. I will be posting a short list of some of my past work in the near future (as soon as I compile it) and if you are interested please write to me at If you would like to support me, the site and my journalistic work please make a donation on the donation page either to the Sberbank cards or to PayPal which will also help my son recover from the attempt on his life. 

На 1996 Vortec 5.7 дачик температура на прибор нужен... Кто то поможет? Желателно не далеко от Серпухов, Чехов, Тула или Подольск jar2 @ jar2 . com

RoblesTiny 07-02-2023 Day 494 of USA/NATO Getting their Asses Kicked as They Attack Russia

For some reason there are people who think I am in hiding, that I am old decrepit and disabled, that I am trembling in fear in some corner and even that I have no right to go out or do what I want and can not write about or publish what I want. That is all bullshit I am almost 6 foot tall weigh 245 pounds am skilled enough in hand to hand combat to defend myself in any situation, I am as healthy as a horse and I am not afraid of anything because I am already prepared to die at any moment which rather than causing fear has caused liberation. Yes during the dark days when my son was in prison and the 5th column lunatics had carte blanche, I was forced into hiding from the liberal filth and CIA nazi scum that the CIA had cut loose in Russia. As for going out drone flights are now unrealistic as we are in a war and my old Burb is desperately in need of parts which the lunatics in Washington have made almost impossible to obtain due to their sociopathic sanctions. However I can take short trips around the bunker and the surrounding areas and today I am going fishing. As for publishing I stopped investigating and exposing the Satanic evil of the US Government not out of fear but out of disgust and the fact that I just don't care anymore as no one there seems to. They are now not only stealing and killing and selling your children but mutilating them and you do nothing. If you don't care about your own children, let alone care about the price I pay for exposing the truth, then why in God's name should I be concerned about you. I only hope that NATO and the USA completely collapse and go spinning down the toilet bowl of history and then maybe I can have my lands back.

That's all for now. Have a nice day and if you support the truth and all my decades' of work make a donation to the ONLY free leak site in the world, otherwise you do not support the truth and there is no reason for me to update the site. Your donations are also needed to get the JAR2 mobile back on the road.

06-19-2023 Day 481 of USA/NATO Getting their Asses Kicked as They Attack Russia

The Internet, Transparency, Endless War, Deception and the Collapse of the Empire of Lies

Introduction and Covid-19

Who wins here? Those three words are an interesting formulation really. What did they bring to mind? (WHO - the World Health Organization? It seems that they have appropriated a common word in the English language, and then if you take away the question mark you have "WHO wins here". Do you see where I am going with this? This is an example of the devious and almost imperceptible way that the psychological operations are run against civilians, you might scoff and call it marketing or as most often the scoffers do, as a coincidence, however if you are a true investigator and seeker of truth and have any kind of ability to unravel conspiracies then just like me you know that accidents never happen and that there are no coincidences.

I will regress and for a minute digress into intellectual laziness and employ the beloved current tactic of the deceivers and the liars of the Empire of Lies and just switch topics. However unlike the deceivers I have just told you about what I am doing. I am doing so because I have a lot too say and not much time, they do so to bring about intellectual laziness and to program and accustom you not to be inquisitive and simply take their talking points as truth. If you know what I am talking about excuse me, if you don't then this is your first lesson in Psychological Operations. 

Before I continue let's get one thing clear, this is a point which you need to understand, accept and use to de-program yourself, no matter how high your level of Cognitive Dissonance is: everything you think you know and believe is a lie and everything the media and the system feeds you is not true or is a fabricated constructed and manipulated version of truth (the last of which is the easiest to use for deception - remember NASA in Hebrew means deception/to deceive)....    

The Platform - The Real Truth Node, fom Russia With Love

My predicament was clear after I was crucifed by Western Agents in Russia for my journalistic work exposing the criminality of their Western masters and all of my work was removed from every location it had been published. However now that WikiLeaks (neither a wiki nor leaks) and it's corporate operative front man are supposedly languishing in one of the prisons of the Empire of Lies, it is time to step and use the Real Truth Node that I have designed called JAR2.

Continued as an article here: The Platform




03-06-2023 - So Even if I Die Right This Minute I Won and the CIA Lost

The Single Largest Ongoing Intelligence Failure of the CIA in History: JAR2 - LULZ (Except Fidel)

The Brief History of the Real WikiLeaks and the Real Snowed-In (Main Facts)

In reality the cynicism, racism and hypocrisy with regard to my treatment is off the scales and since you are writing everything down and sending it in that is for you, you miserable worm. How long have you been cc-ing the US Embassy exactly? That is my only question for you. Don't worry I won't give them your details, like your MAC and your IP and your phone number and e-mail and car and apartment. That glove thing was really professional guys. Almost had me doubting on that. About that illegal phone tracking though... - (Note to the CIA Informers) LULZ

So... A CIA Targets Escapes to Russia and an attempt to steal his passport ends in the arrest of a Ukrainian Agent whose jaw the CIA target broke when he was attacked by the agent inside the police department and then a mistake is made by a Chinese US Embassy employee who issues him a new passport. Then on September 10, 2001 the CIA target calls his ex-wife and tells her he works in New York at the WTC, but the CIA can not find him. Then they do 911 and the CIA targets starts exposing 911, MI6 and CIA agents and destroying the gains made in Project Russia and publishing Top Secret documents on a site in Russia. So the CIA and MI6 create and globally promote a fake leak site to spread disinformation and identify hackers and sources of leaks (WikiLeaks) but the CIA target continues publishing secret US documents and no one can figure out how he gets them, so then they illegally cancel the CIA target's passport saying he owes child support for the children he is raising on his own so that he is returned to the CIA but it fails, then they take away his school and his income and try to tell Russian Security that the CIA target is an arms trafficker and other lies but he ends up on the State Global Broadcaster exposing the crimes of the CIA and NATO and trying to expose 911. Then the top CIA Russia expert/ambassador (McFaul) comes in with color revolution plans and the CIA target stops the color revolution causing the CIA Ambassador to attempt to have him imprisoned twice. But again the CIA fails and the CIA target continues exposing their crimes. So the CIA gets some NSA files and send a liquidator to assure the extraction of the CIA target and lead the color revolution agent network. Part of the plan is again taking away the CIA target's income and getting rid of his platform and exposures, so the CIA spends millions liquidating the Voice of Russia. But then the CIA target tries to expose the CIA liquidator sent after him (Snowden). So they destroy the target's family, send Gina Haspel in to put his son in prison and destroy his life and family. They even poison him but he doesn't die. So the CIA uses their moles and agents in the Russian government and inside Russia to launch a demonization campaign against the CIA target calling him a bum and saying he lives in a garage and they "cancel" him from all CIA controlled platforms erasing his WikiPedia page and Twitter accounts and deleting his articles from everywhere! And that still doesn't work! And all their agents and assets for some reason continue to keep dying and getting arrested and disappearing. So they start a war hoping that somehow they will be able to capture the CIA target who they can not kill because they must torture him in order to answer the many questions they have, including what he passed to the Russians in 1995 through the fence of the Russian Embassy in San Francisco which in fact started the whole thing... And on and on... Until finally the CIA realizes that the CIA target was a Russian Agent, the only problem is that they have no idea since when which is another question they have for him. So they continue to try to get Russia to give him to them but the Russians don't give up their own, however the CIA is still trying even as I write this. So you see, even if I die right now, I have still won.))) It's all in my insurance files and the password has been given to you already. I gave my life to Russia therefore Russia MUST NOT LOSE!!!!!!!! If the CIA is successful in murdering me, since rendition won't be possible (but they continue working on that), they know I have a suicide pill, it will be an international scandal that will be used to turn all the countries in the world against Russia. The fact that I am an American Indian and a native of the Latin American World, will be used by the CIA to turn indigenous populations and the entire Latin World against Russia and the fact that I am a hero of sorts in China will also have the Chinese up in arms along with all my followers and supporters around the world who can do nothing but watch what is happening. My own brother told me the narrative in 2015 when I found him on Facebook and he said "Putin kills his own journalists and Russian patriots!" I never talked to my brother again after that since he blocked me on Facebook because I supported Putin. So if I die they will use it against Russia and President Putin and of course then I would become a "US Citizen" and all of the media which has ignored my story for years will all of a sudden start saying how Putin killed John Robles and not the CIA, so I guess I should try to stay alive for Putin. This is why they do not want me going to the front. Even though they try to tell me I am not important I am in fact one fo the most important secret weapons they have. Which explains a lot. If Russia wanted to kill me they would have done it a long time ago and even recently I tried to enlist in the armed forces and go to fight in the Ukraine and they did not allow me to even as a volunteer, that would have been a great chance to get rid of me. They could have sent me to the front and put a bullet in the back of my head and just say it was some Mercenary or some Ukronazi. So they keep me safe and warm in a little corner somewhere in Russia. Oh! And that COVID infection thing and the insane neighbor who was trying to make me stop smoking. So if I am right and the COVID-19 version they infected me with has little effect on smokers and they knew that, then if I was paranoid I would say that that was another attempted murder attempt. Since as a New Year's gift the CIA tried to kill my son, I would say there is a reason to suspect such an attempt. Everything you have just read is 100% true.

Please return Felix to his rightful place.





President Putin and the Kremlin Have Been Lied to by CIA Back Operators

John Robles/JAR2 versus Edward Snowden (Greenberg)/Intercept/MSM

Paul Hawkins, who you know as Julian Assange, is a fake. We have known that since day one but the global MOCKINGBIRD media has ignored all of the evidence and continues to use him and WikiLeaks as a template for what asylum, truth and whistleblowing are about. It is ALL a FAKE. This asshole too.


  John Robles, JAR2 com and biz Edward Greenberg (Snowden)
Sites and the Intercept
ZOV Assisting in ZOV on multiple fronts ??????
Russian Citizenship Possibly Deceased Received in September 2022
WikiPedia Deleted all traces except small reference
Glorified personal pages and on-line
Real Political Asylum Since 2007 With children after passport revocation on false grounds. In 1995 John tried to expose CPS fraud and child trafficking. USA said John owed child support for the same children who had lived with him in Russia since 1996. We were told to close this "fucking site" by Moscow CIA COS Joseph Moone Never had asylum. Has 3 year residency permits.
Service to Russian State Has served the Russian Security Services for decades
and the Russian State.
Ties to Russia Has four children in Russia including 2 who are Muscovites and two ex-wives. Has not left the territory of the Russian Federation since 1996. Has worked for the Russian Government and paid taxes to Russia. None
Ties to USA All family members given FBI National Security letters to forbid communications. Can not communicate freely with anyone in the USA or the world. Was born in Puerto Rico where he can also not return. Daily phone call to his CIA controller. Is allowed to communicate with anyone in the USA and the world.
9/11 Since its creation JAR2 has attempted to expose the truth about the False Flag attack that occurred on September 11, 2001 plunging the world into a US/NATO endless war paradigm of imperial takeover and genocide for the New World Order and Israel. JAR2 has released thousands of documents, conducted interviews, posted thousands of evidentiary material and written investigative articles. Through Maurice Greenberg, ex-director of Booz Allen Hamilton and partial owner of Kroll Associates in Moscow, Snowden can effectively carry out his mission of obfuscating cash flows for the CIA and the 9/11 Cabal. Like WikiLeaks silent on 9/11 and complicit in covering up that mass-murder event. 
Israel/MOSSAD Fights for Palestinians, has exposed over 37,000 MOSSAD Agents. Connected MOSSAD to 9/11. Researched the Zionist conspiracy and the genocide based, Rothschild state of Israel. Given that criticism of Snowden has been called anti-Semitism by non-other than Barret Brown, an FBI Informant, Intercept "journalist" and attacker of JAR2 and that Pierre Omidyar is also a MOSSAD Asset Snowden (Greenberg) continues WikiLeaks path of obfuscating truth for Israel. We will not mention the arch-Zioinst Maurice Greenberg realtionship and connection to Snowden. 
Agents and Operations Exposed tens of thousands of agents and illegal operations No agent ever exposed. Exposed already known NSA Programs for the CIA.
Crimes John has never been charged with a crime during his entire life. Stole NSA files for the CIA to establish legend
Passport/Citizenship John, who was born in Puerto Rico, has never received or been offered a passport after his US passport was revoked. John filed for Russian Citizenship in 2010 and was about to obtain it when Snowden appeared. Russian residency is only given to individuals with an active passport. Therefore Snowden's passport was never revoked or the MVD is illegally providing him this status. More likely the first is true as Snowden could not have been married to his American stripper meat without a passport.
Leaks JAR2 has published more agent names and outed more illegal operations than WikiLeaks. JAR2 has published all leaks RAW and unedited without editing or political motivations.  Leaked specifics about information already known. Then sold the reported leaks to Pierre Omidyar for over $40 million dollars. Obtained NSA files to establish his legend for the CIA and the Greenbergs.
Respecting Host JAR2 has always respected and supported the Russian Federation and President Vladimir Putin. John is fluent in Russian. John has never criticized the Russian Government except for Western backed and installed CIA elements who carried out the arrest of his son. Critic of Putin and Russian Government
Funding JAR2 is not funded by anyone except a very small number of random donors. Huge funding by Omidyar and other US based sources.
Media Support Completely ignored or demonized no matter how big or serious the information it published. Get's $10,000.00+ per interview.
Backlash Citizenship stripped, passport revocation, arrest of son, destruction of career, raids on family, seizure of property, seizure of business, liquidation of media employer, destruction of family, finances and reputation, intimidation and surveillance of family and supporters. Visa, PayPal sanctioning. Complete block from all crowd funding platforms. Physical attacks, several attempted murders, poisonings, attempted car crashes, muggings, robberies, several attempted home invasions. Daily hacker attacks, two attempts by Michael McFaul to facilitate arrest and deportation. Killing of cat. Gang stalking including documented vehicle teams. False traffic fines and surveillance through road camera network. Murdered supporters. Son arrested twice on fabricated arrest after Snowden arrived. Attempts to drive to suicide. Isolation. None
(Supposed Passport Revocation)
Negated by marriage and residency status
Lawyers None Dozens of Lawyers, Human Rights Organziations, media outlets, fake leak sites and Legal bodies support the FAKE operation.
Sources/Associates None lost, all protected, none turned over. Sources: Maurice Greenberg, Booz Allen Hamilton, Michael Hayden, Jesselyn Raddack, Oliver Stone, Paul Hawkins, Pierre Omidyar, Kiriakou, Obama Birkenstock, Rothschild, Clintons, Browder, et al
Journalism Not considered or called a journalist. Has written thousands of investigative critical and cited articles, conducted hundreds of interviews, received awards and even written books. Worked as an editor, social media manager, newsreader, head announcer, correspondent and translator for the Voice of Russia Wrold Service in English and was even a WikiLeaks media partner before the truth was known. Has been leaking agent lists and documents since 1999 and personally run his own blog and site since 2003. Has been cited for exposing Boston, Srebrenica, the TPP and more. Demonized and black listed for exposing NATO, the CIA 5th column in Russia, the Ukraine takeover and supporting Palestine against the genocide being carried out by "Israel". Cited and fawned over by the global Jewish media and the CIA MOCKINGBIRD. Cited in Hollywood films about the CIA and everywhere where the CIA is promoted and receives public relations support.
Racism Not racist. Represented the North American tribes in a bid to have Russia recognize the Two Row Wampun Treaty. Follows the white supremacy illusion in intelligence
Russia Supports and loves Russia. Has not left Russia since 1996. Learned Russian in the early 1990s. Ex-Wife in America is half Russian. 3rd and 4th wives were Russian.
Supports President Putin, Protects and Defends Russia's Victory in WWII. Has fought and exposed the Russian 5th Column. Supports Russia's Security Service and Government under attack by the West.
Exposed Navalny and his entire Network inside Russia.
Spits on Russia and wants to go to France.
Criticizes and hates Russian Government.
Supports CIA Backed Russian 5th Column and Russia's fake CIA Novichok poisoned blogger Pres. Navalny. 
Servers Personal servers located in Russia, attacked every day for 17 years. Silicon Valley USA based servers for all his "SECRETS".
Malware Zero Embedded CIA tracking info in PDFs
Real Hackers Support JAR2 Stay away from Snowden
Whistleblowers JAR2 Supports Whistleblowers. Snowden/VERAX said "Whistleblowers should be shot in the balls".
Cat Healthy and loved None
Assange/Hawkins/WikiLeaks Has tried to expose the truth presented evidence Hawkins is a Rothschilds' MOSSAD/CIA/MI6 Operation installed in Ecuadorian Embassy to carry out covert operations against US, UK and European targets. Mutual circle jerk
Social Media Banned for life from Twitter and everywhere else Never banned or blocked, promoted, blue-ticked, quoted, linked to and PRed just like a member of the "elites" and the "establishment" like he is
Politics The CIA is a Dirty Genocidal Global Criminal Syndicate that supports terrorism, destroys countries and must be destroyed.
Putin is the saviour of Mother Russia and maybe the world. 
Supported Russia, Occupy, Hacktivism, Truthers, some Greens, the poor, Palestinians, Serbs, American Indians, Russians in Donbass, Venezuela, Iran, repressed peoples worldwide and US third party candidates
Putin bad - CIA Good
Founded/Owned Founded, registered and run by John Robles II (100% transparent) Founded by CIA Officer Joseph Farrell a Doctor in Alternative History and CIA Asset Pierre Omidyar the Butcher of Donbass and the head of the Omidyar Group. 
Intelligence Operations Exposes truth no matter how ugly it is. Obfuscates truth by pretending to expose truth.
Crimea Helped stopped the invasion of Crimea by CIA paramilitary forces and NATO, saving millions of lives. Started the Russian Hackers falacy
Google and Linkage Almost non-existent 100% support and saturation
Race Indigenous Dark Skinned White Jewish Boy "Greenberg" Clan








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