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Putin: "The New World Order Is Normalizing Pedophilia In The West" a

Anon Sends Major Pedo DOX

RIPJenny Moore: CTA Investigator (Clinton Kill)

NEW Pedophilia Being "Normalized" in the US

Normalization of Pedophilia Goes Mainstream, Child Molesters Rebranded as ‘Minor Attracted Persons’

April 25th to 28th Anonymous Targets "Alice Day" 


Lewis Carroll: The Patron Saint of Paedophiles

Attorney Suing Elite Pedophile Ring Shot Dead

Corey Feldman Reportedly Stabbed in "Murder" Attempt

Corey Feldman rushed to hospital after being stabbed by three men in 'murder attempt'

The US Continues to Attempt to Normalize Pedophilia!!!

McCann Case Banned Video

Epstein Buys Big St. James: Pizza Boat for Elites

Pedostan: FBI Ran 24 Dark Web Child Porn Sites

Alefantis's Achilles Heel: Pegasus Museum

Illuminati Zionist Bankers and Child Sacrifice Witness

  Valdosta sex ring allegations

Another Elite Private Pedo School

UN Guilty of 300 Counts of Child Rape

Trump on Witness List for Pedophile Epstein Trial

Mayor Calls in FBI After Cops Accused of Child Rape

Pelosi's Stolen Millions and Child Trafficking

VIDEO25 Alefantis Kill Room: Interior of Pegasus “Museum”

Did Chester Bennington Really Commit Suicide?

Title- Did Chester Bennington really commit suicide-

US Sex Ring Busted, Children Openly Sold in Plain Sight

Trump Will Ignore High-Level Pedophiles: Too Many

Kids Horrified by Cops Child Sex Trafficking Dril

Title- Kids Horrified After Cops Hold Mock Child Sex Trafficking Drill, Without Saying It’s A Drill

More Child Sex Trafficking in Pedostan

White House Intruder a ‘Pizzagate’ Whistleblower

John Pedosta Exposes Himself Again

Title- John Podesta Exposes Himself Again, Can’t Take The Undeniable Truth

Child Sex Trafficking in US Exploding Gov Does Nothing

Title- Child Sex Trafficking in the US is Exploding, Govt Admits They Aren’t Stopping It

Ohio Mayor Pleads Guilty of Raping 4-Year-Old

Police Did NOTHING About Child Porn Snuff Film

Pizzagate: Alex Acosta Must Be Rejected

Trump Campaign Chair Caught With Underage Boy

Acosta at Center of Epstein’s Plea Deal

Facebook Permitting Pedophilia and Child Porn

Investigate #Pedogate & #Pizzagate

Pandora’s Box Opened for Deep State and CIA

BREAKING: “Pedogate Coin” from US Mint!

Thousands to Protest Pizzagate Outside White House

FOX Features 6yo 'Trans' Boy Wearing Bondage Gag

FBI Insider Says PizzaGate Arrests Imminent

100s of New Pizzagate Pictures

CNN’s Jake Tapper Linked to Comet Ping Pong

IMPORTANT: These Pedophiles Must be Arrested

FBI: Pizzagate Arrests ‘Imminent’ In Washington

Satanic Child Sacrifice & Child-Rape

A Night at Comet Ping Pong

Warning Obama Now Has a Foundation

Breitbart Tweet Before Death Adds Fuel to Pizzagate

FBI: 30% of DC Political Elite Part of Pedo Ring

PIZZAGATE KILL ROOM in Pegasus Museum in D.C.

A Night at Comet Ping Pong


The Church of Latter Day Saints: Banned in Russia

Book6802 Nancy Schaefer

The Corrupt Business Of Child Protective Services

Largest Pedophile Ring in History Smashed, 70,000 Members, Heads of State

CPS in California is Tied into a Huge Racket that Kidnaps Children - DHS Insider

2015: Federal cyber security expert member of 'Pedobook' network jailed for 25 years

The Finders: 1987 TOP SECRET CIA CULT

ISISGATE - Will Lead to 911 and "They" Will Not Allow It

Weiner Turn's State's Evidence on Clinton

“Hillary Caught Fleeing the Country to Avoid Jail”

Shumer, Pelosi, Frank, Bloomenthal, Cain, Feinstein, McCain, Graham

Dems Not Approving Sessions: He Will Prosecute HRC/Make arrests over Pedogate!

FBI Dismisses Child Porn Prosecution After Refusing To Reveal Details On Hacking Tool

FOX Comedy Features 6yo 'Trans' Boy Wearing Bondage Gag

Drain the Pedo Swamp Anthony Weiner may get slapped with child pornography charge

Drain the Pedo Swamp 474 Arrested, 28 Children Rescued During Human Trafficking Operation

Analysis: Did James Alefantis Threaten & Intimidate Ryan O'Neal? #PizzaGate

Harrowing viral video of a 12-year-old girl hanging herself Katelyn Nichole Davis

Why is there a gold-domed temple on Jeffrey Epstein's Pedo Island?

Massive International Pedophile Ring Protected by Police and Intelligence Agencies

Pizzagate: "DynCorp has routinely been connected to human trafficking activities"

Pizzagate Sites being hacked by an IP in Waltham, MA, home of Raytheon/DynCorp

Now Five FBI Field Offices Are Probing Clinton Charity, Adding Fuel To The Fire

The Cover Is Blown Off The Ongoing Worldwide C.I.A. Black Pedo-Operation


Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult - Nicole Kidman's Father Dead

Tory whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent boys for Margaret Thatcher's cabinet ministers'

Secret Service agent assigned to Biden convicted and another tipped off

Texas Parents Told They Will Be Charged & Arrested if They Walk Their Children to School

My Name Is Anneke Lucas and I Was a Sex Slave to Europe's Elite at Age 6

FOIA Shows That D.C. Metro Police Lied About Conducting Investigation

Podesta Cousin Runs is a Private INTERNATIONAL Adoption Service

Smaller Repository than JAR2

The Cover Is Blown Off The Ongoing Worldwide C.I.A. Black Pedo-Operation


President Obama Pedo-Photo

Photograph of US President Obama in a Disgusting Hold of Little Girl

"Secret pizza" has been scrubbed from James Alefantis' "Automatic At Sea" IMDB page


Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult - Nicole Kidman's Father Dead

Tory whistleblower: 'I supplied underage rent boys for Margaret Thatcher's cabinet ministers'

The World of Mind Control Through the Eyes of an Artist with 13 Alter Personas

THE BEGINNING Survivor Speaks Out #pizzagate

SHIRLEY OAKS SURVIVORS More abuse of children and pedophilia being exposed worlwide

UK: Masked Devon Avenger Refuses to Stop Hunting Paedophiles

Police refuse to do their job and go after someone who is doing it for them

Paedophile police chief dies just weeks after being convicted of abusing two boys

Abby Martin Exposes John Podesta (Empire Files) #PizzaGate

"Fake News" is an attempt to hide that the US is run by Satanic Pedophilic Zionists

Only in Merika: Serial pedophile Podesta blasts the FBI for not covering up for him

Trump's "Relationship" With Ivanka Being Covered Up

Trumps were regular guest on Epstein Pedo-Island  The Pedo File Three: Epstein Black Book by John Robles 

The Real Number Of Child Victims Will Shock You

PizzaGate NYT Editor Fired for Investigating CEO's Involvement in Child Sex Coverup

Norwegian Authorities Arrest 51 In Child Sex Ring, Lawmakers Included

California Bill of Rights for Children Would Give The State New Powers Over Your Kids


Ghost of Home Page Past Summer to November 2016

Ghost of News Page Past December 2016

NEW Macaulay Culkin Claims Hollywood Execs Use Dead Sacrificed Children as Leather

New Pizzagate Photos Discovered of Rachel Chandler

In 14 Years This is the First DMCA Complaint JAR2 Has Ever Recieved (Scary Stuff?)

So we investigated. Found the claim to be completely false and wanted to file a "Counter Notification"

But this can not be done unless you give them jurisdiction (which we will never do) and which will allow them to serve you with court documents demanding you appear in California to defend yourself even if the claim is false. We dug a little more and discovered the complainant is a California based pedo perversion site which we had never even heard  and whose contnent we surely never used on this page that you are looking at now. In Russia this sicko would be arrested immediately. This is the NWO

pedo files

This is a collection of open source and other intel regarding global child exploitation and murder rings.

The PEDO FILES Exclusive to JAR2

Child Trafficking and Exploitation, Russian Adoptions and Russian Victims

NEW Anonymous/ZeroSec/JAR2 Released PEDO4: One Member Self-Doxes

Jack Dorsey in the Cross Hairs for Protecting Pedo Accounts

Anonymous/ZeroSec/JAR2 Release Tens of Thousands of Pedo Accounts Being Hosted by Twitter


Update: 22-01-2018 The number of downloads is currently at over 20,000, which shows the level of interest and disgust with pedophilia and Twitter's actions, or rather lack of actions, in response to these accounts. During thenight last night the serve on which the files are held was taken down by an IP Address in Romania. Someone who is rather intimate with JAR2 as they viewed our security file before they bombed the server.

Please use notepad or a text editor of your choice to open the files.

When I hear the word Pizzagate my stomach turns, I feel nauseous and ill and am immediately drawn back to last December, when after investigating for weeks and being sent pictures of “elites” eating children and having cannibal parties, I fell deathly ill and quite literally almost died. If you are a fellow Pizzagate investigator you know what I am talking about, if you are not and have still managed to be kept away from the truth then imagine if you will a society so cruel and sadistic that it takes the children of the poor and the outcast and the law-abiding and uses them for Satanic entertainment, perverted and deviant sexual pleasure, sadistic blood sport, Luciferian sacrifice to Moloch and even spare parts.

Imagine if you will a society that bombs and kills and slaughters millions for the sake of scoring political points, to steal resources or just for making money! Imagine someone coming and stealing your lands and homes and children for sport and then publically ridiculing, demonizing and blaming the poor defenseless victims of their sadistic blood lust for their own destruction. Hard for civilized and normal humans to imagine such demons and for those of us who researched pizzagate it was even harder to imagine how these horrendous demons “relax” and was thus thoroughly disturbing that raping, murdering, sacrificing and even eating children is what binds these sick and twisted elites together.

It is out of this affront to everything civilized, normal and human that we are fighting to expose these sick and twisted individuals and those who enable them and assist them and even profit off them and their horrendous and unforgiveable sickness. Soon we will expose all of the pedos running wild on Twitter and we demand that they be dealt with and all of the accounts closed. The pedos have grown relaxed and sloppy, they thought we had forgotten and saw that no one was prosecuted, well they are wrong, we are watching and we do not forgive and we do not forget! You should have expected us but now it is too late for you.

NOTE ON RELEASE: I have had my Twitter accounts suspended SEVEN times in the last year. The last time I had 123,000 followers. Twitter gives no explanation nor do they offer remediation plus they delete all of your personal data which is illegal. The reasons they give are always false and as you see above always politically motivated. So while Jack is making his billions selling your data and trying to play social engineering and provide a Color Revolution platform for Intelligence Agencies, he does nothing against pedophiles and sexual deviants of every kind who use Twitter as a vehicle to exploit, rape, sell and even kill their victims. The number of these accounts is stunning so there is no plausible deniability, especially given the recent revelations by Project Veritas and the Sun that they read your messages. This might make the grade in the perverted United States but in countries around the world this kind of content is illegal and a moral outrage, and their practice of politically motivated and arbitrary suspensions and banning, in keeping with the mindset of the Gay Bay San Francisco Liberal Zionists, makes the platform unfit for the international community. We are against the DEATH EATERS and the PEDOS and we demand that the Internet be FREE!!! We also demand that the US Government ceases the practice of using Social Media as an instrument to destabilize countries and start wars.  

With Regard to Russia we demand that Twitter stop supporting and banning Russian accounts following the dictates of the Ukrainian junta and the puppet government that the CIA installed and that they stop meddling and targeting Russia and continuing their attempts to fabricate a Russian Hacker scenario to serve as a purpose for war and an explanation for the loss of mass-murdering Clinton and her pedophile circle.

I want to finally thank all of the dozens of Anons and everyone who helped put these lists together. We were all shocked by the vast number.


Please share and spread and support the site!



This is being done as a public service to the world in the hopes of protecting the little people!



DOWNLOADS NOW AVAILABLE (Files as of 12-17-2016)


Epstein's Lolita Express Black Book of Guests to Pedo Island

The Pedo Directory: Epstein Black Book by John Robles 

Our Ongoing War With Twitter's Censor Jack Who Protects the Pedos

Our Suspension From Twitter


VIDEO25NEW Message: The Truth about Corey Haim (Feldman) from DAnonymous

Luciferian Sub-Text Off the Scales.!!


MI5 - MI6 Agent Tony Holland: A PEDO

MI6 Agent Tony Holland a PEDO!msg/

CIA Agent Michael Aquino, Duterte, MOSSAD, Ricin, Illuminati

J Exposes Michael Aquino

Michael Aquino

 07-31-2017 New material and details

So I cracked this guy's Zodiac Codes, leaving a mystery as to who this MR. Z was.....finding it was a Multi National Operation conducted by a small group, and that they held high level senate and oversight of the operations that they were using to rise to fame in their echelon.

......then flipped layer two of Kryptos at Langley to reveal the two layers of the systems using the monikers "Z" and "S" for the layouts....Zodiac and Scorpion being their Operations......

.......they all matched the same cipher layouts and systems, and by solving one you were even able to use them to solve the others, providing hidden keys for unlocking the rest.

......then I found the guy's past leading to Military Operations he conducted then, in the 60's and 70's, losing Military Rank in the 90's, accused of trafficking and molesting 100+s, as well as sacrificing and murdering many more to silence them. This was all exposed in the Franklin Child Trafficking affairs.....connecting many in the White House.

Then this one tops the cake ,with the most obvious glazing and glittery effect. The fact he is back in the spotlight on the TODAY SHOW, as Lt. Col. Michael Aquino with a costumed front magically transforms AGAIN, & becomes "Forrest Fenn" offering a "Treasure Chest" filled with gold and jewels. Now 4 are dead in the "Thrill of the Chase".

Now lets go back to see the different people that are involved in this switcheroo.

1) Lt. Michael Aquino is rampant, forming a Church of Satan, as well as being in the Military High Command, and associating with Anton LaVey, and other big entertainment names like Sammy Davis Jr. He is a Operative from the Vietnam era of the Phoenix Project, and using the "Little List" of Vietcong and US Military they had assassinated to the tone of 1800 per month, he brought that to the states, and he formed the SIGNIT framework through the NSA, to begin in their Militarizing the Police, and connecting certain elements of the echelon with information, while leaving the rest of the detectives and local police in the dark as they were able to run children, drugs, contraband, and other forms of illegal black market goods.

As these underground rackets were created through the cover fronts and organized parties of the elite and the entertainers, the masses were fed a psychological warfare operation through the media as they plotted the takeover of the US, creating a TARGET POPULATION for the big "Rodeo Roundup", creating a flooding of the prisons, and an expansion into the privatization of the prisons, furthering the collection of "Slaves for the afterlife" as quoted from the Zodiac Letters.

These Operations were even furthered into the International Affairs of nations more recently as I have just discovered under the Obama Administrations in SE Asia and now in the Philippines as I will show below.

He later goes on to leave the Temple of Set with LaVey, and makes some resources for himself claiming he had cancer and is now a Treasure Hunter. This element is key as his Stage Name and Pen Names are taken from a dead Archaeologist and Native American Collector and Photographer by that same name. Now Michael Aquino has absorbed himself into this character and is doing more in the media pushing the "Treasure Map" Themes as a coded front to leave clues and breadcrumbs to their ultimate agendas.

Continued at this link: J Exposes Michael Aquino

Chester Bennington Killed for Exposing Pizzagate



Sure .... its just an analytical theory ..... sans the Mandella Effect

I figure they seem to think that our short term memory is being conditioned from their braindead programming, but it shows that there is obviously only one type of front and that is the Okey Dokey play-a-long or get "rejected" as a Conspiracy Theorist stigma pushing everything out of their way as they laugh their asses off at the scams ...... so I just lay all the parts on the table and say, COULD this actually have happened, and well this one scenario seems to fit all their personality traits and their behavior is reflective of the shakedown that is happening behind the scenes, and they know it's only one branch of their Black Market Monopolies.....

We just saw the bomb in Afghanistan ...... gotta pull the troops out now ..... as the opium and heroin is ready for harvest and processing is done .... big shipment rushed through as a "bombing" by the "Taliban" makes everyone run around looking for the "bad guy" .......

I mean if you were a tribal govt at one point and had respect and some prestige internationally, to all of a sudden be called a terror organization by an Invading Country (US), theoretically, would you want the people to be able to find you easily by name and hunt your people down?

You would call out these agents and remove them from your country. You wouldn't fear them and blow up a truck now and would be an all out war for your own survival.

Would you keep "Claiming Responsibility" for bombings you never did ? These are mostly SITE press releases in the US that tell the public that their "Sources" are legit through almost every claim of responsibility. Soon after every seated person in the spotlight will have a statement about their all got its Hallmarks......

Terrorists don't call their enemy and claim responsibility, that whole scenario is a worthless illusion. Almost every time something blows up after Sept 11th there was something else being orchestrated. Before that time it was to position something or someone in a desired location and trigger events to happen.

This was how they got to where they are today, but they had to eliminate everyone along the way who was not their "Brand".

There is a new theory that the Click Bait sources are also managed through Intelligence Agencies as there is never a physical location to contact at an address of nearly ANY of these news agencies and they all are acting suspicious as if they are playing roles and degrading the status of the news since 9/11. Now nobody will have anyone to "Trust" if the media is all lies, and then the distrust spreads to hysteria and mass revolts and multiple splinter factions all looking to fight. Riots and clashes and potentially the excuse to initiate the Militarization of the Country in a lockdown......

The real issue is not how much they stole from everyone in taxes, its what they do with it that is so illegal while they are still alive, as it is never going to be useful to them in any manner after they are dead and gone, and they know that the demographics are changed completely in the generations after them, so they are really stockpiling USELESS amounts of $ and goods for?......

We don't live that way is what I am saying, and it's such a joke to see these aged conglomerates all jokingly controlling masses of "equity" in the world, as if their agendas will continue past their average life expectancy. Dark and Morbid to think about it like that, but they are just stalling us all in our own lives to live out the rest of their's in fear.


Black Ops: Pizzagate and Gang Stalking in America, Case of Ryan Meador

Covert Gang Stalking in America the Case of Ryan Meador by John Robles

1. What is Gang Stalking? Source:

Gang Stalking is an extreme covert Deep State illegal operation. It's similar to Cointelpro or Red Squads, and it's being used on a lot of innocent people to ruin them and make them look crazy. Gang Stalking is all about government manipulation, and using civilian spies/snitches to help with stalking, monitoring and in the end destroying innocent people.

Gang Stalking is a form of combined community mobbing and organised stalking. Just like you have workplace mobbing, and online mobbing, which are both fully recognised as legitimate, this is the community form.

Gang stalking is organised harassment at its best. It the targeting of an individual for revenge, jealousy, sport, or to keep them quiet, etc.

It's a psychological attack that can completely destroy a persons life, while leaving little or no evidence to incriminate the perpetrators.

Primary targets are women, minorities, dissidents, whistle blowers, etc

Note from the author: Gang stalking has all the appearance and feel of CIA street team surveillance. In this case being as they are using high technology devices, seem to have unlimited resources and several other indicators it would appear that these are CIA trainee teams mixed in with some local civilians for good measure. I say trainees and civilians because these types of operations allow for error, being that the subject is aware of the surveillance, and such a low risk operation for the field agents is perfect for training before being deployed overseas or into a hostile environment.

I have been the subject of covert CIA surveillance and fairly identical harassment more times than I can count here in Moscow which was one reason the CIA ordered the revocation of my passport. Namely so they could run operations against me and target me as I was no longer a US citizen. Many of these were documented on my blog which I have had to password protect due to the amount of personal information and heightened attacks on my person.

The teams targeting me are usually seasoned professionals but they use locals and love to use Ukrainians for street operations in Moscow. I started filming them regularly and putting their pictures on-line and lo and behold my phone was stolen which I have not been able to replace.

The MOSSAD lists revealed just how closely MOSSAD works with the CIA as I found several agents who worked in companies I worked for in Moscow, one of these people was even responsible for my termination from my last job and my continued harassment. Hence I had to leave Moscow.

This is another case which screams for oversight but since the War on Terror was fabricated to increase and allow for the using of all intelligence and counter intelligence assets on innocent civilians it is highly unlikely that the practice will be stopped. Especially as the CIA now has almost unlimited Cate Blanche.

Read More Here: Covert Gang Stalking in America the Case of Ryan Meador by John Robles

Putin: The ‘New World Order’ Is Normalizing Pedophilia In The West:

Vladimir Putin has used his annual Christmas press conference to accuse Western liberal elites of abandoning the traditional values that made their countries great. Instead of building a future based on solid Christian values, Western elites have created a culture of “excessive, exaggerated political correctness” that is so destructive it will lead to the downfall of Western civilization if it is not arrested.

In a nearly four-hour question and answer session, the Russian president held forth on the state of his country and the world, saying that there is an international push for a New World Order that will “remove national sovereignty” and “destroy identity and of God-created diversity.”

To reach this goal, Putin states that Western elites have begun rejecting the roots that their society was built on.

“Many Western states have taken the way where they deny or reject their own roots, including their Christian roots which form the basis of Western civilization. In these countries, the moral basis and any traditional identity are being denied – national, religious, cultural and even gender identities are being denied or relativized.”

“In these countries, the moral basis and any traditional identity are being denied – national, religious, cultural and even gender identities are being denied or relativized. There, politics treats a family with many children as equal to a homosexual partnership (juridically).

The excesses and exaggerations of political correctness in these countries indeed leads to serious consideration for the legitimization of parties that promote the propaganda of pedophilia.

“The people in many European states are actually ashamed of their religious affiliations and are indeed frightened to speak about them.”

Putin says that the situation has become so extreme in Western culture, that people are now taught that “Faith in God is equal to faith in Satan”. To say otherwise would be to risk being politically incorrect — the great crime of our age.

“Christian holidays and celebrations are abolished or ‘neutrally’ renamed, as if one were ashamed of those Christian holidays. With this method one hides away the deeper moral values of these celebrations.

“And these countries try to force this model onto other countries, globally. I am deeply convnced that this is a direct way to the degradation and primitivization of culture. This leads to deeper demographic and moral crisis in the West. What can be a better evidence for the moral crisis of a human society (in the West) than the loss of its reproductive function?“

Western countries cannot survive reproductively

“Today nearly all ‘developed’ Western countries cannot survive reproductively, not even with the help of migrants.

Without the moral values that are rooted in Christianity and other world religions, without rules and moral values which have formed and been developed over millennia, people will inevitably lose their human dignity.”

Putin was unapologetic about Russia’s determination to defend Western values.

“And we think it is right and natural to defend and preserve these moral (Christian) values.”

The attempt to create a one world government

Putin also warned that there is an attempt to create a one world government that would do away with sovereign states — an outcome that would lead to the “surrender of one’s own identity” and the loss of “God-created diversity”.

“At the same time as this process at a national level in the West, we observe on an international level the attempts to create a unipolar, unified model of the world, to relativize and remove institutions of international right and national sovereignty.

“In such a unified, unipolar world there is no place for sovereign states. Such a world needs merely vassals.

“From a historical perspective, such a unipolar world would mean the surrender of one’s own identity and of God-created diversity.”

NEW Emma Watson and the Baphomet Dress

Exploitation for Hollywood: Charged Child Molestor "Pimping" Out Daughter On-Line

Meet Katrina (Kitty) Sellers/Hufstetler/McCaffery apparently has foster children (CPS Involvement)

Child exploitation


Trying to exploit and sell out children is illegal in Russia however for Hollywood child exploitation is the norm and in the US these actions are legal. Strangely while "pimping out" her "daughter" on-line her company offers "online privacy and reputation control". No long commentary or investigation needed here, I think her own actions, despite her pretending to be a champion of children, speak for themselves.

Epstein Buys Big St. James: Pizza Boat Serving Elites, Pay With Children Who Do Dishes

PIZZAGATE KILL ROOM in Pegasus Museum in D.C., Pegasus

IMPORTANT: Bombshell Smoking Gun - These Pedophiles Must be Arrested

Files Exposing the Evil of CPS

NEW New Pizzagate Trove

NEW Hospitals/Child Protective Services Kidnap Children


NEW Criminal CPS Must Be Exposed


NEW DHS/CPS Has 'Legalized' the Kidnapping of our Children


NEW Florida CPS Kidnapping Children Playing in Own Backyards


NEW Protect Yourself/Your Children from Medical Kidnapping


NEW Illinois/Virginia CPS Conspire to Steal/Sex Traffic Children


NEW Kidnapping - CPS's Billion Dollar Industry


NEW Lawsuit - Thousands of Babies Kidnapped By County CPS


NEW Special Report on CPS Sponsored Child Abductions


NEW The Kidnapping Of Babies and Children Goes Mainstream




NEW Whistleblowers: CPS Child Kidnappings/Kentucky Adopt-Biz


NEW  Your Child Not Safe from Global Child Trafficking Rings


FBI Investigator's Guide to Satanic Abuse


Books and More Late Nancy Schaefer - The Corrupt Business Of Child Protective Services

Book: The Corrupt Business Of Child Protective Services by the Late Nancy Schaefer

MKULTRA Facility SUNRISE HOUSE Fresno California

(Any Survivors Please Contact Me)

My whole life was ruined and the lives of my children by this one clerical error by a corrupt "official".

Pizzagate/CPS Fraud: You Tube Video On JAR2's Own Fight With CPS

Pelosi Section: She Deserves Her Own Little Section Like the Place in Hell Awaiting


Pelosi's Stolen Millions and Child Trafficking

CPS in California is Tied into a Huge Racket that Kidnaps Children - DHS Insider

DHS Insider: Now, PedoGate victims are speaking out on their experiences! You just had a story on some lady who went through having her family abused by California-Deep-State-sponsored terrorism. If folks knew that CPS in California is tied into a huge racket that kidnaps children from parents, they would realize just how sick this is. Foster homes, CPS, etc… all get paid well to jail parents and then snatch their kids away. These kids suffer abuse, and perpetuate the growing cancer called pedogate. Politicians who have pedophile tendencies are groomed for power, because they can be later extorted and controlled. Meanwhile, victims have no voice- until now. Suddenly, we have citizen journalism, and it will end up saving the people, in the end.

The Unedited, Uncut, Unsorted and Untouched Podesta E-Mails  

We are no longer certain as to the authenticity of the Podesta Emails but will publish those releases which appear on our source location


Pizzagate Memes Page Coming Soon



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