What are the colored things? Anyone?











A detail of a display entitled 'Up against the wall' made of lenticular postcards by artist David Mach is displayed at the Royal Academy of Arts in central London, June 7, 2006 as part of its 238th Summer Exhibition. REUTERS/Alessia Pierdomenico (BRITAIN)



What the hell does the Attorney General have to do with announcements regarding Iran? I don't get the connection. Other than damage control for Bush what is he doing there? In the picture below Bush looks like he is really losing it.










GIs at Ishaqi cleared. As ordered by "The Decider"

Bush's Pogrom Continues in Iraq: 110/

Bush Supports the Killing of Civilians,


If the Picture Below is Any Indication


Ishaqui Murders




Bush 'troubled' by all reports of US military atrocities: WHouse


Later: GIs at Ishaqi cleared. Bush: " No problem." :-)







"Podium Midget" actual name of .jpg file on YAHOO

Correction: The actual name on Yahoo is r640382552[1]. Sorry



Die Wahrheit ist wie ein Gewitter
es kommt zu dir du kannst es hören
es kund zu tun ist ach so bitter
es kommt zu dir um zu zerstören


Lyrics �1995 Rammstein.




Der Meister.zip 


Till Lindemann





The Unrelenting Iraqi Meatgrinder: 109/

Coming Soon to Iran