Destruction of Ukraine

An Empire Gone Mad: Connecting the Dots of the Destruction of Ukraine  

By John Anthony Robles II

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The United States of America, NATO, the European Union, and all of their associated intelligence agencies, client states, puppet regimes, banking and economic bodies and every other asset and tool they have to wage information warfare, destroy states, assassinate political opposition and conduct other “secret” warfare to methodically reach their goal of weakening and in the end destroying Russia have been working at full steam for over a year now.

In its pre 9-11 blueprint for establishing global US hegemony titled Rebuilding America’s Defenses – Strategy, Forces and Resources For [sic] a New Century, the Project for the New American Century (PNAC) most clearly laid the new doctrine of the United States in the new century. A similar strategy has also been reiterated in the Pentagon’s new doctrine of Full Spectrum Dominance. In short the United States of America is engaged in an illegal drive to literally take over the world by force and will do so at any cost.

The U.S. goal of achieving global hegemony includes, and is even dependent on, the destruction of countries as clearly stated by former Commander of NATO US General Wesley Clark and detailed in article after article all over the web.

This drive to take over the world by force, trickery, subterfuge and manipulation is nothing new to the U.S. and in fact being carried out by a country based on the most horrendous and total genocide of any race in world history and built by the enslavement of another race, is not something one might call an abomination but rather their modus operandi.

In the context of time this genocide was just a blink of an eye in the past and must be remembered when attempting to understand the real underlying motivations of a police state plagued by institutionalized racism, police brutality, mass surveillance, class suppression and more of its citizens in prison than any other in the world.

To understand the real United States one must understand the history that it tries to hide, including the genocide of the indigenous people, its taking in of 40,000 nazis after WWII to found the CIA and NASA and other bodies in power today and a million other nefarious dirty secrets which are out there for any curious researcher to find.

One must also understand the brainwashing and false narrative that it teaches in its schools, the censorship of books and free thought, the demonization of groups it is suppressing and the morally bankrupt policies it is forcing the population to accept.

One must also understand, in particular if one is not a citizen of that country, that the U.S. has absolutely no concern any longer for the rule of law or justice when it comes to its elites, those in power or crimes committed outside of its territory. The crowning jewel of this bankrupt snubbing of the nose at international law and any kind of human decency or morality continues to be the infamous torture prison at Guantanamo Bay Cuba.             

The others include the fact that no one has been arrested for Crimes Against Humanity or for the insidious inside job that was the staged 9-11 false flag terror attack that began everything.

This “moral compass of imperial morality” has in recent history organized coup d’états, supported and created revolutions, overthrown governments, invaded, annexed, supported groups or forces who overthrew or attempted to overthrow governments or outright executed the leaders and/or outright destroyed the states of: Afghanistan, Albania, Angola, Argentina, Bolivia, Bosnia, Brazil, Cambodia, Chile, China, Colombia, Congo, Cuba, the Dominican Republic, Egypt, El Salvador, Germany, Greece, Grenada, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Korea, Kuwait, Laos, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Macedonia, Mexico, Nicaragua, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Russia, Samoa, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey, Ukraine, Uruguay, Venezuela, Vietnam, Virgin Islands, Yemen, Yugoslavia and Zaire (Congo). The current drive by the U.S. in Ukraine and against Russia is part of the end game strategy which sees the destruction of the Russian Federation and then the People’s Republic of China.

It is not for the sane person to understand this insane desire for global domination so many common people have a hard time understanding it but it is real. Knowing what I know it is therefore sickening to the point of vomiting to watch what is happening in Novorossiya and the Donbass and then to hear the spin and outright lies of the West as they try to market yet another illegal war against civilians, a “war” which is in fact a carefully orchestrated ethnic cleansing operation and has already amounted to genocide.


The Complex and the Wiping of Heroes

We are living today in a world without heroes who we can all rally behind and every time one seems to be rising up he or she is instantly cut down. This is because we are living in a world where illegality is hidden, morality is twisted to fit agendas and anyone who speaks out is made into an anathema and marginalized.

The media and all methods of mass communication are now under the control of powerful state actors who first and foremost use their power to protect their own interests and who in fact cooperate in nefarious ways to protect their own power, the power of those around them and the power of their supposed stated enemies.

The few people we are being presented with as heroes and voices of reason or dissent by this Ministry of Truth are part of that system and their motivations, credibility and true agendas are questionable to any thinking person as soon as one begins to scratch below the surface and look at where they come from or who is funding them.

We the people of the world have no more Princess Dianas or Mother Teresas or Che Guevaras or Nelson Mandelas to help us and more importantly to give us hope. All such figures are not convenient or controllable by the monolithic entity that is controlling everything and which I will henceforth call “the Complex” for lack of a better term.

Hope is no longer something the Complex wants you to have. You must be accustomed to endless war, twisted morality, unquestioning patriotism, demonization of reason, illegality and an endless struggle just to survive as they continue to take your hard earn dollars and salaries and murder millions in your name.


The Complex: What We the People of the World are Up Against

The Complex (a conglomeration of 5 Eye Intelligence Agencies, CIA and NATO structures, US “allies” and client states, Mossad and Saudi instruments, global banking and economic bodies, judicial and regulatory institutions and their global media and information operations, to name a few) cannot tolerate anyone who exposes or would expose their illegality and manipulation of the peoples and governments of the world, it can also not tolerate any heroes who are effective in gathering any kind of support against it. However despite being almost “all-powerful” and able to remove and install leaders, destroy countries, wage aggressive wars and maintain its own continuity, it still depends on the labor and economic power of the masses which it strives to control to sustain it and to maintain its semblance of legitimacy. It is a parasite suckling of the blood of the masses and the very people it is crushing and it is bent on controlling the planet by force, terror and endless war.


The Media and Internet as Tools of Control

It is becoming more and more alarming how the media is blatantly manipulating information as if we the people only have the three minute memories that they would want us to have. This goes completely for the western media but also applies to certain Russian media with their “soft” reporting and selection of issues and their choice of those they allow to present the news and those whose views they promote.

Lest I regress, back to the masses. Maintaining the semblance of legitimacy is part of what the media is all about. It is about spreading lies and selected scenarios to make you believe what they want you to believe and it has nothing to do with truth. Truth is an anathema for the Complex. Truth is the one thing that they fight to suppress night and day. Truth is their real enemy and truth is your only friend and the only weapon we the people have that they are truly afraid of. The media has long ago forgotten what its role is supposed to be in a healthy society. In the sick gray morally deprived cancerous society that the Complex is spreading around the world, the media is a tool to manipulate the masses and hide the crimes of the state.

The Internet was originally supposed to be one of many tools to bring the world under the control of the Complex. With its backdoors and hidden code Windows and the Internet gave the Complex the ability to spy on anyone. It was a dream-come-true for the Complex.

Those who planned it also envisage a world of vegetables, of billions of people stuck to their computer screens downloading porn, posting selfies and believing everything the complex says but it has, unfortunately for the Complex, also allowed those not under the control of the Complex to get the truth out in what are becoming a more and more limited ways. If it were not for the Internet you would never be reading this and I am sure I would have been eliminated long ago.               

The system they have developed to manipulate and control the world is far reaching and includes economic, surveillance, information, propaganda, psychological, biological, all-out war and other operations. It is spread across the planet and is capable of targeting and destroying almost anyone, causing political upheaval and is effective in neutralizing any threat or anyone that is seen as a potential threat to the system, again, anywhere on the planet.


“Operation?” Snowden: Verifying to the World the Power of the Complex

The surveillance network, as was we already knew, but as was made clear (perhaps too clear) by Edward Snowden is all encompassing, all intrusive and linked into everything. The Snowden revelations made concrete what we already suspected but were released in such a manner that although we thought we were learning something they did little to actually damage the Complex.

If anything, as a psychological operation, the revelations only forced us to accept that “they” are into everything we could possible do and we are all at risk, which in effect has led to more fear of the Complex. Fear is the tool they use more than any other, they thrive on our fear.

Whether by intention or by design, and whether with the help of Snowden or without, the revelations in the end served as a propaganda victory for the Complex in that they in effect unveiled the massively intrusive system to the world, yet without the political will or ability by governments and the people to do anything against it, has forced the world to grudgingly accept that the United States is sticking its nose into everything they do and is in fact is able to do whatever it likes.

The damage control operations of Snowden were effectively carried out and are now complete as the material taken by Snowden has been bought out and is under the control of the Complex through the “employment” of Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras by CIA asset Pierre Omidyar and his “Intercept”. This is not a conspiracy theory but part of the public record which no one wants to confront or bring up.

In my view all of the files Snowden took should have been released and the people he was stating he wanted to defend should have been allowed to make a judgment on the material itself. What is he hiding? 9-11?

In reality Snowden proved that CIA and the NSA are completely out of control and have to be taken down and if Snowden had the ability to do this he should have, even if for the sole humanistic reason of saving the life of even one of the millions of people being slaughtered by the Complex.

If Snowden had really wanted to be a hero of the people he should have just released everything he had, however he chose to use the media to do his job and attempted to limit the damage to the Complex and selfishly it would appear, to himself, as a result guaranteeing the Complex would continue to function untouched and at full power.

Sure it is understandable that Snowden is concerned with his own safety, being a young idealistic man with most of his life ahead of him and his overpowering sense of self-preservation he is unprepared to make the ultimate sacrifice for his convictions, but this has tainted the full and honest delivery of the information and in his attempts to filter the information through the media he has simply played into the hands of the Complex. Living inside the bubble of the Complex and functioning (and in fact thriving) within it also make Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras susceptible to influence and manipulation by the Complex.

Stay with me here for a minute. I am not bashing, nor do I have anything against Ms. Poitras, Mr. Greenwald or Mr. Snowden, I am voicing my concern that I suspect that they have been (perhaps unknowing to them) used by the Complex in Machiavellian ways to certify the supposed all-powerful and all-encompassing powers of the Complex. Why? First and foremost nothing has changed.

Secondly and perhaps most importantly all of the “shocking” revelations by Snowden lack real damaging information that has not been suspected or addressed elsewhere, especially and what I personally find to be the elephant in the room, absolutely no mention of 9-11 or the ensuing illegal wars. Thus Snowden, may have been just another carefully selected, idealistic pawn in a game of propaganda to throw the world into fear that it is under surveillance by the system and that everything we say and do can be accessed.            

As Snowden’s revelations have in all reality changed nothing and as I argue his revelations actually served a very important purpose for the Complex, coupled with the fact that he has never spoken to Russian media, stated anything in defense of Russia nor defended or aided the country which granted him asylum, there are those who now believe Snowden is a deep cover agent, or one who has been programmed to carry out his mission in such a manner that he himself is unaware that he is serving the Complex.

Under the present war that the Complex is waging against Russia these suspicions become greater as he continues to refuse to say anything in support of Russia, speak with the Russian press or do anything truly damaging (other than temporarily embarrassing) to his former employers.

In verifying to the world the abilities of the Complex and allowing them a propaganda coup, he is therefore allowed to be promoted as a hero, with those around him holding lucrative jobs in the media, which the Complex controls completely.

Just to clarify: the propaganda coup for the complex is quiet simple when one understands that the people controlling it have absolutely not a single iota of concern for the legality of their actions or even for the US Constitution which they were sworn to uphold. The Complex cares only about power, the projection of that power and the maintenance of the illusion of that power, therefore Snowden served them well from a PSYOP point of view.

How is this related to Ukraine and information manipulation and the lies of Operation Ukraine? It is all connected.


Additional Questions

Why didn’t Snowden seek refuge in the People’s Republic of China?

Why did he really pull WikiLeaks into the affair?

Why was his site Free Snowden set up almost immediately after he left the U.S.?

Why did Snowden and his lawyer refuse to speak to me, the first American with political asylum in Russia and the media outlet I worked for the Voice of Russia, even when he was offered a large sum of money?

Why has Snowden never stated anything in support of Russia or President Putin?

Why does Snowden live as if he is not afraid of anything?

Why was Snowden’s asylum really cancelled and changed to “residence” status?

Why would a lawyer on the Public Relations Board of the FSB represent Snowden?

Why did Snowden allow his material to be bought out by Pierre Omidyar a known CIA asset?

Why did Glenn Greenwald and Laura Poitras agree to work for the same asset?

Why did none of Snowden’s revelations relate to 9-11 or Russia?

Who was the figure that people called the real source and about whom nothing more has been heard?   


The Need for a Hero

I started out talking about, or more accurately writing about, heroes as it has become a recurring topic with my students and the people I am in contact with and because the world is in need of a real hero who can stand up for the rights of the people and for the things that we all hold dear.

Julian Assange could have been that hero but he is continued to be forced to live a marginalized existence in a basement with every passing day and every passing hour serving as proof to the world that if you go against the Complex nothing in the world can help you. However they are also proving, to those of us with our eye on the ball, that the Complex is a completely illegitimate, lawless power only interested in its own continuity that will do anything and everything to protect its own illegality from being questioned and is in complete need of dismantling.  

Anonymous for a time could have been the hero the people need but they have also been decimated by the Complex. Then there are thousands and if we pay attention to the Snowden film perhaps millions, of others who could have been heroes against the Complex, politicians, writers, whistleblowers, truth seekers, lawyers, hactivists, activists, native Americans and others who could have been forces for change, but who have all been neutralized by the Complex.

During my years of journalistic work I have had the honor of being in contact with thousands of good people struggling against the monolithic power that the Complex has become but all of their efforts for the most part have done little to stop the Complex and all of them, from George Galloway to Nathan Folks have had to pay a huge price. Any of these wonderful people could have become the hero we all need, but the media will not allow it. It is a tool of the Complex.           

Anyone who has gotten in the way of the PNAC conspiracy of global U.S. domination and full spectrum dominance has paid a price including world leaders such as Hugo Chavez and now President Vladimir Putin, who effectively stopped the Complex from invading Syria but is now being forced into the mire as the Complex continues to slaughter Russians in Ukraine in its bid to weaken Russia. Vladimir Putin has the power to be the hero we all need but is it possible? Can he dismantle and stop the complex? Does he have the will or even the ability? Considering all of the instruments being used as the Complex continues to wage its illegal aggressive attack on him, on Russia and the Russian people, he must have.

Today, as you read this innocent, good and humble people are dying to fulfill the Complex’s goal of weakening Russia, yet there is no huge outcry, there is no call for the Complex to be reined in, there is no political or other will by the client states of the Complex to stop them. What they did to Yugoslavia, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria they are doing to the people of Novorossiya as a direct attack on Russia.

Take heed to these words, I know firsthand what I am talking about, for over 20 years I have battled the Complex. For six years in the media I fought the Complex in every way I could and was becoming too influential for their liking, my media outlet was subverted from within and liquidated, I was poisoned, my work was censored by an individual from Marine Corp Intelligence and I was replaced by an ex-CIA analyst and advisor for Ronald Reagan. This is no little story mind you, that media outlet was Russian State Radio.

The personal price I have had to pay is unmeasurable and now I am barely able to keep myself alive and am attacked in every way possible every time I speak out. I have no illusions, soon my end will no doubt come and knowing such I feel I must not be silent. I have come this far and must continue to the end, no matter how bloody it may be.

My life has been destroyed and in that I have found a freedom I did not have before, I am no longer afraid. They have taken their best shot and continue to do so but I am still here, perhaps because I am an honest man or perhaps the truth is something you cannot kill.

In my effort to get you the truth I therefore offer this and the following work:            



The Destruction of Ukraine and the Campaign Against Russia

The Real Reason for the Ukrainian Conflict

I am pressed for time so I am not going to mince words, soften the language or (even though I would like to) make one hundred citations on every point I am going to tell you, if you doubt anything I say spend three minutes doing a web search, the information to back up everything I am about to say is out there. Even about the Voice of Russia and the 5th columns operating throughout Russian society working to destabilize, divide and in the end destroy Russia from within.

As you know for the past year the Complex has been engaged in a direct frontal attack on Russia using the Ukraine. Their stated and documented goal is destroying Russia and then the People’s Republic of China in their insane drive to establish global domination. That is a fact.

Once you understand that one simple all-encompassing fact then all of the pieces of the puzzle which may separately seem illogical or extraneous fall neatly and harmoniously into place.

To the poor civilians in the Donbass and normal peace loving patriotic Ukrainians and Russians who do not understand why their government and their country was destroyed and how it was possible that fascist who are killing them came to power, this knowledge is of utmost import.

To the poor grandmothers and the women and children of Novorossiya whose homes, hospitals and towns have been bombed and who can not understand why, the following should be made clear: the United States of America, a country based and founded on the genocide of one people and built by the enslavement of another people has decided it wants, and in fact has already bought your land. Therefore the real traitors of Ukraine, the ones who sold out your country to their masters in Washington, wish to kill every last one of you so that the Complex can take possession of the territory you are on.


The Root of the False Narrative  

Given that the Complex has decided on continuing to take over the world by force and is just methodically moving down a list everything that they say and do must be viewed with the utmost suspicion and in fact not believed. They are not interested in democracy or freedom or human rights or truth. Their only interest is making the circumstances and the narrative fit the goal.

As a member of the media, an investigative journalist and one of the top English propagandists for the Russian Government for almost a decade it is obvious to me. However it is the common consumer of information and news that is being targeted and in fact brain-washed here in Russia and in fact around the world. Just like they did in Ukraine to facilitate the overthrowing of the government by stoking popular discontent with the completely false and abstract dream of some sort of European heaven which did not and will never exist in Ukraine, with a case in point being the protestors on the Maidan who were pumped up on free alcohol, drugs and who knows what other psychotropic substances and were ready to die for the EU deal but had never read the agreement (as it was never released to the public) and could not even name one real benefit they would have with European integration, other than perhaps visa free travel to the rest of Europe.

This may sound anecdotal but when one considers the reality that war is being waged and people are dying (once again in a conflict instigated, funded and in fact orchestrated by the Complex) and war crimes and the illegal violent over-throw of a government is being covered up, then the false narrative being promoted by the Complex and all of the members of the media and the propaganda machine are guilty and accessories to another crime of aggression. Take that in for a minute. You the press and the western media and anyone who has covered for the Complex since 9-11 are accessories to crimes against humanity. Strong words? No just the honest fact. 


The Complex Assassinates Boris Nemtsov

Boris Nemtsov was a forgotten, now almost never heard of member of the U.S. funded color revolution architecture in Russia. As an “opposition” politician, he never offered programs or realistic alternatives to help the Russian people but was effective in rallying people in promoting the West’s agenda. Just like Yatsenyuk, Turchinov, Poroshenko, Klitschko, Yarosh and the rest of the Ukrainian Junta he was a paid asset of the Complex. And just like all of them he was in recent years a largely ineffective, marginal political figure with expensive tastes, questionable motives and no qualms whatsoever in taking money from the Complex.

Nemtsov’s ties to color revolution specialist Michael McFaul are well documented as are his ties to Ukrainian revolution organizer Geoffrey Pyatt, Georgian conflict organizer John Tefft, Chechen war funder Boris Berzovsky, useless parasitic self-enrichers Poroshenko, Timoshenko and the whole lot of anti-Putin-Brezhinsky-following-PNAC-Zionist-nazi-enabling-Russia-haters. If you doubt just do a web search if your search provider is not filtering.

Motive for his Assassination: Color Revolution

Nemtsov was deeply in debt to his CIA handlers. The failed attempt to cause a popular uprising during the first Bolotnaya as well as other provocations designed to destabilize Russia and damage President Putin were effectively neutralized and in a word failed. There is no concrete information as to how much exactly but it is suspected that Nemtsov was the recipient of 10s of millions of CIA black dollars.

The planned demonstration on Bolotnaya, which was supposed to take place the day after his death and the subsequent rallies he had scheduled would have probably seen no more than a few hundred paid demonstrators and would have been, in a word, ineffective. His usefulness as an opposition figure was finished, in reality Nemtsov was a forgotten marginal political figure and no threat to anyone in power. He and his party could not even get 1% of the vote during the past elections and he could not even get a seat in the State Duma.

Without the coalition of supporters of Navalny and other failed opposition leaders Nemtsov was no one, despite the narrative being provided by the Complex’s media. His Bolotnaya attempt to start another insidious color revolution at the behest of the Complex was bound to fail and those in the Complex’s intelligence community knew that. The Complex also knew that dead, Nemtsov would allow them to demonize President Putin and Russia even further and that rather than several hundred people, they could gather several thousand to march through the streets if Nemtsov were assassinated. To this end Nemtsov was loyal to his American masters to the end. 


Carefully Orchestrated Provocation

The assassination of Nemtsov was a carefully orchestrated media operation by the west to foment internal political strife and destabilize Russia, all of the facts scream of this. Every detail speaks of orchestration.

Fact 1

The location: Taking place in the heart of Moscow on the doorstep of the Kremlin and on the same bridge which appeared in the Snowden film it was designed to send a loud and direct message to President Putin and the Russian people by attempting to show that even in the most protected part of the country we are not safe.

Fact 2

A known 5th columnist Zionist media queen and her American friend were on the scene within minutes to look scared and shocked. The Complex’s media ran with the meme that now the opposition was in terror. No one asks what they were doing there and if in fact if one were terrified would one be at an assassination scene minutes after it occurred?

Fact 3

Why was Nemtsov with a Ukrainian girl of 22 who has ties to Kolomoisky?

Fact 4

Much has been made of the fact that if it was a professional hit she would have been killed too yet she wasn’t. If the Complex wanted to hide its involvement it would attempt just such a ruse. The girl claiming amnesia also fits into this scenario. She led him to the scene.

Fact 5

The Complex would have eliminated the actual killers to cover its tracks. They were left alive and did not even leave Moscow. These fall guys will never know who they were actually working for. The fall guys, like the Tsarnaev brothers, were of Caucasian origin which will lead to another wave of anti-immigrant sentiment and cause another split in Russian society.

Fact 6 

All of the media ran the story endlessly ensuring that the mourning march the next day saw 20+ thousand people. It was complete with banners that had to have been prepared weeks in advance showing a late Nemtsov. Hundreds of high quality posters, banners and images of the “late Nemtsov” were on display. How were they prepared with hours?

He was assassinated on Friday 02-27-2015 at 23:31. On Sunday 03-01-2015 instead of a planned march called “the Spring” (sound familiar) a mourning March was held. Question how did the protestors design, order and have made all of the huge banners and hundreds of signs and posters they carried in less than 36 hours?

Fact 7  

There were Ukrainian flags and banners to free Russian journalist killer Savchenko present in great number during the mourning march.

Fact 8

What was U.S. Ambassador Tefft so active in all of the events?

Fact 9

Marchers were singing the hymn of Ukraine right in the heart of Moscow.

Fact 10

Alexey Alexevich Goncharenko one of the key organizers of the Odessa House of Unions slaughter last year was present during the mourning March. How did he get into Russia so quickly? Was he already here?

Fact 11

The girl who was with him, Anna Duritskaya is being threatened in Kiev and is being held or under control of the SBU.

All of the facts and the propaganda coming out of the West point to the whole event being exactly what it was: a provocation to foment popular dissent against the Kremlin and cause the Maidan in Moscow that the Complex has been trying desperately to organize for years.


Moving On

I had been planning to write the article below for some time but the Nemtsov assassination could not be ignored. There are so many daily events and war crimes being committed that commenting on each one would be a 24 hour a day 7 day a week job, so I decided to attempt to summarize the key lies being promoted by the Complex and its lock step media.



A Compendium of U.S. Ukraine Lies        


Covering the Ukraine was crisis for the media at the beginning was like an exercise in schizophrenia. The West had a false prearranged narrative of outright lies and fabrications that was so far from the reality we were getting on the newswires and live feeds and from people on the ground that many of us started to question our own reality.

How could seemingly reputable mass media outlets in the West get it so absolutely wrong? Why were some of our staff and our bosses telling us to soften the message and in fact cover for the lies the West was putting out? In retrospect it is all clear why and how and who but the damage has been done and people are still dying for the latest U.S. fabricated war.

I turn on the TV for maybe 15 minutes a day now. It is all that I can take. Every day it is the same thing: innocent people are dying, the Ukrainian army is killing civilians, the self-defense forces are fighting back and winning small victory after small victory yet the war continues, the Ukrainian junta continues to push for war, the West keeps their economic war with Russian ramped up, the Russian media, on the whole, reports on the illegal junta as though it is some sort of legitimate government and of course all of the West’s illegal and nefarious actions and crimes against humanity are Russia’s fault and in particular those of President Putin.

The lies are repeated by the West over and over again and the audience does nothing or has been completely brainwashed and is not interested in the truth. Those who know the truth in the mass media refuse to do anything about it. In their silence and their collusion they are accessories to war crimes but apparently they do not care, they have no consciences.


Attack on Russia

On November 21, 2013 the attack on Russia began through, what has been historically called the Russian outland or borderland, Ukraine. The attack was years if not decades in the planning and cost the U.S. at least 5 billion dollars as we know thanks to Victoria Nuland. The takeover of Ukraine was chiefly the idea of Brezhinsky acolytes and psychopathic NATO planners still existing in a Cold War reality that has long been dead and bent on proceeding with their insane plans for global domination.

Their takeover of Ukraine was deemed necessary in order to place NATO missiles on Ukrainian territory in order to neutralize a Russian counter response when the US/NATO decides to attack Moscow. Military strategists know this truth.

They know, and I have written about it in the past, that if NATO is allowed to place their first strike weapons (propagandized as a missile defense shield) at the closest point in Ukraine to Moscow, the Russian strategic counter response will be in effect neutralized. U.S. missiles would then be able to reach the Kremlin before the intercept systems could lock on to the incoming missiles. Russia’s sovereignty would be finished and the Kremlin would then have a loaded U.S. gun pointed at its face, controlled by war crazed lunatics on the other side of the Atlantic.

That is the truth and there is no point writing article after article on the topic repeating the same tragic facts when there is no power anywhere willing to do anything about it and when the most concrete response to my revelations are continued attempts to damage me personally by those who are guilty of the crimes in Ukraine and those here who are in treasonous collusion with the lunatics in Washington. 

These lunatics have decided to take over the world and this war is not only a war against Russia and then China, it is the final war against the American people and the entire free world.  

The list below may not be 100% complete but these crimes against humanity and these events will not change no matter how hard the U.S. tries to re-write history, so they are all valid. Read this list every time you hear a report about sanctions against Russia, or a report about “terrorists” in Ukraine or every time the conscienceless monster Obama appears on your TV screen with more sanctimonious accusations against Russia and more war rhetoric to attempt to make you accept him as somehow legitimate and for you to allow him to continue to carry out the plans of the insane Brezhinsky/PNAC planners who remorselessly murdered 2,999 civilians on 9-11 as a catalyst to their insane drive for global domination.


Mass Murder and Genocide for U.S. Hegemony

Not only 2,999, if we add the 1,400 rescue workers who have died since 9-11 from breathing the radioactive dust from the mini-nukes that were used, the 11 unborn babies who were killed and the over 1,000 witnesses and whistleblowers who have been murdered that total then rises to over 5,400. That is just the catalyst event and that is just those we know about. After 9-11 there were reports that over 9,000 people had been secretly arrested and never heard from again.

When we then consider the number killed in the false “War on Terror” that these homicidal war crazy lunatics in Washington have been waging and the current over 10,000 slaughtered in Ukraine the numbers grow to insane proportions, we can not forget the over 1 million Iraqis, the hundreds of thousands of Afghanis, Libyans, Syrians, Serbians and others that the insidious insane Complex has slaughtered in it drive for global domination, yet the monsters in Washington continue their war on humanity unabated, unpunished and continue to kill with complete and utter impunity.


The Author’s Struggle

Since 9-11 when my attempts to expose the Complex began on the Internet I personally have been poisoned, physically attacked, beaten, followed constantly, threatened, terminated, financially wiped out, had my U.S. citizenship revoked, been forced to live as a refugee after receiving sylum in Russia and had my family and life destroyed. I am now awaiting the finally death blow.

The campaign to marginalize me has been for the most part successful, I have no more supporters, my work is not published anywhere except on my own site and there is no one who is willing to support me or my family financially. This has not terrified me into silence or driven me to suicide, as they would have wished but has made my resolve stronger. I will fight these monsters until the bitter tragic end.

This may be my last article since without financial support I cannot afford to keep my site and web resources going. I ask you to please save this article if you like and save it as a point of discussion if you do not. When it is published on my site please link to it, and if there is a site brave enough to republish it please do so.  



The Ukraine Lies

U.S. Big Lie Number 1: The “Euro” Maidan Lie

On November 21, 2013 the U.S./NATO/CIA/EU attack on Russia began. After years of corruption and worsening living standards the Complex unleashed the demon of nazism on the disgruntled people of Ukraine, Europe and the World and took over Ukraine’s sovereignty as reflected in the label “Euro-Maidan”.

The Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN) and the Right Sector whom the Complex had been secretly funding and training for over a decade were unleashed on the Maidan and the orchestrated, scripted and pre-planned destruction of the Ukraine began with demonstrations under the pretext of a refusal by the democratically elected government to sign a European Integration Agreement.

The popular discontent had been fueled by years of U.S. color revolution strategy and planning using the Color Revolution architecture that had already been tried and tested in the previous Orange Revolution, and was already in place.

It was not important what the level the discontent actually was because the people who took part in the Maidan were already bought and paid for. There was no popular uprising on the Maidan of that and everything else I am about to present to you I am certain, my certainty comes from speaking with, writing to and interviewing witnesses and sources who were there, as well as reading hundreds of reports on the conflict.

The “popular uprising” on the “Euro” Maidan Square by “peaceful” demonstrators was the first significant lie, these were armed, armored and trained paramilitary neo-nazi fascists who were being paid 30 euros a day and given unlimited amounts of alcohol and narcotics to violently clash with police and carry out a pogrom in the heart of Kiev. They did not give a rat’s ass about some economic agreement with Europe and like the public they did not even know what the agreement entailed or what it contained.


U.S. Big Lie Number 2: The EU Association Agreement Lies  

Like the Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) the Ukraine EU Association Agreement, which in reality completely sold out Ukraine to the Complex, is an agreement which was kept secret from the public.

Logically such an all-encompassing agreement which fundamentally changes the sovereignty and strategic alignment of a country would be presented openly to the public and hearings or public debate would be held and all members of society would be able to vote on it and openly consider the ramifications, but such was not the case as such has never been the case with secret U.S./NATO driven agreements which serve to subvert sovereignty and allow for their expansion and not less importantly to access 8% of a countries GDP which the citizens of any NATO member country must fork out.

The EU Agreement’s Actual Content

My inside sources who must remain anonymous, who read the actual agreement, stated that besides NATO missile infrastructure clauses there were actual clauses that transferred control and even ownership of all of Ukraine’s energy resources to the United States and the most insidious and almost unbelievable clause is one that actually sold the entire territory of the Donbass to the United States for a period of 65 years with the option to renew. Let that sink in for a minute. If true, and I cannot be 100% sure but my source is a trustworthy individual with no reason to lie, this is a bombshell of earth-shattering proportions, yet you will never hear about it anywhere although there have been a few leaks on the net.

The widespread lies that the agreement would open up the Ukrainian markets and bring the standard of living of Ukrainians to “European” levels was one of the most widespread and easily discounted. The economic sections actually opened up the Ukrainian market to Western speculation and exploitation and even the trade section, in the end, only allowed the Ukraine to export eggs to the EU. There is also not to be any visa free travel to Europe where the struggling labor force would be able to allow themselves to be exploited as cheap white labor for Europeans.      

The Public Support Lie

Being as the entire agreement, other than its existence, was a secret and the Ukrainian people did not even know its contents, any and all statements by the Complex, that the people of Ukraine supported it or wanted it are outright lies. How could you want, and better yet, be ready to take to the streets and die and kill for a piece of paper you had never seen? Ludicrous! But that is exactly what took place; the zombified, manipulated Ukrainian people, being driven by paid-for thugs stoking hysteria under the flag of nationalism and in a mass psychosis being pushed by secret CIA/NATO psychological operations, did for the Complex what it could not do openly do itself. They overthrew their own government to install the fascist murderous puppets who are now doing the bidding of the Complex. Let that also sink in for a minute. The Ukrainian people facilitated their own destruction and enslavement to the Complex. Period. End of discussion. That is the truth.     

The Refusal Lie

When besieged democratically elected President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich was being pushed to sign the EU agreement by 5th column forces pushing the selling out of Ukraine, in an effort to maintain stability rather than outright refuse to sign the agreement he placed the agreement on hold for further and deeper consideration. Although he could have made it public he did not because of the instability and outrage it would have caused.

The West used this delay as the key instrument to overthrow and remove him from power. He never refused to sign it.


U.S. Big Lie Number 3: The “Opposition” Lies

The Complex’s lies about democracy and popular discontent were key to allowing them to get away with their operation and to anyone who wishes to do minimal research all claims of a popular uprising can easily be disproved.

The reality is that militarized neo-nazi fascist thugs who are determined to ethnically “cleanse” Ukraine at any cost (including genocide) are being funded and controlled by the Complex and an array of the Complex’s oligarchs and color revolution infrastructure in Ukraine.

They were used to depose the democratically elected president, Victor Yanukovich, to place the Complex’s puppets in power and maintain them there and continue to be used to wage a patricidal war of genocide against the civilian population of Novorossiya in order to cleanse the territory for the Complex which has already purchased it.

There is no popular support for the Complex’s puppets in the Ukrainian Government and even the para-military neo nazis do not know the real agenda and are being brainwashed into believing that they are killing separatists, terrorists and traitors to Ukraine when in fact the real traitors are them and their leaders who are in turn being controlled by the Complex through organizations such as the Rand Corporation which is controlling the targeting of all essential infrastructure and the CIA which has taken over the 5th floor of the Ukrainian Security Services building and does not allow SBU officers to enter.

Iranian billionaire, Snowden file owner, color revolution sponsor and CIA asset Pierre Omidyar, George Soros, USAID, the Endowment for Democracy and all of the usual suspects did form, sponsor, manage and manipulate millions of Ukrainians but to call these people a real opposition is a complete joke. They do not even know what they were dying for.  

Please think for a minute dear reader: when in the history of the world has a popular uprising occurred and a democratically elected government been overthrown due to a delay in signing an economic agreement? No revolutionary in history has or ever will rise up due to some economic agreement that benefits the oligarchy. It will never happen and in fact HAS never happened.


U.S. Big Lie Number 4: The Violent Armed Coup Deposing Yanukovich

In order to facilitate the operation of deposing democratically elected President of Ukraine Victor Yanukovich the scenario required more than the mayhem on the Maidan, the scenario required the demonization of the president and more importantly it required blood.

The Demonization

Like a game of chess Yanukovich knew in advance that if he brutally suppressed the Maidan thugs he would be demonized and eliminated as a tyrant, so he never gave the order to use force, which is sad and tragic because if he had the whole affair would have ended then and there. 

Instead he chose to allow Berkut officers to be brutally murdered and entered into negotiations with the Complex’s fascists.

The so-called power sharing agreement with the radicalized neo-nazi forces and their assorted CIA bought oligarch powers was to have been implemented after and considered for a period of three days to which Yanukovich agreed. Within less than 24 hours the Complex’s puppets declared that he had refused to sign the agreement which was a lie and as they say the rest is history.

In a violent armed coup organized by the United States of America a democratically elected government was deposed and radical para-military nazi forces gained power in Europe in 2014.   

The real president of Ukraine according to international law and even the Constitution of Ukraine, no matter how you want to present it, is still Victor Yanukovich.


U.S. Big Lie Number 5: The Legitimate Government of Ukraine Lies

This group of lies is one of the most insidious because even the Russian Government whether it has wanted to or not has helped to sustain it and I will tell you how in a minute.

The fact is that none of those who have “led” Ukraine since the deposing of President Yanukovich in the illegal coup have one iota of legitimacy, not Timoshenko who was pulled out of prison, not Yatsenyuk, not Turchinov, not Klitschko, not Kolomoisky and surely not Poroshenko.

The pre Poroshenko Government was chosen by a mob of violent protestors on a square. It was not chosen by any sort of all-inclusive process and surely not by an election.

Those chosen by that mob took over the government, chose their cronies and allies to form the Rada and then organized sham elections to bring the Complex’s “harmless-grand-fatherly-chocolate-king” Poroshenko to power.

With the real and legitimate president of Ukraine in hiding on the territory of the Russian Federation Moscow has been forced to legitimatize the goons in Kiev for the sole reason that it has no one else to deal with. Completely cutting off all ties with Ukraine was never an option and in fact not possible due to a wide range of very close ties and involvement.


U.S. Big Lie Number 6: Genocide and the Anti-Terrorist Operation Lies

The “logic”, if you can say a war of genocide against civilians has logic, and the justification for the illegal war and the Crime Against Humanity that is being committed by Kiev at the behest of its western masters was taken right out of the Complex’s own post-9-11 playbook. They were labelled terrorists and the genocidal war against them was labelled an “Anti-Terrorist Operation”. Again this underlines the fact that the new Kiev and the Complex are not interested in anything but maintaining a narrative to fit their own ends.

The goons in Kiev were instructed to cleanse the Donbass and Ukraine of the Russian population. This was made no clearer than by Yulia Timoshenko who proposed killing the 8 million or so Russians with a nuclear cannon.  

The insidiousness of the genocide that is being carried out is almost beyond words. On a daily basis the Ukrainian Army, and the neo-nazi and fascist para-militaries who are fighting along with them,  kills scores of civilians including women and children, they continue to destroy all of the infrastructure necessary to maintain life and they continue to do so under the instructions of the Complex and organizations like the Rand Corporation which my sources have told me is directly responsible for targeting such “terrorist” facilities as day care centers, hospitals, power stations and even combines so that the people of Novorossiya can not even harvest their crops in order to eat.

The Complex has marked these people for extermination and they are being exterminated according to plan by the Ukrainian junta government, being aided by mercenary organizations such as Greystone, the newly discovered Green Group and U.S./NATO/CIA military personnel, agents, instructors and advisors and most importantly weapons.


U.S. Big Lie Number 7: Hiding the Drive for World War III in Europe

In order to continue with its insane drive for global domination and to refill its draining coffers with stolen lucre, the Complex needs another war. After the 9-11 coup the Complex knows no other way to make money and achieve its objectives except by force, subversion, the destruction of countries, manipulation, surveillance and war.

Just as WWI and WWII devastated Europe and saved the U.S. economy so will WWIII be in Europe and save the U.S.’ economy, there is nothing new there. They are just using tried and true methods and doing the only thing that they know.  Unfortunately it seems that the people of the world see no problem with the fact that they are committing Crimes Against Humanity.

The complex is attempting to weaken Russia and is doing everything possible to that end and is more than willing to start WWIII to do so, that is the truth, everything else they might say is just a lie. The Complex is run by insane war crazed lunatics who are striving to rule the world by force, that is the plain and simple truth, there is no other.


U.S. Big Lie Number 8: The Crimean Annexation

There was no annexation and calling the reunification of Crimea with its ancestral mother an annexation should be an insult to any thinking person anywhere but that has not been the case. The Complex has its narrative and even those in the western intelligentsia have jumped right on board. With the exclusion of those who have actually been there.

Crimeans exercised their right to self-determination and held an all-inclusive referendum of their own free will and decided to rejoin Russia. There were no Russian troops pointing guns at people or occupying cities. In fact other than a few soldiers filmed at an airport at the beginning of the crisis soldiers were never seen in Crimea.

I have spent many months in Crimea and know this fact firsthand and even interviewed election observers who said the same thing; the referendum was completely and totally democratic.

This lie is particularly insidious when we consider that the sanctions that the Complex is using to rob and weaken Russia are based on the “annexation” lie. Even worse is the fact that the Complex has in reality annexed Ukraine in every way except for building publically declared military bases.


U.S. Big Lie Number 9: The Downing of Malaysian Flight MH-17

All real evidence regarding the downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH-17 over Ukraine point to a CIA/SBU black operation as being the reason behind the tragedy and at minimum an “accident” by Ukrainian pilots.

The latest evidence, a statement by the pilot who actually shot down the plane saying “It was the WRONG plane”, will get no play in the Complex’s media. The only other plane in the area was the presidential airliner of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Thus it then becomes a matter of record that the CIA and SBU had attempted to assassinate President Putin and the pilot screwed up.


U.S. Big Lie Number 10: All Reports of Russian Invasion

Since the beginning of the conflict there were actual reports and faked television footage of Russian Forces in Ukraine used to provoke anti-Russian hysteria. The Russian Army has never been in Ukraine.


U.S. Big Lie Number 11: We Are Not Arming Ukraine

Documents released by Cyber Berkut and other groups and facts such as the presence of NATO/CIA forces and CIA “secret” mercenary groups like Greystone and “secret” military suppliers such as the Green Group show that the Complex is in fact funding, arming and providing support to the terrorists and murderous neo-nazi fascists it itself installed in the Ukraine.


U.S. Big Lie Number 12: The Media is Free

The Kiev junta at the direction of the CIA and the Complex have waged an unprecedented campaign of intimidation and murder of journalists, reporters and news crews. Ukrainian female soldier Savchenko is direct evidence of the specific military targeting of journalists.

Hundreds of journalists have been targeted by the Complex and are too many to list here but the use of “anti-terrorist” laws to harass and intimidate journalists who are documenting the conflict by the Complex is insidious. Dozens have also been killed maimed or disappeared as well. The recent detention of Graham Phillips is a good example. My own persecution is another as I was a member of the media and then came to be on the receiving end of an operation to silence me forever.


U.S. Big Lie Number 13: The Heavenly Hundred

The propaganda that the Complex has been promoting about some “Heavenly 100” on the Maidan is also insidious. When I was covering the conflict during the sniper shootings for the Voice of Russia there were on the spot reports and up to the minute coverage which pointed to over 129 Berkut Officers and police slaughtered. On the other hand there were only 3 or 4 protestors killed sniper fire, all shot by the junta’s own snipers.

The true “Heavenly 100” are the Berkut Officers who were cold bloodedly shot down as they were performing their duty to try to maintain order. They were killed by the junta’s snipers on the Maidan and doing the bidding of the Complex. Classic psychological warfare.


U.S. Big Lie Number 14: The Liquidation of the Voice of Russia

The absence of news is also a way to hide the truth and in this regard the Russian media is also guilty. The liquidation of the Voice of Russia occurred because it was subverted from within by a 5th column. That 5th column is now controlling the agency formed to replace it. I know this firsthand. The Voice of Russia would have gotten in the way of the Complex’s media operations and the spreading of the lies they have used since day one to continue Operation Ukraine.


U.S. Big Lie Number 15: NATO Involvement  

The silence of the media in the West about NATO involvement is also worth mentioning. NATO has been expanding the sphere of the Complex since the end of the Cold War and in reality Operation Ukraine is a Pentagon baby.


U.S. Big Lie Number 16: The Lack of Debate About Self-Determination

As the Ukrainian junta continues to slaughter innocent civilians in Ukraine where is the endless Responsibility to Protect Doctrine rhetoric and endless talk of democracy and freedom that the Complex used to invade Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia and the other countries.

Again the slaughter of civilians under the aegis of the Complex proves beyond any shadow of a doubt that all of the claims of “Responsibility to Protect” were false from the beginning.

Will this be the end of US meddling? If they are not stopped in Ukraine it will only be the beginning of the end for the rest of the world.


U.S. Big Lie Number 17: The Energy Resource Lies

Obama stating that the Complex could provide the Ukraine with gas was a lie.

All of the lies to cover up the fact that the Complex wishes to rape the Ukraine for its natural resources are also worth mentioning. Joe Biden’s son running the Ukrainian Energy giant is also evidence of U.S. meddling and opportunism in the Ukraine.


U.S. Big Lie Number 18: Responsibility

The Complex continues to ridiculously blame Russia for the conflict they orchestrated themselves. They continue to 100% avoid responsibility and continue to attempt to weaken Russia with more illegal sanctions. In reality the Complex should be responsible for the rebuilding of the Ukraine and in fact owes some sort of restitution to the survivors of the over 10,000 people their “Operation” has slaughtered.

Will conscienceless monsters leading a country based on genocide ever pay for their crimes? Unfortunately no.



The world is being taken over by the conscienceless monsters running the Complex. In order to save all of mankind it must be stopped.

I beg you all Americans and citizens of the world, to do everything you can to stop the U.S. Government and the “Complex”. No more innocent people should have to die for the vain-glorious ambitions of people like Brezhinsky, Obama and Victoria Nuland. Russia is not responsible and is being robbed to fill their black coffers. President Putin stopped the invasion of Syria, I now beg you to stop this wanton, illegal and monstrous attack on the Russian world and end the slaughter of innocent civilians in Novorossiya.

Americans have to take their country back and we have to take our world back. If you want peace, prosperity and hope, you must stop the Complex before it kills or subjugates and enslaves us all.   


About the Author:

John Robles was a former journalist, newsreader, announcer, translator, interviewer, commentator and writer-at-large for the liquidated Voice of Russia World Service in English. He was terminated and his work blocked by a U.S. 5th column inside the successor Russian State media outlet. A former CIA analyst Paul Craig Roberts and a member of U.S. Marine Corps Intelligence Samuel McColloch made sure the termination of employment finding by the CIA was carried out.

John is struggling to survive and begs you to donate to his efforts by making a personal transfer to his Pay Pal account:  Again if you would like to purchase this article please contact John by March 11, 2015. If you can publish this article and are interested in doing so please contact John for a normal word document copy from which you can copy and paste. All parties who receive this article will be sent a free copy for publication if a paying publisher is not found. Therefore this article is under embargo until March 12, 2015.

Thank you,

John Anthony Robles II (JAR2)

Moscow, Russia

March 8th, 2015


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